You may not be knowing Him but He knows you from the beginning of your first birth; sees you before you reach Him in this life; listens to you before you speak; reads your mind before you place your thought; answers your questions before you ask; and knows where you would be heading in this life and to what destination. He is that Incredible Living God about Whom you are now going to read.

Everything in this content is so incredibly Divine and so unbelievably true that at the end of it you would be noticing a great change already taking place in your mind and a greater peace within yourself. Please read this content carefully, word by word, because it’s going to transform your life forever and earn you blessings for a life beyond life.

Read on..

On 24th December, 2022, I launched an extraordinary Divine book titled, ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’, in Hyderabad to attend which hundreds of this website readers have come from many parts of the world including the United States. They believed, “God Incognito is not just a book but an immaculate Divine Power that has all the powers to heal and transform lives”.

It’s a powerful book that I have written on the Divine life of an Incredible Hindu Living God who has been living incognito in Hyderabad, for the last forty years, performing many spellbinding miracles, transforming lives, touching souls, healing wounds and curing many incurable diseases like Cancer, Paralysis and Blindness among others. 

There are strong evidences that prove He is a Divine Incarnation of powerful Hindu Lord Sri Rama Who is more popularly known to His select few followers, spread across the world today, as Bhagavan Sriram Sir.

Here’s How The Living God’s Journey Began On Earth..

One night, during the 1950’s, Panchamukha Hanuman appeared in the dream of a Sadhu by name Hanumaddasu – a great devotee of Lord Sri Rama living in Tanuku town of Andhra Pradesh those days – and told him, “soon our Prabhu Sriram is going to take birth on Earth as a human in a village called Maldakal in the Telangana region. Go there and with your bhajans start announcing to the world the advent of His new Avatara”.

Hanumaddasu reverently obeyed the instructions of Hanuman and immediately rushed to Maldakal and through his Bhajans had started telling the people of that village about the arrival of Lord Rama. Exactly as said by Hanuman in his dream, Lord Sri Rama was indeed born in a simple human form in that village of Maldakal in Telangana region on the 11th of May, 1957.

That simple human form is the Incredible Living God, Bhagavan Sriram Sir, about Whom this life transforming article is all about.

Four Incredible Cures By Bhagavan Sriram Sir

Someone who deserves to be called God should be Omnipotent which means He should have all the Divine power in the universe to do whatsoever He wants, wherever He wants and whenever He wants. Most importantly, He must possess that immaculate Divine power to heal any wound or cure any disease no matter how challenginginly incurable that it might be for all the doctors in the world.

Now, please go through the below presented four incurable cases and you shall understand the immaculate Divine powers of this Living God’s Omnipotence.

1. Rani Raja Rajeswari Devi, the Queen of Bobbili – a princely state in Andhra Pradesh – was afflicted with Cancer in 1994. Doctors ruled out any possibility of recovery. She quietly prayed to Bhagavan Sriram Sir, Whom she ardently follows, and then left everything to Him. 

One day, a couple of months later when she met her Doctors, they went into a shock noticing the complete disappearance of Cancer from her body. With reverence today, she attributes her total recovery to Bhagavan Sriram Sir Whom she so endearingly calls “Paramatma”. She is now living peacefully in the United States along with her children. 

2. Some time during 1996, one of Sriram Sir’s ardent followers lost his vision in both his eyes in a cylinder blast in his office, ECIL, Hyderabad. His eyes were completely damaged. Doctors ruled out any possibility of vision. Sriram Sir visited him in the hospital and just looked at his eyes. Divinity flowed through Sir’s eyes into that patient’s eyes.

The next day, to the utter shock of the Doctors, that patient miraculously regained his lost vision. In that blast, his body also suffered 80% burns. After Sriram Sir’s visit, his skin too became absolutely normal. Sounds incredible but true.

3. Mrs Vimala Sarma, a Kendriya Sahitya Academy award winning Telugu writer from Hyderabad, was on the Vijaya Dasami of 2007 had a massive paralytic stroke and was confined to her bed.

Sriram Sir visited her after a few hours, touched her forehead, massaged her feet and while doing so asked her, “Vimala ji, you silently made a vow to Lord Venkateswara that you would be walking up the seven hills of Tirumala. Won’t you..?? Get up and walk now”.

And Vimala Sarma walked. This miraculous incident took place in the presence of an IAS officer who later held a crucial position in the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) board. I dedicated one full chapter in my book – ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’ – to Vimala Sarma, an extraordinary devotee of Bhagavan Sriram Sir.

You may now wonder, “how does Sriram Sir know about Vimala Sarma’s vow which she silently made to Lord Venkateswara and didn’t even tell her husband..??” Do I still need to tell you how..?? PERIOD

4. Sriram Sir materialized and gifted a Salagrama stone to Sri Venkata Krishna, one of His followers who was a renowned advocate in A.P high court, when he was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. Sir asked him to keep that stone in a glass of water, stop all medicines, and drink only that water everyday. 

That Advocate strictly followed all the instructions given by Sriram Sir and in a few days was free from his agonizing heart problem and many years later had peacefully left this world at a ripe age of 80. PERIOD

Some Spellbinding Miracles Of Bhagavan Sriram Sir

1. Sriram Sir appeared at a time and date at two different places. One in a marriage hall witnessing the marriage; and two in His university exam hall writing his exam. His presence in a group photo in the marriage hall and His exam results prove that He was at at a time present at both the places; thus endorsing His Omnipresence power.

2. Former Prime Minister, Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee, met Sriram Sir in 1997 and later became His silent follower. Coincidentally so, or as was ordained by Him, He commenced the Pokhran II test on 11th May, 1998 which was the 41st birthday of Bhagavan Sriram Sir. 

After the Kaluchak terrorist attack in Kashmir on 14th May 2002, Sri Vajpayee – with an obvious reference to Bhagavan Sriram Sir – said, “Be warned, you sinners. Lord Sri Krishna is born again in this Kali Yuga. He shall certainly punish the Kaluchak Kamsa”.

3. Now, here’s the biggest of all the miracles of Bhagavan Sriram Sir which is also the world’s biggest miracle that would baffle even the best of scientific brains in the world. 

I have an old Nokia mobile phone with me. From 4th of April, 2004 to till date I have been receiving encrypted Divine messages on it from Sriram Sir every day. Sometimes, there will be in them a few future predictions as well. 

Through one such message, I could know in adavnce – on the day of counting in America for the last presidential elections – that President Trump would be losing the elections that day. On another occassion, on 15th November, 2019, I received a Divine message that suggested a cure to Covid whereas China reported the virus to W H O much later. 

Occassionally, I receive many guiding messages from Sriram Sir like ‘Ok’, ‘No’, ‘Safe’ ‘Go’ ‘Pain’, ‘When am why pain’ and ‘Always be joyous’ which I would receive exactly on the day I need them the most. The most miraculous point here is, “there’s no SIM card in this Nokia mobile”.  See an example of a Divine message in the below image which is an Ok message.

From April, 2018, I have started sharing these guiding messages with my Bhagavan Sriram Sir WhatsApp groups wherein there are about 600 highly learned people from across the world as members. From then on, all these members too have started following the guidance given by these messages and have been seeing many miraculous changes in their life. For every member, these groups are Temples today which they follow with devotion.

With the Divine blessings of Bhagavan Sriram Sir, the unmarried among these group members got married; the divorced got remarried; the childless are blessed with children; the jobless with jobs; and the unhealthy with recovery. Many experienced many more Divine miracles which emphatically prove Bhagavan Sriram Sir’s constant presence in their life.

Bhagavan Sriram Sir’s Extraordinary Quotes

There are hundreds of life changing quotes of Sriram Sir that I can share with you but for now will only share a few among them. 

1. Everything in this world is predetermined and well determined right from the movement of the blade of the grass to the movement of the monster.

2. God doesn’t assure us a calm voyage but a safe landing; He saves us not from problems but in problems. 

3. What is to be constantly kept in mind by all those who try to understand God is the fact that He is more availbale to the heart filled with love than to the head stuffed with intelligence.

4. God sometimes doesn’t respond to your prayers. Because you don’t know what you prayed for.

5. Laeving aside all the different branches of the definition of Spirituality, if you come to the trunk of it, in a word it simply means, “Spirituality is the ability and capability – irrespective of how one acquires it – to decipher the Cosmic inscriptions etched indelibly on the bosom of Eternity”.

6. From our birth to death, life unrolls itself in a way that even crises and calamities are as much necessary as triumphs and victories. Everything is related to everything else. What appears to be opposed simply – if the lenses of perception are cleansed – is a compliment to the other. Not it’s contradiction. 

7. Whatever Nature creates carries with it a corresponding disease. Apart from the disease, every part of our body is potentially subject to its corresponding imbalance. Moreover, even minerals like iron and copper get rust. Our health is the disease of bacteria. Our accidents are positive to something else. 

8. The most important lesson that I have personally learnt in my nearly 23 years of association with Bhagavan Sriram Sir is, “no matter how hard we humans resist, predeterminism exists in this world and free will doesn’t”.

A Few Astonishing Facts About Bhagavan Sriram Sir

Former President of India Sri Sankar Dayal Sarma with Bhagavan Sriram Sir

1. Sriram Sir lives a simple life, far from all the worldly attention at his more simple residence in Hyderabad. Today, many American universities and newspapers are seeking His time but He doesn’t give it to anyone. Because, He is not interested in any publicity nor in meeting anyone no matter who and how powerful.

2. Although Sriram Sir can build a palatial Ashram and earn billions of dollars income for the Divine powers that He possesses, He has chosen to remain incognito and live a simple life in Hyderabad along with His wife, son and a daughter. A true God never confesses that He’s God and never seeks any publicity. He just operates silently. Sriram sir is that true God but living incognito.

3. Sriram Sir’s select few followers today include many eminent and distinguished personalities, senior IAS officers and a few celebrities and global personalities as well. However, one rule that everyone among them was asked to follow all these decades was,”not to talk about Him in public”. 

You may be wondering, “does Sriram Sir allow only eminent personalities and IAS officers to follow Him..??”. The truth is, “all those among them who are eminent today have become so only after they have started following Sir, not before”.PERIOD

For the first time, in these forty years, Sriram Sir allowed only me to write a book on His Divine life for the entire globe. I wrote the first part of this book with utmost reverence and gave it the most appropriate title, ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’.

Key Points About God Incognito : The Beginning

1. With 500 extraordinary pages, 18 Divine sections and 84 life transforming chapters, ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’, not only explains how Sriram Sir deserves to be called the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnibenevolent Bhagavan but also presents in detail the incredible Divine secrets behind His birth along with the greatest prophecies made about the advent of His Avatara on Earth by glorious Divine personalities like Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Kanchi Paramacharya and Avadhuta Sri Ranganna Babu. 

2. It’s not a book but an immaculate Divine power that is transforming lives and is bringing in many miraculous changes in the homes of people who are reading it. Many said, “having the Divine book is like having the Divine Presence of Bhagavan Sriram Sir at our home”

3. With hundreds of copies sold from the day it was launched on 24th December, 2022, ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’ is creating sensation among the readers today. Many eminent personalities in India too are reading it with great reverence.

Those who have already read it are calling it “the most extraordinary book of the modern world”, “the modern Bhagavad Gita” and “the modern Mahabhagavatham”. Many readers from the US told me, “we noticed great fragrance of Camphor all around the home the moment this Divine book arrived”.

This book is currently available only on Amazon India. Readers from India may please Click Here to go to Amazon India website not only to place your order for the Divine book but also to read all the five star reviews that it so far received and also the experiences of some of the readers.

Right now, I have with me about 200 copies of the book signed by Bhagavan Sriram Sir. The first two hundred people who order this book on Amazon will get this signed copy. But you don’t need to pay anything extra for this signed book. It’s invaluable. This signed book is a blessing from Bhagavan I will be gifting to you.

All that you have to do is, please send a mail immediately to me with subject, “Placed Order On Amazon” to my mail id after placing the order providing details like your name and the address you mentioned in the order. You shall receive God’s signed copy of the book from me.

Overseas readers, please send an email to the above given id and I shall send you the details of how to receive the book. Please let me know if you too want a signed copy. I shall send it if I receive your mail before those who order for it on Amazon India.

Trust me. Once you start reading this Divine book, your life too starts transforming, your views too start changing, your outlook towards people too start evolving and you too shall notice a great change taking place in your thought process.

Stay happy, healthy and blessed forever.

Much Love 

Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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