“Having seen Thy mouths, fearful with tusks, blazing like Pralaya – fires, I known not the four quarters, nor do I find peace; have mercy O’ Lord of the Devas, O’ Abode of the universe” – XI, 25, Srimad Bhagavad Gita By Swamy Swarupananda 

That was what Swamy Swarupananda, a direct disciple of Swamy Viveknanada, had written in his translation of Srimad Bhagavad Gita while narrating the words spoken by a fear filled Arjuna, the great Pandava warrior, with Bhagawan Sri Krishna after seeing His Virat (Viswa) Roopa during the Kurukshetra war.
Giving further clarification to Arjuna’s saying of, “I known not the four quarters” in His above submission to Sri Krishna, here’s what Swamy Swarupananda had said, “by saying I known not the four quarters, Arjuna is telling Sri Krishna that he, at that moment, was not able to distinguish between East from the West nor the South from the North”.
My dear reader, that is exactly the scenario of the ruthless viral holocaust the whole world is haplessly witnessing today.
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Behind every living and non-living thing that exists in this world, planet, galaxy or for that matter anywhere in this universe.

Behind every word, deed and action; uttered, performed and occurred in any form, longitude, latitude and magnitude across this planet.

Behind every creation, glory, pain, gain and discovery that is taking place in every inch and corner of this vast space.

Behind every destruction, calamity, pandemic or catastrophe that is striking any part of this world, at any given point of time through any given or an ungiven form; whether with a reason or without a reason; whether understood, misunderstood or not properly understood by the humanity,

There lies..

The all-pervasive and the ever protective invisible Hand of that Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Supreme Cosmic Being called,

Bhagawan Sri Krishna And His creative genius..

Whether or not we accept or reject this theory..

Whether or not we understand or ununderstand this theory..

Whether or not we relish or unrelish this theory..

Whether or not we appreciate or criticize this theory..

It would still remain as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar and as soft as our Mother’s Love, because, it solemnly yet emphatically states that, “behind every act of Lord Krishna there is a Divine purpose in the beginning and a poetic justice in the end”..

The gifted soul, that understands and accepts this theory would live with peace; and that not gifted would go through the pain and perish..

There are many references in many countries, religions and philosophies across the four corners of this vast human world that endorse Lord Krishna as the Supreme God and also as the Creator of this Universe.

If that is true,

Then, everything that is visible to our naked eye in Nature today is Krishna Tatvam (Krishna Consciousness) and everything that is audible to our ears is Krishna Sabdam (Voice Of Krishna).         

After an enormous study of so many aspects of God and after so many personal experiences that I had gone through in my life, I have formulated this theory that I shall forever believe, practice and follow with reverence. 

Coming To The Point

When man tries to out grow Nature and attain complete control over it, God interferes and not just shows man His place – by proving His Supremacy over him – but also scripts an unimaginably spine chilling story, no great fiction writer on Earth can ever conceive; and enacts a nerve wracking Cosmic Drama, no great Hollywood Director can ever weave as a film.

It is for this reason alone, this terrifying drama that the entire planet is haplessly witnessing today in the form of this clueless pandemic called the Corona Virus or Covid – 19 should be considered as one such spine chilling Cosmic Drama being enacted by the Supreme Cosmic Director, Bhagawan Sri Krishna – the God of all Gods and the Supreme Commander of all the Cosmic forces guarding our Universe today.. Saranaagati Krishnaa.

Now, the question is, “If Lord Sri Krishna is our Father and Mother rolled into One million times, then, why would He give us such an unbearable problem and punish us like this.. ??”.

Let me explain..

By giving us this problem today, Sri Krishna is not punishing us but is only conditioning us to help us surrender to Him with more humility; respect His Nature with more reverence; look at humanity with more magnanimity; and love all His creation with more devotion.. That’s all.

Without keeping it’s solution ready Sri Krishna will never give us a problem; without keeping it’s answer ready He will never give us a question; and without keeping it’s cure ready He will never give us any disease.. So, Corona Virus too has a cure and it’s only a matter of time before the medical fraternity finds it.

Until then, let us all wait with patience by silently offering our prayers to Our Creator, Sri Krishna, by chanting the following Sri Krishna Maha Mantra that has the immaculate power to ward off any evil force from this world and restore peace and happiness in our lives.

The Powerful Sri Krishna Maha Mantra

“Iswarah Paramah Krishnah.. Sachidananda Vigraha.. Anadir Adi Govindaha.. Sarvakarana Karanam” 

“ఈశ్వరః పరమః కృష్ణా, సచిదానంద విగ్రహా, అనాదిర్ ఆది గోవిందః , సర్వకారణ కారణం” (Telugu) 

ईश्वरः परमाः कृष्णा, सत्चितानंद विग्रह, अनादीर आदी गोविंदाः, सर्वकारण कारणम्” (Hindi)

The above is the first Sloka from Chapter 5 of the Brahma Samhita – a treatise on Lord Sri Krishna – written by Veda Vyasa Maharshi; and those are the verses spoken by Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation, in praise of Lord Sri Krishna.

Meaning Of The Sloka : Krihsna who is also known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead.. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body.. He is the origin of all.. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes.

According to Sri Chaitanya Maha Parbhu, Who traced and found the lost Brahma Samhita, “this is one of the most favorite Slokas of Lord Sri Krishna – the Ruler of this Universe – that would immensely please Him if a devotee keeps chanting it, as and when possible, leaving all the worries to Him”.

How Can A Sloka Become A Mantra : Before knowing that, you must first know what is a Mantra.. Mantra is “Manana Trayathey Ithi Mantraha” which means “Mantra is the one that protects it’s chanter”.

According to Mantra Sastra, “Any Sloka, taken out for chanting, from the sacred Hindu texts like the Vedas, the Upanishads or even from the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharatha is a Mantra and can be chanted regularly for peace and happiness.

Thus, the above Sloka from the Brahma Samhitha not only becomes a Mantra but also a powerful Sri Krishna Maha Mantra, for all the reasons explained above, that gives instant happiness to it’s chanter and brings immense peace into his house, immediately.

Now, Here’s My Experience

I have read about this Mantara, in a book, sometime during 2004.. At that time, I was sitting all alone in my Hotel Room in Juhu, Mumbai.. It was raining heavily outside.. In my waiting for the rain to subside to go out, I started reading that book.

In one of the chapters of the Book, I read about this Mantra and felt immensely joyful and elated after reading it.. I quickly realized there’s some power in this Mantra.

Endorsing my belief, I received a call on my mobile, at that very moment, confirming my appointment with a big Bollywood personality to meet whom I have been eagerly waiting in the Hotel room for the previous four days.

After returning to my home city of Hyderabad, two days after that, I have started chanting this Sloka, everyday, during my Puja.. What I noticed in these sixteen years of chanting is,

“It not just offers instant joy to the mind and drives away all the gloom or disturbance, if any, but it also brings calmness to the mind thus helping me to think the way I want to, logically and reasonably”.. PERIOD

Yesterday afternoon, while I sat down to write this article, I was in a depressing mood deeply disturbed by the havoc being created by the Corona Virus outside and also by the total lock down in my city of Hyderabad that had forcefully confined me to inside.

Anyone like me, who always loves to lead the life of a bird in complete communion with Nature, would obviously feel depressed if asked, “stop all your flying now and stay confined to your Nest”.

However, miraculously so, after I commenced my writing of this article, I first noticed a great calmness in my mind, then a great joy and finally an inexplicable bliss that words in English dictionary cannot describe.

Later, I paused my writing, for a few minutes, and started wondering, “why is this sudden transformation in my mind”.. I kept thinking deeper and deeper and deeper with just that one question that kept knocking all the corners of my mind.

In a flash, answer came into my mind as though sent from the Cosmos, “Bhagawan Sri Krishna is the Ananda Kaarka (Cause of Happiness), the Embodiment of Joy, the Personification of Beauty, the Glorification of Love and the true Incarnation of all the Happiness in this human world”

Then I realized, “the opposite happens if Sri Krishna is angry and that is exactly what is happening in the world today.. So, pleasing Him and constantly praying to Him – by reciting the above Maha Mantra – to calm down is the only way that can restore order in our world and peace in our life, at the earliest”.

How To Recite This Mantra..??

As we are passing through a never before witnessed dark phase of our lives, it is important for all of us to come together and recite this Maha Mantra for world peace now.. To achieve that, here’s what we must do.

I request everyone who is reading this article, to, “recite this Sri Krishna Maha Mantra 108 times everyday at any time of the day that is convenient to you.. However, you don’t need to follow any rituals or restrictions except taking bath once in the morning.. You may just down, at any place convenient to you, facing East or North, and recite this Mantra 108 times..

Starting today – on the day you are reading this article – please do it for 21 days and trust me, with Bhagawan Sri Krishna’s Divine Grace, there will be a gradual change in the overall grave scenario that’s currently there in the world.. After that, not only the world would be seeing a new light but also our lives would be experiencing a new found peace.

Other Benefits Of Reciting This Maha Mantra

A. A daily recitation of this Mantra, nine times in a day, during your Puja will provide calmness to your mind and gives you immense peace.

B. This Mantra particularly helps those who are battling depression, melancholy or any other sort of psychosomatic disorders.

C. It also drives away anxiety and lets you relax.. The next time you are anxious about some issue, recite this Mantra as many times as possible in a day – by closing your eyes and observing your breath – until you feel completely relaxed.. Not only will you be relieved from your anxiety but also from the issue that had made you anxious.

D. When you are feeling lonely or if you are really living alone in this world, keep calling Krishna by reciting this Mantra..

Krishna will certainly come to you and also proves to you His presence around you either through a pleasant phone call or through a pleasant guest or through something equally pleasant that makes you smile.

However, do not just brush it off as a coincidence, it’s not.. In fact, it’s a gentle pat on your back by Bhagawan Sri Krishna Himself telling you, “Am with you dear and always with you”.

E. As I said, “this Mantra provides instant joy and you may check it for your yourself by calmly reciting it whenever you are dull or low in moods”.. Trust me.

KRISHNA will c..o..m..e..

Who Should Recite This Mantra..??

Anyone, male or female, belonging to all ages, castes, religions and sects may recite this Mantra at any time of the day they want to.. However, if you seek my advice, I would say,

“The best time to recite this Mantra is reciting it as a first thing in the morning, after taking bath, sitting in your Puja room or in a Puja place or any other clean place that’s convenient to you facing either East or North”.

You may recite it for a minimum number of nine times or as many times as you want.. You can also recite other Mantras or Stohtras if you are reciting them as part of your daily Puja.

Men may recite it during travel and women may recite it during their monthly cycle.. 


“Aakasath pathitham thoyam, Yatha gachathi sagaram.. Sarvadeva namaskaram
Kesavam prathi gachathi”

That means, “Just as all the water that falls from the sky, during the rainy season, finally reaches the sea; so do all the prayers we offer to any God finally reach Kesava – the other name of Lord Sri Krishna”

Arjuna often refers to Krishna as Kesava because Krishna killed the Demon, Kesi, and got that name..

As I said, “If everything that is visible to our naked eye in Nature today is Krishna Tatvam (Krishna Consciousness) then everything that is audible to our ears is Krishna Sabdam (Voice Of Krishna)”.

“Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum”

May you all and your respective families, by the Divine grace of Bhagawan Si Krishna, stay safe, happy and blessed forever.


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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