We are all human beings.. We commit many errors.. However, that doesn’t mean we go on committing errors whenever we want to and at any time we wish to and still expect the laws of our governance spare us from any punishment just because, “to err is human”..

No way.. There are certain norms and rules set by our ancestors in order to maintain peace and harmony on Earth and as responsible citizens of this world we are expected to strictly adhere to them.

Here are six such crucial errors, identified by our farsighted ancestors quite long ago, that would land us in troubles.. These errors are presented through the sacred Hindu Dharma Sastras for the well being of our humanity..

Please go through..

One : “Akaarana Haasam” – Never Smile Without A Reason

Whether ancient or modern; whether East or West, this Golden rule applies to every society..

The point here’s, “you should never smile, when alone in public, without any specific cause or reason more so when you are in the company of so many of your own people all around you”..

If you do so, the ones sitting around you, may think, “you have laughed at them as you have noticed something in them that is laughable at”.. And this is the beginning of trouble in your life.

Of course, you may have your own strong reasons to smile so.. You may have done that remembering a WhatsApp joke your friend had sent you or a comedy scene you have just watched in a film, however, people around you are not bothered to know the actual reason for your sudden smiling.

The problem here’s, no one will ever ask you “what made you smile or giggle so suddenly”.. Instead they would just go on building many theories in their own favor and many arguments against you but not one would ask himself or herself, “why would anyone laugh at me”..

Because, they believe more in their doubts than in your claims and unfortunately the chances here are,

“Your unreasonable smile in public is going to land you in trouble, sometimes forever unless you properly sort it out, because most of the people around you first misunderstand you and then, over a period of time, may even develop an unerasable hatred against you if there’s not enough communication between two of you later”..

I may be sounding a bit ridiculous here, however, am not saying that “this is generally the case but in most cases this is what generally happens”.. Therefore, my dear, never smile without a reason definitely not when you are in public.. Got my point..??

Two : “Bala Sakhatvam” – Never Befriend Children

Many of us adults have the tendency of greeting children with a broad smile although we are seeing them for the first time in our life.. Some times some of us run our hands over the child’s head and caress their cheeks too.

We just do so out of our sheer love for children.. However, this may some times be the beginning of trouble for you..

Not all parents in this world take it easy when it comes to their children.. On the contrary, they may even see you as an intruder into their privacy and also as a potential threat to their child.

In many countries, mostly in Western, it is a serious offence to greet unknown children.. If not greeting, at least touching children.. The child may not have any problem here but the parents may certainly have an objection to your touching of their child for whatever reason.

Another main point here’s, “some of us go over board some times and try to be overtly friendly with children.. We take them out often, may be with their parents’ permission, and spend a good time with them, by feeding them in restaurants and playing them in parks”.

By doing so, all that we have in our heart for the child is sheer love and affection.. Well, everything would be fine with the parents too as long as everything is fine with their child as well.

But suddenly if something goes wrong against the child, either in the form of an unforeseen harm or an unexpected crime while he or she is in your custody, then you are in a big trouble because the whole world, including the child’s parents, turn against you..

Just in case your time is running bad, the finger of suspicion too may first be pointed at you.. Result.. You end up in a big soup bowl.. Is it needed for you, friend..??.. Just think..

Three : “Streeshu Vivaadam” – Never Argue With A Woman

In my opinion, “understanding space science is easier than understanding a woman” which is why they say, “Kshana Kshanamul Javaraandra Chiththamul”..

Of course, this is entirely my opinion based on the experiences I have with all the women in my life, however, you are most welcome to completely disagree with me and still forgive me

Because you must know, “just as experiences in life vary from person to person, opinions too vary from mind to mind”.. PERIOD

As far as I understand, the true message here from our ancestors is,

“Never indulge in an argument with a woman because you can never convince a woman nor win over a woman at least in an argument.. And if, for any reason, you still try doing that, then, trust me, you will not only be displeasing her forever but would also be developing a permanent hatred in her for you, unless she’s your Mother or sister and in some cases your wife”.. PEACE

Four : “Gardhabha Yaaanam” : Never Ride A Donkey

Since no one rides a Donkey in these days of modern living, this rule may appear slightly out of context.. However, if we try to understand it, with a more deeper sense, it is as good as telling you, “never play with a fool at home; he will play with you in market”.

In other sense, it may also be interpreted this way.. “Do not take liberties with anyone, however liberal and close they may appear to you, nor allow anyone take liberties with you either; because in both the cases you will end up as the final loser”.

Five : “Asamskritha Vaani” : Never Speak Foul Or Unparliamentary Language

This rule is simple and straight.. Speaking foul language not only makes you unpopular in the society but would also considerably reduce whatever little spiritual aura you may have earned in your life with your chanting or learning of Vedas, Upanishads and other Dharma Satras..

Please remember.. If you believe in God you must have equal respect for all His creation.. Abusing or accusing anyone for whatever reason using foul language will not only displease God but would also make Him angry.. SIMPLE

Six : “Asajjana Seva” : Never Serve Unholy Personalities

Many of us either knowingly or unknowingly do this, in our day to day life, therefore I believe this rule is the most important of all the six rules for us to bear in mind forever.

In most of the cases, more out of fear and less out of devotion, we tend to believe every God man or fake Saint, we come across in our life, just because we fall for their looks, their attire and more so for their sweet way of speaking with us.

Please tell me.. Unless they do so, how will they be selling themselves to you.. In my view, “ninety percent of all these God men and the so called great devotees, in whose name many miracle stories are circulating all over the world, are just fake.. Never trust them nor serve them”.

If you still do that, for whatever the reason, not only will you lose all the ‘Punya’ that you have so far struggled to earn in your life but will also be sharing the sins that the so called fake God man or God Mother or devotee you are following, is committing in his or her life..

Although harsh, this is how the Law Of Karma works.. Now, I must also tell you how the theory of pre determinism works here..

“If you are destined to perish by following those fake God men or God mothers, then you wouldn’t ever be knowing that you shouldn’t be doing that.. In case you are blessed, you would be certainly knowing the facts about them either through such an article or through some other divine source as it happened in my case”.

I have unknowingly committed such an error in 2004, despite already being in the divine fold of God in human form, Sriram Sir, and had fallen prey to the sweet words of a fake God man who claimed, “am a great devotee of Goddess Durga and would be speaking to Her often”..

As result of that bad karma, maya or my destiny, I ended up in a major problem, on one bad day.. Suddenly “Daivam Maanusha Rupena”, Sriram Sir had come to my rescue and saved me from a very embarrassing problem, that same day..

He had virtually appeared before me, on that day, in the form of an old friend, whose name coincidentally is Ram, and saved me through him.. Next day, when I called Sir to thank Him, He cautioned me saying,

“Aditya, always be careful in life and never trust the claims of fake God men.. A Real God in human form shall never say He’s God.. Neither Rama did it nor Krishna.. Only fake God men make such claims”..

As fate or bad karma would have it, I still didn’t learn a lesson from Sir and committed the same mistake, again in 2014 – 15, and had fallen prey to similar claims of a man and did an enormous service to him that made him what he is today.

In turn, all that he thanklessly gave me was a heart breaking experience, through a phone call, on the night of 16th, November, 2015.. That pain is still in me as I can never forget it in my life..

Fortunately for me, that entire conversation was recorded on my phone and I shall disclose everything in near future and share with you all who this unscrupulous man is and what he did to me.. PERIOD

The divine coincidence here is, “I met Sriram Sir just a day before that, on the 15th of November, 2015 in a marriage and He had smiled at me in a mystic fashion which I didn’t understand for a long time..

It was only after that heart breaking experience I had on 16th, I have realized the reason behind Sir’s mystic smile and had also realized,

“It was Sriram Sir Himself Who had deliberately designed that heart breaking experience for me, that night, otherwise I would have landed in a much deeper trouble by continuing my association with that unholy man..

Because at that exact time, I was actually designing some big plans in collaboration with that man.. Sir didn’t want this to happen as any further association with that unholy man would be hugely detrimental to me and my life and therefore had mercilessly weeded him out of my life”.. Than You Sir..

The most beautiful point here is

“It was only after that painful experience, I have decided to write about “Daivam Maanusah Rupena”, Sriram Sir and reveal His true divine Nature to the world otherwise I would have never written about Him if I had continued my association with that unholy man”

Today, more than two million people all over the world have read my story series on Sriram Sir and are deriving many great life changing benefits from Him..

Most of them are as well sharing their amazing experiences with me and are also happily telling me how they are feeling the presence of Sir all around them and how He’s reading their thoughts”.. PEACE

Since Sir loves to remain, “unanimously anonymous”, He was much against my writing about Him.. Therefore, it took almost three months for me to obtain permission from Him for the same..

“I strongly believe that this again is part of His cosmic drama and He honored me by making me a small tool in it”


Quite coincidentally, only in the morning today, I have received this following message from a lady reader in US while I was writing this article..

Please go through..

“Hello Narrenaditya Garu, let me start by saying Thank You! It’s been over a year I guess since I first read your article on Tirumelasa.com on FB and ever since ardently following your articles . Always used to think you are so blessed and fortunate to be knowing so many illustrious personalities and to be witnessing and experiencing so many divine miracles.

Whenever you mention Sriram Sir as daivam manushya rupena I used to think so lucky you know him for so many years to realize he’s indeed a God in human form. I always read all your articles and read the comments and experiences of other followers too but I always used to ask myself how come I believe it on surface but how I can I say that the way you say from core of your heart

I used to stare at the photos of Sir you post on FB to see if I feel anything. Just yesterday reading one of your posts was simply thinking may be if I ever was fortunate to attend Sir’s lecture then maybe I’ll get that feeling from bottom of my heart.

And you won’t believe today from my friend who stays in Virginia sends me ( I am in Bay Area near San Francisco) 5 or 6 audio clipping on whatsApp Sriram Sir’s audio recording of the tirumalesa meeting which just happened on Dec 24th in Hyderabad.

Just now listened for only 15 min he’s answering the questions posed by audience and without knowing my eyes are blurry and I am like this is a miracle. That means he read my thoughts yesterday about my yearning to believe him from bottom of my heart and today out of blue got those audio clips.

I haven’t even finished listening to the first one yet but first thing I wanted was to thank you and tell you all this.. Thank You so much for introducing Sir to us.. Don’t have any words to express my gratitude”..

Do I need to say anything more except,

“Samastam Govindaarpanam”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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