Lord Malayappa Swamy With Sridevi And Bhudevi..

This amazingly incredible incident was narrated by Dr. A. V. Ramana Deekshitulu,the head priest of the holy Tirumala Temple,in an interview he had given – supposedly a couple of years ago  – to a national news paper..
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One day,while Sri Deekshitulu was offering his services to the principal deity of Lord Sri Venkateswara at the Garbha Griha (Sanctum) of the Tirumala Temple,a lady from Bangalore came to have the darsan of the holy Lord..

After having the Darsan,she had personally come to meet Sri Deekshitulu..With tearful eyes and folded hands,she requested him saying..

” Swamy..My sister residing in London is very ill and is now in the final stages of Cancer..Doctors say she has no more than 90 days to live..Since the day we heard this shocking news our entire family is in tears.. Can you please do something and save her life..??..”

A fully saddened Sri Deekshitulu,after a few moments of silence,said ” I can’t do anything myself,but if He so wills and interferes,He can certainly do and save your sister..”..

Saying so..

Sri Deekshitulu gave that lady a little Prasadam,a little holy water of Abhishekam performed to Sri Varu, and a small photograph of Lord Sri Venkateswara from the Garbha Griha of the Tirumala Temple and said

“Please send these most sacred gifts from the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara to your sister in London immediately..They did many miracles in the past and may do the same now..Who knows..??..”

The lady did exactly what Sri Deekshitulu had asked her to do and had sent the entire pack of Prasadam, Holy water and the photograph of Lord Sri Venkateswara to her sister in London..

After receiving this precious packet from the Tirumala Temple,the sister of the Bangalore lady suffering from Cancer in London had a miraculous recovery..

Although she was given only 90 days of time to live,by the great London doctors,she had however much to their surprise,started responding well to the treatment and had also started showing positive signs of great recovery..

Sri Deekshitulu concluded the interview saying “..She’s steadily improving now in London..”

What can any disease,however big and terminal that might be,cause any harm to any devotee when the Lord of all Lords in this universe,Sri Venkateswara Himself interferes…PERIOD

For your info..

Dr.Ramana Deekshitulu,holds a doctorate in Micro Biology and is an authority not only on the holy Vedas but also on the Agama Sutras more particularly on the Viakhanasa Agama Sutras..

You may be pleased to know that it is according to these Vaikhanasa Agama Sutras that all the rituals in the holy Tirumala Temple – right from the day it was constructed – are being performed..

“Narayanam Para Brahma Sarva Kaarana Kaaranam..Prapathye Venkatesaakhyam Ta Deva Kavacham Mama..”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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