Bhagwan Sriram Sir

A miracle is a spontaneous concretised expression of God’s love to the one who psychically needs it, karmically deserves it and to whom it is cosmically sanctioned at the ripe and right time – Bhagwan Sriram Sir

In my sixteen years

Of strong and reverential association with ‘Daivam Maanusha Rupena’, Sriram Sir, I have had many amazing experiences more so many spiritually enlightening interactions..

More importantly, I have also – during this long journey of spiritual extravaganza – had many interesting personal discussions and interactions with many of Sriram Sir’s senior followers who have also been associated with Sir for more than three decades now.


After my extensive study, in depth understanding and in detail analysis of all my conversations with all these well learned followers of Sir, coupled with my very own amazing experiences, I have come to an extraordinary yet a fully justifiable conclusion that,

“Sriram Sir is not just ‘Daivam Maanusha Rupena’ (God In Human Form), as I have often quoted about Him on different occasions and platforms, but He is ‘Swayam Bhagwan’ (God Himself)”.. PEACE

I met Sriram Sir

For the first time in the year 2000, on the 7th of October, in my home city of Hyderabad, India.

However, it took approximately 199 months, 796 weeks, 5575 days, 133,800 hours and 8,028,000 seconds to realize this all important Cosmic Fact that,”Sriram Sir is Swayam Bhagwan” despite being in His auspicious company for such a longer period of time.

How sad and how much time I have really wasted.. ???..

However, there cannot be a better, more appropriate and most auspicious day than the 11th of May 2017 which is Bhagwan Sriram Sir’s 60th birthday (Shashti Poorthi) – to reveal to the world my extraordinary finding of Sir’s Divine status.. Therefore, my beloved readers, let me put my entire understanding of Sriram Sir through the following sacred words.

“Achaturvadano Brahmah.. Dwibahu raparo Hari hi.. Aphaala lochana Sambhuhu.. Bhagwan Srirama ha”

Which means,

“He may not be having four heads but He is still Lord Brahma; He may be having only two arms but He is still Lord Sri Maha Vishnu; He may not be having an eye on His forehead but He is still Lord Siva; Indeed, hey world, Sriam Sir is swayam Bhagwan”

Now, after reading the following mind baffling and brain numbing divine experiences, some of the learned followers of Sriram Sir had shared with me, you shall also, my beloved reader, unconditionally agree with my above conclusion.

Now, please continue reading.

Divine Experience : One

Sriram Sir With Prof.Sivarama Krishna

There’s no better man than the octogenarian Professor Sivarama Krishna to tell us more about the exact divine status of Sriram Sir.. Sri Sivarama Krishna was the Professor & Head, Dept. Of English, Osmania University for a longer period of time during the end 70’s and mid 80’s.

Thirty five eminent research scholars, including Dr.Sriram Gajula (Sriram Sir) and Dr.Sumita Roy, the current Professor & Head, Dept. Of English, Osmania University, have obtained their Doctorates in English literature under the able guidance of Sri Sivarama Krishna.

Sriram Sir first walked into this illustrious Professor’s class, in 1979 – as a student – and then into his life as a Guru and Spiritual Teacher.. This great Professor, due to his prolonged association with Sriram Sir, had many amazing miraculous experiences in his life.

Let me quote a couple of them here.. To begin with, let me first tell you what the Professor had once affectionately told me,

“Aditya, although I have been an ardent follower of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, since my childhood, and also have been following His gospels quite reverentially, I was, however, never a believer in miracles nor was I ever swayed away by their magnanimity.

May be it is for this reason alone, Sriram Sir, had shown me more miracles than He had ever shown to any of His other followers.. However, by doing so, Sir was not trying to prove to me His divine status but was only trying to remove my disbelief in miracles”.. PERIOD

Now here’s the first mind blowing experience from the Professor.. 

The Maha Dwaram Of The 400-Year Old Maldakal Lord Timmappa Temple

After knowing the divine status of Sriram Sir, sometime during the 80’s, a team headed by Prof.Sivarama Krishna and comprising Sriram Sir, went on a visit to Maldakal, the birthplace of Sriram Sir.

It is believed and proved that Sriram Sir is the reincarnation of Lord Timmappa, the principal deity of a 400 – year old Lord Timmappa Temple in this village.. Lord Timmappa, as you may be knowing or guessing, is the native name of Lord Venkateswara in Maldakal village.

This village is near the Gadwal town in the Mahboobnagar district of Telangana.

The team went to Maldakal village to have darsan of Lord Timmappa – the divine form of their beloved Sriram Sir – and also to visit Sir’s birth house.. Sir was born in that house in Maldakal on the 11th of May, 1957.

After having a satisfying darsan in the Swayabhu Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple, more popularly known as the Maldakal Lord Timmappa Temple, the team comprising Prof. Sivarama Krishna and Sriram Sir Himself, came out and stood outside the Sanctum Sanctorum area of the Temple and posed for a group photograph.

Later, when this photograph was developed in the lab, in those days of no digital photography, the illustrious Professor Sivarama Krishna received the shock of his life when he noticed a 10 – feet man standing tall behind Sriram Sir..

Where did he come from..??.. He wondered.. PERIOD

Narrating this incident to me, the Professor had concluded saying, “Aditya, we were all shocked to find such a tall and well built man standing behind Sir in this photograph.. He was not there when the photograph was originally clicked.. Even if he were there, there’s no way we would have missed noticing him.

Then who is he and where did he come from..I asked myself several times..

Then I realized He was none other than Lord Venkateswara Himself.. Because, we have read in the Tirumala Temple history that the height of the Moola Virat there in the Garbha Griha is about ten feet and this man too looked almost ten feet.

Therefore He’s none other than Lord Venkateswara.. Otherwise how can He suddenly appear in that photograph when He was not there at all when it was originally clicked.. Where did he suddenly come from..??

I now believe, while we went there to have darsan of the divine form of Sriram Sir, the Lord Himself had come there to see His own human form.. Who knows”..

Yeah.. Who knows..???

Another mind blowing experience of Prof.Sivarama Krishna

Narrating this one more incident to me, this was how Prof.Sivarama Krishna had begun his narration,

“Right from my school days and college days am a rebel in Nature and would never believe much in the existence of God nor in any of His miracles.. However, Sriram Sir entered my life like a gentle breeze and later swept me away like a strong tidal wave of the Mediterranean sea with His spellbinding miracles just to prove to me that my views about God and miracles are completely wrong.

Now, Aditya, if you ask me why did He chose only me to show these miracles, I have no proper answer to give you but all I can say is,

“He had quite authoritatively removed all the doubts and disbeliefs, that have always been lingering in my mind – about the existence of God and His miraculous powers – with His immaculate divine aura”.

Here’s the incident..

One day, sometime during the 90’s, Prof.Sivarama Krishna went to Nizamabad just to see Sriram Sir once.. Knowing that His beloved Professor is coming to see Him, Sriram Sir – a true personification of courtesy and manners – had made special arrangements for His Professor’s stay, at the Police Guest House in Nizamabad.

The professor reached the guest house sometime during the morning…

The attendant who guided the Professor to the room told the Professor, before taking leave from him, “Sir, Sriram Sir is in college.. Please take your bath.. Once you are ready please call me by pressing the buzzer.. I shall come and take you to the college”

Saying, “fine” the Professor had then walked inside; closed the main door; and locked it from inside.. Later, he slowly walked into the room and found a old wooden wardrobe in one corner of the room.

He slowly reached it and opened it..

That was a pretty old wooden wardrobe and the doors have opened with a light difficulty for the Professor and also making a huge noise.. Amused at that sound, the Professor carefully looked inside the wardrobe just to check if there’s any dust inside.

He didn’t fine any..

The wardrobe was actually empty as though it was not used for ages..

After making sure there’s nothing inside, the Professor had then slowly lifted his briefcase; placed it in the middle section of the wardrobe; and checked once again to find out if there’s still any dust inside.

The inside of that wardrobe section, at that moment, was clearly visible to the Professor due to the bright reflection of the outside sunlight spreading all over that inside area..

He could also clearly see the emptiness inside the area.

After confirming to himself that everything is fine, the Professor then opened his briefcase; took out his towel; closed the wardrobe door; and quietly walked into the bathroom for a shower.

After about ten minutes,

He walked out of the bathroom;

Slowly opened the door of the wardrobe;

Opened the briefcase with a ‘click’ sound;

Took out a fresh pair of dress to wear for that day;

And closed the briefcase again with a ‘click’ sound..

While closing the briefcase,

He casually looked inside the area just behind the briefcase in the wardrobe and remained there in a frozen state of shock for a few seconds.

Later, suspecting something mysterious rather something divine rather something miraculous, the Professor quickly moved his head and looked all around the room just to check if there’s anyone else in the room.

After finding no one there, he went and checked the locked door of the room just to make sure no one had entered the room while he was in the bathroom.

To his surprise, the door was perfectly locked, as he locked it before from inside, which means there’s no way anyone could have entered the room through that door, the only entry point to the room.

He didn’t understand how it happened..

He then quickly returned to the wardrobe again..

Carefully sent his hand inside it..

And slowly took out the object which he had seen there after returning from the bathroom and just remained looking at it,

With shock..

With wonder..

With dismay..


With disbelief..

He remained so for a few more seconds..

That is a mid sized English book..

A freshly bought one..

That appeared suddenly behind the briefcase..

However, the Professor was not looking at the book nor at it’s new look but was looking at it’s title that was baffling him more than it’s sudden appearance in the room from nowhere.

The title of the book is ‘The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries by Collin Wilson’.. GOD.. Where did it come from so suddenly and how did it come at all.,???

Narrating this incident to me,

Sriram felicitating his Prof. Sivarama Krishna during a function in Htderabad

Prof.Sivarama Krishna had concluded it saying, “That’s a police guest room so there will be tight security all around and there’s no way anyone could have dared to enter inside a guest’s room..

Secondly, I have locked the entry door from inside and that is the only entry point to the room.. More importantly, I have clearly seen the wardrobe.. The place where I have kept my briefcase was fully empty when I was placing the briefcase.. There was abundant light there so am sure there was nothing there before.

Now tell me.. Where did that book suddenly come from.. That too a book with such a strange title, The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries.. Who kept it there within those ten minutes of my time in the bathroom.

I then understood it was none other than my beloved student Sriram.. He just wanted to prove to me that He is omnipresent and omnipotent.. Not only that.. He also proved to me, that day, that there’s no place in this universe that he cannot enter into and no task that He cannot accomplish”.

“But why only that book with such a strange title.. ??” ..I asked..

He quickly replied with a broad smile, “because Sriram Sir wants me to learn from that book that there are many mysteries in this world the human brain cannot crack and many more occurrences the human mind cannot comprehend.

He wants to prove to the non believer of miracles in me that there’s a certain invisible hand that shapes our life and defines our future.. What else can I say, Aditya”.. PERIOD

“What else can I too say my beloved reader”..??

Now, here’s the most extraordinary book on the Divine life of Bhagavan Sriram Sir

This book ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’ (English), the first part of the extraordinary God Incognito series that I wrote on the Divine Life of Bhagavan Sriram Sir, was launched by God Himself in Hyderabad on the 24th of December, 2023. More than 350 of our readers have come come from many parts of the world, including the US, to attend this historic launch. Because, they believe “God Incognito is not just a book but an immaculate Divine Power that has the power to heal and transform lives” which I wrote on the miraculous life of an Incredible Living God. 

With 500 extraordinary pages,18 Divine sections and 84 life transforming chapters, ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’, not only explains how Sriram Sir deserves to be called the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnibenevolent Bhagavan but also presents in detail the incredible Divine secrets behind His birth along with the great prophecies made by glorious Divine personalities like Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Kanchi Paramacharya and Avadhuta Sri Ranganna Babu about the advent of His Avatara on Earth.

With hundreds of copies sold from the day it was launched on 24th December, 2022, ‘God Incognito : The Beginning’ book is creating sensation among the readers. Many eminent personalities in India too are reading this book today. Those who have already read it are calling it “the most extraordinary book of the modern world”, “the modern Bhagavad Gita” and “the modern Mahabhagavatham”. 

Finally, one most important point. Just a few days ago, I commenced the sales of this book on Amazon India. In just twenty days, on 24th February, 2023, it reached the #3 rank in Hinduism category of books and #127 in the overall category. All the reviews that it has so far received are five stars. (As on 05/03/2023).

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Just start reading the book and I promise, your life starts transforming, your views start changing, your outlook towards the world and your people start evolving and to your utter surprise you would also notice your thought process is also changing. Stay happy, healthy and blessed forever.

My humble salutations to Bhagavan Sriram Sir..


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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