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The Vedic scholar extraordinary,Yanamandra Venugopala Sastry

After showering praises on the mystic Brahmin,Nemani Subbarao for reaching the rare milestone of one crore Gayathri in his lifetime and also for the nobility and generosity he had immediately displayed in relinquishing that hard earned memorable accomplishment for the well being of humanity,had finally said..

“What a nobility and generosity Subbarao garu..You have really left me speechless today..As you may be knowing,I have personally conducted many special ‘Yagnams’,all over India,organized by many eminent personalities who formed as a group and completed one crore time recitation of the Gayathri manthra..

What these personalities normally do is that they form as a group,say of about hundred people,and then recite the Gayathri manthra,everyday..Each one of them recites the sacred manthra for a minimum of thousand and eight times a day either at his home or at some other common place..

Similarly,all these hundred people recite it,almost at the same time and in the same way,continuously for hundred days until they finally reach the one crore mark..Later,they all together perform a ‘Koti Gayathri Yagnam’ and ‘Anna Santhi’ and in some cases ‘Veda Swasthi’ as well..This is something most of you all are familiar with..

I have personally conducted many such Vedic procedures,at many different places,all through my life however,am for the first time in my life coming across someone who’s as special and extraordinary like you,Subbarao garu,who reached the one crore mark of the Gayathri manthra on his own merit…Believe me..It’s just unbelievable..Hearty congratulations to you for such an outstanding accomplishment….”

Saying so,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry immediately called his assistants and uttered something in their ears.. Later,surprising Subbarao,the assstants brought an extravagantly rich looking Kashmiri Silk shawl and handed it over to their master..

Slowly getting up from his chair,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry came to Subbarao and despite stiff resistance from him,recited the Aasirvachana manthras and felicitated him offering him flowers,fruits and that lovely Silk shawl as well..

Sri Venu Gopala Sastry’s assistants,who were also great Vedic scholars by themselves,joined their Master and recited the same aasirvachana manthras and blessed Subbarao..

An overwhelmingly joy filled Subbarao,unable to control his emotions,quickly got up from his chair and prostrated before the holy feet of the extraordinary Vedic genius,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry and took his blessings..Lifting the short statured Subbarao with both his hands,the scholarly master said,

“Subbarao garu..According to our sacred Hindu Dharma Sastras,who ever did one crore Gayathri in his lifetime will be revered as a maha yogi..Whenever a true devotee comes across such a maha yogi,he should honor him by prostrating before his feet; collect the dust from under his feet; and then solemnly rub it all over his head..

Quite surprisingly,the dharma Sastras did not mention what title should the humanity give to that maha yogi,like you,who sacrifices all the benefits of koti Gayathri for the well being of humanity..May be a brahmanda yogi..Right..??

And when such a brahmanda yogi graces my house,then this is the least I should be doing for him. Subbarao garu..As am elder to you,I may have lost the opportunity of touching your feet but I have fortunately gained the privilege of honoring you,at least..

By doing so am actually honoring myself and not you,Subbarao garu..Thanks for obliging..I wish you give me many more such opportunities in future as well to congratulate you and felicitate you often..May my beloved Mother Goddess Gayathri’s blessings be with you and your family forever..”.. PEACE

(My dear readers..As you all are aware,you are now reading about the real life incidents that have in fact occurred before the year,2005..It is these incidents that have finally led to the performance of the Maha Yagnam in the month of May,2005 in Visakhapatnam..Even the above conversation between Sri Venu Gopala Sastry and Sri Subbarao had taken place some time before the Maha Yagnam in 2005..

Later,as though the blessings of the great Vedic scholar,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry have come true,Sri Subbarao had completed a whopping three crore time recitation of the Gayathri manthra (In March,2015).. While it took about twenty four years for him to complete the first one crore recitation,it took only eleven years for him to complete the rest of the two crore time recitation..A feat impossible to achieve even in our dreams ..

That’s not all..As per the instructions of the holy Goddess Gayathri,Sri Subbarao would be residing the Gayathri manthra as many times as possible in his day and as long as possible in his life..We don’t know what else Goddess Gayathri has kept in store for him and how many new records he’s going to create for us,in future..PERIOD

Now..Based on this information readers,you can imagine how many hours in a day Sri Subbarao would still be spending in the recitation of the Gayathri manthra,today..Therefore I request you all not to mail me or message me for the contact details of Sri Subbarao..

I further request those of you who already have his number not to disturb him for whatever reason..He’s a very shy filled personality and cannot say no to anyone who calls and spends time talking to him..As I have said often before,even I talk to him,regarding the story,for only an hour or so that too once in a week..)..PERIOD

Later,this was what Sri Venu Gopala Sastry had said,

“Subbarao garu..To be very honest with you,I have no time to conduct your proposed ‘Maha Yagnam’ in the month of May,2005 just because am now in the process of finalizing a great ‘Yagnam’ that would be performed continuously for three long years..

However,after seeing your noble sacrifice for humanity today,I have decided to postpone my program and focus on your ‘Maha Yagnam’ which the divine Mother Herself is designing..I shall unconditionally do my best to make this Yagnam hugely successful..

But before that Subbarao garu,I,on this memorable occasion,want to share with you some amazing facts that are reverentially related to thousands of years old Hindu religion and Hindu Dharma Sastras..

Here Are Some Amazing Facts Sri Venu Gopala Sastry Revealed To Subbarao About Hindu Religion Which Every Indian Must Know

If the geographical history of the human world is closely observed today,India for several thousands of years has not only been a great ‘Karma Bhoomi’ and ‘Veda Bhoomi’ but has also spiritually been a powerful nation that had given to the world many amazing gifts in the fields of Science,Technology, Engineering and Medicine..

If again observed carefully,it is only in India and Hindu religion that both male and female forms of God are worshiped; whereas in almost all religions and countries it is only the male form of God that is worshiped by the respective followers..

The four holy Vedas,the Upanishaths,the Dwadasa Jyothirlingas,the Ashtadasa Sakthi Peethaas,the Chaturamnaya system,the Sarvath Sahishnutha (forbearance everywhere) are not only the life energies of our Hindu religion but are also strong pillars on which our glorious India has been built by our great ancestors..

Many great sages and holy saints have taken birth on the sacred Indian soil and have done their best for preserving Hindu Dharma and peace on Earth..In that way they have also contributed a great deal for the glory of their Mother India..It is for this reason that Vedas describe India as ”Bharathee”,the other sacred name of Hindu Goddess Saraswathi..

న గాయత్ర్యా పరం మంత్రం.. న మాతుహ్ పర దైవతం..”..(Na gayatryaah param manthram..Na maatuh para daivatham)..It means there’s no manthra more powerful than Gayathri and no God more powerful than our Mother..

As far as the four Vedas are concerned,the sastras define them as “.. వేదయ తీతి వేదహా.. “(Vedaya teethi vedahaa) which means “Vedas are those that help us know the unknown”..Nothing exists in this universe that is not mentioned in the holy Vedas..Right from the birth of the diatom to the building of huge air crafts,there’s no topic that is not covered in the holy Vedas..

(In that case,I believe,just as we refer to Google today to know about the topics we do not know; our ancient Indians would have referred to Vedas in olden days)

As far as the Yagnas are concerned,the Vedas have classified them as Dravya Yagnam,Tapo Yagnam, Pithru Yagnam,Yoga Yagnam,Brahma Yagnam and Gnana Yagnam..In ancient days,right from the common man to the king of the nation,people would derive many benefits performing these different types of Yagnams..

In addition to that,there are a few more types of ‘Yagnams” that our ancient Indians used to perform for their personal gains..For example..People desiring to go to heaven would perform “Jyothishtomam”; people craving for rain would perform “Kaare reshti”; people in need of children would perform “Puthra kameshti”; and people desiring for higher learning would perform “Saaraswatheshti”..

The holy smoke emanating from all ‘Yagnams’ will give birth to clouds; the clouds in turn give birth to rain; rains in turn give birth to rice; and rice in turn feeds our humanity..So a regular performance of ‘Yagnams’ will not only appease the God but also His creation,the Nature..

Most importantly,a large quantity of holy Cow ghee is used during the performance of an ‘Yagnam’ which in turn not only helps us in creating a congenial living atmosphere in this world but also clears the deadly environmental pollution..

Finally,coming to the Gayathri Maha Yagnam,

This was what the great Vedic scholar,Sri Yanamandra Venu Gopala Sastry had told Subbarao..

“Subbarao garu..Do you know why our Mother Goddess Gayathri is asking you to perform this Gayathri Maha Yagnam now”..Let me explain..

According to the Vedas,performing of this most sacred ‘Yagnam’ shall prevent the forthcoming natural calamities; restore universal peace; strengthen peaceful coexistence on this planet; and pave way for a happiness filled atmosphere among all the seven worlds of this universe..

Kalpas are sacred books that tell us how to perform the yagnams,poojas and vrathams..Since holy sage Viswamitra was the one who gave us the Gayathri Manthra,I shall follow the “Viswamitra Kalpam’ and perform our ‘Gayathri Maha Yagnam’..”

Saying so,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry,had shot the final and the most important question..

“Subbarao garu..Performing of such huge Yagnam involves a lot of personnel and also a very expensive procedure..All in all we may have to spend about forty lakhs…Are you prepared for that..If so how are you prepared and if not what are your plans for that..??..”

In a humble tone,Subbarao replied,”Brahmasree..I had the same doubt and asked Mother about it..She asked me not to worry and said that PVRK Praad would be taking care of everything..I have already net Sri Prasad and informed about Mother’s instructions..He said he would do his best.. ”

With a broad smile,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry then said,”Ohoho..This is another miracle..If Prasad is there we need not worry about anything..Subbarao garu,I once again congratulate you on your exemplary accomplishment and wish you all the best for the ‘Maha Yagnam’ you propose to perform for the well being of humanity..Sarve janaa sukhino bhavanthu.. Lokaa samasthaa sukhino bhavanthu..”

Later,Subbarao and his friends took leave from the great Vedic scholar extraordinary,Sri Yanamndra Venu Gopala Sastry and left for Visakhapatnam..

After about a couple of days,the three friends,Subbarao Bhaskara Murthy and Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao have met again in Visakhapatnam and decided to meet PVRK Prasad and brief him about their meeting with Sri Venu Gopala Sastry..

Bhaskara Murthy immediately called Prasad on his mobile in Hyderabad and took his appointment.. After about a week,the friends trio left for Hyderabad and on

One fine morning..

Met Prasad at his Banjara Hills residence in Hyderabad..After the initial formalities were over,Subbarao told Prasad everything about what Sri Venu Gopala Sastry had told him regarding the Maha Yagnam..He finally said,

“Sir..Sri Venu Gopala Sastry had said that the total expenditure for the Yagnam would be around forty lakhs..”

“..Forty lakhs..??..”..A shocked Prasad asked..

“..Yes sir..Forty lakhs..”,replied Subbarao..

“Fine..Then how much money all your friends have so far raised and how much you have with you now.. ??..”,asked Prasad..

“..Sir,we have money to buy train tickets and go back to Visakhapatnam..” replied Subbarao..

A furthermore shocked Prasad,unable to know how to react to what Subbarao had said,kept staring at all the three friends,one after the other,for a few seconds..Later slowly recovering from the shock,he said,

“Subbarao garu..I understand your position but you need to understand my position as well..Am a retired IAS officer living on pension..Forty lakhs is not a small amount and raising the same is not easy.. Then what shall we do to raise that money..??..”

With a gentle smile on his lips,Subbarao replied,”..Sir..This entire program is Mother’s design..She has been guiding us all through and am sure She has certain plans for the money as well..”

Firstly,a much relieved Prasad thought “How come I talked like a normal human being despite writing so much on spirituality and more so after writing a book like “Naaham Kartaah..Harih Kartaah” (Am not doing..Hari is doing)

Then he told Subbarao,”..Subbarao garu..What you said is right..I shall hereafter leave everything to Her and do all that is possible to me..When She is there to guide me and make me think the right way then what should I worry about..???..”

“..I worked as Chairman of Vizag Port Trust and stayed in Visakhapatnam for a few years..During that time I had come into contact with many notable industrialists and businessmen there..I shall now invite them all for a special meeting in Visakhapatnam next week..

Please ask whether it would be convenient for Sri Venu Gopala Sastry to attend the meeting next week.. Then I shall introduce you both to those in the meeting and place our proposal before them..If they say okay then I don’t think mobilizing forty lakhs will be difficult for them..”

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Continued in the “Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Goddess Gayathri – Part Thirty Six”

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