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For About Two Days

After that darkness filled night meeting – wherein all the members of Ramanand Tripathi’s noble family had an elaborate discussion on the proposal placed before them by Pratap Singh – there was an unusual silence in Ramanand’s house.

Although everyone in that family wanted to speak with each other and say something to ease the discomforting calmness, that they have never witnessed in their house before, none of them, however, could dare doing that.

TIME as we all know had never stopped for anyone in the past nor would it ever be stopping for anyone in future.. Therefore, even in Ramanand’s life it was ticking forward, as it always does, at it’s own usual pace.

Tick.. Tick.. Tick..Tick.. Tick.. Tick..Tick.. Tick.. Tick..

Every time the pendulum in the wall clock of Ramanand’s house was signalling, with a gentle bell sound, the passing of an hour, the heart beat in the hearts of everyone in that house was rising beyond medical measurement.

The poor Ramanand’s Mother, with fear in her mind and prayer on her lips, was silently suffering a growing palpitation in her heart with the passing of every minute.. Life was uneasy for everyone in that house..

Although all the members of Ramanand’s family have decided in favor of not giving their land to Pratap Singh, they all know well that Pratap singh is not an ordinary man to deal with who, in fact, may go to any extent to get his works done.. So how would Pratap react to their no to him..?? ..

This one question was constantly shooting up in their minds minute after minute.. Again none of them could derive a fully convincing answer from their intellect.

Finally On The Night Of Saturday

Every member of Ramanand’s family met in a room and once again discussed all the options they have before them .. After a prolonged discussion and after making many calculations, they all have come to a conclusion that,

“This piece of agriculture land is more precious to us than our lives.. So, there’s no way we shall part with it.. Come what may..”.. Disturbed by the conclusion arrived at, by her beloved son’s family, Ramanand’s Mother had said,

“It is easy to say that this land is more precious to us than our lives but is that really the fact here.. Are we really prepared to lay down our lives for the sake of this land.. I agree this land is certainly important for all of us but is it more important for us than our own lives.. ?? ..

What use is this land if we are not alive to enjoy it’s fruits.. I sincerely feel that we should all give this land to Pratap Singh and take whatever the money he’s offering us.. That money can get us a better and a bigger land than this, so what, at some other place..

At least we all can live peacefully there.. I some how think this would be the safest option for all of us to consider.. Am not saying this because am afraid of consequences.. I have seen enough pains in my life..

But not any more.. Today neither my body nor my mind is in a condition to bear with any more pain.. “.. The great Mother concluded her version with tears in her eyes.. Seeing her in such a pathetic state, everyone there quickly rushed to her..

Consoling her, Ramanand said, ” Maa.. Don’t worry.. Even we are not prepared to take any more pain.. However, we are also not prepared to give up this land and succumb to Pratap Singh’s pressure.. So please understand Maa..

If we start bending our head then many will come forward in future to play with our lives.. Therefore Maa.. Let us all face Pratap Singh but let me alone face the destiny.. If am destined to die in his hands, no one not even my Giridhar Gopal can prevent it from happening..”..

Did Ramanand see his death.. Then why did he say so.. ??.. The meeting concluded after that firm statement from Ramanand Tripathi.. Finally,

The Night Of Sunday Had Arrived..

Amazing Lord Sri Krishna

At about 8 p.m, Ramanand Tripathi had a quiet dinner with his family members.. After the dinner, Ramanand walked into the small pooja room that is there in the North Eastern corner of his house..

Standing peacefully in front of the deity of his Giridhar Gopal in that room, Ramanand had offered his prayers to Lord Krishna by silently reciting the following slokas in praise of the Lord ..

“Om namo visvarupaaya.. Visva sthityantha hethave.. Visvesvaraya visvaaya.. Govindaayah namo namaha.. Namo vignana rupaaya.. Paramananda rupine.. Krishnaya gopi naathaya.. Govindaayah namo namah..

Namah kamala nethraaya.. Namah kamala maaline.. Namah kamala naabhaaya.. Kamalaa pathaye namaha.. Kamsa vamsa vinaasaaya.. Keshi chaanura ghaatine.. Vrishabha dhvaja vandhyaya.. Paartha saarathaye namaha..”

During that prayer, Ramanand’s eyes had involuntarily shed tears.. His body jerked; his nerves shivered; and his mind became numb for a few seconds..

Did Ramanand receive any signals from his beloved Lord Krishna about the onset of doom in his life and the falling of gloom in his house.. ??..

As though yes..

Ramanand, after the completion of his prayer, silently walked into his parents’ room; prostrated before their feet and took their blessings.. Later, he slowly approached his wife and looked deep into her eyes..

He found a great fearlessness in her eyes and a gentle smile on her face as though giving him an assurance that “everything will be fine.. Don’t worry”..

Ramanand took her hands into his hands and gently pressed them once but not to convey, “take care” but to convey ” be prepared for everything”.. Could she understand that silent language.. ??.. God knows..

Then, Ramanand went to his children and said,”Let us not worry about anything in our life nor about anything that it may offer us in our future.. What is destined to happen will happen and what is not shall not.. So be fearless my beloveds..”

With tears hidden deep inside his eyes, Harshavardhan, son of Ramanand had said, ” Babuji, main bhi aapke saath chaloon” ( Dad, shall I accompany you).. With a smile, Ramanand had said,

“Then right at our entry into his palace, Pratap Singh will come to know that we have come there with a no to him.. Secondly, he may also guess that I have gone to him with a protection.. His thinking so will give him a signal that I have fear about him in my mind..

If he guesses so, then he would be automatically gaining an upper hand over me in our negotiations.. Even otherwise any messenger going for peacemaking should always go alone.. That was what Bhagwan Sri Krishna had done before the Mahabharatha war.. Hope you understand my beloved Harsh..”

Saying so, Ramanand blessed his children; bid adieu to his beloved wife; and finally to his beloved parents..

At About 8.55 P.M..

Lord Sri Krishna

While everyone in his family was accompanying him, Ramanand slowly walked out of his home – sweet home.. After reaching the gate, he gently requested them all to stop there and for one last time, looked at the face of each and every member of his family..

Then with a heavy heart, slowly turned away from them and all alone began his philosophical ‘MAHABHINISHKRAMANA’ walk towards his death house, the palace of Pratap Singh.. After about a few minutes, Ramanand entered the main gate of Pratap Singh’s palatial bungalow..

Seeing Ramanand entering the gate, the watchman there approached him and asked him who he is.. On knowing who he is and why he had come there, the watchman went inside to inform Pratap Singh about his arrival.

Ramanand stood there at the gate looking deep through the darkness at the distant lights of a Krishna Temple that he would often visit with his family.. After a few more minutes of silent waiting there, the watchman slowly approached Ramanand and said, “go inside.. Raja saab is calling you”

Literally counting every step, Ramanand slowly walked into the Royal hall where Pratap Singh and three others were sitting.. Looking at Ramanand entering the hall, a fully drunk Pratap Singh had said,

“Welcome Panditji.. You are so punctual.. I have rarely come across people like you in my life.. Please come and take the chair..”..

Saying, “Dhanyavaad Raja saab”, Ramanand quietly went and sat in the chair that was to the right of Pratap Singh.. The other three were sitting to the left of Pratap Singh.. After allowing him to sit, Pratap Singh had asked Ramanand,

“Soooooo.. What did you decide Panditji.. What news you have brought for me now.. Good news for sure.. Right..??..”

Slowly composing himself, Ramanand said, “Raaja saab, I have discussed your proposal with all the members of my family.. We have done many calculations.. However, not even one in the family is strongly in favor of selling the land to you.. Please forgive me Raaja saab..”

Still with the same coldness in his voice, Pratap Singh said, “Panditji.. Looks like the amount I offered to you earlier is very small.. Ok then.. Final offer.. I shall give you two lakhs instead of one lakh.. At least this amount must be acceptable to you.. ??.. Here’s the advance of fifty thousand.. Don’t say no and please sign on these papers..”

Saying so, Pratap Singh, picked up a set of documents and bundles of cash that were kept beside him and placed them before Ramanand.. A shocked Ramanand just kept looking at them with blank eyes..

Then turning to Pratap Singh, he said,”Sorry Raaja saab.. I cannot sign.. This offer is not acceptable to me.. We don’t want to sell our land.. I have come to convey this to you.. Please allow me to go.. “..

There was a great shivering in Ramanand’s voice that time which everyone there had noticed..

Exactly At That Moment,

Pratap Singh’s driver, Raju Yadav approached Ramanand from behind and then placing his left hand on his right shoulder and pressing him hard there, had said, “Chal sign karo Pandit.. Warna bahuth bura hojayega.. ”

Literally breaking down, Ramanand said,”No Raaja saab.. I can’t sign and you can’t do this to me.. Please allow me to go.. “.. Pressing on his shoulder harder this time, Raju Yadav had said, ” Sign karke jaao Pandit”..

Ramanand silently nodded his head just saying,”no”.. But before he could even complete that small word, Raju Yadav had hit him so hard from behind that Ramanand had literally fallen on the floor..

Getting up weeping, Ramanand said, “Raaja saab.. This is not fair.. Please allow me to go.. ” .. Pratap Singh was looking at him with a blank face so was everyone there.. Holding Ramanand by his collar and lifting him up, Raju Yadav had said, “Sign karo pandit”..

There was great sweat on Ramanand’s face and tears in his eyes.. Still refusing to succumb to Raju’s pressure, Ramanand had said,

“You can’t do this to me Raaja saab.. Even if you forcibly take my signature now and grab the land from me I shall complaint to the police.. I shall also file a criminal case against you in the court of law.. If needed I shall even write a letter to prime minister Nehruji..”

Then it happened..


Hand In Darkness

Before Ramanand could even realize what was happening behind him, he was hit very hard on the back of his head, with a wooden stick, by Raju yadav.. Suddenly Ramanand noticed a heavy roaring and ringing sound in his head.. There was an excruciating pain all over his head..

Before Ramanand could even recover from that hit, Raju had hit him again on his head..This time everyone there had heard a deadly sound very similar to the sound that we hear when a Coconut is broken on the floor.

Suddenly blood started flowing profusely from the nostrils and mouth of Ramanand.. Rolling on the floor with unbearable pain and offering his pranams to Pratap Singh, the poor Brahmin Ramanand had pathetically said,

“Please ask him to stop Raaja saab.. I shall sign the document..”.. Roughly lifting him up with one hand and then literally throwing him into the chair, Raju had given him a cloth to clean his blood first..

After cleaning his bleeding nose and mouth with that cloth, Ramanand collected the documents from Raju and without even looking at what was written in them, went about signing wherever he was asked to sign..

Pulling the documents from Ramanand’s hands, Raju had first handed over the documents to Pratap Singh.. After Pratap Singh had verified them and nodded his head with satisfaction,

Raju quickly turned back; swiftly pulled out a knife from his side pocket; in a flash removed it’s cover and before Ramanand or anyone there could even blink their eyes, went about stabbing Ramanand right left and centre..

Even the Lords in the heaven must have heard the painful screaming and screeching and weeping Ramanand had made at that moment.. Blood started oozing out from all over his body..

After about thirty to forty seconds of stabbing by Raju Yadav and after about three minutes of agonizing and heart breaking weeping there, that entire hall was suddenly filled with stoic silence..

Everyone there in the hall had even stopped their breathing and kept looking at Ramanand with sweat filled faces.

After looking at his victim silently for a few more seconds, Raju slowly had bent down before him; placed his right hand index finger in front of the nostrils of Ramanand and then for a few seconds checked his breathing.

After he was sure that Ramanand’s breathing had stopped, Raju turned to Pratap Singh and said,

“Raaja saab.. You have given life to me when I was roaming in the streets of Lucknow as an orphan.. You have given me everything.. So I don’t want you to be in trouble because of this Pandit..

He said he would complain to the police or even to the prime minister if we forcibly take the land from him.. How can he do that.. Is that not unfair.. You have offered him good money more than he deserves but he still refused.. So it his mistake and so he died.. What can you do for that..”

With a wry smile, Pratap Singh asked Raju, “that’s okay Raju.. But what are we going to tell the world.. What are you going to do with this body.. And how are you going to defend us from any legal problems.. ??..”

“That part you leave to me Raaja saab.. I shall first take his body in a car and travel on the road to Kanpur and throw it away on the roadside behind the bushes.. No one will even notice..

Then, when someone from his family comes and inquires, we shall tell him that he had come, signed the documents, took the money and left our house.. We didn’t know where he had gone from here..

Then we shall keep quiet for a few days.. After that we shall slowly approach his family.. Show them some sympathy.. Then show them the documents.. Give them some money.. And get the registration done peacefully..

In the process, you shall also become a noble man in their view and at the same time your work will also be smoothly completed..” replied Raju Yadav in a cold blooded tone.

Clapping loudly, Pratap Singh quickly came to Raju and giving him a bundle of ten thousand rupees, said,

“Sebbaash Raju.. Wafaadaar ho tho aisa.. As long as you are with me even God cannot touch me.. Go ahead.. Dispose off this body first.. And then we shall immediately implement our plan..”

Quickly lifting the dead body of Ramanand from the floor and carrying it in his hands, Raju walked out of the hall; reached his car; placed the body in the back seat; started the car; zoomed past the gate; traveled for about fifty kilometers in the Luknow – Kanpur route;

Paused the car at a lonely point on the road, where there was pitch darkness all around; switched off the headlights of the car; got down from it; looked around; then opened the back door of the car;

Pulled out Ramanand’s dead body from it; lifted it with both his hands; and then counting one two three had thrown it with as much force as possible so that it flies in the air and falls at a maximum distance possible.. PERIOD

Later, twenty years have passed in the timezone of human history..

Time Travel

And during these twenty years, Pratap Singh had grown from strength to strength and money to money and had become one of the most influential and most powerful political leaders in those days Uttar Pradesh state politics.

During these twenty years, Raju Yadav had remained with Pratap Singh, as his most loyal servant and driver, and would always drive Pratap Singh’s personal car..

On one day.. At about 8 in the evening..

Pratap Singh and three of his close confidants have began their journey to a nearby town in Pratap Singh’s new Mercedes car.. While Raju was driving that car, Pratap Singh sat beside him in the front seat and his three confidants in the back seat.

After about an hour and half journey..

Before anyone in the car could even realize what was happening to them, the Mercedes car went out of Raju’s control; slipped off the road; went down zooming at almost a Jet speed and rammed against a tree with a thunderous bang that even those in the heavens must have heard.

Before Raju could even move, a sharp branch of that tree ripped apart the frontal glass of that car; pierced through the face and head of Raju Yadav; splashed the Medulla Oblongata from out of Raju’s brain on to the car door; and made him completely blind..

No man on the Earth would have screamed so loudly as Raju had screamed that moment with pain.. There was a heavy roaring in his head and within a few seconds Raju had succumbed to the wooden branch of that tree that ripped apart his brain and cut it into pieces.. A gruesome death indeed.


The case of Pratap Singh was more gruesome.. When his Car had hit the tree, the broken glass pieces have entered all over his body and his eyes as well throwing him into complete disarray and pain..

Before he too could realize what was happening to him, his head had gone straight and hit the car dashboard so hard that the broken sound of his head was hard for quite a distance as though God had broken a Coconut on the floor of his Celestial Abode.

Pratap Singh went about screaming for almost fifteen minutes there with his whole body crushed like a pulped Mango in between his seat and the Car dashboard.. After giving him the most agonizing moments of his life for about half an hour, the angel of death had finally embraced him.

(The death of Pratap Singh was so gruesome that my fingers are literally shivering now while typing this part).

Although the three confidants of Pratap Singh didn’t die in that accident, one of them had lost his legs forever; the second one’s tongue was cut off and he became dumb for life; and the third one’s body got paralyzed forever.

Finally, the bad men got punished by God for killing an innocent poor Brahmin like Ramanand Tripathi.. And this is the end of the story.. PEACE

Now tell me.. Am I your Moral Science Teacher to conclude the story here telling you, “so children.. If you perform good Karma God will reward you just as he rewarded Joshi in Pankaj Sarma’s story..  But if you perform bad karma God will punish you just as badly as He had punished Pratap Singh in this story..”

No naa .. Then what.. ??

Here’s The Spine Chilling Twist To The Whole Story

Tree In Darkness

Hold your breath and read every word with caution.. After Raju Yadav had thrown the dead body of Ramanand on to the roadside of the road to Kanpur, that body remained unnoticed for several days, weeks and months..

In the process, the body got degenerated, rotten and gradually lost it’s flesh that was eaten away by stray Dogs and insects.. After a period of time only the skeleton of Ramanand had remained there on that roadside..

Later, that skeleton too got broken into pieces and the bones had lay scattered all over the place.. After some more time, even those bones have gradually sunk into the mud of the Earth due to rains and water logging.

Finally, after some more time, a leaf had emerged out of one of those bones; then gathered strength; then started slowly growing as a plant first; then as a tree next and then had finally emerged as a big tree..

Now hold your your breath further.. It was exactly this tree that the Mercedes Car of Pratap Singh had hit while he was going to Kanpur on the same day, Ramanand Tripathi was killed by them twenty years ago.

While Pratap Singh, the one who was solely responsible for the murder of Ramanand and Raju Yadav who stabbed had him to death, were killed on the spot in that accident, the other three confidants of Pratap Singh, sitting in the back seat of the Car, were declared invalid for life by their Doctors.

But why did God punish those three confidants and made them invalid for life.. ?? .. What was their mistake.. ??..

Well.. Those were the persons who were sitting to the left side of Pratap Singh on the night Ramanand was murdered and silently witnessed everything without making any attempt to prevent stop it..

So they too were punished by God thus proving to us that remaining silent to injustice and crime is also part of bad karma and draws the wrath of God.


Lord Balaji

You may feel that “everything in this story is too unbelievable to believe”..

I too had felt the same after I read about this incident in a well researched Telugu Book on Karma and Philosophy written by a reputed Author, who had decades of credibility built to his credit among millions of his Telugu fans.. Am one among those fans since my college days..

Secondly, this Author is spiritually a highly elevated personality and is also one of the most respected man in the glorious world of spirituality.. Therefore, I could not question the authenticity of this divine coincidence that clearly establishes the existence of God.

After am convinced with my feelings, I have decided to share this incident with my readers.. All I did was to create drama and narrate it in a gripping way that would sustain the interest of the readers throughout.. If you are convinced with my claim “fine”, if not,

“Samastham Govindaarapanm”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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