“No human on Earth can ever escape the effects of his Karma no matter in which life he performed them. I make sure he pays for every bad karma; and benefits from every good Karma” – Bhagavan Sri Krishna

After the the end of the Kurukshetra war,

Lord Krishna went on a courtesy visit to the palace of King Dhritarashtra and Gandhari to offer solace to the elderly couple grieving the death of their sons in the war.  

At that time, both Dhritarashtra and Gandhari were in unbearable trauma with the killing of all their hundred sons in the hands of Pandavas in the Kurukshetra war. Krishna spent quite a good time with them consoling them the way they were meant to be dharmically consoled. 

After the purpose of His visit was complete, Krishna got up to take leave. Requesting Krishna to wait, Dhritarashtra – a Maha Gnani who can see the past as well as the future – asked Sri Krishna in a humble tone, 

“Krishna, You are Sarvantaryami and Swayam Narayana Murthy. I know You know everything that has been going on in my life since my birth and also in my mind all these grueling years. I also know, you understand the reason behind my unreasonable behavior with You, on a few occasions, which I don’t try to defend now. 

I also do not even make efforts, Krishna, to seek apologies from You as I am aware the mistakes I have made are unpardonable. I am so blinded not only by my fate but also by various factors related to my son Duryodhana and his erratic behavior. Sometimes, I am forced to behave that way, during the pre war moments, much against my will and conscience.

Although I know You well and had the honor of many personal interactions with You – some of which are good, some bad and some ugly owing to various diplomatic reasons – I have always been Your silent devotee, Krishna. It’s only that I followed the Raja Dharma in my political dealings with You.

If possible, Krishna, please forgive me for all that I have done to You; knowingly sometimes and unknowingly sometimes.

Though I have been Your ardent devotee and have a close proximity with You, I have never crossed my limits or took any liberties with You asking for any favor or any relief related to my whole life suffering.  

Having been born blind, I have seen enormous suffering in my life, Krishna, but never asked You why is it so..?? Never asked You what are these palaces and these riches are for me, when I cannot see their beauty and enjoy their richness in their real sense.

Never asked You, Krishna, why did You give me such worthless sons who never were under my control, never sought any advice from me and never listened to me in their life.

Never asked You, Krishna, even though my sons have been portraying hundred different problems to me in hundred different forms, everyday. 

Never asked you, Krishna, to interfere and avert the possible war when my eldest son, Duryodhana, for his greed and ego was breaking all my ties with my beloved brother Pandu’s children and was taking us into the war.

Never asked you, Krishna, why I am so emotionally far from Pandu’s children though it’s been long I embraced them and exchanged warmth, love & affection with each other. 

Never asked you, Krishna, when me and Gandhari were spending countless nights weeping about our cursed life and about our endless fight with many unfavorable living conditions.

Never asked you, Krishna, when we both were spending our days in darkness and our nights in the shadows of fear, uncertainty and loneliness. 

Never asked you, Krishna, why only we both are subjected to so much suffering in our life and why only we both are chosen to live such a curseful life no one else would have probably ever lived on Earth” 

Saying so,

Dhritarashtra fell upon the Lotus feet of Lord Sri Krishna and started weeping inconsolably. Weeping so, he asked Krishna, 

“But now, after losing all my sons in the Dharmakshetra of Kurukshetra, I want to ask You just one question, Krishna. If I don’t ask you now, I will never be able to ask You and will never be able to leave this world peacefully. 

Please Krishna, can you please shower some mercy upon me and at least now tell me why I was born blind, why I lost all my hundred sons in the war, why this Puthra Sokam to us at this ripe age and why this endless misery for us..?? In my previous hundred lives, I haven’t harmed anyone, then, why did You inflict so much suffering upon me and my wife..?? 

Gandhari was silently listening to her husband’s painful narration and was also tearfully observing the choking of his voice and the deep sorrow in his heart. The black cloth that she was wearing around her eyes had become fully wet and was oozing tears outside of it onto her wrinkled cheeks. 

Looking at the hapless elderly couple, full of tears, Krishna gently smiled and said,

“Mama Dhritarashtra, all the world is bound by Karma and all the human lives here are ruled and controlled by it’s Cosmic powers. Every action a human performs in this world – be it a good one or a bad one – will not only have a bearing on his current life but also on his future life and his life beyond life.

Behind every good and bad effect in a human’s life, there’s a Karmic cause; and behind every suffering, a compelling Karmic reason. So, if you now go back one more lifetime behind those hundred lives and see what you did, you will clearly understand the reason behind all your suffering in this life.

Let me explain to you. In that life, hundred lives before this life, you were a cruel king. One day, you went hunting into a deep forest. In a beautiful pond, inside that forest, an alluring Mother Swan and her hundred cute Cygnets (young Swans) were merrily playing with one another. 

Instead of enjoying their game, with the eyes given to you by God, you have mercilessly plucked the eyes of the Mother Swan and then cruelly killed all her Cygnets. Listening to the hapless cries of her dying innocent children a heartbroken Mother Swan, blinded by you, died its own miserable death. 

All the Karma witnesses of Nature were silently observing your cruel action that time and promptly recorded it. For performing such an unjustifiable cruel Karma in that life you deserve to suffer one whole life in one of your future lives. However, in all the later hundred lives, you were a nice person and performed many good Karmas. 

With the accumulation of all that good Karma, you performed in those hundred lives, you are born as a king in this life; but with the parallel ripening of the cruel bad Karma you performed in that life, you are afflicted with blindness for your cruelty and separation from your children for killing those Mother Swan’s innocent children.

That bad Karma has been haunting you for the past hundred lives and finally ripened in this life. Therefore, you are born blind and also lost all your hundred sons just the way that Mother Swan had lost all her hundred children because of your cruelty. So, remember Mama,

No human on Earth can ever escape the effects of his Karma no matter in which life he performed them. I make sure he pays for every bad karma and benefits from every good Karma. Because,

“Pitah Masya Jagatho Maathaa, Daathaa Pitah Mahaha.. Vedyam Pavitra Monkara Rukh Saama Yadurevacha”

Meaning : As the Beholder of the Cosmos and also as the Wearer of this universe, Am the One Who is offering you the results of Karma; Am your Mother, Am your Father and Am your Grandfather; Am the One Who needs to be known fully by you, and Am also the One, the most Sacred; Am the Omkara, Am the Rig, Sama and Yajur Veda”. 

Krishnam Vande Jagdgurum

Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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