Although a small five lettered word, is perhaps the most powerful word ever invented in the history of English dictionary.

Money is also a magical word that controls our universe and commands our duties; rules our lives and makes us a slave; changes our fortunes and alters our fate; makes us a king and brings in new relations; makes us a pauper and drives away friends; makes us a criminal and distances us from this world.

Money also can make anyone and break anyone but still we vouch for it; struggle for it; strive for it; fight for it and yearn for it.. While some make money in abundance, some earn it in very little portions.. All in all, God knows whether Earth revolves around the Sun or not but it certainly revolves around money and only money indeed.

We always wonder why is that some people make so much money and some so little.. If there’s equality in Nature then why is that there’s so much of poverty around us everywhere..

Is there any cosmic method to make money the way we want to and when we want to .. ???

Well..There may be or may not be one but as I often believe and say,”..without keeping it’s solution ready God will never give us a problem..”..

If so, the following historical incident is part of a divine drama the cosmic forces of holy Hindu Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi, His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Adi Sankaracharya and a poor Brahmin lady had played, several centuries ago ,for the well being of humanity.

This amazing incident had given an invaluable boon to humanity in the form of a divine Sthothram, reciting which many devotees had overcome their long standing financial problems..

It may sound incredible but true.. Will as well share my experiences with this Sthothram but before that..

Please go through the following divine drama that gave humanity this amazing Sthothram..

This incident occurred around the 5th century BC.. As you all may be knowing, Adi Sankarancharya, the renowned Hindu philosopher, preacher and theologian is the reincarnation of holy Hindu Lord Siva.

Adi Sankara took renunciation (Sanyasa Asrama Dharma) at an young age of eight and ever since went around the streets of Kaladi, his birthplace in God’s very own beautiful state of Kerala, seeking alms for his survival from the neighboring families of this sacred village..

One day, Adi Sankara was passing through a street.. He suddenly paused, as though halted by some divine force, in front of a poor Brahmin lady’s hut.. Standing there, He said, “Bhagawathee Bikshaam Dehi” in a low humble tone.. The poor old Brahmin lady, residing inside that hut, heard the holy sage’s gentle voice.

She immediately wanted to respond to that sage and also wanted to offer Him something to eat.. She desperately searched the whole hut for some eatables to offer to the sage.. Having found nothing, she just broke drown into tears.

What can a poor lady, who herself was starving for the previous two days, would offer someone to eat.. However, she didn’t want to send the young sage empty handed.. She searched the hut again and again and again with frustration; with desperation and with some silent prayer.

As though her prayers were answered, the poor lady found a small gooseberry (Indian Amla), in mud, at a place in some corner of the hut.. With great sparkle in her eyes the lady picked up that fruit and washed it with water first.

Later, carrying it carefully in both her hands, she slowly walked out of her hut – with an elegant smile on her lips and great devotion on her mind – towards Adi Sankara standing in front of the hut..

Then offering Adi Sankara her pranams, the lady quite reverentially offered the gooseberry fruit to Him.

Adi Sankaracharya, A Poor Brahmin Lady And Goddess Lakshmi

The young Adi Sankara – a Trikaala Gnani – was spell bound with the devotion of the poor old Brahmin lady.. Looking at her pathetic condition, he was greatly moved..

Offering her his humble salutations, Adi Sankara suddenly went into a divine trance and recited twenty one amazing slokas, in praise of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi, invoking her presence into that poor lady’s hut..

Immensely pleased with the young sage Adi Sankara’s amazing recitation of the devotional slokas in Her praise, the Holy Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi quickly appeared before him and asked him what is that She can do for Him ..

Showing the poor lady to Goddess Lakshmi, Adi Sankara requested,”..Amma..Why should anyone live in such a poor condition.. What is her crime..??.. Why should she suffer like this..??..”

With a gentle smile, the Goddess replied, “This lady was a very greedy lady in her past life and had never offered a pie to those in need.. She was also never involved in any charitable activity that did good to the society.. Therefore,s he is now paying price for all the bad karmas she committed in her previous life..”..

With great firmness in his tone, Adi Sankara asked,”Ammaa.. If everything in this world is predetermined and well determined then how is this poor Brahmin lady responsible either for her good karmas or her bad karmas either in this life or in that life..

Amma.. Let us, for a while, keep aside all our theories and think in favor of humanity.. In this life this poor lady is a great devotee and has offered enormous noble service to humanity..

And if she’s not adequately compensated now, for her good karmas, then she may completely lose faith in God and also in the existence of God which may not augur well for the future generations.

Therefore Amma, the mother of prosperity and riches, I humbly request You now to please forgive this lady and forever remove poverty from her life.. I bow to thee Ammaa.. Please oblige…”

The merciful holy Goddess Lakshmi, who was thus far testing the knowledge of the young Adi Sankara, mesmerizingly smiled at the poor Brahmin lady.. As a result of the holy Goddess’s amazing smile, Golden gooseberries started raining all around the poor lady’s hut taking her by shock and immense surprise.

Offering the Mother Goddess Lakshmi His sincere thanks, Adi Sankara prostrated before Her holy Lotus feet.. Pleased with His devotion, the Goddess smiled again and said,”Sankara.. Am impressed with your devotion and your noble thoughts towards humanity..

The twenty one slokas you have now recited comprise a divine Sthotram and resulted in the Gold rain here.. These slokas have the power not only to remove poverty from anyone’s life but also have the power to rain riches in the house of everyone who recites them with devotion..

Just because the recitation of this Sthothram rains riches and Gold everywhere, it will hereafter be called the sacred “Kanakadharaa Sthothram” by reciting which anyone can certainly drive away poverty from their homes and from their lives forever..”

Saying so, the Goddess Mother Sri Maha Lakshmi disappeared.. PEACE


Adi Sankara,Goddess Lakshmi And Old Lady

I heard the name of this amazing “Kanakadharaa Sthothram”, for the first time in my life, from my beloved dad during my college days in the mid eighties.. Ours is a simple middle class family of course with decent living conditions.

However, as the needs and his children were growing my dad noticed that even the need for money too was growing in our house.. Just then my elder brother had planned a new business model.. After some initial struggle, money literally started raining all around our house although for only a brief period of six months.

But that was sufficient for my dad to consolidate his financial position and also to accumulate some wealth for our future needs and marriages.. During those six months period, I noticed my ever smiling dad smiling more often than he would normally do.

One fine morning, I casually asked him what the matter is.. Since am his most beloved son, among his five sons, he told me in a beaming tone, “I have started the recitation of the “Kanakadharaa Sthothram” and now enjoying the fruits..”

Since I was a rebel in nature and radical in my views, I wanted to laugh loudly at my dad’s innocence but restrained myself from doing so coz I didn’t want to hurt my dad’s sentiments ..

Later, the wheel of time turned a full circle and I, as a married man and father of two cute little daughters, have started passing through a financial turbulence, in 1996..

One day.. I still remember that day.. I was searching for an important document which I didn’t find anywhere in the house. .Later, I pulled out an old briefcase, from inside our double cot, and started searching for the document in that briefcase.

Believe me.. As fate would have it, I have not only found the missing document in that briefcase but had also found the same amazing “Kanakadharaa Sthothram” book which my dad had used for his recitation during those six months period in my college days.

I still wonder how it entered my briefcase.. Then suddenly I remembered what my dad had told me about it’s impact ten years ago.. With a wish to give it a try, I have started reciting “Kanakadharaa Sthothram” from the very next day..

Difficult to believe.. Not for you but still for me.. In about three months time, money started pouring in from even unexpected corners and people who delayed my payments earlier, started coming home and giving me money.

After that, I became too busy in life and never recited “Kanakadharaa Sthothram” regularly although I can recite the entire Sthothram today without seeing the book..

“Angam hare pulaka bhushana maasrayanthi.. Bringanenga mukulaabharanam tamaalam.. Angeekrithakhila vibhoothi rapaanga leelaa..Maangalyadaasthu mama mangala devataayah..”

I may not be rolling in riches today but the power of that brief period recitation of the divine Sthothram never pushed me into such deep turbulence again in my life…PERIOD..


Goddess Sri Dhana Lakshmi

Seeing is believing or feeling is believing.. Since I have personally seen and experienced the power of this amazing divine Sthothram, both during my very young age as well as during my matured age, I thought I should share about it with my beloved readers today, on this most auspicious day of Diwali.

Since it is a very long Sthothram, I have only written the first sloka in the epilogue.. You may search for it on Google and get the full lyrics.. However, one important point here.. Do not expect miracles to happen overnight as it happened in the case of that poor Brahmin lady..

It doesn’t work like that.. We are sinful human beings and not any Adi Sankaracharya to invoke Goddess Lakshmi’s presence into our house whenever we want.. Have patience more importantly devotion.. When it showed results in my case and my dad’s case why not in your case friend.. PERIOD

In the initial days, many may find difficulty in reciting these intricate Sanskrit slokas with precision..  However, our Mother Goddess sees our devotion and not our perfection in pronunciation.. She looks at your attempt to recite the Sthothram and not at your skills in reciting it..

Over a period of time you will certainly attain command over these slokas and will also gain ease in it’s recitation.. If you still have a problem just search for it on You Tube or buy a CD and play it in your house everyday.. Even this method does wonders..

Although there’s a version sung by the legendary M.S.Subbulakshmi, available everywhere, I personally recommend the one rendered by the Bombay sisters..

Please Click Here to view and listen to this divine sthothram, rendered mellifluously by the Bombay sisters, on this auspicious day.. Happy Diwali.. May holy Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings be with you and your family forever.

“Sarasija nilaye saroja hasthe.. Dhavalatamam sukha gandha maalya sobhe.. Bhagawathi hari vallabhe manogne.. Tribhuvana bhoothi kari praseeda mahyam..”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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