Goddess Kanaka Durga

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In the very beginning of this part of the story..

Let me once again remind you all,my beloved readers,that this extremely tragic but miraculously mind blowing incident occurred in the life of the mystic Brahmin Subbarao when he was just a 12-year old boy, fifty three years ago.in 1962..

Although a 12-year old boy,Subbarao was much wiser to his age those days..

Now..Please go through..

After saying…

“..Ramau..Four members of our troupe,who had come all the way from Vizianagaram,said they would come to our house for dinner today..But today too our Lord Sri Ram had not given us anything..I don’t know how you are going to manage the dinner to night..”

Nemani Jagannadham,father of Subbarao,hurriedly left the house leaving behind his beloved wife Sitaramam and his dearest son Subbarao in a terrible state of extreme helplessness,ceaseless pain and a high degree of unimaginable agony..

What can the poor souls now do ??

Saying so,Jagannatham may have left the home at that point,after transferring his entire burden on to the weak strength-less shoulders of his beloved wife,but how could he do that in the first case..???

If so,why did he not for a moment think..

“How can my poor penniless wife would manage to arrange dinner for four adults in a house where four of her own children are starving for the whole day..???..”

Jagannatham did not bother to think so..Even though he had done,he for sure had not bothered to share his feelings with his wife…Then what use if he’s a good devotee and not a wise husband..???..PERIOD

Time was about 4 pm that day..

At that time,…

While all the five elements of Nature and all the eight ‘Dikpalakas’ were preparing themselves to witness a glorious divine incident that night,a hapless looking Subbarao and his mother were silently looking at each other with all the helplessness in the world..

“..What to do..Where to go..Whom to meet..Whom to ask..Where to begin..And how to begin.. ???..”

Were the questions that they were found in each other’s eyes..After a few silent moments,Subbarao was the first one to swing into action..His blind love for his father did not allow him to stay calm at one place..

“I should at any cost do something and keep up the invitation my beloved father had given to his dear friends.. Fine..But what to do..??..”…

Subbarao kept thinking for a few more minutes..

Then he quickly came into our world because he knows well that there’s not much time left for his mother to prepare dinner for the guests..

Without wasting a second more,Subbarao landed at the grain market and started requesting the traders there to lend only the most essential items for dinner that night..

However,the traders were not convinced..

They wanted their money first..

Finally,at about 4.30 p.m..

A fully distressed Subbarao,with all his attempts failing,returned home empty handed much to the shock of his mother,.


And at about 4.40 p.m..

Subbarao’s father Jagannatham came home to collect his dholak (a percussion instrument used in music programs) for his night program..After about five minutes of time he was about to leave the house again.. Subbarao and Sitaramam followed him up to the entrance..

Sitaramam wanted to ask her husband whether he has any money left with him to prepare dinner for the guests that night..But she couldn’t ask as she can’t ask..

Observing the hesitation in his poor mother’s face,Subbarao quickly came forward and asked his dad.. .”..Naannagaru..Are the guests coming home for dinner to night..??..”

“..Yes..Yess..They are coming..” hurriedly said Jagannatham..

Hurriedly because Jagannatham was in a great hurry to go and monitor arrangements for the ‘bhajan’ program that night wherein he and his friends would perform..At that moment,Jagannatham was more worried about his performance that evening but not about the grave situation at his home..

It was exactly at that moment,Sitaramam mustered some courage and hesitantly asked “Did our Sri Ram give something to prepare food for guests to night,,??..”

A hurriedly rushing Jagannatham paused for a second…Then slowly turned back..And told his wife.. With the same helplessness in his voice..

“..No Ramau..Our Sri Ram had not given us anything today..Not even a penny..Can you somehow manage..”

“..I went to the market naannagau..No merchant is ready to give us any more grocery items..They say unless we clear the previous dues they will not give us any more new stock..” quickly replied Subbarao..

With a little moaning in his voice Jagannatham said,”Ptch..Am also unable to know what to do..How can I say no to guests when they propose to come to our house for dinner..Let me try..”

Saying so,he walked up a few paces..Paused..Turned back..And then looking at Subbarao waved his hand at him asking him to come with him..Subbarao,who never wore any footwear at that age nor any proper attire,gleefully followed his dad whom he always would admire..

It was about 4.55 p m that time..

Holding Subbarao’s left hand,Jagannatham first went to the place where he was about to conduct the bhajan program that night..After monitoring things there for about half an hour Jagannatham walked out with Subbarao and this time headed straight to the grain market..

Of course not to buy any items for dinner at home that night but to collect the donations from the grain merchants for bhajan that night..

Quite surprisingly for Subbarao,all the merchants who refused to lend any grocery items to him that afternoon have started generously offering many valuable items like rice,dal,dry fruits,nuts,many fruits and other such essential commodities to his dad Jagannatham as donation for the night bhajan..

For a few moments,the hunger filled young 12-year old Subbarao,who was starving all that day without any food,wished his beloved dad would at least give him a couple of bananas,from those donated items, to eat..

But Jagannatham who was always eager to be called a noble man than a great father didn’t care for the hunger of his son in spite of knowing well that he was starving since morning..

As long as in a nation..

Where parents like Jagannatham who are more eager to be called great devotees than great fathers and where merchants like those in Visakhapatnam market who are more eager to be called good Samaritans than responsible elders,then children like Subbarao would obviously suffer..Suffer..Suffer ..And suffer… Forever..And ever..And ever..And ever..PERIOD

At about 6.15 p m..

Jagannatham took Subbarao to a small lane in the market street..

He then asked Subbarao to wait at a place on the road and walked into a house on the other side of the road…He quickly returned back after about two minutes..Subbarao saw a great disappointment in his dad’s face..

Looking at Subbarao,he said..”That is the house of an advocate by name Venkat Rao..I thought of taking ten rupees from him..But he’s not at home..His wife says he may come late in the night..If we have ten rupees today we need not worry not only about our dinner to night but also about anything for the next ten days..Ptchhhh..”

Subbarao looked pathetically at his beloved father..”..What to do..???..”..Was the big question in his tender mind that moment..

Later,Jagannatham took Subbarao to advocate Shyam Sundar’s house,to advocate Krishna Rao’s house and finally to advocate Vasudevarao’s house..But unfortunately for Jagannatham,none of them was at home that time..

And those were the only advocates whom Jagannatham knows in Visakhapatnam and they are also the only ones who can afford to give ten rupees to anyone at any point of time..

“..What to do..” was the question now in the elderly mind of Jagannatham..

Now that all the advocates known to him are unavailable to part with any money to him,Jagannatham stood stranded with uneasiness in head at the junction of a road in Visakhapatnam..

He started panicking with sweat appearing large on his face..Subbarao could clearly see everything that was going on in his beloved father’s mind that moment..

Heightening the tension in Jagannatham’s mind furthermore,the clock tower there in the junction rang for seven times signalling that the time

At that time was 7 p m..

Painfully looking at the clock tower,Jagannatharao,quickly held the left hand of his son,Subbarao; turned back swiftly and hurriedly started walking back towards his house..

From quite a distance not Jagannatham but Subbarao saw his mother Sitaramam eagerly waiting at the entrance..

After reaching the entrance,Jagannatham quietly walked into the house signalling both his hands to the heavens..Sitaramam understood her husband’s plight and Subbarao his mother’s..

“..Raaaaaamaaaaaaaaaa..” was all that Sitaramam could say at that hapless moment..At that ruthless moment.. And at that pathetic moment..

After about five minutes,Jagannatham hurriedly came out and told his wife…

“Ramau..I don’t know why our Sri Ram is testing our devotion this harsh way..I have lot of work at the bhajan program..I have to go..I don’t know how Sri Ram helps us today..But am sure He shall certainly help us..Only He can save our dignity among my bhajan circle to night..Let me try..Raamaaa..”

Saying so,a helpless Jagannatham paused for a few seconds in front of the portrait of Lord Sri Ram that’s decorated on the wall near the entrance of his house; silently offered his prayers to his Sri Ram; and then quietly walked out..

If only Jagannatham had paused for a few more seconds there,in front of Lord Sri Ram’s portrait in his house,he would have certainly seen the smile on his dear Lord’s face who at that time was preparing to come out of that portrait..PERIOD

It was 7.14 p m that time...

Unable to know what to do,Sitaramam squatted on the ground,after her husband left the home,and started reciting the ‘Ramayan’..

Subbarao too sat on the floor,beside his mother,and started reading the great Hindu epic…

And exactly at that moment..

At that divine moment..

At that auspicious moment..

At that glorious moment..

At that historic moment..

At that precious moment…

And at that pious moment..

Subbarao heard a male voice that was calling his dad by name..

“Jagannatham garu..”..”Jagannatham garu..” was all that the male voice was saying that time..

Subbarao quickly got up from the floor and rushed out..

And there..

Outside the entrance of his house..

Subbarao saw..

A tall and well built..

Golden yellow colored..

Handsome looking man..

Wearing a sparkling white kurta and pajama..

With an amazing glow in his face..

With a great brightness in his eyes..

And with an enigmatic smile on his coral colored lips..

For a moment Subbarao stood shocked in silence there looking at the great aura that man was carrying all around him that time..Subbarao had never seen such handsome man in his life before that nor would he be seeing one in his future again..

You know why..??

Because that man was the one whom three crore Hindu Gods and Goddesses offer prayers every moment and every day..

Because that man was the one to see whom for a few seconds many holy Hindu saints and sages perform penance for thousands of years..

Because that man was the one who commands the most powerful God of this vast universe,holy Lord Hanuman..

Because that man was the one describing whose noble qualities through the following sloka great demon warrior Maareecha told his king Ravan…

“..Raamo vigrahavaan dharmaha…Saadhu satya paraakramaha..Raajaa sarvasya lokasya devaanaam iva vaasavaha..”

And that glorious Lord Sri Ram was standing in front of Subbarao that moment..

Observing the admiration in Subbarao’s tender eyes that handsome looking man smiled and asked Subbarao.. “My dear..Is your dad at home..??..”

Still with the same admiration in his eyes,Subbarao replied..”No sir..He’s not at home..He may come any moment..Can you wait for a few minutes..By the way may I know who you are Sir..”

With the same smile that man replied.”I can’t wait..Am in a hurry..Please tell your dad..My name is Sree Ramachandra Murthy..Am an advocate and your dad knows me pretty well..”

Saying so,that man took out a brand ten rupees note from his pocket and while giving it to Subbarao, said,”Please give this ten rupees note to your dad..I owe him this money and had come now to give it to him..”

A shocked Subbarao,as though in a state of delusion,collected that ten rupee note from that man..

(..At that time Subbarao’s hand touched that man’s hands which Sri Subbarao now says were as soft as Rose petals..)

Later while leaving the place,that man told Subbarao,”..When your dad comes please tell him that am going to attend his bhajan program to night and enjoy his bhajans..”


But when did Subbarao tell that man that his dad is going to perform in a bhajan program that night..??? ..If not how did that man know that..???

A fully joyous Subbarao,at that moment,was not in a position to think about all such irrelevant questions ..He quickly ran to his mother and told her joyously

“Ammaa..See this ten rupees note..An advocate came and gave this note to handover to dad..He said he owes this money to dad..”

Sitaramam couldn’t believe her eyes..She quickly grabbed her dearest son close to her and kissed him on his cheeks..

And exactly at that moment…

A fully distressed Jagannatham walked into the house..

Subbarao quickly ran to him and told him,showing the ten rupees note in his hand.”,,Naannagaru.. Your advocate friend Sri Ramachandra Murthy garu had come and gave this note..He told me he owes you this money..”

A shocked Jagannatham quickly sat down on his knees and pulling his son close to him asked again, “..What..What did you say..”

“Yes Naannagaru..A very tall handsome looking man came in your absence and told me he’s an advocate and your friend..He gave me this ten rupees note and said he owes it to you..He also said he would meet you in the bhajan program and enjoy your bahjans to night.. ” replied Subbarao..

With tears rolling down his cheeks Jagannatham said,”..ఒరేయి నాన్నా..నా రాముడు తప్ప నాకే శ్రీ రామ చంద్ర మూర్తి తెలుసురా.. వొచ్చిన వాడు రాముడురా నాన్నా.. మన రాముడే వొచ్చాడు.. పద నాన్నా చూద్దాం..(My son,except Lord Sri Ram which Rama Chandra Murthy do I know..The one who came is our Sri Ram my son..Let us go and find him..”)

Saying so,Jagannatham quickly got up and holding his son’s right hand this time rushed out to find that man..

They frantically searched all the nearby streets and lanes but couldn’t find that MAN anywhere..

“..How can any man disappear in five minutes..”…Jagannatham thought..

Then he turned to his son and asked him…

“..Can you give a description of that man my son..Am eager to know..”


Last week when narrating this incident to me over phone,while Sri Subbarao was describing the appearance of that man he saw that evening,my mind was reciting the following sloka that more aptly describes the glorious appearance of the man whom Sri Subbarao had not only seen that evening but had also touched…

“..Sree raaghavam dasarathatmaja maprameyam…Sitapathim raghukulanvaya ratna deepam… Aajanubahu maraivinda dalayataaksham ramam nisachara vinasakaram namami…”

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