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“People talk and dogs bark but the Caravan passes and passes majestically through the streets, through the towns, through the cities, through the deserts and through our lives.. So should we ..” – Yours Obediently

Before taking you further into the story

Let me very humbly say,”Billions of devotees must have visited the Tirumala temple – ever since it was constructed several centuries ago – and millions among them must have had many amazing miraculous experiences more amazing than what I have had on the evening of Friday, the 4th of April, 2014..

Unfortunately, many of those invaluable experiences, that would have helped humanity in a big way, have gone into oblivion unheard and unnoticed.. However, by sharing my divine experience with you all today, am only trying to say,

“Having had the blessing of viewing Lord Sri Venkateswara in His real divine form, in the Garbha Griha of the Tirumala temple on that Friday evening, I can now vehemently say,

“Beyond all our human doubts and arguments, Lord Venkateswara exists on the holy Tirumala hills and is observing everything that is happening in each and every moment of your life and my life..

Please start completely believing in Him, at least from now after reading my experience, and leave your everything to Him.. He is taking care of your life and you don’t need to worry about anything nor fear any force in this world “.. PEACE

My life itself is a perfect example.. Am alive and sharing my divine experience with you today is by itself one of the biggest miracles of Lord Venkateswara or else you wouldn’t have even heard my name in your life.. This is as truthful as the Sun rises in the East and as realistic as the fact that we are all born to a woman.. PERIOD

Many times I used to have many doubts like, “Why only Sachin Tendulkar was chosen to become so great in Cricket; Amitabh Bachchan so great in films; A R Rehman so great in music; and Bill Gates so great in Silicon Valley, but I could not find a proper answer..

However, that experience in Tirumala had taught me that nothing comes easy in life; everything comes with a price tag; and everyone has to pay a price to own it.. Otherwise when there are millions in the world why only am chosen to have such an experience on the hills and why only you have been chosen to read about it today..

Got my point.. Only what is destined to us will come to us and what is not shall not.. This was exactly the lesson He had taught me, during that divine experience in the Garbha Griha of the Temple that evening, which am now sharing with you all, today..

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Lord Sri Venkateswara And The Golden Gopuram Of Tirumala Temple (2)

Pulling me roughly with Him, just like a over zealous Mother pulls her unwilling child to the school, that amazing looking glorious personality, whom I have seen in the Tirumala Temple on that evening, took me straight into the Sanctum Sanctorum area of the Tirumala Temple, within almost five to ten feet distance close to the Moola Virat..

Then showing me the Lord. He turned to me and in a tone of anger,said,

“..Look at Him.. To view whom your two human eyes are not enough.. He is the Jagat Paalaka, the Jagath Rakshaka, the Jagath Vyaapitha, the Jagath Vanditha, the Jagadodhdharaka and the maha Jagan Mohana Bhagawan Sri Venkatswara Swamy varu standing so aristocratically in front of you looking at you and only you, right at this moment..

Three crores of Gods, Goddesses, angels, gandharvas, kinneras and kimpurushas are meditating upon his name constantly, in three divya lokas, for His darsan, everyday… Still they do not get a chance to view Him often.. You have got it now.. Keep looking at Him..

Thousands of crores of living creatures existing in the form of insects, birds and animals in hundreds of crores of lakes, ponds and trees in this human world too are constantly meditating upon His name.. But they rarely get a chance to see Him.. You have got it now.. Keep looking at Him

It takes hundreds of different lives to get a chance to take the birth of a human being and even after that, unless chosen by Him, that human being will never get a chance in his life to view the Divya Mangala Roopam of the holy Punya Murthy standing in front of you right at this moment.. You have got it now..  So, keep looking at Him ..

Even after several prayers and severe craving, many people do not get a chance to view Him at least once in their lifetime.. All they want all through their life is to just to view Him at least once before leaving this world.. But they never get that chance… You have got it now.. Keep looking at Him…

Do you know how many people come here from many distant places and still return home, for various reasons, without even getting a chance to have His darsan.. You have got it now.. Keep looking at Him

Now, He is looking at you and only you.. Can you ask Him why He is looking only at you just as you asked Him a few minutes ago, sitting on those steps there, why He is giving pain only to you..

You need to clearly understand that only those specially chosen by Him are put to all sorts of tests in life and if you thank He’s punishing you then I need to reveal a few divine secrets to you right now right here ..

Everyone comes into this world for a purpose and every thing here, on the Earth, happens for a cause.. Before creating any living creature, including a human being, He creates a purpose first.. It is only after that, He shapes their life, looks and character..

I will give you an example that tells you how meticulously He operates and how carefully He plans even His own things.. He wanted someone to write about Him, in simple lyrical form, that would help even a common man to understand what that lyric is conveying..

So, He created the character, Annamacharya first and blessed him with the skills to write akhanda keerthanas in praise of His glory.. In addition to that, He had not only gifted Anmaacharya with a creative brain to write those keerthanas but had also gifted him with an amazing musical brain to create new ragas and compose his lyrics using those ragas..

Then the question “who will sing them and make them reach the common man” had cropped up in the divine world.. So, He created the character called M.S.Subbu Lakshmi.. But all this scheming was done by Him centuries before the birth of Annamayya and Subbulalshmi and He only waited for the proper time to execute His plan..

When He saw the human world in complete disarray, which was also part of His divine drama, due to the vagaries of the Kali Yuga, He had sent Annamayya to the human world first and then M.S Subbulakshmi later.. Of course all according to His will and plan..

Do you know how much the two great music souls were conditioned in their life, through harsh treatment by Him, before they were pressed into the divine service to execute that glorious task for which they have been created by Him and brought on to this Earth .. ???

Do you think those two great devotees, about whom the whole world talks today, ever lived a peaceful life before reaching the pinnacle of glory in their career.. It was only after conditioning them thoroughly with severe tests of life, He had given them what they deserve to be given..

Do you know why is that I have now given the examples of only Annamacharya and M.S.Subbulkashmi to you when I could have you given any other names..

Because it was only after writing about these two great devotees of the Murthy,standing before you, that you have gained foothold in the writing world.. Do you agree.. ??.. But that was only a beginning which He had planned for you just to make the world notice you..

Before introducing you to the writing world, He first gave you that thought about writing a story on M.S. Subbu Lakshmi, on that morning, when you were sitting in your drawing room and reading a news paper .. You thought it was your idea..

Do you know, Who wrote that story through you… Do you at least know that it was He Who wrote it for you during those fifteen days of struggle you had gone through to pen down your thoughts .. ???

Without knowing His scheming and planning for you, you always have felt that you are constantly being punished by Him for so many years.. At least now do you realize that you are not being punished by Him but are actually being conditioned by Him for some big plans He has in mind for you..”

At this point He paused..

An Amazing Lord Sri Venkateswara

Although I was listening to every word He was uttering with great command, my eyes were constantly looking at the ‘Divya Mangala Roopa’ standing in front of me not because He instructed me to do so but because I just could not take my eyes off the Punya Murthy who during those most auspicious moments of my life was appearing more dazzling and more serene to me than ever before..

During those divine moments, all my senses were functioning normally, however, I have noticed that they were held captive by the glorious personality standing beside me in the Garbha Griha of the Tirumala temple,that evening.. He took complete control of my vision, my hearing and my thoughts, that moment..

Believe me.. Although I tried to, I could not think about anything related to the materialistic world that moment.. Such was the power of the impact of that Man beside me; the Lord in front of me; and the surroundings around me..

Except myself, that Man and the Lord in front of us, there’s no one there in the Sanctum Sanctorum that moment.. How is it possible.. I thought..

“Everything is possible if He so wills” pat came the reply from that Man standing beside me.. That very moment I have very clearly realized that “this man is reading my thoughts.. So there’s no need to ask Him any questions and no need to place my doubts before Him..”..

“You don’t need to question about anything nor place your doubts before me, because I read everything your mind thinks here… However, you need to know many shocking facts that will reveal you how He was shaping everything in your life right from your birth..

Now listen to me.. As a kid you have once slipped into a water pool in your uncle’s house.. Your father quickly jumped into that pool and saved your life.. But Who alerted your father.. Do you know that .. ??

When you were a school boy you had fallen from a bicycle on the road on a mid summer afternoon.. You had fallen exactly on the black Tar on the road that melted due to heat.. A friend was there with you but he was just looking helplessly at you..

Suddenly, that friend’s uncle came in a car; picked you from the road and moved you to a hospital.. You were unconscious at that time..

The left side of your left leg was severely damaged because when your friend’s uncle forcibly lifted you from the road, a part of your leg’s skin and flesh remained with that melted Tar on the road..

Your mother fainted in the hospital after seeing you lying on the bed with a severely damaged leg.. But who had sent that uncle in car that afternoon there and who prompted him to take you to the hospital.. Do you at least know tha t..???

(Although my left leg is miraculously normal after that fall, I however, still have a large palm sized scar on the left side of my leg today)

Again after six months, you jumped off from a speeding bus and landed straight on your head.. Your head was broken and was profusely bleeding.. Still in that near dead condition, you walked about four hundred meters to reach your home and fainted exactly at the doorstep of your house, right in front of your father, who at that time was in a discussion with some of his subordinates..

Seeing in you in that horrible condition, both your parents literally collapsed but your father’s staff quickly reacted and moved you on to the bed and did some first aid.. With that severe injury to your head you vomited for about thirty times that day..

Suspecting that as a preceding symptom of death, your dad immediately gave you a homeopathic medicine that could save you temporarily.. Later you were admitted to a hospital and quite miraculously recovered fully in only forty eight hours from that near dead situation..

Now tell me.. Do you know Who gave you the strength to go home after that fall and Who had sent those subordinates to meeting in your house that day.. Anyone in your condition would have died after one day but you didn’t..

You know why.. You and your father still believe “that homeopathic drug saved your life”.. At least now do you know Who whispered in your father’s ears, that moment, and gave him the idea of administering that particular homeopathic drug upon you .. ??..

(While remembering that horrible incident of our lives, my savior biological father says,”I still wonder how I could remember that drug name even during those moments of panic seeing you in a near dead condition..

Your head was broken and your entire face was full of blood when you came home and fainted in front of us that day.. Your mom was weeping and your sister was screaming all through.. There was utter chaos all around us..

Luckily my lecturers reacted quickly and timely and brought you into our bedroom and cleaned your face .. Exactly at that moment, when you were constantly vomiting, that drug’s name entered my mind and it saved your life..

If the same homeo drug was administered upon Cricketer Raman Lamba he too would have survived on that tragic day in Bangladesh.. Really unfortunate”)

“Even after that you have survived many scary moments in your life but every time you were saved in the last moment.. Do you know Who was saving you all the time.. ??.. At least do you know Who is giving all these life threatening problems to you..

He, Who is saving you all the time, is giving you the problems all the time.. You may then ask why to give a problem and why to save me again.. Nothing wrong..

This is all part of the divine drama designed by Him preparing you for many bigger tasks He is going to assign you in future.. All these years, He was conditioning you, but not punishing you, just to make you fit and eligible for the giant tasks He’s going to award you, hereafter..

Those who are afraid of the vagaries of the sea should not venture to take the sea route.. Without feeling the pain how will you give relief to your people and without arriving at the sea how will you address those living in tributaries..

It’s time for you to realize that you are only a pilgrim and He will decide the route of your pilgrimage.. In all that I have so far conveyed to you did you observe one thing.. Every time before giving you a problem He is first keeping it’s solution ready for you.. Still you blame Him…

Understand my son… Every evil that you have so far faced in your life or you would be ever facing hereafter is very much necessary to you.. Never ever blame Him for that instead learn to thank him.

If you can now recollect every major lesson you have so far learned in your life you learned it only after you have passed through a tough phase.. So never blame or criticize anyone for anything in your life.. Never try to harm any one.. No human being is  perfect and if perfect he is not a human being..

Everything or everyone entering your life are sent by Him for a specific cause and once that is served He mercilessly removes them from your life.. You have not earned anything so you don’t lose anything.. This is a cosmic law and applies to every human being born on this planet..

Finally let me reveal two life secrets to you here in the glorious presence of this Punya Murthy (He was often referring to holy Lord as Punya Murthy).. First one.. Why is that only you are chosen by Him for some important tasks He has in His mind..

It is because of the generations of dedicated service your paternal as well as your maternal grand parents fathers and great grand parents have done to God and to the society.. As a result of their punya phala you are now chosen by Him to execute some of His tasks he has planned for His devotees..

Now the second secret.. You were constantly under severe intra psychic stress that was gripping your mind tightly ever since you met with that setback in 2006 after which you had fainted twice – due to high fever, lack of food and vertigo – without your knowledge, in one single day..

The tap of your wash basin on that day had almost crushed your right eye on which you had fallen while fainting.. He had saved you from that crash.. After that you went into multiple stages of depression and went completely into a self consumption mode for almost two years..

However, He was constantly observing you and was protecting you every time your mind went awry and tried to do something silly.. He literally shadowed you wherever you went either by flight or car..

Ever since you were born and until now, He literally had carried you in His arms, just like a Mother does, and gave you everything you needed but not everything you wanted..

Now tell me.. Who else, except mother, does so much for anyone in this world.. Shall I now tell you the most shocking fact of your life now.. Even you are not aware but you would have consumed your life after two days if that man had not come to your house that day and invited you to Tirupathi now..

This thought was not there in your mind then but would have entered exactly after two days and this time would have strongly influenced your mind and taken away your life.. Do you know Who had sent that man to you on that day and forced you to come here to Tirupathi and gave you the darsan..

That darsan gave you the much needed impetus to clear your mind from those evil thoughts.. Although you could come out of that self consumption mode your mind was still worried about many problems in your life..

Then He planned this divine event for you today which was why you have, for the first time in your life, came here in such a short gap ”

Saying so..

Lord Sri venkateswara During Brahmotsavams

That great man, slowly turned towards the deity of Lord Sri Venkateswara and then standing on one leg and raising both His hands high in air, started chanting loudly some hymns that were not in Sanskrit but in a language that I have never heard before..

However, they were sounding very musical and rhythmic.. After completing one stanza of those obscure hymns, He said,

“..Jhata chata jhata chata jhata chata jhata jhata chata jhata chata.. Jhata chata jhata chata jhata chata jhata jhata chata jhata chata…” for a long time and paused.. I found many positive vibrations in those two words..

Then in follow up of those two words from Him, I heard many invisible voices in the spaces above saying something like “Asthu”.. I was just observing everything happening in front of me just casually as though am used to that process everyday of my life.. There was neither any fear in me nor any surprise that moment..

He repeated the same recitation process for a couple of more times and every time He paused I heard the invisible voices in the spaces above me saying something like “Asthu” again.. Then He suddenly turned to me and said,

“Look at Him.. The one who is responsible for everything that has so far happened in your life and going to happen in future is going to appear before you in His real form now.. Have His darsan and be blessed forever..”

With my eyes wide open, I kept looking at the deity in front of me.. I didn’t notice any change there but noticed around me. .Suddenly, there was a huge Golden hue all around me with many oil lamps emerging out of them.. Many innumerable lamps.. Where did they come from.. I was wondering..

Suddenly, I have noticed that my feet were shivering.. My palms were shivering.. My whole body too was shivering.. Both my eyes were trembling.. My throat was going dry.. I started sweating profusely.. I was almost collapsing.. Then I heard that sound… The sound of the Temple bell…

The same miraculous sound that I heard while sitting on the Temple steps earlier that evening.. This time that sound was coming from many bells and with a more amazing, more musical and a more miraculous impact on my mind and body..

I started feeling light.. Really light.. I was going ecstatic.. Started enjoying that real out of the world feeling .. Without even battling my eye lids, I kept looking at the Moola Virat Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara Swamy varu..

Then I noticed..

Lord Malayappa Swamy With Sridevi And Bhudevi..

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“..Jagathkartaa jagathbhartaah.. Jagaddartaah jaganmayahaa..Jamadagneh prasannasya…Jeeveso venkateswarahaa..”


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