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“..Subhagaathri giriraaja puthree…Abhinethri sarwaardha gaathree…Sarvaardha sandhaathri jagadeka janayithri…Chandraprabhaa dhavala keerthee…Chathurbhaahu samrakshitha shikshitha…
Chathur bhashaanthara bhuvana paalini…Kumkuma raaga sobhini…Kusuma baana samsobhini…Mouna suhaasini gaana vinodhini…Bhagavathee paarvathee devii…Akhilandeswari chamundeswari.. Paalaya maam goureee..Paripaalaya maam goureee…”

Whenever I sit down to write this life changing true story,on every Friday morning,I would offer a small prayer to Goddess Saraswathi and also to Lord Sri Venkateswara to grant me the much needed courage to write this story; the right words to present it properly; a gripping narration to keep the readers glued to it; and a faultless expression to make the reading of this story all the more interesting for my readers..

Later,I select a photograph,from my collection of hundreds of photographs,and then place it at the top of the story’s first paragraph and then begin my writing..More or less this has been the procedure that I have been very reverentially following for the last thirty plus weeks..

Today too,when I sat down for writing this part of the story,I offered a small prayer to my Goddess and then to the holy Lord and headed straight to my system folders to select one photograph of Goddess to place it on top of this week’s story..

After finding the above amazing photograph of the holy Hindu Goddess mind went into great raptures,looking at the sacred face of the holy Goddess,and started humming the above lines from my favorite childhood Telugu devotional song,”Akhilandeswari Chamundeswari” from the film “Saptha Padi”,by K.Viswanath..

This amazing devotional song,which very beautifully describes the various forms of Goddess Gauri,was written by popular Telugu lyricist Sri Veturi Sunda Rama Murthy,who is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished sons of Goddess Saraswathi and who is unfortunately not among us today..

Understandably so,it would therefore be not impertinent now to watch this amazing number and draw a little amount of positive energy from it to read the rest of this story today..This unforgettable Telugu devotional was composed by the legendary South Indian film music director,Sri.K.V.Mahadevan,who is also not among us today..

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Now,let us come back to the main story..

After seeing the scholarly holy acharya,Brahmasree Yanamndra Venugopala Sastry entering the room, the mystic Brahmin Subbarao and his beloved friends Bhaskara Murthy and Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao and others quickly got up from their chairs and greeted the Vedic genius,with folded hands..

Humbly acknowledging their regards,Sri Venugopala Sastry requested them all to take their seats..Later, Bhasaka Murthy,introducing Subbarao to Sri Venugopala Sastry,said,

“..Brahmasree..He is my friend Nemani Subbarao..He did “Koti Gayathri” recently by completing the one crore time recitation of the Gayathri Manthra..He has an important issue to discuss with you hence we had to bother you seeking your time today..”.

Saying “it’s okay”,Sri Venugopala Sastry waved his right hand at Subbarao signalling him to speak what he wanted to speak..For a moment,Subbarao observed the scholar quietly..

At that moment,there was literally no expression of appreciation in praise of Subbarao,in the face of the great scholar..On the other hand,Sri Venugopala Sastry is a heavy looking personality and in addition to that always wears a serious look on his face..

This makes the scholar’s face look all the more threatening for others..And it is exactly,this less spoken threatening appearance of the Vedic genius that was making Subbarao feel more nervous,that moment…

Added to that,Subbarao was also a little disappointed because he expected at least a small compliment, from the spiritual master.for his notable achievement of “Koti Gayathri”..

However,displaying great composure,Subbarao narrated everything in brief to the scholar extraordinary about his enriching spiritual journey with Goddess Gayathri,that began way back in 1980..

In all,Subbarao narrated his whole story in about fifteen minutes of time..

All through those fifteen minutes of Subbarao’s narration,there was not a single movement in the facial muscles of Sri Venugopala Sastry..They were just as static as the lines on a rock..His eyes too were just as blank as they were right from the moment he entered the room..

“..Are they normally like that..??..Or is he not interested in meeting us today..??..”..Subbarao,although narrating,was thinking so…He finally concluded his narration,saying,

“..Brahmasree,the Goddess finally revealed your name to me and said that you would be performing this “Maha Yagnam” sitting in the “Brahma Sthaanam”..We have now come here to request you for the same..”

Nodding his head,Sri Venugopala Sastry,closed both his eyes and remained silent for almost two full minutes….A fully tensed up Subbarao and his friends kept staring at each other,silently though,during those long hundred and twenty seconds of frozen time..

Later,slowly opening his eyes and looking at the mystic Brahmin Subbarao,the holy acharya Brahmasree Yanamandra Venugopala Sastry gave Subbarao the biggest,the toughest and the most difficult shock of his life..

It was a terribly an unbearable shock that literally jammed the nerve centers in Subbarao’s brain fully and left him speechless for more than two minutes..Subbarao didn’t expect such a brutal question from that Vedic genius…

Please go through..

After listening carefully to what all Subbarao had said,Sri Venugopala Sastry closed his eyes for almost two minutes and did some Vedic calculations..Then he silently searched through,in his mind monitor,all the pages related to the dharma sastras and Vedas that he had thus far learned in his life..

After finding the exact information,he was searching for,Sri Venugopala Sastry opened his eyes and very brutally placed the following questions before Subbarao..Of course this time too without any expression in his eyes or face..

This was what the great Vedic genius said,

“..Subbarao garu,glad to know that you have struggled so much in your life to perform the sacred “Koti Gayathri”..Am equally glad to know that Goddess Gayathri speaks to you often and had in fact given you the instructions to perform this “Maha Yagnam”..Really glad..

But I have a question,Subbarao garu..Please think carefully and answer..Anyone who recites the sacred Gayathri Manthra for one crore times in his lifetime and any one who performs “Anna Santhi” and a “Maha Yagnam” thereafter,would acquire “Manthra Siddhi” and would also acquire tremendous divine powers..

It is for this reason alone that Goddess Gayathri doesn’t allow anyone to reach the “Koti Gayathri” stage in his life..However,braving all the odds and crossing all the obstacles She had placed before you in your lifetime,you have successfully crossed the one crore mark..Kudos Subbarao garu for that..

As you further said,you have already performed the “Anna Santhi” and “Veda Swasthi” in your house in Visakhapatnam..And in addition to that Subbarao garu,if you now perform this “Maha Yagnam” you will be acquiring that enormously spiritual state of “Manthra Siddhi” in addition to many divine powers..

Then you shall become a Maha Yogi Subbarao garu..In that case,anyone you bless will flourish in life and anyone you curse will perish forever..Got my point..??

Here I need to understand one thing from you,Subbarao garu..

Are you planning to perform this “Maha Yagnam” to acquire that “Manthra Siddhi” and divine powers or are you just planning to perform it for the well being of humanity..Please clarify..If you are performing it for yourself then it’s a selfish motive which I shall never support..

On the contrary,if you are planning to perform this “Maha Yagnam” for the well being of humanity then I shall unconditionally support you and sit in the”Brahma Sthaanam” and perform this sacred event for you..Undoubtedly..

In such a case if my performing the “Maha Yagnam” along with you,Subbarao garu,am sorry to say,you need to relinquish all that you have so far achieved in your past twenty four years of hardships and leave these one crore time recitations of Gayathri Manthra for the well being of humanity..

Then only the much needed “Phala Siddhi” to this “Maha Yagnam” would be obtained..Otherwise not..

It means you will be losing the entire “Koti Gayathri” status,which you are so far enjoying in your life; which you have achieved after passing through twenty four years of enormous struggle and tribulations..

And it also unfortunately means Subbarao garu,that your spiritual account will be coming down to zero balance as will be losing everything you have so far earned…Most shall also not acquire any divine powers..

Later you will have to start everything afresh in your life Subbarao garu just in case you still want to reach the “Koti Gatathri” stage again..Now decide for yourself..Whether you want to perform this “Maha Yagnam” for your own selfish motives or you want to perform it for the well being of humanity..

If it is for your personal gains then am sorry am not there with you and if it is for the world’s gain,then am there with you but you must be prepared to sacrifice everything in your life..Based on your reply I shall tell you my decision..”

The scholar extraordinary concluded..

What a stage for the mystic Brahmin Subbarao..???

“..Janma dukham jara dukham…Jaaya dukham punah punaha…Samsara saagaram dukham…Tasmaath jagratha jagratha…”

The poor Subbarao was shocked..Was baffled..Went mad..He didn’t know what to say..Didn’t know what to do..Because he didn’t come prepared to face that toughest test life had mercilessly placed before him..

There was terrible sweat all over his body..A sudden roar in his head..He quickly closed his eyes and asked Goddess Gayathri,

“Ammaa..What is this test for me..Why did you land me in such a precarious situation..What should I tell this great man now..Which is more important to me..My life or my world..My life or my world..My life or my world..My life or my world..My life or my world..My life or my world..

Suddenly Subbarao started experiencing a great twitching pain deep inside his head..He knows well that he can’t seek any more time from the holy acharya to tell his decision..He also knows well that the holy acharya may be angry with him if at all he seeks any more time..

In fact he may not give them appointment again to meet him..Whatever has to be said has to be said only there and only at that time..There’s no other way for Subbarao..

Subbarao was thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking went about thinking so for another two silent minutes..

Everyone around,including Sri Venugopala Sastry,was silently looking at Subbaro that moment..

Whatttt to doooooooooooo…???..

Subbarao was in a big dilemma..

The scholarly master,who was quietly observing Subbarao’s dilemma,knows pretty well that anyone in place of Subbarao would need a minimum time to come out with an appropriate answer for such a tough question..So he remained quiet,observing Subbarao..

Subbarao was still thinking..Thinking..And thinking..

Suddenly,like a flash in the bulb,his mind reminded Subbarao what Goddess Gayathri had told him in the sacred forests of Naimisaranyam,when he first heard from Her about the “Maha Yagnam”..

“Subbarao..You must perform this “Maha Yagnam” for the well being of humanity..”

After remembering those golden words Goddess Gayathri spoke,Subbarao felt light in his head..

He then opened his eyes..

And then smiled at all those curious faces looking at him..

Then turning to Sri Venugopala Sastry,this was what the noble mystic Brahmin said,

“Brahmasree..If my “Koti Gayathri” or the power of my recitation of the Gayathri Manthra for one crore times in my life is going to help humanity than what else do I need in my life..What will I do by acquiring “Manthra Siddhi” or divine powers..

I haven’t started my recitation of the “Gayathri Manthra” for acquiring these divine powers..So I won’t regret in my life if I now relinquish this entire one crore recitation of the Manthra for the well being of my fellow human beings..

All I always prayed for was a little space at the holy lotus feet of my divine Mother Gayathri..That is any how granted to me and will any how be there for me,forever..Then what should I worry about, Brahmasree..

Am ready,right at this moment,to relinquish everything that I have so far achieved in my life if only that’s going to help humanity..Please tell me Brahmasree..What do you want me to do now..Am ready to unconditionally obey everything that you shall hereafter order me to do..”

Subbarao concluded..


And just silence there for a few seconds..

Everyone just remained speechless for a few priceless seconds..They just could not utter a word after seeing the immeasurable nobility displayed by a simple looking Brahmin sitting in front of them..

“..Na dhanam,,Na janam..Na sundarim..Kavitam va jagad isha kamaye..Mama janmani janma nishvare… Bhavatad bhaktir ahaituki twayi..” – Sri Chaitanta Maha Prabhu

“..O almighty Lord,I have no desire to accumulate wealth,nor do I desire beautiful women nor do I want any number of followers..I only want Your causeless devotional service birth after birth…”

It was then..

And then..

And then..

After seeing a great personification of nobility sitting right in front of him,in the form a simple tuition master,that the expressionless rock faced great Vedic scholar and holy acharya Brahmasree Yanamndra Venugopala Sastry smiled..

However,he had not just smiled..He applauded..Not just applauded..But praised..Not just praised..But rose in Subbarao’s honor and walked up to him and honored him with a warm and affectionate hug..

What a sight and what a lifetime memory that for everyone there..

After about ten minutes,the great holy acharya Brahmasree Yanamandra Venugopala Sastry spoke for several hours which he never did in his life before..

But what did he speak about..??

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