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After that…

Emotional and a slightly miraculous meeting with his most beloved friend,Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao,the mystic Brahmin Subbarao happily returned home..

He’s now a much more satisfied man after receiving that sound assurance from his friend regarding the much needed moral support to successfully complete the “Maha Yagnam”..

Subbarao then started thinking about the divine event literally every minute of his life..Surprisingly there was no other instruction or communication to him,from the divine Goddess,for almost a week..

And after about a week,when Subbarao was deeply engrossed in his daily meditation of the Gayathri Manthra,the divine Goddess suddenly spoke to him and said..

“Dear Subbarao..Go and meet your friend Bhaskara Murthy today.. He will help you in meeting PVRK Prasad.. ”

After saying so the voice disappeared..Subbarao quickly opened his eyes..He was very much surprised with Mother’s choice..At the same time he had also realized how keen Mother’s observation is and how meticulously She operates..

On the same evening..

Subbarao went to his friend Bhaskara Murthy’s house and told him everything about Goddess Mother Gayathri’s plans and requested him to arrange,at the earliest,a personal meeting with PVRK Prasad..

Although initially surprised with what his friend Subbarao had said,Bhaskara Murthy quickly composed himself and said..

“Dear Subbarao..Am glad that Mother had uttered my name and is involving me in Her divine scheme of things..I shall certainly do my best and help you in meeting Sri Prasad at the earliest..However,you need to understand that Prasad is not an ordinary man and is in fact a busy man all the time..

No matter what Subbarao,I shall still give you his residence number in Hyderabad..You may call on that number,preferably in the morning hours,and find out when it would be convenient for him to meet you..

Don’t worry Subbarao..If needed I shall personally take you to Hyderabad to meet him..Or Mother may Herself send Prasad to Visakhapatnam..Who knows..”

Saying so,Bhaskara Murthy gave the Hyderabad number of PVRK Prasad to Subbarao..Later he had not only assured his complete help to his friend but had also wished him good luck in accomplishing the divine task..

And it was exactly at this point of time that this entire story had begun..

After collecting PVRK Prasad’s number from his friend,Subbarao,the very next morning at about 11 a m, called that landline number of Prasad..

The phone rang for a longtime in Prasad’s house..

However,there was no response from that side for a long time..

(Sri Prasad really has a big house in the Banjara Hills area of Hyderabad and it would normally take a pretty long time for anyone to come and pick the phone placed in his office room)

When Subbarao was about to disconnect the call,a lady suddenly picked up the phone and in a humble tone asked Subbarao..

“..Hello..Yevarandee..” (Hello..Who is this)..??..”

Greeting her with a traditional”Namaaskaram”,Subbarao introduced himself to that lady after realizing that it was Mrs.Gopika Prasad,wife of PVRK Prasad..He said,

“Ammaa…Namaskaram..My name is Nemani Subbarao and am calling from Visakhapatnam..Would like to talk to Sri Prasad..Is he at home Ammaa..??.”

With a gentle smile in her voice,Mrs.Prasad replied,’Namaskaram Subbarao garu..But am sorry..Sri Prasad is not at home..Even am waiting to meet him..

He’s too busy travelling from place to place regarding the demolition of the thousand pillars mandap on the Tirumala hills..He’s the chairman of the inquiry commission..Will certainly let him know once he’s back..”

With great humility in his voice,Subbarao replied,”Certainly Amma..There’s something very important I want to discuss with him..When do you want me to call again Ammaa..”

“Not sure Subbarao garu..But you can certainly try again after about a week..”replied Mrs.Prasad with the same gentle smile in her voice..

Left with nothing much to say,a slightly disappointed Subbarao disconnected the call saying,”Sure Ammaa..Will certainly do..”

However,the poor Subbarao at that time was not aware that his disappointment was going to double in the coming few weeks as he would not be able to contact Prasad for at least another two months..

Still he kept trying and trying and trying to reach Prasad,after almost every week,but every time he would get the same reply from Mrs.Gopika Prasad that..

“Sri Prasad is not at home..Please try after sometime..”..

With a great disappointment,Subbarao had finally understood how difficult it is in India to reach a senior bureaucrat like PVRK Prasad…PERIOD..

Subbarao for sure was disappointed but not discouraged..Because he was quite sure that Mother would be taking care of everything and when the time comes She would certainly arrange everything for him..

But when..??..

Subbarao wanted to ask Mother..

And the next day he asked Her the same without knowing,at that particular moment,that the Goddess had already schemed things in Her divine drama and is sending Prasad to Visakhapatnam,shortly..

But how..??..

Will come to that later but before that let me explain you about what Subbarao had done

On the next morning..

A still disappointed Subbarao sat in his daily meditation that day too as he sits everyday..Although his lips were reverentially chanting the Gayathri Manthra,his disturbed mind was constantly asking him a few questions..

“Why is that am unable to meet P V R K Prasad even though Mother had clearly asked me to meet him.. ??.. There’s not much time left for the “Maha Yagnam” now and am yet to meet the man who would stand in front and lead the event..What to do now..???..”

Observing her beloved son’s disturbed feelings,the Goddess Mother quickly spoke..

“..Dear Subbarao..I told you many times not to worry about anything and leave everything to me..All things fall into place when they are meant to fall in place..Until then just keep quiet and allow me to help you..Secondly,listen to me carefully now..

Prasad will meet you when he’s destined to meet you but before that you need to fix a Muhurath for the “Maha Yagnam”..Therefore go and meet Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry for this purpose..He’s the best man to do this job for you..”

Saying so the voice disappeared..

“..Who is Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry..??.. And why did Mother ask me to meet only him to fix the muhurath for the Maha Yagnam..??.. What is so great about him..??..”..

Subbarao was in a big dilemma..He thought for a long time..

Later in the evening,Subbarao went to his friend,Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao’s house,to know and discuss about Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry.

But before that it is important to know..

Who Is Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry And What Is So Great About Him..?? 

And why did divine Mother ask Subbarao to meet only Sri Sastry to fix the muhurath for the “Maha Yagnam”.. ??..

The 87 year old Maha Mahopaadyaaya Sri Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry is a resident of Rajahmundry town in Andhra Praesh state..

Sri Sastry is a renowned multi faceted Vedic scholar extraordinary in the fields of Sanskrit literature, Vedic Literatue, Vaastu Saastra and Jyothish Saastra (astrolgy) and is also known widely for finalizing “Muhuraths” for many great spiritual events including those conducted by the state governments,holy peethams and famous temples of India..

Sri Sastry is also the honorable recipient of the President of India’s award for his outstanding services to the spread of Sanskrit language all over the world and also for upholding the age old values of spiritual India ..

It would not be an irony if I now say that “in the seventy years of glorious life,this noble son of India had so far spent in preserving the values of Vedic India,there’s not a single holy personality or peetadhipathi, including His Holiness the Paramacharya of Kanchi and His Holiness Bhagwan Sri Satya Saibaba of Puttaparthi,who had not sought Sri Madhura Sastry’s advice in finalizing muhuraths for their events..

Sri Sastry is an authority on all the four Vedas,Vedic Astrology and Vaastu Saastra  He also prepares the “Telugu Panchangam”  (Almanac) every year..

Called “Madhura Panchangam “,this almanac prepared by Sri Madhura Sastry,is the only almanac that combines the Traditional Drik Sidhdha theory with modern values..Hence many purists consider this as the most authentic of all the Telugu Panchangams that are released every year on ‘Ugadi’ the Telugu new year day..

This octogenarian scholar extraordinary and Maha Mahopaadhyaya,Sri Madhura Sastry,who is currently living in Rajahmundry,also has many great literary works in Telugu to his credit..

Some of his great works include the famous “Jaatakalankaram”, “Daivagna Vallabham”. “Griha Vaastu Deepika”, “Panchanga Bedha Samanvayam”, “Bhaavaartha Ratnakaram” and “”Satha Yoga Manjari”..

While participating in a discussion on`Is astrology a science?’ organised by the International Council of Astrological and Occult Studies,a few years ago,this was what Sri Sastry said…

“..The four Vedas,18 puranas and 64 kalas presented enough avenues of employment for Indians…Just like in engineering there are specialties and in medicine there are super specialties,in the 64 kalas too there are as many as 512 branches.

Astrology is very much a science,..Unfortunately those who had little knowledge of it and never bothered to study the subject ridicule astrology…Astrology consists of the`Siddhantha’ or theory,Hora’ or ‘muhurtha’ times and `Samhita’ or predictions, and only a thorough study helps one master it,..”

Hail Mahamahpaadhyaaya Sri Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry

Now,let us come back to the main story..

On meeting his friend Veerabhadra Rao,at his residence that evening,Subbarao told him about Mother’s reference to Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry and asked him,”Baabannaa..Who is this great man..What is so great about him..”

After explaining everything he knows about Sri Madhura Sastry,Veerabhadrao said,”Dear Subbarao..It is no surprise that Mother had recommended Sri Sastry’s name..In India there’s no better scholar than Sri Sastry to fix a Muhurath for an auspicious event like this..

However,it’s not easy to meet him Subbarao..So what..Since this is a great divine task we shall put all our human theories aside and go and meet him straightaway…Rest everything will any how be taken care of by Mother..Let us plan to go to Rajahmundry at the earliest..”

After about two days,both Subbarao and Veerabhadra Rao left for Rajahmundry..After going there they didn’t find it much difficult to locate the area where Sri Sastry resides..

Purchasing a few varieties of fruits,on their way,both the friends headed straight to Sri Sastry’s house in Rajahmundry..They know that

“..Riktha hasthey namo peyaath raajaanaam daivatham guroom..” (Never go empty handed while visiting your king,God and teacher)

Time was about 10 a m in the morning that day when they both reached Sri Sastry;s house..For a few moments,after entering the great scholar’s house,both the friends felt as though they entered a Temple..

After receiving the message that “two persons have come from Visakhapatnam to meet him” the then 76 – year old Sri Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry came out to meet them..

Quickly handing him over the fruits covers in their hands,Subbarao and Veerabhadra Rao prostrated before the holy feet of the septuagenarian Vedic Scholar..

Blessing them saying “Deerghaayushman Bavaha” Sri Sastry lifted them up with both his hands..After making them sit comfortably in chairs he asked them,”..Who are you and where are you coming from..”

With folded hands,Subbarao replied,”Brahmasree..My name is Nemani Subbarao..A tuition master from Visakhapatnam..This is my friend Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao..By the grace of Goddess Gayathri I have just a few months ago completed more than one crore time recitation of the Gayathri manthra..”

Subbarao was trying to say something more but quickly interrupting him,Sri Sastry said,”Sorry for the interruption Subbarao garu..What did you say..You completed one crore time recitation of the Gayathri Manthra..???..Surprising..

Even if we recite one thousand times everyday it takes more than thirty years for an ordinary person like me to complete one crore time recitation of the Gayathri Manthra..And you say you have completed the recitation more than one crore times..

Unbelievable Subbarao garu..Am really blessed today that someone so special like you had graced my house..Certainly Goddess Gayathri must have sent you to bless me..”

“..Yes Brahmasree..Goddess Gayathri had sent me to your house today..She told me your name and asked me to meet you..”,Subbarao quickly replied..

Raising his eyebrows,the great Vedic scholar,who could not suppress the surprise in his voice,asked Subbarao,”..Whatttttt..What did you say..Goddess Gayathri told you my name and asked you to meet me..How is it possible..”

Now,Veerabhadra Rao replied in a very low and humble tone,”..Yes Brahmasree..Goddess Gayathri speaks to him often and guides him on many aspects of spirituality..She had sent him to perform meditation for forty days first in Basara and then in Naimisaranyam..

While in Naimisaranyam She told him that a “Maha Yagnam” is to be performed for the well being of humanity for five days in the fifth month of the fifth year of the new millennium..That means in the month of May,2005..

Regarding fixing of the Muhurath for this great divine event Mother had,just a couple of days ago,told Subbarao your name and asked him to meet you..Honestly Brahmasree,please forgive me,Subbarao doesn’t even know your name..’

The great Vedic scholar Sri Sastry,who had already by then gone into a frozen state of shock,quickly recomposed himself and with tears rolling down his cheeks said in a broken tone,

“Subbarao garu..You are any how blessed but you have brought Her blessings to me as well today by saying that She recommended my name to you to fix the Muhurath for the “Maha Yagnam”..What to say..I have no words to say..

However,I have something to tell you Subbarao garu..I may not be a great devotee of Goddess Gayathri like you or may not be a shade of what you are but there’s one strict practice that I have reverentially followed for several decades..

According to that practice,whenever someone asks me to fix a muhurath for any auspicious event I shall on one fine morning would sit before Goddess Gayathri and recite the Gayathri manthra for thousand times..Without doing that I haven’t for a long time fixed ‘muhurath’ for any event..

However,with the passing of time and with my busy schedules and also due to my growing age I have reduced that recitation to five hundred times and now to 108 times..But without reciting the Gayathri Manthra for at least 108 times I haven’t so far fixed Muhurath for any event in my life..

May be Goddess Gayathri is pleased with my practice and has now assigned me this divine task of fixing Muhurath for such a great event..I shall certainly do that Subbarao garu..But I need at least three months time to do that because am currently preparing the almanac for the coming year..

However,without waiting for me you can make your other arrangements for the ‘Maha Yagnam’..Since this is a divine task assigned to me directly by Her I would need more time than I would normally need because I need to do all the minor and major astrological calculations properly and strictly not once but several times..I shall strive to do my best for it..Rest all in Her hands..”

Thanking the humble Vedic scholar with folded hands.Subbarao said,”..Brahmasree..Honestly after hearing so many great things about you,I was very nervous before meeting you..But with your simplicity you have floored a nobody like me..I shall certainly wait for your call..Please take your time..”

Brushing off Subbarao’s claims by waving his right hand at him,the scholar extraordinary and the great Maha Mohopaadhyaaya,Sri Madhura Krishna Murthy Sastry had finally said,

“..Subbarao garu..It is all Her design..Who am I..So stop talking big things about me..Am fortunate to have you both in my house today..Please have lunch with us and go..”

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