“Our life is a package of both gifts and problems presented to us, with love, by the Supreme Cosmic Being called God, Who is both our Father and Mother rolled into One million times. 

In His Creation, where everything is predtermined and well determined right from the movement of the blade of the grass to the movement of the monster, only those who are destined to know these solutions shall know them and those who are not shall not” – Yours Lovingly


In the list of many amazing gifts that God had gifted to humanity, the holy VEDAS and the Veda Mantras occupy the top place..

In fact – based on my strong belief, “without keeping it’s solution ready God will never give us a problem” – I see Veda Mantras as one of those many gifts God had gifted to humanity.

For those among you who do not know, ‘Vedas’ are ‘Apauresheyas’ which means they are “not of a man”.. They are also called ‘Sruti’ or ‘Srutas’ which means “they were heard” by Sages while deep in meditation.

Sage Veda Vyasa – who is one unique human form of the holy order of the Divine Trinity comprising of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Sri Maha Siva – had compiled all the hymns or Mantras that were heard by those Sages, during such meditation, and prepared a text form out of them which we are calling today as ‘Vedas’.

However, that process of hearing to such sacred Mantras, while deep in mediation, didn’t stop there.. If so, humanity wouldn’t be existing on this planet today..

To make the Veda Mantras less complicated or more easy for today’s humans to recite, God is still sending simpler texts or forms through some form or the other for the well being of humanity.

One Such Incident

Had occurred in my life, on the early hours of 16th November, 2018, during which time I heard this Mantra which am now calling the all powerful ‘Sri Govinda Mantra’..

Honestly, I won’t say I heard this Mantra, but, I would say,  “It suddenly pierced through my mind as though someone had gently whispered it in my ears”.

Read On..

On the morning of 15th November, 2018, I woke up at about 6 am and switched on my mobile.. I saw a mail notification with a strange subject.. Just out of curiosity, I opened that mail and checked the time it was sent to me..

It was mailed to me at 1.16 am that day… It was a lengthy painful mail from a young unmarried lady from Mumbai..  I read that mail fully, still lying on the bed..

After a few minutes of lying so, I noticed a slight heaviness in my chest, caused by the contents of that mail.. I slowly got up and sat on the bed worrying about that hapless lady.

Here, I must confess that the father of two daughters in me was more worried about that lady, that moment.. Worrying so, I slowly turned my head and looked at the small image of Lord Sri Venkateswara that is there in our bedroom..

Looking at Him, I asked,

“Swamy, what is this strange problem You have given to this innocent lady.. As she herself says, she’s not a great devotee but now trusts You so much after reading my articles about You..

Whether or not she trusts You, is it not Your duty to help her, Swamy, to come out of this grave crisis.. ?? Please do something and bless her with relief from all her pain, Swamy.. Please”..


It was during those Divine moments, while I was praying so to the Holy Lord, either I suddenly heard it or suddenly it flashed in my mind, that the following powerful Sri Givinda Mantra was born on this planet.

“Tham Govindam Pranamamyaham”  (Meaning : I pay my obeisance to You, O’ Govinda)

Was what I heard..

(Am not sure whether this Mantra already exists but I heard it for the first time in my life, that day, during those Divine Moments and presenting it before the world today).

Feeling extremely happy, that moment, I immediately recited that Mantra nine times, still sitting on the bed, and found a great relief from the slight heaviness in my chest.

Surprised with that relief, I realized, “there’s certainly some power in this Mantra”.. Starting from that day, I have been reciting this Mantra as many times as possible in a day..

A few days after that, I happened to visit Tirumala Temple and during my walk to the Sanctum Sanctorum, I constantly recited this Mantra.. 

Beloved Readers,

Reciting this Mantra, I prayed for that Mumbai lady’s relief  but yet to hear from her.. However, am sure her problem is resolved by now and she must be enjoying that lost peace in her life.

As you all may know, after I introduced the powerful Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra to the world, about four years ago, millions of Indians across the globe have started reciting it, the way I have recommended to them in my article, and are noticing many amazing changes in their life..

Many even say, “this Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra is as powerful as the Gayathri Manthra but with no conditions or no strings attached to it”.. PERIOD

I would now say, “this small Sri Govinda Mantra too, as I observed from my daily recitation, has immense Divine Powers hidden inside it and generates many positive vibrations in the body during it’s recitation.. If that is true, it’s Divinity would solve our problems too and give us immense peace”.

How To Recite This Sri Govinda Mantra 

This Mantra can be recited by anyone, including women and pregnant women, any number of times at anytime of the day or night.. Absolutely no restrictions.

Secondly, it can be recited along with the Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra, that I asked you all to recite nine times a day, after taking bath.. However, if you ask me how exactly to recite this Sri Govinda mantra, then, I would recommend the following  procedure..

Though, slightly a time consuming procedure this procedure, I promise,  would not only solve your problems and give you peace but would also build a strong protection ring around you, your house and your family.. 

Here’s The Actual Procedure To Recite This Sri Govinda Mantra

Everyday, after you take your bath, sit in your Puja room or if you don’t have a Puja room sit in front of a portrait of Lord Venkateswara – size doesn’t matter – and close your eyes and first try to bring some calmness to your mind. 

Then, silently recite the Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra for nine times and then meditate upon this Sri Govinda Mantra for a minimum of 108 times or as many times as your time and patience permit and then again recite the Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra for nine times..

After completion, slowly open your eyes and look at the Divine Face of Sri Varu in front of you and keep staring at His Eyes.. Believe me, you shall find great peace emanating from His Face..

And don’t be surprised if you also notice a gentle smile dancing on the Divine Lips of Sri Varu..

Please note.. Any man or woman of all ages may follow this procedure except during mensuration and pregnancy.. However, during those times, all women may silently meditate upon this Mantra as many times as possible.. 

More importantly, you may perform any other Puja or nithya Puja or even the life changing Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra Puja either before this or after this procedure.. Your wish.. Wishing you good luck and immense peace.. 

May you all by His Divine grace stay blessed forever..

Hare Srinivasa

Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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