“Realize this. God stands by our side not at the beginning of the problem but at the end of it waiting for the right and ripe time to pull us out of that problem. So, never lose faith”Author

This is the extraordinary story of extreme devotion and of utmost faith in God that not only reveals to you the power of God but also explains to you how He protects us from all the ill effects of Karma if only we surrender to Him faithfully. 

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In the famous pilgrimage center of Prayaga there was once a great musician called, Sri Avadhutendra Swamy, a disciple of renowned Hindu Sage, Sri Prabhudutt Brahmachari of Delhi. Avadhutendra was a born musician and earned many accolades for his singing from the people of Prayaga, those days.

Over a period of time, as his Karma would have it, Avadhutendra noticed that his body was slowly paralyzing and he was losing control over some of his most vital body organs. He consulted many physicians, used many medicines and tried many alternative therapies but unfortunately nothing worked for him.

Things have started becoming worse for the great musician, as he gradually started losing his speech and along with it all the hopes of recovery. Doctors finally declared that, “with such a pathetic condition Avadhutendra is not very far from his death”. Avadhutendra Swamy was shattered and heart broken.

Shattered not because he was confined to his bed but because he wouldn’t be able to play his music any more; and heartbroken not because he was going to die but because God whom he trusted the most had not come to his rescue. 

But the poor Avadhutendra Swamy could not know that God will never let down any devotee who trusts Him fully and who serves Him unconditionally. He also could not know that God stands by our side not at the beginning of the problem but at the end of it waiting for the right and ripe time to pull us out of the problem. In fact, what Avadhutendra didn’t know was, 

“During our problems, God sheds more tears than we do and waits for us to come out of the problem more eagerly than us. However, since He too is bound by the laws of Nature and the rules of Karma, God just waits for the right time to come to our rescue. Without understanding this most vital aspect of God, we humans blame Him unfairly and easily lose our faith in Him”. PERIOD

Avadhutendra Swamy, though a great musician, was still a normal human being like you and me. Therefore, he could not win over his mind; could not control the uncontrollable flow of thoughts in him and could not even hold the tears that were incessantly flowing from his eyes. 

It was exactly during those moments of despondency in Avadhutendra’s life that God entered and rescued him from an imminent death.

Here’s what happened. 

During one of those traumatic days, when Avadhutendra Swamy was lying sad on his bed, a Sage walked into his room with a book in his hand and showing that to him, said, 

“Don’t worry Avadhutendra, this powerful book written by Saint Tulsidas, about four hundred years ago, has all the powers to heal you. A daily recitation of these slokas presented in the book by the great Saint can cure any disease on earth. 

Many sick people got their diseases cured with a regular recitation of these Slokas. If you too can recite them everyday – with reverence and faith – I am sure you too will be completely cured one day and lead a normal life again”. 

A fully mesmerized Avadhutendra saw a great light in that Sage’s face and a greater hope in that book. With great difficulty he tried to raise both his arms and offer his Namaskar to the Sage. Preventing him, the Sage said, “no need, Avadhutendra, a time will soon come in your life when you will again be able to do all the singing that you did earlier”. 

From the very next morning, Avadhutendra started reciting those slokas with utmost reverence more so with utmost faith in God that his disease will certainly be cured one day and that he will lead a normal life again. As the days of his daily recitation passed by, Avadhutendra started noticing a few changes in his body that gradually started gaining strength. 

After a few days of recitation, he noticed that he could move some of his body parts just the way he could move before. After a few more days of recitation, he regained his lost voice. And in a total of forty one days of recitation of those powerful slokas, Avadhutendra could move out of his bed and roam free. Life for him thereafter had become completely normal. A pure miracle of God. 

Later, as a mark of gratitude, Avadhutendra had spent the rest of the forty years of his life sculpting and engraving those powerful slokas on the sacred walls of more than two hundred Temples across India. Finally, he breathed his last at one of his followers’ residence in the Himayat Nagar area of Hyderabad. 


What was that miracle healing book written by Saint Tulsidas which was gifted to Avadhutendra Swamy by that Sage during those hopeless moments of his life..?? And what were those Slokas that brought out complete healing in him..?? 

“Jaya Hanumana Gnana Guna Sagara.. Jaya Kapeesa Tihu Lok Ujagara”. Yes, that miracle book was ‘Hanuman Chalisa’, a regular recitation of which really has the power to cure any incurable disease if only recited with complete faith in the healing powers of Hanuman. Stay blessed, happy n healthy forever.

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Hare Srinivasa

Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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