“He knows everyone and sees everything.. It is His glory that fills the Cosmos.. He resides in the city of the heart.. It is His power that moves our body and mind.. May He guide us from death to deathless life.

Know him as the radiant light of lights.. There shines not the Sun, neither Moon nor Star.. Nor flash of Lightning, nor Fire lit on Earth.. The Lord is the Light reflected by all.. He shining, Everything shines after Him” – The Mundaka Upanishad

DISCLAIMER : This is not a true story but a heart touching human story based on a real life incident that I have heard from a great man, a few years ago, in a spiritual meeting in Hyderabad.

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The noble lady smiled again, this time like the running brooks.. Then, showing the large portrait of Lord Venkateswara, in the hall, to that man, she said, “Inscrutable are His ways, my friend.. But I thank Him from the bottom of my heart for giving me an opportunity to offer you some service today”.

Exactly at that point..

Someone knocked on the door..

Suddenly, everyone in the hall turned silent..

Saying, “please give me a moment”, that lady got up from her chair and slowly walked towards the door..

On reaching the door, she slowly opened it.. There were about ten villagers obediently standing outside the door with folded hands.. Looking at them, she asked, “what’s the matter..??”..

One of the villagers replied in a low tone, “Amma, we have seen a car stuck in the middle of our road.. We realized someone had come to your house and thought they must be your relatives.

Regretting the inconvenience caused to them, we turned their Car and brought it pushing here.. In a couple of hours, we shall even cut the tree on the road and clear the way for them.. Our villagers are already on the job”.

Listening to this, a shocked Joginder and that man came running to the door.. Expressing great surprise in his face, Joginder asked that villager, “Bhai, you just ten people have brought pushing such a big car here.. How could you open the door.. I locked it”.

With the same obedience in his tone, the villager replied, “Yes sir, you locked the door but forgot to close the window.. I opened the lock through the window.. Then, we all together slowly turned the car 180 degrees.

Later, I sat in the driving seat and my friends pushed the car from behind.. That way we brought it here.. Not a big deal sir.. We could manage it easily.. If you can give us a couple of more hours, we shall even clear the road for you”.

Joginder quickly turned his face and looked at his boss.. With a great disbelief writ large on his face, that man too was looking at Joginder, that moment.. After looking so at his boss, Joginder lifted his head and looked at the car that was parked in front of the gate.

After finding the car there, he quickly looked down at those villagers who were all below 30 years of age with an ‘Yagnopavaeetam’ adoring their bare chests.. Noticing that sacred thread, Joginder realized they were Brahmins..

Quickly folding his hands and bending down his head in their honor, Joginder said, “Thank you very much Pandit ji.. You removed a big burden from my head”.. Negating his thanks, with a humble ‘Namaskar’, that young Brahmin, who was thus far talking, said,

“Sir, this great lady is our Amma, the Divine Mother of Devgaon.. She gave us everything in our life, right from our basic education to Vedic education, and had also taught us the core values of life.

Her guest is our God.. Any inconvenience to her guest is inconvenience to our Lord Sri Venkateswara.. So, please don’t say thanks”.. Saying so, that young villager slowly turned his head towards that lady and said,

“Amma, please don’t make arrangements for lunch to your guests.. Our boys are bringing Chakra Pongali, Rice Pongali, Pulihora, Dadhyojanam, Vada and Payasam from our Temple.. Please let us know if you need any further assistance”.

Nodding her head with a gentle smile, that lady replied, “thank you Bala.. I shall certainly let you know if I need anything else”..

Saying, “Always at your service Amma, Namskaram” that man and others slowly turned back, just like a troupe of soldiers in an army training camp take an about turn, and left the place.

After Going Inside The Home, 

That lady told that man, “Am sorry, you must be hungry.. If you can please forgive me and wait for a few more minutes, a nice lunch for you both, directly from our Temple, is on the way”.

Brushing her off, that man said, “that’s okay, Your Kindness.. We both are still under the magical influence of the Ginger tea you served us.. We can survive for another one hour.. In the meantime, if you don’t mind, may we know a little about you and your village.

Because, Your Kindness, everything here seems so interesting.. It’s like, for the first time in my life, I have stepped into a completely new world.. A world I couldn’t even imagine, exists.. A world where there’s so much of calmness and serenity.. I find great peace here in this world.

While entering this village, our Joginder was telling me a lot about this village, about the Temple here and also about it’s history.. Honestly, I didn’t take him seriously nor did I believe in anything he said.

But these boys, their obedience and the great respect they have in their eyes for you had amazed me.. I too have seen many people standing in front of me, in obedience, but honestly I have never noticed such respect in their eyes for me.

May I know, Your Kindness, what makes you so special.. May I hear from you about you, about this village, about the Temple and about the God that you are all so reverentially talking about.

Your Kindness, you may not like it if I now say that I never visited a Temple in my life.. Though a true Hindu, am an Atheist and never believed in the existence of God.

I lost my Dad when I was five year old and on that day I saw my Mother weeping in front of Lord Krishna’s portrait, in our house, saying,”I trusted you so much Krishna, then, why did you take my husband away”.

That moment, Your Kindness, I thought, Lord Krishna had cheated my Mother’s trust and had taken away my Dad from her.. Ever since, that thought had remained deep rooted in me and had never faded away even with the advancement of my age.

That day and at that moment I thought, Your Kindness, that I would never ever trust God in my life.. My wife, Chandana, is a great devotee of Krishna but I have no problem with her devotion..

All I tell her is to never influence me with her devotion and never speak about God in front of me.. This has been my life so far, Your Kindness, but contrary to my belief everything here appears so lively and lovely.. Am curious to know why”.

After carefully listening to every word that man had spoken, the Noble Lady first smiled gently and then started quietly looking into his eyes.. After looking so, for a few seconds,

She started talking,

“My friend, whether it be pleasure or pain; joy or sorrow, behind every act of God there’s a Divine purpose in the beginning and a poetic justice in the end.. So is in our birth and in our death.. What we must realize here is, He doesn’t give us anything we don’t need.

Even death is a need at a time when our living becomes miserable not only for ourselves but also for our own family members.. However, my friend, we always must live life with two vital wishes in our mind.. They are

Anaayaasena maranam.. Vinaa dainyena jeevitam, which means a Death without pain and a Life without misery.

May be the death of your Dad that day was needed both for your Dad and also for your Mother.. May be your Dad was ailing with an incurable disease.. May be any more living, thereafter, would have been more miserable for them both.

May be your Mother had done great service to him, so, Lord Krishna had thought she doesn’t have any more capacity to serve him which is why He had taken away your Dad from her.. Who knows..??..

Now, tell me one thing.. By doing so, did Lord Krishna help your Mother or curse your Mother.. ?? You know the answer.. Without understanding this simple act of God, you turned into an atheist and kept blaming Him all through your life.

Now, I shall not hesitate to tell you, my friend, that living in disbelief in God gave you more pleasure than living in belief in God.. What you must realize, at least now, is,

“In this world where everything is predetermined and well determined you were destined to remain an Atheist all your life which is why God had not blessed you to believe in the vital Cosmic Law of The Divine that says, “there’s a Divinity that shapes our life”.

On the contrary today, it is that same Divinity that had brought you to ‘Devgaon’ to enjoy all this bliss.. But why..?? We may not know why but would certainly know in future”..

Saying so, the Noble lady paused and kept looking at that man.. That man could not utter a word.. He was just speechless with the way that Noble lady had explained him everything that happened in his life.. After, quietly observing that man for a few more seconds,

That Lady Continued

My name is Meenakshi Deekshith.. My father and forefathers, for many generations, were priests of the Tirumala Temple.. About hundred years ago, my great grand father, Sri Ranganatha Deekshithulu, had a dream in which Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara had shown him a hill in this village and said,

“Rangantha, Am residing on that hill in Maharashtra in the form of an Idol which you would find on the top of the Eastern side of the hill.. Go there along with your family and build a Temple there for Me.. .

Place that Idol in the Temple, as Moola Virat, and keep performing the same rituals that you have been performing to Me here in this Tirumala Temple.. Hereafter, your family shall stay there.

Early in the morning tomorrow, the Chief Mahanta of Tirumala Temple would come to you and from thereafter he would assist you, by all means, in not only building this Temple on the hill but also in providing you home and in taking care of all your future needs.

Your family and all it’s future generations would peacefully reside there in that village as long as I reside on this Tirumala Hills.. At the end of the 28th Kali Yuga, I shall leave this Bhuloka..

After My going to the Vaikunta, this Ananda Nilaya on Tirumala hills would collapse; your village and the Temple there would submerge in sea water; and all your family members would travel along with Me to the Vaikunta”

Saying so, Bhagawan disappeared that night.. To our great grand father’s utter surprise, the next morning, the Chief Mahantha of Tirumala Temple came running to his house and said,

“Ranganatha ji, Bhagawan appeared in my dream early in the morning today and told me to meet you immediately.. He told me I have to go to a village in Maharashtra along with you and assist you in constructing a Sri Vari Temple there.

He also instructed me to forever provide, on behalf of the Tirumala Temple administration, complete financial assistance to the Temple, to your family and also to all the future residents of that village.

He asked me to obey everything that you would tell me.. Rangantha ji, you are blessed and so is your family.. Please tell me what is that this Sevak can do for you.. Am always at your service”.

After that, my great grand father and the Chief Mahantha have traveled many times to this village, stayed here for a longtime, facing many adversities of Nature, and have finally built this Temple that is standing so majestically on that hill.

Gradually, thereafter, all our families have migrated to this village from Tirumala.. It was my great grand father who had named this village, ‘Devgaon’, since this village was built entirely on the instructions of the Dev (God) Sri Venkateswara.

I was born on Tirumala Hills in my maternal grand Mother’s house.. Lord Venkateswara is the only One Being I know since my childhood.. I did my Master’s in Education from the prestigious Madras University with the sole intention of imparting meaningful education to the children of this village.

After coming here, I have set up a school and a college, with the support of TTD.. Education here is free for all.. The entire maintenance is by TTD.. We have many fertile paddy fields and flower gardens in this village.

We grow variety of flowers in our gardens and all the flowers from here go directly to Tirumala Temple.. That is the major revenue source for our villagers.. In case of any additional expenditure, TTD is always available.

So, neither I nor any villager here have the need to go out of this village for our livelihood.. We are all like a family.. Everyone’s problem here is every other one’s problem and everyone’s need here is every other one’s need.

That way, as T S Eliot says, “we are one for all and all for one”.. We all believe more in giving than in taking and in serving than in seeking.. We strongly believe this is the best philosophy to serve God.. He too had often endorsed our belief..

This is briefly about me and my beloved ‘Devgaon’.. Let me know about you now.. You seem to me a well educated man from a sophisticated family.. What is your name and what is your profession”..

Taking out a kerchief and wiping out his face, that man said, “Thank you, Your Kindness.. My name is..”

He was about to tell his name, but exactly at that moment, someone knocked on the door again.. Smiling gently, that lady got up from her chair saying, “Excuse me” and walked to the door.

Four boys were there, outside the door, with lunch boxes.. Offering the lady their humble ‘Namaskaram”, the boys walked into the house and neatly arranged all the food items on the table.

After about five minutes, the lady invited that man and Joginder to have lunch.. While serving them the variety of food items brought from the Temple she said, “this is the Naivedyam offered to our Lord Venkateswara in the Temple everyday.. You are blessed to have a taste of it today”.

Offering her their “thanks” and appreciating the high quality and taste of those hot sacred food items, that man and Joginder enjoyed their lunch.. After spending about half an hour on the dining table discussing about many more things related to that village, they concluded their lunch.

Later, they came and settled down in their chairs in the hall.. Smiling at them, that Lady said, “whether or not you believe, according to Cosmic Science, only those who met us in our past lives would meet us again in this life..

That way we must be good friends in our past life and must have met again in this life for some perfect reason.. Otherwise, I don’t see any reason why Lord Venkateswara made us meet today.. Strange are His ways.. By the way, I didn’t get your name”

That man smiled and said, “although am hearing the term Cosmic Science for the first time in my life, it sounds good to hear now and also that we met in our past life.. My name is..”

That man couldn’t complete his sentence as he suddenly heard a child coughing and moaning in pain from inside the bedroom that is to the left side of the hall.. In a flash, the lady got up from her chair and ran into that bedroom.

For a moment, Joginder and that man couldn’t understand who that child was and why was he suddenly moaning in pain.. Unable to know what to do, they both just remained seated in their chairs, impatiently waiting for that lady.

After about five minutes

Lord Venkateswara On Chandra Prabha Vahanam During Tirumala Brahmotsavams

That lady slowly came walking out of the bedroom, holding a 3-month old baby close to her heart.. Her eyes were full of tears that moment.. Looking at those tears in the eyes of a lady, who was until than cheerfully talking about her God and her village, that man and Joginder felt heavy in their hearts.

However, they couldn’t dare to ask her, “why”.. As they were so silently looking at her, that lady slowly walked into the hall and sat in her chair.. For almost three minutes, she just remained looking at the child with tears in her eyes.

Both Joginder and that man could clearly notice tear drops falling out from her eyes on to the child.. They just sat in their chairs helplessly looking at that lady and at the child in her hands.

An absolute silence was circulating all over the hall that time.. Except the sound of a mild breeze from the backyard window; the gentle kissing of the Earth by rain drops; and the mild weeping of that lady, looking at the child in her hands, there’s no other sound in the hall that moment.

Feeling terribly uneasy inside, that man slowly turned his head and looked at Joginder who was, at that moment, looking, even without battling his eye lids, not at the lady but at the child in her hands.

After giving both Joginder and that man, a few more terribly embarrassing moments, that lady, wiping off her tears, said, “am so sorry.. I just couldn’t hold myself seeing my baby in pain”.

That man quickly responded saying, “not at all.. Sorry to hear about your baby.. But what is his pain”..

Looking at the child, the Lady replied, saying, “Am not his Mother nor he’s my child.. I didn’t marry at all.. About two weeks ago, this boy’s mother left him on our Temple steps and went away leaving behind a heart breaking letter written in Telugu.

I remember every word written by that lady in that letter.. I must have read it a thousand times.. There was so much of pain in that letter.. That was an unbearable pain of a hapless mother unwillingly leaving her child to destiny..

In that letter she said,

“This cute boy is the unlucky son of this poor Mother who cannot afford to take care of his treatment.. My child was born on the Makar Sankranti day this year.. Unfortunately he was born with a heart disease.. As a result of that disease he cannot breathe properly.. 

And when that condition worsens, his whole body turns blue as he starts gasping for breath.. He’s two months old now and I have already seen him turning blue three times during these two months.. I cannot see that any more..

The Doctors say only an expensive heart surgery can heal His problem.. Am from a poor family struggling for two square meals a day.. How can I pay for such an expensive heart surgery..??

Am a great devotee of Lord Venkateswara.. I heard a lot about Devgaon and the nobility of people here.. So, with whatever little money am left with, I have traveled all the way from my village in Andhra to this sacred place.

Am submitting my child to my Venkateswara today.. From now on it is for Him to take care of my child.. I heard a lot about His miracles and strongly believe that He would certainly do a miracle and save my child.

Hey Venkateswara, hey Deena Baandhava, hey Anaatha Rakshakaa, hey Sranagatha Vatsala Paarijaatha, hey Dayaa Sindho’ please save my child..

Please bless him with long life.. Please bless him with great health.. Please bless him with good life.. More importantly, please bless him with noble parents.. From hereafter he’s not my child but your child, Swamy.. I would be a mere nobody for him forever.

Am leaving him at Your Lotus feet and going away.. Far from this place, far from him, far from you and far from his vicinity.. I may never come back again.. You may do whatever You want to do for him or anything You feel like doing for him.. You may give him to some noble parents who do not have children.. Your wish, Swamy..

All I want, as his mother, is his happiness in whichever part of India he would be living tomorrow.. I shall never seek him back.. Don’t know if I will be alive to see him again in my life but if alive I shall certainly try to come to this Temple, again, after five years on the Makara Sakranthi day.

I wish to see him in red color silk robes that day standing to the right side of the entrance of the Garbha Griha of this Temple.. I would just see him from a distance and go away.. Swamy, this is the only boon am seeking from you.. 

Please make my child fully healthy and completely normal and show him to me on the Makar Sankranthi day in 1979.. From hereafter, I shall keep myself alive and keep counting everyday, for the coming five years, to see him that day in 1979.

As there would be a lot of rush in the Temple that day no one may notice me when I come to the Temple.. From thereafter, I shall manage to come on every Makar Sankranthi day to this temple year after year, as long as am alive, to see my son in the same Red silk robes..

Please tell the parents who may adopt him to bring him here on that day every year.. With utmost belief in You that You would not only make my son completely healthy but would also show him to me year after year from 1979, am leaving him here and returning to my village..

Please understand my pain, Swamy, more so my helplessness and bless me and my child.. Sirasaa Vandanam.. A Hapless Cursed Mother”.. PERIOD

The Noble Lady Paused

And kept looking at the child in her hands holding her tears.. For a few seconds there was a freezing silence in that hall..

A thoughtless emptiness in the minds of that man and Joginder and an indescribable heaviness in their hearts.. Although both Joginder and that man have a thousand mixed feelings in their minds neither Joginder nor that man could utter a word.

Instead, they just remained looking at the lady and at the child.. Breaking the silence, the lady said, “the same day, I have taken the child to my home and immediately contacted the TTD authorities in Tirumala.. They have quickly sent a team of Doctors..

One of them was a Cardiologist (a super specialty Doctor specialized in treating the diseases of the heart) and he examined the child.. After the examination, he said that the child is born with a combination of heart problems resulting in a defect in the center of the heart.

This condition occurs, as he says, when there’s a hole between the heart’s chambers and problems with the valves that regulate blood flow in the heart.. In medical terminology, this condition is called the ‘Atrioventricular canal defect’ and requires a surgery that should be performed before the child completes six months of age.

That Cardiologist also said that only a Cardiologist specialized in Cardiovascular surgery can perform such a surgery and not every other Cardiologist.

He further said that there’s only one such competent Cardiovascular Surgeon in India by name, Dr.Arjun Padit, who can perform such a complicated heart surgery and guarantee a normal life to this child.

But he said getting Dr Arjun’s appointment is almost impossible, at least for the next six months, as he’s an extremely busy heart surgeon performing surgeries to heart patients at various hospitals across India.

Dr Arjun Pandit, according to the TTD Cardiologist, is also the personal Cardiologist to the President of India, to the Prime Minister of India and also to many Governors and Chief Ministers of Indian states.

But, this poor child doesn’t have so much of time to wait for Dr Arjun’s appointment.. The TTD still said it would try through it’s own resources to contact Dr Arjun but so far they haven’t made any progress.

In a desperate attempt, the TTD, just a couple of days ago, had sent a personal letter to the Prime Minister’s office to get an early appointment of Dr Arjun but not sure when they would get a response.

The TTD is ready to bear with all the expenses for the child’s operation but they are not even able to contact Dr Arjun.. A real testing time for all of us now.. With every passing hour, the entire Devgaon village is growing extremely restless looking at the child.

This boy is the favorite child of everyone here and we are all fervently praying to our holy Lord to do some miracle and get us the appointment of Dr Arjun for the boy’s surgery .. But, don’t know why He too hadn’t so far responded.

As a last resort, we all the residents of Devgaon have performed a special prayer to our holy Lord Sri Venkateswara in our Temple yesterday and requested Him to interfere and get us a positive response from the Prime Minister’s office with a quick appointment of Dr Arjun Pandit for the surgery.

We all have made a vow to the Lord, during that prayer, that none of us here in this village would eat anything during the night, from today, until we get Dr Arjun’s appointment and a successful heart surgery is performed upon the child.

That means we all in Devgaon would perform ‘Upavasam’ until that day of surgery.. Today, nothing in this world is more important for anyone in Devgaon except the well being of this child.. We are just not able to see his pain.

The TTD Cardiologist had given some tablets to offer to the child in case of an emergency, when his body would turn blue due to breathlessness, however, had warned me that the child needs an immediate surgery else it would be extremely difficult for him to survive beyond six months of age”.

Saying the last words

The great Noble Lady broke down inconsolably.. Watching her in tears the Mother Nature too had started shedding tears as a result of which there was a sudden increase in the rainfall outside.

The skies too have expressed their anxiety, in support of the favorite lady of Devgaon, with heavy sound of thunders.. The wind had also become extremely restless seeing the beloved lady in tears.. Unable to bear with that restlessness it had started fierce fully sweeping the whole village of Devgaon.

Expressing His solidarity to the Wind God, His friend, the God of Fire had started glowing heavily in the Garbha Griha of the Devgaon Temple.. As a result, the huge lamps in front of Sri Varu in the Garbha Griha have suddenly started attaining an unusual brightness.

The Ashta Dikpalakas, the Yakshas, the Gandharvas, the Kinneras and the Kimpurushas have suddenly stopped their duties and started looking at the Supreme Commander of the Cosmic Forces, the Akhilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Bhagawan Sri Sri Srii Venkateswara Swamy varu, for His response to the Noble Lady’s tears.

However, there was no response in the Lord’s face, Who at that moment was in a Chinmaya Mudra with closed eyes.

That man and Joginder were indescribable looking at the lady in tears.. They were just blank with their thoughts blank, with their minds blank and with everything around them in that hall turning blank for almost three minutes.

At the beginning of the fourth minute,

Slowly coming out of that blankness..

Slowly absorbing that shock..

Slowly composing himself..

And slowly balancing his thoughts..

That man started talking..

Here’s what he said,

“Your Kindness, I think I must now speak my heart out in front of you.. If not today, I won’t be able to speak in my life at all.. Am really touched with all that you have said both about the poor Mother and her child.

My wishes to the poor lady.. I promise, on Lord Venkateswara of Devgaon, that I shall not only save this child from his fatal disease but also would do my best to give him a great life and a greater future.

However, please allow me to tell a little about me, Your Kindness, and also about my family and about what all had happened in my life today.. Me and my wife, Chandana, are in a wedlock for the last 22 years.

We have everything in our life today.. We have name, fame, money and all the worldly riches but unfortunately, Your Kindness, we do not have children and now, at this age, it’s too late to even think about them.

In the last twenty years, we have visited many renowned Gynecologists, all around the world, but, none could help our cause.. Surprisingly, both of us are normal but my wife was not able to conceive.. Why so is still a mystery to the medical world.

About five years ago, Your Kindness, we have given up all our hopes and decided to adapt a child but finding a child had become more difficult for us than in conceiving a child.. Frustrated with the situation that there’s no child, not even a foster child, to call me Dad, I abused my wife one day, saying,

“You trust Lord Krishna so much but what happened.. Why is that He had not blessed us with a child.. Why is that He’s not even showing us a child to adopt.. Just forget your Krishna.. He’s a cheat and an expert in breaking the trust of His devotees.. He did that to my Mother and is doing to you now”.

Cajoling me, my wife said, “Whatever Lord Krishna does is right.. Giving children to others is right and not giving us is also right.. However, He must be certainly having some plan for us.. We just have to wait with patience until that day arrives”.

Your Kindness, this is the day we both of us have been eagerly waiting for so many years.. This is the day I silently wanted Lord Krishna to bring in my wife’s life.

Your Kindness, with your kind permission, we shall adopt this child who would be nothing but a gift of Lord Krishna to my wife.. She would be the happiest lady in the world to have him as her son.. I now believe in the Cosmic Law that there’s certainly a Divinity that shapes our destiny.

Otherwise, there’s no reason for me to come here.. No no, Your Kindness, I wouldn’t say I came here but as our Joginder says Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara had brought us here to show me this child and also to take care of his heart surgery and his future.

Your Kindness, out of my arrogance, I told my wife today morning that I would donate fifty percent of my wealth to the under privileged in the society if God proves His existence to me..

However, He proved it to me within hours.. As promised, I shall donate fifty percent of all my wealth to you.. There’s no better person than you to make good use of this money..

But let me clarify, Your Kindness.. This not any money am giving to you in exchange of the child.. You have every right to say no to me but my wealth would still come to you.. But I request you to please oblige me and grant me this child”

Saying so,

That man paused..

For almost a minute..

The lady did not utter a word.. Did not even lift her head.. She just remained silent looking at the child in her hand.. Later, taking a deep breath, she slowly lifted her head and said,

“Am happy that coming here had brought a complete change in your outlook towards God and destiny.. Sooner or later this has to happen in your life, so, He brought you here today.. Am really saddened with the problem both you and your wife have gone through all these years.

May be Lord Krishna, Whom your wife trusts the most, had brought this child for you to this village.. Neither I nor my people of Devgaon shall have any problem in gifting him to a decent man like you.

However, I need to talk to TTD about the legal formalities before offering the child to you.. But before that, the surgery to the child would be a major concern for all of us.. Firstly, you need to do something about that and get Dr Arjun’s appointment.. By the way I did not ask your name”.

That man smiled gently and said “Thank a zillion, Your Kindness, for accepting my request.. Me and my wife would be indebted to you, to Devgaon and above all to Lord Venkateswara all our life for this noble gesture.. May I hold the child once in my hands”, the man requested.

Saying, “Sure”, that lady slowly got up from her chair and carefully transferred the child into the hands of that man.. Joyfully holding the child in both his hands, that man said, “such a cute child.. I have never seen such a cute child in my life”..

Then lifting his head and looking at the lady, he said, “oh you asked my name.. My name is..” that man was about complete the sentence, but, exactly at that same moment someone knocked on the door again.

The lady quickly got down from the chair and walked towards the door and opened it.. The same ten villagers, who pushed the car to that house earlier in the day, were standing outside the door.

Looking at that lady, they said, “amma, we have cleared the road.. Your guests can travel by it anytime they want to”.. Saying, “thanks Bala.. Come in all of you.. Have some ginger Tea and go”..

Saying “certainly amma’, all the ten young men walked into the house.. Smiling at them, that man said, “thank you very much for all the help brothers.. I can never forget you in my life”..

Then, turning to that lady, he said, “I have to be in Ahmedabad to night.. I have an emergency surgery to perform upon the chief minister of Gujarat.. His entire team and family must be eagerly waiting for me now.

I shall come again to Devgaon, along with my wife, immediately after I return to Bombay.. Hereafter, this child, his surgery, his well being and his entire future are my responsibility.. You can stop worrying about him.

By the Divine Grace of Lord Sri Venkateswara, I have successfully performed many such surgeries and saved the hearts of many children.. With His Divine Grace again, I shall at the earliest perform the surgery upon this cute child as well and save his life”.

For a moment,

Neither the lady nor the villagers in that hall could understand what that man was talking..

Looking suspiciously at him..

That Noble lady slowly walked to him..

And standing close to him..

And looking deep into his eyes, asked him,

“Are you a Doctor.. Are you a Cardiologist.. Are you a Cardiovascular surgeon..??.. Oh my God.. What is your name”..

Smiling gently..

Slowly lifting his hands..


Offering his humble Namaskaram ..


The Holy Lord Venkateswara’s portrait..

In the hall..

That man said..

“Dr. Arjun Pandit, Cardiovascular Surgeon, personal Cardiologist to His Excellency the President of India, to the Honorable Prime Minister of India and to many honorable Governors and Chief Ministers of Indian states”..


“May we hear only what is good for all.. May we see only what is good for all.. May we serve You, Lord of Love, all our life.. May we be used to spread Your peace on earth.. Om Santhi, Santhi, Santhi hi” – The Prashna Upanishad  


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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