Lazily relaxing

In a sofa in my sweet home..

In Hyderabad..

And sipping a piping hot post breakfast Tea..

At about 11.20 a.m..

On Sunday..

The 1st of October, 2017..

I was having a casual conversation over phone..

With my friend and my deputy in all my operations,

Chandrajeet Singh..

At that same time,

My beloved wife was getting ready in our master bedroom to join me in attending our first cousin’s daughters’s marriage, that afternoon.

At that same time,

The sound of the A C machine from our bedroom was gently touching my right ear from a distance..

At that same time,

The mild tone of an yellow light in the artistically designed false ceiling in my drawing room was reflecting on the white walls of the room and was presenting a great shade of Gold in front of me.

At that same time,

The lovely smiling eyes of Tirumala Sri Varu, in a large portrait that is there on the West facing wall of my drawing room, were naughtily staring at me.

At that same time,

There was a great divinity all around me, which I didn’t notice..

At that same time,

A great act of mystery was shaping around me, which I didn’t pay attention to.


At that same time,

I was so deeply engrossed in that telephonic conversation with Chandrajeet Singh, my deputy and my friend.

That casual conversation over a cup of Tea, that Sunday, had given me,

“An unfathomably unfathomable, unforgettably unforgettable, unerasably unerasable, unimaginably unimaginable and unmatchably unmatchable divine experience given by that omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir – the absolute human form of Lord Sri Venakteswara – that I would be cherishing for a life beyond life.

This incredibly extraordinary divine experience – that letters cannot explain, words cannot describe and colors cannot paint – freezes my whole frame, even today, whenever I try to recollect it.

This amazing experience had not only opened many closed chambers of my mind but had also clearly signaled to me the motive behind my birth and the purpose behind my living, today.. PERIOD

During that miraculous conversation that day,

Chandrajeet is the man kneeling down beside Sir in this photograph, which was shot on the day when we went along with Sriram Sir to invite Sri PVRK Prasad to Sir’s daughter’s marriage in August, 2017

Our discussion, didn’t know how and why, had suddenly turned towards Bhagawan Sriram Sir and the miraculous Black color bag that He always carries around His right shoulder.. Telling Chandrajeet about the divinity associated with that mysterious black bag, I said,

“Many senior followers of Sir say they have never seen Sir, without that bag, even once in their lifetime.. Even during my seventeen years of association with Sir, I haven’t seen Sir or don’t remember seeing Sir at least once without that bag adoring His right shoulder.

According to eminent Prof. Sivarama Krishna, Former Head, Dept. Of English, Osmania University – under whose tutelage Sriram Sir had done His M.A, M.Phil, PhD and obtained a Doctorate in English –

“That’s a miraculous bag in which Sir is carrying the whole universe on His right shoulder.. In a way He packed the whole universe into that bag.. He can materialize anything or everything from that bag and at any point of time He wants to.. I have received many invaluable things from that”..

As far as my knowledge goes, Sir on several occasions had taken out images of Gods and Goddesses, pens, books, Salagramas and even Vibhoothi from that bag, on request from His followers for such specific items.. It’s still a mystery where from they are all coming or materializing.

Here’s one important thing I must tell you.. During those days of 2000, 01, 02, 03 we used to attend small meetings of Sir, in Prof Sivarama Krishna’s house in the Nallakunta area of Hyderabad.

These meetings would be attended by a few select followers of Sir, say about twenty to twenty five people.. I was the youngest and the junior most among them all, those days, but would still some how receive the news about the meeting from nowhere.

Although a shy filled character, I would still barge into every meeting at least in the last moment.. However, my only intention was to have darsan of Sir and receive that priceless smile from Him.

In fact, I often would feel very sumptuous with that soul capturing smile of The Divine and never expected anything more than that, from Sir.. Occasionally, to my surprise, Sir would shake His hand gently with mine and ask, “how are you”..

Whoa.. I used to dance with joy whenever Sir would do that.. Am sure, Sir didn’t know my name those days, so what, I would still feel immensely happy that He blessed my life with His divine ‘Shake – Hand’.

Some times, either during the meeting or at the end of it, a few elderly ladies would give us small packets of Vibhoothi, neatly packed in a clean white paper, with Sir’s signature on it.. That used to be a priceless gift for all of us.

After going home, I used to cautiously open that packet; carefully keep it in my puja place; and reverentially apply it, everyday, in the middle of my chest.. I can proudly say today that I have received many such packets of Vibhooti of Sir, those days.

However, my questions – who used to pack them so beautifully and artistically; where is that Vibhoothi coming from; and from which Temple – I know would never get answers in this life.

That Vibhoothi used to be in perfect White color.. Very soft too.. As soft as Pond’s Talcum Powder with an out of the world fragrance loaded with serenity and filled with divinity.

In those days, it used to be a daily ritual for me to apply that Vibhoothi in the middle of my chest, just before the commencement of my puja..

Once, during those days, after all the packets of Vibhoothi with me were exhausted, I felt extremely sad as I didn’t have a new packet to use from the next day..

A few days after that,

I happened to meet Sir

Yours lovingly with Sriram Sir on the day we visited Sri PVRK Prasad’s house in July, 2017

One day,

In a bus stop opposite St. Ann’s High School in Secunderabad.

In those days, Sir would come there everyday to drop His daughter, Sowmya, in St. Ann’s High School and would then proceed to Institute Of Electronics in Maredpally, where He used to work as English Lecturer, those days.

In between, He would spend about twenty minutes of time, talking to a few followers like me who would come there to meet Him.. Meeting Sir is impossible today but was pretty much easier those days.

Any follower would just go to that bus stop, at 8.30 am on any working day, if he or she ever wished to have Sir’s ‘darsan’, that day..

That bus stop is still there today and I make it a point to stop there, for a few seconds, every time I pass through that place and silently offer my Namaskaram to that divine place that once enjoyed the sanctity of Bhagawan Sriram Sir’s sacred feet.

Sometimes, I park my Car somewhere nearby; walk alone into that bus stop; sit there in the same chairs, where we once used to sit and wait for Sir, in all calmness; close my eyes for a few minutes;

Enjoy the serenity of the place; draw some peace from it; and quietly move away with a calmness filled mind, of course, after tasting a couple of plates of pani puri in the nearby cart.

(I strongly believe “there’s some power in that bus stop even today, which we ardent followers of Sir fondly call ‘Brindavanam’, and strongly recommend to all of you from Hyderabad to go and sit quietly in that bus stop, for a few minutes, whenever you think some issue is bothering you beyond bearable limits.

I bet, you shall not only find peace in that bus stop but will also find a solution to that issue in your mind.. Just try.. You lose nothing.. By the way, you find three bus shelters opposite St. Ann’s High School, Secunderbad but go and sit in the middle one..

It was here Sir once used to stand and talk to us.. BTW, when you go there on any day you may feel Sir’s presence around you or you may even see His form there.. So, try following what I said.. Who knows..??

However, the best time to visit that place is in the morning hours before 8 am.. Of course Sunday would be better than the best).. PERIOD

On that day, in 2004,

When I met Sir in that bus stop, I hesitantly asked Him, “Sir, all the Vibhoothi packets that I have received during our meetings are exhausted.. Am desperately waiting for a new one, Sir.. Can You please give me one”..

With a gentle smile, Sir replied,”No, Aditya, I don’t have any packets with me.. I don’t even keep them.. Our ladies pack them and distribute them during our meetings.. That’s all I know”..

I was terribly disappointed with Sir’s reply..

Almost had tears in my eyes..

Looking at my disappointment,

Sir said, “Let me check if I have one”..

Saying so,

And sending me into a deep state of shock,

He opened that Black bag on His shoulder,

Inserted His hand into it,


Thus displaying to me for the first time,

The mysterious power of that miraculous Black bag,

Pulled out a freshly packed dazzling white packet of Vibhoothi from it,

That was spreading a divine fragrance all around the bus stop,

Then took out His pen from His pocket,

And signed on it,

And gave it to a shocked me with a smile..

I didn’t know what to say..

Just kept looking at Sir with puzzled eyes..

“Where did that packet suddenly come from”..

I wanted to ask Sir but I didn’t..

Kept silently staring at it..

It was exactly like the packet that we used to get in our meetings in Prof. Sivarama Krishna’s house..

I was sure, seeing me disappointed, Sir had materialized it for me there, in that bus stop, that day”.. PERIOD

After telling Chandrajeet

Myself and Chandrajeet receiving Sriram Sir when He arrived for God On Call Book launch on March, 24th 2017

About that incident, here’s what I have told him further,”many people have many such amazing experiences with Sir’s bag.. However, there’s one incident, a senior follower of Sir had told me about that bag..

He told me about this incident on the 2nd of February, this year, when we all met Sir in a lunch in a friend’s house.. Believe me, Chandra, I had goosebumps hearing that incident.. It was such a spine chilling one.. This one incident is enough for me to say Sir is ‘Swayam Bhagawan’..

Saying so, I started telling Chandra about that whole incident and at the time of completing it, said,

“However, Chandra, I forgot that one point.. I shall call that gentleman, who had this experience, this evening and find out from him what that one point was.. Will call you to night”.


I disconnected the call and proceeded to the marriage after my wife was finally ready to go with instructions to this husband cum driver to keep the Car ready.. While I was having lunch in the marriage hall, at about 2.30 pm that day, I heard a notification sound on my mobile.

Ignoring it, I finished my lunch in another ten minutes and later casually opened my mobile to check the message.. It was an SMS from a friend.. It was a pretty large message with hundreds of characters in it..

The entire message was sent in three parts..

I was..

S..h..o..c..k..e..d..d…d.. d..

Just kept looking at that message

Without even battling my eyelids..

Without even taking my breath..

I almost f..a..i..n..t..e..d..


Hold on..

I shall tell you all, at the end of this story, what that message was and how is it important to this story..

But please do not jump to the last part without reading this part, first.. If you do that, you shall lose the spine chilling pleasure of reading a once in a lifetime story about a once in ten lives divine experiences.. PERIOD


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Sri Vijay Mohan With Sriram Sir

On a day,

Sometime during the February month of 2015,

Vijay Mohan Rao, a senior follower of Sir, for more than twenty years now, had sought Sir’s time and met Him, during the lunchtime, at the Institute Of Electronics in Maredpally..

Vijay Mohan Rao retired from the Indian Railways and is currently associated with the legal activities of the Hyderabad Police.. He’s a a very fun loving personality and a hardcore movie buff, right from his college days.

It is his daily habit, even today, to watch at least one Hollywood movie on Star Movies TV channel, every night, before retiring to bed..

(An interesting fact here is, even Sir watches movies, occasionally though, and discusses about them with close friends.. He once told me, “Aditya, tell me if you watch any good movie.. I too shall watch it”.. I remember recommending Sir the great Oscar Award winning Hollywood classic,”The King’s Speech”)

During that conversation with Sir that day, Vijay Mohan had told Sir,

“Sir, last night I watched a 1928 French classic, “The Passion of Joan of Arc (French: La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc) directed by Danish Director, Carl Theodor Dreyer.. The 19 – year old Joan character was played by Renee Jeanne Falconetti.

What a performance by the young lady, Sir.. Particularly in the crime scene where she will be burnt alive at the stake.. She had literally taken film to great heights in that scene.

Unfortunately, Sir, after playing that character of Joan Of Arc, Renee had led a pathetic life full of melancholic depression and finally succumbed to that depression after unsuccessfully battling it for many long years.

Sir, for some strange reasons or may be due to the conspiracy of the French, who were not happy that a film on one of their greatest personalities was filmed by a Danish director, all the prints of the film were burnt and went beyond trace.

Later, everyone forgot this French classic.. However, in the year 1981, after fifty three of prolonged search for this classic, a director’s cut of this film was found in a remote mental institution in Oslo, Norway.. The authorities there developed this film and re released it”.

Vijay Mohan paused..

Smiling gently,

Sir said,”Oh, really sad to know that.. I didn’t see the movie nor heard much about it.. But as you say, the poor Renee could courageously fight the English in her character of Joan of Arc but could not show the same courage in fighting the depression in her life.. Very sad..  This is called the irony of fate”.

Nodding his head, Vijay Mohan said, “yes sir, I couldn’t control my emotions while seeing her performance in the film more so after hearing about the tragedy in her life.. You must watch this movie Sir..

Please don’t miss it.. I tried to get the film’s DVD as gift for You.. But, unfortunately, either the DVD or the VHS copy of this French classic is not available anywhere in India.. Else I would have gotten one for you”.

Saying so,

Vijay Mohan ended his conversation and kept looking at Sir..

Sir too kept looking at Vijay Mohan..

With a naughty smile dancing on His lips..

With a great divinity emanating from His eyes..


The entire room was filled with a deafening silence as though signalling the beginning of a great game, only Gods play..


The entire atmosphere was filled with a devastating calmness as though heralding the enactment of a glorious cosmic drama, only Gods enjoy..


Every nonliving object in the room became alive and started preparing themselves to witness the unfolding of that great drama..


The gentle breeze that was blowing across the room paused it’s blowing as though it noticed something more soothing, than it’s gentle nature, present in that room..


The branch of a nearby Bougainvillea tree, that was thus far loitering in the corridors of the college, stopped it’s loitering and started peeping into the room as though waiting in anticipation of a divine play.


A few Pigeons that were thus far playing at the entrance of the door of that room have  stopped their playing and kept staring at Sir as though He’s going to show them His ‘Viswa Roopa’.

Unaware of anything,

That was happening around him in that room,

The poor Vijay Mohan was sitting calmly in his chair and looking at Sir..

Still quietly looking at Vijay Mohan,

Sir slowly moved His hand towards the top of the table in front of Him..

Picked up His miraculous Black color bag..

Silently opened it..

Still quietly looking at Vijay Mohan,

Inserted His right hand into it,

And as Vijay Mohan was still watching Him with a bated breath,



Took out something like a book from that bag,

And placed it quietly before Vijay Mohan..

Firstly, Vijay Mohan didn’t understand what that was.. He thought it was a book..

Then, slowly bending forward, he picked it up with his right hand and noticed that it is a brand new DVD, freshly out of a shop, neatly wrapped and properly sealed.

He then casually read what was written on it and within one by billionth of a second went into a deep shock, as though struck by a million volts live wire..

After a few seconds, he read again what was written on that DVD.. This time, his eyes clearly found the following words printed on it.

“The Passion of Joan of Arc (French: La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc) – Available in Criterion collection (Not in India)” with the following image printed on it.

Still unable to believe what he had just seen, Vijay Moham very innocently asked Sriram Sir, “Sir where did you get this DVD from”..

With an enigmatic smile dancing more enigmatically on His tender lips, the omnipotent, the omnipresent and the omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir replied, “why do you want know how did I get it and where did I get it from”.. PERIOD


Here’s the unimaginable twist to this whole story

To tell that, let me take you back to the end of my conversation with Chandrajeet on that Sunday, the 1st of October, 2017.. After telling Chandra about Sir’s Black bag and my Vibhoothi packet experience, here’s what I had told him before ending the conversation..

“Chandra, many followers of Sir received many splendid objects from the bag.. However, the experience of a senior follower by name Vijay Mohan with that bag is mind boggling.. He told me about this experience when we both, along with Sir, attended a function on 2nd February in a friend’s house in Hyderabad.

Vijay Mohan regularly watches Hollywood movies on TV.. One night he watched a great film.. The next day he met Sir.. During that conversation, he told Sir about that Hollywood movie and then told Him that it is a great movie but the DVD is not available anywhere in India.

Sir immediately took out the DVD of the same film from His miracle bag and gave it to Vijay Mohan.. What a mind boggling experience Chandra, rightttt..??.. But I forgot the name of the movie.

Am going to a marriage now.. After returning home, in the evening, I shall call Vijay Mohan and find out from him what the name of that film was.. I shall call you in the night again.. Bye”.

Saying so, I disconnected the call as my wife walked out of the bedroom ready to go with me to the marriage.. Later, we both proceeded straight to the marriage hall in the Nagole area of Hyderabad..

Either during the drive or while in the marriage hall, I didn’t call or speak to anyone except with my wife.. Suddenly, while having lunch, at about 2.30 pm, in the hall, I have received the following three part SMS message, shockingly so, from Vijay Mohan..

I have copied that message directly from my mobile and posting it here for your reading convenience.. Believe me.. In our so many years of friendship, this was the first SMS I have received from Vijay Mohan..

Except talking to each other in person, during Sir’s meetings, we rarely call each other over phone.. Hold your breath.. Here’s what he had sent in that long 3 – part SMS message..

“In Apr.2015 I gone to the college to see Sir. I mentioned to Sir that he mustn’t miss one greatest movie of 1928, Joan of Arc, just 19 yrs old which is most sorrowful about killing a helpless woman by burning on stakes.

I mentioned that after this role the actress Falconetti 35 yrs. Suffered mental illness for rest of her life. I implored Sir watch this as he normally puts aside my suggestions..

This movie shot in French disappeared and lost in fire, but one director’s cut copy survived and emerged in 1981 released in 1984. You don’t get DVD in India. This is preamble to begin the miracle of Sir.

Sir heard me patiently. Now witness this miracle. Sir heard me and in a sudden move Sir got up rushed to his bag and picked sealed DVD of same movie and interjected me saying is it the same movie.

I examined it and stunned. When I asked how could get such old movie in India and who gave him? Sir parried my question. After walking away from Sir I realized that he materialized DVD to show and silence me”


The Divine Eyes Of Sriram Sir

Unable to bear with my curiosity, I immediately called Vijay Mohan (My Facebook friend Vijaymohan Rao Gundimeda) after boarding the car and told him,”spellbound with your message.. But why did you send it to me so suddenly today.. What prompted you to send it”

With a casual smile, he said, “Nothing prompted me, Aditya garu.. Nimmy (his wife Mrs. Nirmala Gundimeda, my Facebook friend, whom I fondly call, ‘Nirmalakka’) went to U S and am all alone at home with no work to do and no good film to watch on TV..

Just finished my lunch.. Feeling so bored.. Suddenly, I got a flash that I must share this mind blowing experience with you today.. So far, except my wife, no one knows about this incident..

I thought, if it is brought to your notice you may wish to write about it whenever you want to, in future.. You are writing so much about Sir so this may be useful to you”.

Then shocking him I said, ” Tell you what Vijay Mohan garu.. There are two things here.. First thing, you have already told me about this incident when you, me and Sir had lunch in on that 2nd of February in Shyam Sundar’s house.

Now the second thing is , only in the morning I had told my friend, Chandra, about this incident.. I remember everything that you have told me that day but forgot the name of the film.. So, thought of calling you in the evening today to know that.. And surprisingly you have told me everything through this SMS.. Too good to believe Sir’s play.”

Laughing loudly, Vijay Mohan said,”a pure miracle of Sir, Aditya.. Nothing else.. He’s once again proving to us that He’s present everywhere and is observing everything that we are doing.. I now understand, may be it was He who suddenly had prompted me to send you that message to help you know the name of the film”.

Key Points

When once asked by a new follower of Sriram Sir, “when did you notice the divinity in your student, Sriram”, here’s what Prof. Sivarama Krishna – one of the most eminent English professors of India – had said, “when I realized He has access to my mind”..

Giri Kiran, a TTD employee, and secretary of Sri PVRK Prasad had told me, when I attended Sri Prasad’s condolence meeting held in Ravindra Bharathi, “Aditya garu, on that day when you and Sriram Sir came to invite PVRK garu to Sir’s daughter’s marriage, Prasad sir told me after you left,

“That simple looking bespectacled man, Sriram Sir, who came with Aditya is Swayam Bhagawan.. He is now in front of us.. And at this same time, He may be present some where else too or in some other form.. He is present everywhere and knows everything” 

Nearly five million people all over the world have read the six part story series that I have written on Sir with the title, “An Incredible True Story Of A Miracle Man Who Is Seeing Your Tomorrow”.. Later, thousands have mailed me asking me to give contact details of Sriram Sir or introduce them to Him..

Let me tell you two vital points here.. One, Sriram Sir loves His privacy and lives in complete solitude with His family in Hyderabad.. Two, I have made a promise to Sir at the time of writing the story that I shall not disturb His privacy nor shall my readers do that.. I shall as well not introduce anyone to Him..

However, there’s one simple to directly communicate with Bhagawan Sriram Sir and stay connected with Him forever.. I have explained this method in detail and posted it on my personal Facebook profile..

Those who wish to stay update with my frequent posts on Sriram Sir on my Facebook wall and also to know how to connect and communicate with Him forever, may send a friend request to me on Facebook.. However, I shall not accept friend requests from users without a profile picture..

Many readers are sending me mails, messages and posting comments everywhere these days asking me to add them to the Tiru Sriram Sir WhatsApp group wherein there are many well learned readers, Doctors and Software professionals from all over the world as members..

However, this is a privileged group meant exclusively for postings about Sir and only Sir.. Members are from different time zones and protecting their privacy is a top priority to me..

If you want to join this group, please send me a message on +918886198844 explaining me who you are, where you are from and what you do (No, am not humming Backstreet Boys song).. You must also tell me how do you know me and Sir.. However, adding you to the group is left entirely to my discretion..

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Divine Sriram Sir with that miraculous Black color bag on His right shoulder

I had an elaborate discussion with Sri Vijay Mohan before writing this story to know every little detail related to his experience.. During that conversation, he told me,

“Aditya garu, as you know Sir doesn’t allow us to touch His feet.. One day, I met Sir at His residence.. When I came out, Sir accompanied me to see me off.. That was about 8 pm in the night that day with less light and with no one around..

I begged Sir to allow me to prostrate before His holy Lotus feet.. To my good fortune, He obliged and brought His feet together.. He was not even wearing slippers that time.. I have knelt down on my knees.. Placed my head on his feet and then rubbed my forehead with the dust under his feet”..

Sri Vijay Mohan was still narrating his experience to me, over the phone, but my mind had already started humming the following Telugu devotional my beloved Mother would often sing while I was playing in her lap in my childhood.

“నీ పదములె చాలు రామా, నీ పద ధూళియే పదివేలు..  నీ పదములె చాలు.. నీ దయ గౌతమి గంగా రామయ్య, నీ దాసులు మునుగంగా.. నా బ్రతుకొక నావా, దానిని నడిపే తండ్రివి నీవా.. నీ పదములె చాలు రామా.. నీ పద ధూళియే పది వేలు.. పది వేలు.. పది వేలు” – డాక్టర్ దేవులపల్లి కృష్ణ శాస్త్రి 


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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