For ages after ages and generations after generations, we humans are being constantly warned or are being strategically brainwashed that “God will punish you” everytime we either knowingly or unknowingly commit any mistake in our daytoday life. My dear, we are all humans and are bound to make mistakes. Mistakes do happen.

However, that doesn’t mean we deserve to be punished everytime we make a mistake. It is for this one reason, “God will punish you” that about 98% of the devotees – who either visit Temples often or who are performing daily puja or reciting Stotras – are devoted to God not out of any devotion but out of fear that He may punish them if they don’t perform that Puja or recite that Stotram. How unfairly wrong to believe so..?? 

Does God work that way if He’s really God..?? What you must note here is, “all that is said about God is said by humans like you and me. God never made any such claim”. 

Let me explain.

The attribution of human characteristics, emotions and situations to God is called ‘Anthropomorphic Conceptualization of God’ and all such anthropomorphic Gods represent many human concepts like love, war, fertility and beauty and also exhibit many human qualities like beauty, wisdom and power along with human weaknesses like greed, hatred, jealousy and uncontrollable anger. 

If you take any epic like the Mahabharata, Maha Bhagavata or the Ramayana or for that matter any other holy book including all the sacred texts written about God, in every such work God is depicted as a human being and He is attributed with all the human qualities like kindness, love, anger, pain, suffering, sorrow, emotions and even tears in some cases. 

The only way these books give us an impression that the male protagonist is God is by adding some extraordinary powers to Him. Now my questions are, 

When there were no humans on earth, when there was only light, water and Nature in this world, was there no God..??

If not, where did all the light, water and Nature come from..?? 

Who created them..??

Did we humans create..??

How can we create when we were not there at that time..??

Then, does that not mean, “all the beautiful creation that we see in Mother Nature today was by the invisible Divine Hand of God..??” 

If so, what was the definition of God when there were no humans at all..??

What were His qualities.. ??

Can anyone dare to say, “there was no God then, He was only born after we humans were born..??”

How can they say that after seeing all His creation and all Nature..?? If not God, who could have created them for us..?? 

Then, how can anyone say nothing is predetermined in this world when everything we require here for our survival has already been well defined, well crafted, well determined and kept well ready for us much before our birth on this planet.. ?? 

How can anyone say we have free will when we have not created anything like light, rain, fire, water, wind and oxygen that are most essential for our living today..?? Did we make them?? 

Even if we have free will, can we ever create light, sound, a seed, a plant, a flower or at least an atom in Nature or a cell in our body..??

Then, how can we – when there are more things in this world that we cannot do than we can –  defy God, question the absence of free will or the existence of predeterminism..?? 

If you go and tell an organism, that has only a sense of touch and nothing else, about the taste of food will it ever be able to understand the concept of taste no matter how hard you try to convince it. Can you complain it is not accepting what you are saying..??

If you go and tell an organism, that has only two sense organs of touch and taste, about the fragrance of a Jasmine, will it ever be able to understand the concept of fragrance no matter how hard you explain it..?? 

So the point is, “to say, propagate, preach and believe that God will be angry with us and God will also punish us is completely wrong because He is Nirguna, devoid of qualities and attributes”.

Let me now share with you what the Vedas have to say about God. 

“God is Niramaya (an absolute being free of defects), Nirguna (devoid of qualities and attributes) Nirvikara (unchangeable and opinionless) Nirakara (formless, devoid of all forms) and Ananta (an infinite, endless and the timeless supreme consciousness)”

If that is true then how can God have human qualities like anger..??

Is it not incorrect to say so..??


God neither has any love for us nor any anger. So He will neither love us nor punish us. However, God is guarded by the five elements of Nature, the Ashta Dikpalakas and the powerful cosmic force of Karma. God may not on His own do anything when we disturb Him or displease Him with our acts or words but these guards will not keep quiet.

They will punish all the wrong doers among us with the most appropriate punishment. Let me give you an example. If you throw a stone at the Prime Minister’s convoy, the Prime Minister on his own will not do anything to punish you. It is his guards and other security personnel who will punish you. So is the case with God. Got my point..?? 

Therefore, the conclusion is, 

“The only way we humans can lead a life full of peace is not by visiting Temples or by reciting Stotras but by being noble in our nature, humble in our words, truthful in our actions, generous in our deeds, righteous in our behavior, honest in our commitments, helpful towards the needy, trustworthy to the world and grateful to those who helped us. When we are so, no force in Nature can ever harm us and no God can ever be angry with us”. 

“Isavasyam idam sarvam, yat kincha jagatyam jagat.. Tena tyaktena bhunjitha, ma gridhah kasya svid dhanam” – Isopanishad

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Hare Srinivasa

Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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