Veena Paani Saraswathi

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After successfully completing his forty days

Of a wonderful stay in the temple town of Basara,in April and May 2002,the mystic Brahmin Subbarao, along with his wife Venkata Lakshmi,had gone to the city of Hyderabad to spend a few days with their beloved daughter Aparna and her family..

And there,reminiscing each and every divine incident that occurred in Basara and narrating each one of it in detail to their beloved daughter Aparna and son-in-law,Gayathri Vara Prasad,the noble couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi have spent about a week in their daughter’s apartment in the Tarnaka area of Hyderabad..

(Quite coincidentally or quite miraculously I used to stay with my family in the same Tarnaka area in Hyderabad in 2002 in an apartment that’s hardly a few feet away from Aparna’s apartment..Goddess Gayathri must have certainly shown me this mystic Brahmin those days and must have even told me

“My dear,you are going to write the story of this noble Brahmin in exactly twelve years from now”..But poor me could not hear the Goddess’s voice,however,see how two important characters in a great divine cosmic drama have come so close to each other without knowing each other and remaining unknown to each other for almost twelve years..PERIOD)

After relaxing in their daughter’s house for about a week,Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi have returned to their home town of Visakhapatnam..After reaching there,the next task for Subbarao was to reach the one crore (ten million) mark of the recitation of Gayathri Manthra..

Without any delay,Subbarao immediately commenced the recitation of the sacred Manthra right from the day he arrived in Visakhapatnam..

Literally counting every single recitation of the Manthra and spending most of the twenty four hours in his day in the recitation of the same,Subbarao had slowly but steadily and gradually but certainly,on one fine day in the month of October,2002,reached the first major goal of his life..That is..

The one crore time recitation of the all powerful Gayathri manthra..

That was a phenomenal spiritual accomplishment for Subbarao which only a few more blessed and holy souls like him must have accomplished on this unholy planet,earlier..

Dear friends,it’s time for you all to stand up now and offer your salutations to this noble Brahmin called Subbarao and seek his blessings..PERIOD

And now..For the understanding of my beloved readers let me do a little calculation here..

To recite this all powerful Gayathri Manthra for a minimum of 108 times in a day,it takes about 15 – 20 minutes for an average person like me..And to do the same for 1008 times in a day it may,on an average, take about sixty to seventy five minutes of time for a spiritual personality like PVRK Prasad..

But how many times in a day,do you think,Subbarao must have recited this powerful Manthra and how many hours he may have spent on reaching this astonishing milestone..??..Any guess..??..

Impossible to guess,I know,but if you can try using my calculation method,you may easily imagine how many hours of time in a day Subbarao must have spent in his life to reach this glorious landmark..

Therefore,that was a great time for celebration in Subbarao’s life..A thanks giving time to perform Santhi at home and an auspicious time to conduct the ‘Veda Swasthi’ that should be conducted through proper recitation of the holy Vedas by great Vedic Scholars..

(Please click on the above hyper text and then click on the “Play all” button on that site..The link plays amazing Veda Pravachanam by some great scholars..Play it loudly coz it is very auspicious for you and your whole family to listen to these Vedic hymns on this more auspicious Telugu new year day of UGADI)

Hence,Subbarao as a ritual should perform ‘Anna Santhi’ and ‘Veda Swasthi’ at home..While as part of ‘Anna Santhi’ food should be served to a few invitees at home,as part of the “Veda Swasthi’,a grand Vedic recitation by eminent scholars should take place in his house..

Quite coincidentally or as was designed by Goddess Gayathri Herself,that was also the seventh month of pregnancy for Aparna,the one and only lovely daughter of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi..

There’s a family ritual called “Seemantham”,more or less a ladies’ function,many Telugu families would normally perform to their daughters when they are in the seventh month of their  pregnancy..

On this occasion of ‘Seemantham’,that’s normally celebrated on a reasonably grand scale,friends and relatives on both the sides are invited for either lunch or dinner at home..

During that time all the ladies offer a new Saree and a lot of bangles to the pregnant lady and pray for her safe delivery of the new born baby..

So,Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi have decided to use this rare occasion of Aparna’s ‘Seemantham’ to perform Anna Santhi and later conduct Veda Swasthi after about a gap of four or five days time..

And exactly during those times of preparation for the function

The mesmerizing magical divine female voice told Subbarao,”Dear Subbarao..Am going to dance on the occasion of Veda Swasthi” and disappeared..

That made the noble couple all the more happy as they quickly launched their preparations for the two big events..And at this point the biggest task for Subbarao was to identify eminent Vedic Scholars for the recitation of the holy Vedas on the day of Veda Swasthi..

Since Goddess Gayathri is a ‘Panchamukhi’ (Five faced),Subbarao desired to invite five great Vedic scholars to recite Vedas on that day..But who are those five eminent Vedic scholars and how to invite them..??

Firstly,Subbarao,with the help of his friend Veerabhadram,visited the house of an eminent Vedic scholar by name Sri Mushty Venkateswara Ghanaapaati,who in those days was the ‘Aasthaana Veda Vidwaan” of the famous Kanaka Maha Lakshmi temple in Visakhapatnam..

After prostrating before his holy feet..

Subbarao told him,”Brahmasree..My name is Nemani Subbarao..With the divine blessings of Mother Goddess Gayathri I have not only completed four punascharanas of the Gayathri Manthra but had also recently completed one crore times of recitation of the same..

On this occasion,as you may be knowing,I will have to conduct the ‘Veda Swasthi’ at my residence..I, therefore request you to please grace the occasion and recite the Swasthi Vachanam of the Vedas at my residence and offer me and my family your invaluable blessings..”

Surprised with what Subbarao had said,the illustrious septuagenarian Vedic scholar,raising his thick grey colored eyebrows,said,”..Ayyaa Nemani vaaru,am really happy to know that someone from this part of our world too had recited the sacred Gayathri Manthra for one crore times..

An amazing feat indeed..Please accept my congratulations for the same..And I Wish you give me many more opportunities in future to congratulate you often..If am right there are only a very few people who have achieved this rare feat earlier..

I shall certainly come..It would also be an honor for me not only to grace the auspicious occasion at your home but also to recite whatever little Vedic manthras I have learnt..May the divine Mother’s blessings be with you and your family forever..”…

Saying so..

The elderly Vedic scholar,Sri Mushty Venkateswara Ghanaapaati,wholeheartedly blessed the mystic Brahmin Subbarao..

Later,Subbarao and his friend Veerabhadram visited the house of another eminent Vedic scholar of Visakhapatnam city,Sri. Naga Yagna Ghanaapaati,who in those days was the honorable ‘Aasthaana Veda Vidwan’ of the renowned Annavaram Satynarayana Swamy Devasthanam of the age old Annavaram Temple located on Ratnagiri hills on the banks of holy river Godavari in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh state..

After prostrating before his holy feet,Subbarao explained him in detail the reason behind his visit to that scholar’s house..Surprised with what Subbarao had said,the illustrious Vedic scholar said

“Ohoho..See whom the Goddess Gayathri had sent to my house today..Dear Subbarao..You are certainly her blessings to me today..I shall unconditionally come and why would I miss such a rare occasion which had come to me for the first time in my life..Not only that..My son who by himself is a well learned Vedic Ghanaapaati would join me in the Veda Pravachanam that day..”

Immensely pleased with the nobility of that great scholar,Subbarao offered him his ‘Namaskaram” and left for his house..

Now Subbarao has to identify two more equally well learned scholars..But who are they and where are they..However,it was not as easy as Subbarao thought..

But why..??..

To know that I should first take you back forty years in time to the holy Kanchi Mutt and tell you about two great Vedic scholars (GHANAAPAATIS) who are also one of the few greatest Vedoc scholars to have born on this planet..

They were also the same blood brothers born to a noble Brahmin couple of  Visakhapatnam..To know more about them please go through..

On an auspicious day..

Sometime during 1977-78..

In the august presence of His Holiness,the Paramacharya of Kanchi,Sri Chandrasekharendra Ssaraswathi..


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