“..Vasudeva Sutam Devam.. Kamsa Chanura Mardhanam.. Devaki Paramaanandham.. Krishnam Vande Jagath Gurum..”

GOD expresses Himself in many mysterious ways and exposes His presence through many mystic forms and miraculous deeds..

This extremely spine chilling, mysterious, miraculous and fascinating true story of a Hindu mother and her beloved 10-year old son, who hail from the beautiful South Indian sate of Kerala, tells us exactly about the many mysterious ways and forms through which God expresses Himself and exposes His presence..

However,this story not only tells us everything about the varied forms of God but also tells us about His various ununderstandable deeds and acts..

Now..Please relax..Take a deep breath..And just go through the following lines..

On the morning of Wednesday the 18th of March,2015..

At about 7.30 A.M..

I had just woken up and was about to plugin my mobile charger into the power socket that’s there in my drawing room..It was exactly at that point,when I have switched on the power button and was about to leave the place,that I have heard a Facebook Messenger notification tone on my mobile..

I have very casually looked at it and found a message icon flashing on the home screen..

Normally,I would have ignored that message and may have seen it much later due to my busy schedule that day,however,I have involuntarily clicked on the message icon just to know who the sender was..

Having clicked,I have noticed that it was a message from a lady who’s not my friend on Facebook..

I wondered how come a personal message from a non Facebook friend appeared on my mobile home screen instead of going – as a policy of Facebook – to the ‘Others’ box..Keeping my doubts aside I have still gone through that message..


This was what I found in that message..

“Sir,I’m ……..(Cannot disclose the name due to security reasons) from Kerala currently settled in Great Britain..I came to know about u through one of my friends who is also your friend in fb by name …………..(Cannot disclose the name)..I would like to share my experiences with u sir..”

Here,you need to give me a moment please..

Ever since I have created this site and started posting articles on Lord Sri Venkateswara’s miracles,I have been getting a series of mails from many Indians,living all over the world,asking me to write about a few bizarre incidents occurring in their lives which they think are the greatest miracles the world is dying to read…

Unfortunately,less do they know and understand that such incidents,which they consider great miracles, are occurring regularly in almost everyone’s life today and there’s absolutely no need for anyone to call them miracles at all ..

But who will listen to me..??

Whenever I try to convince these readers proclaiming the same,they hate me with harsh words and even go to the extent of blaming me saying that,”you only write about miracles that happen in great people’s lives..”..

Alas..What can I say except that “may be I am or may be I am not”..

However,I shall unequivocally say now that having born in a highly learned devotional family wherein I have grown up seeing many amazing miracles of my own,such small things or moderate miracles,many people claim,do not appeal to me at all..

But who will understand that..??…Nevertheless,when I saw that message from an unknown lady that morning I was not at all keen on responding to her immediately..

However,since am aware that she would be knowing that I have seen her message,I thought it’s not fair to leave a devotional lady’s message,just like that,and move away without responding to it..Therefore I have given a quick one line reply to her saying,

“Pls send me in detail to my mail i d lordtirumalesa@gmail.com”..

Believe me..Within almost an hour she had sent me an email with a detailed description of what exactly was happening every moment and everyday in their house and in that country..Quite surprisingly,she had also attached corresponding photographs that were depicting the complete scenario in her house..

Finally,the lady concluded the mail saying..

Floral Decoration To Lord Sri Venkateswara

“..Sir lot and lot of miracles BHAGAVAN is showing here which i cannot logically explain.If you give me your phone number sir i’ll call you according to your convenience..I think that will be better…Waiting for your reply..”

Since I was greatly amused reading the content of that mail and seeing those wonderful photographs,I have immediately replied to her and gave her my mobile number,asking her to call me anytime after 7 p.m,that day..

And she called me and called me exactly at 7:01 p.m,that evening,which means she was actually counting every minute of her time to talk to me..And when she called me,the true caller application in my mobile phone was telling me her name..

I have quickly responded to that call without wasting either of ours time..

With a very traditional Indian “Namaste sir”,that lady slowly started her marathon narration to me in a very low,humble and imposing tone..

I started listening to her because that’s all I could have done that moment…

So..She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening..She was narrating..I was listening…

In that fashion,she continued her narration for a good forty five miraculous minutes of time and finally disconnected the call with a “thank you sir for your time” statement..

I was shocked..I was baffled..I was terrified..And..What not

At the  same time,I had also felt many inexplicable divine vibrations all over my mind,body and soul just like those I had felt on the evening of 4th April,2014 in Tirumala Temple premises which eventually led to the creation of this website..PERIOD

However,what impressed me the most,during that whole conversation with that unknown lady,was the amount of devotion I found in her gentle voice and what baffled me the most was the volume of tears I noticed in my eyes..

“..O’..my eyes shed tears too..”..I told myself..Later,for a few quiet moments,everything before my field of vision appeared hazy and every element of Nature around me sounded silent..

After that,it took about half an hour for me to come to terms with myself and also with everything that I have heard during that spine chilling forty five minutes of miraculous conversation with that unknown lady..


This was what she told me..

But before that please wait for a moment,my dear friend..

For the convenience of all my beloved readers let me give this lady an imaginary name and then narrate the story to you..

Hereafter am going to call this noble lady,Meera,because her humble narration over phone that evening reminded me Lord Sri Krishna’s one of the greatest devotees and bhajan singers,Meera Bai..

Of course am sure that after reading this complete story and not just this introductory part,every one of you shall completely agree with what am now saying and say “..this lady is certainly the reincarnation of saint Meera Bai,who was one of the most significant saints of the 15th century Vaishnava Bhakthi movement..”..PERIOD

And Now..And here..Begins our beloved Meera’s story..

Lord Sri Venkateswara

Meera,just like millions of women all over the world today,is a humble home maker living happily with her husband,daughter and a son,in Great Britain..She is a much contented lady with whatever God is offering her and her family..

Meera’s husband,Madhav (original name hidden for security reasons) is an auditor with a famous bank in London..Meera and her other like minded Malayalam friends in London often meet,at least once in a week,and spend time in reciting the sacred ‘Vishnu Sahasra Naamam’ or ‘Narayaniyam’..

As you may be knowing,’Vishnu Sahasra Naamam’ is a Sthothra comprising the thousand names of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu and ‘Narayaniyam’ is a Sanskrit text – composed by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri – which in brief deals with the important slokas of Bhagavatha Purana..

If life is just like this for Meera and her family,then there wouldn’t have been much for me to write about her nor would there be much for you to read..Hope you got my point..

But life suddenly rather quite dramatically or let me say quite miraculously changed for Meera on the 19th of March,2011..

When on that miraculous day..

Meera,with all the devotional discipline,was performing Sri Venkateswara Vratham in her house..All her family members were beside her at that moment..One after the other Meera had successfully completed all the steps involved in performing that miraculous Vratham..

Finally,after completing the reading of all the five stories in the Vratham,Meera had received the first and by far the biggest shock of her life..

With every follicle of hair in her body rising,Meera just kept staring at the photograph of the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara that was there in front of her in the pooja mandir at that time..

Surprising Meera,the right hand of the holy Lord Sri Venkateswara in that photograph started rising on it’s own in an unbelievably miraculous fashion..

Later,that raised hand of the Lord – remaining static for a couple of seconds – blessed Meera and all her family members..Meera could clearly see that raised Hand for a good five seconds..

Then,a shocked Meera asked her other family members whether they too had seen that miracle..They all said no..Although she was pretty sure that she had seen the hand of the Lord in the photograph rising in front of her,she had however told herself that “it must be an illusion”

It was then and here that the holy Lord Venkateswara in the photograph smiled at His ardent devotee’s innocence..

After that,He had shown Meera another amazing miracle but not on the same day or in the same month or not even in the same year but exactly after one year and on the same date and in the same month of March,2012..

And this particular miracle had quite emphatically proved that the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara had in fact raised His hand to bless Meera’s family during their performance of the Venkateswara Vratham in her house on that day of March 19th,2011..

(This is the photograph of Lord Sri Venkateswara in which Meera found the right hand of the Lord rising to bless her)

Miraculous Photo Of Lord Venkateswara

And on that day in March,2012..During the evening hours..

Meera casually went into her pooja room to refill the oil lamps – she had lighted and kept in front of Lord Sri Venkateswara in her pooja mandir in the morning that day – with fresh oil..Normally,Meera lights up a few oil lamps in the morning,during her pooja everyday,and places them in front of the holy Lord in the mandir..

The oil in the lamps,which Meera pours into them before lighting them in the morning,would burn for about nine to ten hours in the day..Again in the evening Meera as part of her evening prayer would go into the pooja room and pour a little more oil to keep the lamps alive for another three to four hours..

Normally,married women in many Hindu houses do this and there’s nothing unusual or miraculous in this sacred procedure..

However,what happened in Meera’s house that evening was certainly a miracle..

Just when Meera walked casually into her Pooja room,that evening,to add a little more oil to the empty oil lamps she was not only surprised to see all the oil lamps full with oil but was also surprised to see all of them glowing with much more brightness..

Meera was shocked..

She was alone at home that time and there’s no way anyone could enter her Pooja room in her absence and fill the lamps with oil..Even otherwise Meera doesn’t allow anyone to go near the pooja mandap.. Then who filled oil in those lamps..???..

Meera asked herself..

Searching for answers,she looked silently at those bright lamps for a few seconds..They were all glowing with all the brightness in the world.. She didn’t get any answer..

With some divine suspicion in mind,she then hesitantly and very hesitantly lifted her head and looked at her beloved holy Lord Sri Venkateswara and kept looking at His face for a few seconds..

There..There..There..In the eyes of the holy Lord Venkateswara Meera found answers to all the doubts in her mind..

Those lovely eyes of the Lord,during those golden moments,were smiling with all the gentleness in the world..With all the softness in the world..And with all the love in the wold..

There was an amazing brightness in those smiling eyes of the Lord that was much brighter than the oil lamps in front of Meera..But Meera was not looking at those eyes but at the right hand of the Holy Lord that was at that time slowly rising again..

Gradually gaining a blessing posture,that sacred hand of the Lord of the Universe blessed His beloved devotee Meera,once again with a little more emphatic evidence this time..

A fully frightened Meera almost fainted with shock but quickly regained her senses,in a few minutes,and prostrated before the Lotus feet of the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara..PERIOD

However,the mysterious acts of God in the life of Meera didn’t stop there but had actually began there..

One day..

When Meera was offering prayers to her Lord Sri Venkateswara,a ball of butter that was in the size of a Cricket ball suddenly fell in front of her…Since you all are capable of imagining what must be Meera’s reaction that moment,I will not waste your time writing further about it here..

However,there’s one thing that I want to very emphatically tell here..

Life after that incident was not any more the same for either Meera or for her family members,more so for her beloved 10-year old son,Rohan (Name changed)..And this 10 – year old boy Rohan is going to be the protagonist of this entire spine chilling true story,hereafter..PERIOD

One fine morning.

A few days after that mysterious incident of a ball of butter falling in front of Meera occurred,Rohan screamed loudly and called his mother,Meera to come to his room immediately..Meera went running into her son’s study room and hurriedly asked,”What happened Rohan..Why did you scream.??..”..

Rohan at that time was sitting on the floor..Pointing his left hand towards his right lap,Rohan said,”..See Amma,who’s sitting here..??..”..

A shocked Meera asked,”Who..??..I don’t see anyone there..”

Shocking his mother furthermore,Rohan said”..Look again Amma..A cute little boy is sitting here on my lap.. Looks just like our Lord Sri Krishna..Can’t you see him Ammaa..”

A completely confused Meera asked,”..What are you talking Rohan..Am not seeing anyone there in your lap..Please don’t play jokes with me..I have a lot of work to do..Am going..Okkaayyy”..

Now giving Meera the biggest shock of her life,Rohan said,pointing his finger toward’s a baby Lord Sri Krishna’s portrait in his room,

Lord Sri Krishna As A Boy

“..Ammaa..The cute boy in my lap is looking just like the boy Sri Krishna in that photograph..”

Although an amused Meera wanted to believe what her son was saying,she however brushed it off with a simple “I don’t believe what you say” statement and hurriedly walked out of the room..

And then..And then..And then..

Appeared the sweetest,the cutest and the loveliest smile; not on the face of Rohan but on the cutest face of this entire mysterious universe,Bhagawan Sri Krishna who at that time was really really really and really sitting in the lap of Rohan and looking at Meera who was angrily walking out of Rohan’s room,that moment..

While Bhagwan was looking at Meera,a fully amused Rohan was looking at the mesmerizing and ever smiling face of little Sri Krishna..PAUSE

At this point of our conversation Meera told me..

“..Sir my son Rohan is a very intelligent boy and is in fact a very serious boy too..He had never played any pranks with me earlier…But I still,some how,could not believe him that moment when he said Bhagwan was sitting in his lap..Quite surprisingly from thereafter,several miraculous incidents started occurring in our lives..

In fact Rohan sees and talks to Bhagwan during all the twenty four hours of the day..Bhagwan also goes to school with Rohan and sits with him in the class room..Believe me sir..Bhagwan had written Rohan’s English notes once and had even attended the school on Rohan’s behalf one day when Rohan was down with fever at home..

Sir,a few months ago one of my friends called me from Italy and told me to read your Mystic Brahmin story..Ever since I have been reading all the stories and articles you are posting on your site..

Sir,I need to tell you that a few people here know about these Bhagwan’s miracles in our house..A few have even wanted to write about these miracles and publish them as a book..However,after reading your stories I thought you should write our story..

But without asking Bhagwan we will not move an inch forward in our life..Secondly sir,Rohan is the only source of communication to me with Bhagwan..So I tell everything to Rohan and he in turn talks to Bhagwan and takes His approval..

About a month ago I asked Bhagwan,”whether I can contact Narrenaditya to write our story” but He said.”No..The time has not yet come..”..I have impatiently waited for a month and asked Bhagwan again through Rohan whether “I can contact Narrenaditya to write our story”..

Bhagwan said”yes..go ahead” and I have immediately contacted you sir and thankfully got a reply from you immediately too..”

Saying so Meera concluded the entire conversation but not before telling me about an out of the world miraculous incident that occurred in her life one day..

And it was while listening to that miracle from Meera,that evening,both my eyes have shed tears and my whole body experienced tremendous vibrations…

Hold your breath..This was what Meera had told me that evening..

For a few days after Rohan told Meera that “Lord Sri Krishna is sitting on my lap” everything was just normal in Meera’s house without any noteworthy incident..

However,one fine morning when Meera was keeping all the things ready for a  trip in the evening to a nearby city,Rohan slowly walked into Meera’s beddroom and told her

“Ammaa..You know what Bhagwan just told me..”

Without paying much attention to what her son was saying,Meera still busily packing the suitcases asked Rohan,”What did he say..??”..Meera was still under the impression that her son was playing with her..

In a low tone Rohan replied,”Bhagwan said that our car is going to meet with an accident on highway to night.. Ammaa..Can’t we postpone our trip ”

For a moment Meera remained in a state of shock..She then slowly turned her head to Rohan and said, “Don’t worry Rohan..He will take care of our family..We cannot postpone our trip now because dad’s friend’s family is also joining us..But am not at all worried Rohan..I know our Bhagwan Sri Krshna shall always protect us..”

Lord Krishna As A Boy

Just because he could not argue any more with his beloved mother,Rohan slowly walked out of his mother’s bedroom without noticing that little Krishna too was standing behind him and listening to their whole conversation..

Meera who knows how serious a boy her son is should have paid attention to what he said that moment when he asked her to postpone their trip citing Bhagwan’s words..But unaware of what is in store for her that night,an unlucky Meera left her home the same night,along with her other family members,on a journey to a nearby city..

Unfortunately,as said by Lord Sri Krishna,Meera’s family car,after travelling for about hundred and fifty kilometers on the highway that night,met with a major accident..

Although everyone else in the car survived with a few minor injuries..



Yes friend..You read it right..

Meera died in that accident..

And the drama that happened after Meera’s death marks the beginning of the “Miracle Story Of A Kerala Boy Who Plays With Lord Sri Krishna”..

“..Akashat patitam toyam sagaram prati gacchati..Sarva deva namaskaram Keshavam prati gacchati..”

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