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“He is the charioteer and you are His chariot: He is the designer and you are His tool; He is the sculptor and you are His idol; He is the musician and you are His sound”
While standing beside that mystic Maha Yogi inside the Tirumala Temple,

I have noticed that my feet were shivering..My palms were shivering..My whole body was shivering..My eyes were trembling..My throat was going dry..My body was sweating profusely..I was almost collapsing..

And then I heard that sound…The mysterious sound of the Temple bell..The same bell sound that I have heard while sitting on the Temple steps,earlier that evening..

This time that sound was coming from many bells and with a more amazing,more musical and a more miraculous impact on both my mind and body..

Then I started feeling light..Really light..In fact was going ecstatic..Started enjoying that real out of the world feeling..

With that ecstatic feeling deep inside me,I kept looking constantly,without even battling my eye lids,at the Moola Virat Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara Swamy varu,standing majestically,in front of me,just a few feet away in the garbha griha of the Tirumala temple..

I further started noticing 

A large number of oil lamps emerging from nowhere and occupying the entire space of the garbha griha wherein I was standing,that moment..They were so bright,so beautiful and so radiant that I felt that they were with a force telling me”we have great miraculous powers in us for any wounded mind”…

Later,I suddenly started hearing many innumerable voices (deva gaNam..??) amazingly chanting Vedic hymns,from the spaces all around up and above me,in the temple..Amused by the great divinity in that chanting,I kept looking in awe of them trying to rotate my head and find out from where they were coming..

(I still strongly believe they were Vedic hymns,however,my knowledge is not sufficient either to identify them or name them..No matter what they finally were,they were extremely soothing,both to my ears and to my mind,so as a matter of fact,I shall still call them Vedic hymns..)

And then..Then..Then..Then..Then..

I kept noticing and noticing and noticing and just remained noticing firstly the change in the color of the Moola Virat of Sri varu,standing in front me,and then at the subtle movement inside His stone idol..

I was still noticing and that was all I could do at that moment,as the stone idol of Lord Venkateswara,in front of me,slowly started gathering a bright yellow colored light,a sort of a divine light which am unable to describe properly now..

With every follicle of hair in my body rising in anticipation of His auspicious arrival and every living cell in me singing praises of His divine glory,I suddenly raised both my hands in air and loudly chanted,

“Santhaakaaram bhujaga sayanam…Padmanaabham suresam..Viswaadhaaram gagana sadrusam… Meghavarnam subhaangam.. Lakshmikaantham kamala nayanam yogi hridhyaana gamyam…Vande vishnum bhava bhaya haram sarva lokaika naatham..”

The divine glow in the idol of Sri Varu in front of me was growing more and more bright,with the passing of every second,and was posing a lot of problems to my eyes and vision..Although I don’t have any photo phobia problem,the dazzling light emanating from the idol in front of me was just too much for me to withstand..

However,keeping my eyes wide open,I was still gazing at everything and every change taking place in the idol..Then that yellow light slowly started diminishing,as though the Lord has understood my agony,and in that place I could clearly notice the appearing of a Gold colored physical body in the idol..

Then my mind quickly reminded me what my father would often say,”always start your viewing of Sri Varu from His nail to His crown (Nakha Sikha paryantham)”…Remembering my father’s words I kept looking at the holy feet of Bhagwan Sri Venkateswara..

What should I say now and how should I describe the Golden feet of my beloved Sri Venkateswara,that were slowly appearing in their real form in place of the stone form,right before me in the garbha griha of the Tirumala Temple,that moment..

బ్రహ్మ కడిగిన ఆ పాదాలని బ్రహ్మమే తానైన ఆ పాదాలని బలి తలపై మోపిన ఆ పాదాలని గగనాన్ని తాకిన ఆ పాదాలని పరమ యోగులకు పరి పరి విధాల వరమొసగే ఆ పాదాలని తిరు వేంకట గిరులే పవిత్రమని చెప్పిన ఆ పవిత్ర పాదాలని చూస్తూ పిచ్చిగా అరవాలనిపించింది.. 

భువనఘోషకై వెర్రిగొంతుక విచ్చి మ్రోయాలనిపించింది..పదునాలుగు భువన భాండాలలో నివసిసిస్తున్న సమస్త ప్రాణ కోటికి నా వేదన నా రోదన నా సంతోషం అన్నీ ఒక దాని తరువాత ఒకటి తెలియ చేయాలనిపించింది…ఇంకా ఎనో చెయ్యాలనిపించింది..

కానీ ఏమీ చెయ్యలేక నిస్సహాయుడిలా కళ్ళ వెంట కన్నీళ్లు కారుస్తూ వాటి తోనే నా శ్రీవారి పాదాలకి మనసులోనే మూగగా రోదిస్తూ అభిషేకం చేసాను.. 

నాకు తెలిదు నా స్వామి ఆ క్షణం లో తన సృష్టి కార్యాలన్నీ ఆపేసి నా కోసమే  వచ్చి కేవలం నన్నే చూస్తున్నారని.. నిర్భాగ్యుణ్ణి నా కింతటి భాగ్యమా.. గ్రహించ లేక పోయాను.. 

Looking at those Golden Lotus feet of Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara,I felt like weeping loudly very loudly indeed so that the fourteen lokas of this vast universe listen to my cry of joy,ecstasy and pain..

However,I couldn’t do anything of that sort except remaining in a frozen state,watching the,”Parama Paavana Divya Paadaalu” of Sri Varu as floods of tears were gushing out of my eyes..

What a poor soul am..???

Lord Venkateswara

I could not,at that moment,realize that my beloved Sri Venkateswara swamy has paused all His divine activities and had come to see me and only me during those most auspicious moments of may be my past hundred lives…

If that is so,what is I that I have done in those past hundred lives to deserve such a special attention from the holy Lord..???..I don’t know..

Later,slowly lifting my head,I started looking at each and every part of Lord Sri Venkateswara’s celestial body,that’s appearing before me in a real divine form..

I know only holy sages,saints,Gods and Goddesses are so far blessed to see that celestial body in their lifetime which at that moment was artistically draped with glorious pattu peethambarams all around.. PEACE

After viewing His feet,I have then viewed His knees and then His thighs and then His waist and then His “Kare Kankanam” and then His “Kausthubha Vaksha Sthalam” and then His “Nava maukthika Naasa agram” and then His “lalaata Phalakam” and then those kindness filled “Meenakshus” (lovely eyes that resemble Fish) which were at that moment looking mercifully at me and showering all His blessings on me..What a moment..??

“Om punya purushaaya vidmahe karuna nayanaaya dheemahi thannoh srinivasa prachodayaath”..

(My mind involuntarily chanted that hymn which I don’t think exists anywhere in the Vedas..Then Who gave me that thought..???…May be His divine appearance in front of me stirred that hymn in my mind..)

There was a soul capturing smile on His lips which I can never forget even in my forthcoming hundred lives if I were to reborn again..But why would I..After having seen the Divya Mangala Roopa of Sri Maha Vishnu why would anyone have a rebirth…So shouldn’t I..

(I know am sure to attain salvation (moksha) at the end of this life and until then let me do all that I can to this world and to His devotees..Om Tath Sath..)

In that glorious,spectacular and an indescribable fashion,our holy Sri Varu gave this poor undeserving soul,His nija roopa daiva sareera darsanam (His real celestial body form) for an amount of say about a minute or so..Am not sure but it should be plus or minus a minute..

After that,everything in the garbha griha appeared just as normal as it was before His appearance before me.. Then I turned my head and looked at the mystic maha yogi standing beside me..He was just looking at me as though observing everything I was going through in the temple…

This time,there’s no anger in His eyes nor was any redness in His face..In fact I found great kindness in those eyes for me..Slowly coming close to me and putting His left hand on my right shoulder,He gently said in a very affectionate tone just like my mother says,

“Naannaa..Millions of yogis,saints and sages perform penance for thousands of years chanting His name every moment of their life still only a few of them get a chance to view His divya mangala roopam..You are blessed to view it today because of the years and generations of punya phala earned by your parents and grand parents..

Inside the garbja griha of the Tirumala Temple will always be the way you have experienced during those divine moments of Divya Darsanam..However,you were only destined to enjoy them for a few moments of this life which would keep you and all your future generations blessed forever..

Finally Naannaa..There’s no pain you have so far not seen in your life and no depth of problem you have not measured..I know every friend deserted you; every relation disowned you; every person used you and cheated you; and everything you did went against you; at one time even your own shadow refused to walk with you..

However,you never lost belief in Him..Above that,you went on assuring your wife,who was worried about your future and their future,saying that “so what if the whole world goes against us am there to stand by you and our family forever and He’s there to stand by us forever..As long as you have faith in me and my capabilities I can conquer the whole world all alone..Trust me..”

Naannaa..You were not aware but He would observe your every moment and every word of your life with a smile because He knows what your future is and how He is shaping it for you and for the world..It is because of all that you have done and gone through so far in your life you could view Him in His celestial form today,otherwise how many of those born as human beings had such an opportunity,you tell me..”

He paused..

I was shocked,in fact more shocked than with the experience I had before,with the affectionate way and the tone the mystic Maha Yogi was talking to me…He was talking to me just the way my Mother would talk to me when she was alive..

Is he my mother..??..My heart stopped for a moment..I quickly bent down and prostrated before his holy feet,which I should have done long ago..I know He was reading my thoughts..However,this time He didn’t utter a word and instead with a gentle smile on His lips only said,

”It is your beloved mother’s unconditional love for you and her dedication towards God that helped you view this Punya Murthy today..

ఆ జగత్ పాలకుణ్ణి గాంచిన నీ కళ్ళు పునీతమయినాయి..ఆ జగత్ రక్షకుడి ముందు నిలిచిన నీ దేహం పావనమయ్యింది..ఆ దేవ దేవుని అనాలోచితంగా స్తుతించిన నీ మనస్సు అన్ని దుష్ట భావనల నుండి శాశ్వతంగా విముక్త మయ్యింది..

Your eyes that viewed Him today have been cleansed; your body that stood before His real form today is purified: your mind that inadvertently chanted slokas in praise of Him is released from all the negative thoughts of this human world..

ఇక పై ఆయన అనుజ్ఞ లేకుండా అగ్ని నిన్ను దహించలేదు..కడలి నిన్ను కబళించ లేదు.. గాలి నిన్ను బందించ లెదు..నింగి నిన్ను కుంగ తీయ లేదు..భూమి నిన్నుకాంక్షించలేదు..

Hereafter,without His permission,fire cannot burn you: water cannot consume you; wind cannot move you; sky cannot fall you nor earth can desire for you..

Hereafter,never listen to anyone nor seek anybody’s advice..No one in this human world is perfect nor gives an advice that benefits only you..Seeking advice is seeking trouble..Never do that..

Hereafter,do all that your mind says is right and all that your will says is good for you and your family.. As long as you are legally and morally correct you are not answerable to anyone,except to the One who created you or to the one who gave you birth..

Hereafter,do not trust any human being fully..Let friends,relatives and even blood relations come and go from your life but never worry about who comes into your life and who goes..Always look ahead in life and not at what happened in the past of your life..Stay focused on your goals..It is always the noble deeds that are obstructed or spoiled the most by the people of this world..

Hereafter,leave every word you utter,every deed you do and every action you are involved in,to Him and move forward unruffled by criticism; unmoved by pain; unworried by results and undeterred by all the obstacles that come your way..You are not responsible for the deeds so you are not responsible for the results..

Hereafter,leave your path to Him; your road to Him; your goals to Him: your destinations to Him; your aspirations to Him: your ambitions to Him: and your future as well as your family’s future to Him..

Hereafter,you shall neither be a seeker nor a doer; neither a giver nor a taker; be like a child that leaves everything to His Mother and enjoys life..He is like your mother and knows your needs more than you know about them..

Hereafter,don’t worry about anything in your life ..He knows what to give you and when to give you and what not to give you and why not to give you..

Saying so,

Lord Sri Venkateswara In His Celestial Abode

The glorious,the amazing and the mystic Maha Yogi placed both His hands on my head and in a low tone chanted some hymns which again were in a language I have never heard before..

(I don’t know what that Maha Yogi did to me that moment,ever since I started seeing great light all over my mind and after that have never experienced a single negative thought entering my mind although I have been facing all that He had cautioned me about…

I have been,for quite sometime,seeing how ugly people – who once were so nice and respectable to me – can suddenly turn into,causing immense damage to my life,to all my reputation,to all my image and to my everything..Just out of jealousy and my “I care a damn” attitude..

Although my wife and children feel hurt,looking at such ugly shades of people,I however,do not allow rather He is not allowing anything touch my mind or heart..

In fact He,through such tests of life,is making me stronger and bolder enhancing my focus towards the tasks He had assigned to me…

In spite of going through all this,am giving many advises to a number of readers who write to me about their personal problems..With the assurance and strength given by Him,in fact with His presence behind me,am doing all that I can do to drive out the negative energies from their minds and lives..

May be this is what the holy Lord and the mystic Maha Yogi want me to do for this world so I shall keep doing it gladly and unconditionally as long as He wants me to remain on this world stage..All that I in turn expect from everyone is blessings to my two lovely daughters).. PEACE

After telling me a few a more vital things

About divinity and God – which I shall try to present in an altogether new article in future – the amazing mystic Maha Yogi,held my hand again and after making me offer my final pranams to the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara

Slowly took me out of the garbha griha first and out of sanctum area next – this time like an affectionate mother holds her child’s hand and takes him back home from school – to the place where Sri Varu Hundi is placed..

Showing me a place,that is to the left of the Hundi chambers we find while entering,and said,”This is the place where Sri Krishna Devaraya would sit every time he would visit the Tirumala temple..He donated tons of Gold to this Punya Murthy..Sit here for a few minutes and draw all the energies of the brave and noble king..

It will help you a great deal in your future and offers you the much needed strength and courage to stand the tests of this sinful human world which due to the bad effects of Kali is going from bad to verse every day..

But don’t worry,,You have tons of Gold preserved in you for this life,gifted by your noble parents and grand parents..Using that Gold,in any which way you want,design as many ornaments as possible and gift them to the world..

You have many tasks kept ahead of you,by Him,so move forward bravely and forcefully without fearing none nor anything..He will be always behind you watching and protecting you in every moment of your life..Take ‘teertham’ and ‘prasadam’ from the temple priests and go..Now I will have to leave..My job is complete..”

Saying so,the Maha Yogi left me and walked back towards the Temple..I didn’t try to follow Him..I know it’s of no use..Then,as instructed by Him I gently sat on the stone place in front of the Hundi and casually looked at my watch..

I went into a deep shock..It was almost showing the same time that it showed me while I was sitting on the steps before the Maha Yogi came and took me inside the Temple..

Just to make sure,I have asked a couple of devotees coming out of the Hundi chambers “what the time is ” ..Their replies shocked me further..Their time was matching with the time in my watch..

In the meantime,my friends and their families reached me..With a little hesitation in my voice I asked them.”So late..What were you doing all this time”..Laughing loudly one of my friends said,”arey baba.. it’s not even two minutes since we came out of the temple after darsan and you say we are late..hahaha..”

I again heard the same miraculous temple bell sound that confirmed my doubt,”..The mystic Maha yogi had frozen the time when I was inside the Garbha Griha of the Temple”..

In Tirumala

(The above photograph was shot on the Tirumala hills on the morning of the 5th of April,2014 the day after I had that amazing divine experience in the Tirumala temple..You can see the eternal bliss in my face (Orange colored kurthi) which was a result of the previous evening’s unforgettable experience)

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