Hindu Goddess Gayathri

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The Palanquin slowly reached Subbarao and after going slightly ahead of him,halted close to the top of his left shoulder..After waiting with bated breath for a few more seconds,Subbarao then mustered some courage and quickly moved forward to look into the Palanquin to know who’s there inside it..

But shocking him further,a sparkling beautiful looking hand,glowing with golden yellow color,slowly emerged from the right side window of the Palanquin..

Later,placing that hand on the ‘Sahasrara chakra’ on Subbarao’s head,the musical magical mesmerizing divine female voice,which Subbarao often hears, spoke from inside the Palanquin and said..

“..Dear Subbarao..After seeing me and hearing my voice so many times in the past do you still want to know who is there inside this Palanquin..??..”

Realizing his mistake,Subbarao paused and quickly offered his Pranams to the holy Goddess..Later withdrawing Her hand She placed on Subbarao’s head,the Goddess said,

“More than that Subbarao,I want you to know that,on the contrary to what you have told your relatives before retiring to bed a few hours ago,my Palanquin doesn’t require any bearers and moves according to my will and thought..I now want you to know how and why this Palanquin is moving without any bearers ..Do you want to..??”

Nodding his head in affirmation,Subbarao said,”..Please Ammaa..”

The Mother Goddess Saraswathi then continued…

“Subbarao..Many men in this human world,including yourself,think that they are the only ones carrying all the burdens of their family’s life on their shoulders..

But when will all these men realize that they are all my children and if they are ready to leave everything to me,then as a Mother am always there not only to protect them forever,by liberating them from all the worldly problems,but also to carry all their burdens forever….

And then life for them would certainly be full of freedom without any need to carry the Palanquin of burdens on their shoulders..Just to symbolically show you how life would be,if everything is left to Me,I have come now in this bearer less Palanquin,Subbarao..Did you get my point..”

Humbly bending his head before the Palanquin,Subbarao said with folded hands,”..Yes Ammaaa..I got your point..But Ammaaa..I have a request..May I please place it before You with Your kind permission..”

“Certainly Subbarao..Let Me know what it is..” said the holy Goddess in a mesmerizing motherly tone..

With a lot of humility in his voice,

Subbarao said in a very low and humble tone,”Ammaa..The holy Vedas say You are Gnana Saraswathi Devi,and grant wisdom to all Your devotees..There are also many amazing references in the Puranas that say even ordinary people like me have acquired greater wisdom after offering their prayers to You..

Then Mother,can you please grant me some wisdom that helps me not only to find You everywhere in Nature but also to understand this world around me and the people I come across in my life in a better way..”

The holy Goddess Mother,with a gentle smile on Her lips that made even the stars in the sky shine much brighter,had then slowly forwarded Her right hand from the window of the Palanquin; placed Her sacred palm on the “Sahasrara Chakra” on Subbarao’s head and then energizing that most vital Chakra in his body,said,

“..As I told you in the morning today Subbarao,am there everywhere in Nature but it’s only you humans who do not see Me properly in that..Unfortunately it is also so in spite of many texts,for ages,calling Nature a ‘Mother Nature’..

Now that you have asked Me Subbarao,am granting you spiritual wisdom by energizing the Sahasrara Chakra in your body..

This will help you impart knowledge based education to your students; look at this world in a proper perspective; understand the unpredictable behavior of your friends and relatives in a better way and to remain strong and balanced during any strain in your inter personal relationships..”

Saying so,the holy Goddess Saraswathi gently pressed the Sahasrara Chakra on the vertex of Subbarao and energized it’s faculties,forever..

Now..My dear friend..Please bear with me..

Before proceeding further into the story it’s important for you all to know at least a few things about the Chakras in our subtle body

What are these Chakras and what is a Sahasrara Chakra..??

According to the traditions of Tantric Yoga and other beliefs of Hindu Sanathana dharma,Chakras are the energy centers in our subtle body..These Chakras are in a way the meeting points of the Nadis in our body..Nadis again are powerful channels through which our life force and vital energies move..

Although there are many Chakras in our body the vital ones however are seven..

The Muladhara chakra or the root chakra..It is located at our perineum..

The Swaadhisthana chakra or the Spleen chakra..It is located about two inches below our navel and slightly above the genital organs..

The Manipuraka chakra or the Solar Plexus chakra..It is located in the centre of our stomach two inches below the breast bone..

The Anahata chakra or the heart chakra..It is located on the spine between the shoulder blades in the back and behind the breast bone in the front..

The Vishuddhi chakra or the throat chakra..It is located at the V of our collar bone..

The Ajna chakra or the third eye chakra..It is located above the eyes and in the centre of our forehead..

The Sahasrara Chakra or the Crown Chakra..The Sanskrit term Sahasrara chakra means a thousand petaled chakra,Lotus..This is the most important of all our subtle body chakras and is called ‘the Crown chakra’ in English..This chakra is located on the vertex in the middle of our head..

This Sahasrara chakra symbolizes detachment from illusion which is essential to obtain an elevated state of consciousness in our life..When this most subtle chakra in a man is energized to the fullest level,that man not only acquires abundant knowledge and worldly wisdom but shall also,at some point of time in his life,attains the much desired state of the ‘Nirvikalpa Samadhi  ‘..PERIOD

It is for this reason alone that our elders advice young mothers to apply oil in the middle of the head of their newly born babies..It is also for this reason that our elders place their hands on our heads while blessing us..Such noble gestures of touch infuse a lot of positive energy into our Sahasrara Chakra and energize it to a large extent..

There are also many ways these Chakras in our body can be energized,however,this is not the place to write about them in detail..I shall certainly try to come up with an elaborate article on all these seven vital Chakras,shortly..

Now,let us come back to the main story

After energizing his ‘Sahasrara Chakra’,Goodess Mother Saraswathi told Subbarao,”You told me in the morning that you wish to see Me everywhere around you..Then I told you to find me in every animated and inanimated thing in Nature..Now Subbarao..Look around and identify each and every part of my divine body with everything that am now going to show you in Nature”

Then showing him two beautiful Lotuses ,the Goddess Mother asked Subbarao

“What are you now seeing in them Subbarao”

“They are Your divine Lotus feet Ammaa”replied Subbarao

Then showing him,the trunks of a tree,She asked

“What are they Subbarao”

“They are Your thighs Ammaa”replied Subbarao

Then showing him sand dunes on the banks of River Godavari,She asked

“What are they Subbarao”

“They are Your hips Ammaa”replied Subbarao

Then showing him the Sky,She asked

“..What’s that Subbarao..”

“..That’s Your waistline Ammaa..”

Then showing him two distant hills,She asked

“What are they Subbarao”

“They are Your breasts Ammaa”

Then showing him,a thick white colored Conch,She asked

“..What’s that Subbarao..”

“That’s Your neck Ammaa..”

Then showing him a few fully ripened vegetables belonging to the Coccinia grandis family (the ivy gourd, also known as baby watermelon, little gourd, gentleman’s toes in English and Tindora in Hindi and Donda Kaya in Telugu)),She asked

“What are they Subbarao”

“They are your lips Ammaa”

Then showing him the seeds of Pomegranate fruit,She asked

“What are they Subbarao”

“They are Your teeth line Ammaa”

Then showing him a Sampangi flower (Golden Champa)),She asked

“What’s that Subbarao”

“That’s Your nose Ammaa”

Then showing him two Lotuses again,She asked

“What are you now seeing in them Subbarao”

“They are Your powerful eyes Ammaa”

Then showing him a few fireflies,She asked

“What are they Subbarao”

“They are Your forelocks Ammaa”

Then showing him the powder of Vermilion (Kumkum),She asked

“What is this Subbarao”

“That’s Your Blob Ammaa” (Bindi in Hindi and Bottu in Telugu)

Then showing him the powder of Turmeric,She asked

“What is this Subbarao”

“It’s the complexion of your skin Ammaa”

Then showing Subbarao the bright full moon that’s at that time travelling slightly towards the Western firmament,the Goddess Mother asked,

“..What’s that Subbarao..”

“They are Your lovely face Ammaa” replied Subbarao..

Finally,the holy Goddess Saraswathi said,

( ఇప్పుడు చెప్పు నాయనా.. ఇవన్నీ కలిపితే నీకే రూపం గోచరిస్తోంది )

“Now tell me Subbarao..If you put them all together into one form,then what form would you be visualizing in them”

( ఇవన్నీ కలిపితే నాకే మర్థ మవుతుంది తల్లీ.. ఒక వేళ ఊహించినా ఇదివరలో నేను చూసిన ఏ లౌకిక స్వరూపమో కనిపిస్తుంది కాని నీ రూపాన్ని నేనెలా ఊహించగలను తల్లీ )

Subbarao said,”How will I know that Ammaa..At the most I can visualize an elderly woman,whom I have seen in the past,in front of me now..But how do you expect me to visualize Your whole divine form in them Ammaa..”

లౌకిక స్వరూపాలు క్షర మైనవి నాయనానేను అక్షర స్వరూపిణిని ..అటు చూడు

“Dear Subbarao,all worldly bodies are perishable (Kshara) whereas Am a nonperishable (Akshara) celestial body..Now look there..”

(The Sanskrit term ‘Kshara’ means perishable and ‘Akshara’ means nonperishable..Here,in this context we can presume that there was an intended pun in the Mother’s usage of this particular word ‘Akshara’ in Her conversation which also means  ‘A letter ‘..It means She was symbolically telling Subbarao that She is not only a nonperishable celestial body in Nature but is also the Mother of all learning in this world)

Saying so,the Goddess Mother Gnana Saraswathi Devi then asked Subbarao to look at the ripened red colored vegetables of Coccinia in which Subbarao earlier saw the divine lips of Goddess Sraswathi Devi..

Subbarao was surprised, amused, shocked, and bewildered,at that moment,looking at those red colored vegetables of Coccinia..Just like we see in an animated film,those ripened vegetables of Coccinia too have started gently moving their bodies as though trying to say something to Subbarao..

A fully frozen Subbarao kept staring at them..

Then an inexplicably unimaginable feeling started shaking his whole mind and body from inside..

He was going breathless..

Almost fainting..

And almost..


Going out of the world..


But what made Subbarao breathless..

Now..All of you..Be warned..

Hold your breath..

You may also go breathless..



Please continue reading..

Firstly Subbarao saw a little movement in the ripened vegetables of Coccinia..Since Subbarao had earlier seen the lips of Goddess Saraswathi in them,He thought the Mother Goddess is about to speak and convey something to him…

And as though endorsing his thought,firstly the sound of ‘Omkara’ the pranava nadam emanated slowly from the Coccinia,in a wave form..Then came the sound waves of the four holy Vedas..Then Subbarao heard verses from the Hindu Dharma sastras emanating from Coccinia….

And then the stream continued uninterruptedly..

At that point,all that a fully baffled Subbarao did was to stand in a frozen state and keep watching the stream of creativity emanating from Coccinia…

Then Subbarao saw a number of Beejaaksharas,the letter forms of many powerful manthras including the Gayathri manthra,emanating from the Coccinia vegetable..Then he heard the amazing music of ‘Kachchyapi’,the musical instrument Veena we see in the hands of Goddess Saraswathi..

Then Subbarao saw the notations of both western and Indian classical music..Then he saw a pattern of letters belonging to many Indian languages..Then he heard dialogues from Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ and Kavi Kalidasa’s ‘Abhignana Saakunthalam’

Then Subbarao saw many Mathematical numbers and intricate formulas..Finally Subbarao saw many complicated formulas from Physicstoo  including Albert Einstein’s formula E = mc2  pertaining to the Theory Of Relativity,emanating from those ripened vegetables of Coccinia..

After that..

The stream of all creation pertaining to Vedas, Sastras, Manthras, Music, Drama, Mathematics and Physics stopped emanating any further from those vegetables of Coccinia..Subbarao was still in a frozen state..He couldn’t believe that he had seen the entire creation of Goddess Saraswathi Devi in one go..

Then having realized that,an extremely delighted Subbarao quickly turned towards the Palanquin and with tears of joy rolling down his cheeks,thanked the Mother Goddess for the divine mercy She had showered upon him..

Smiling gently the Goddess said,”Be blessed Subbarao..Nothing can be created in this world without My blessings..All the Kinneras, Kimpurushas, Yakshas and Gandharvas and all the Vedic scholars belonging to the celestial world are here in Basara..They are performing here all the time and are trying to please me with their music,songs and dances..Since they are celestial bodies,human beings cannot see them..

All the celestial Vedic Brahmins keep chanting Vedic hymns all through the day and night in my Temple here..And that’s what you heard from my Temple before you saw my palanquin coming from there..

All of them want My sustained blessing to excel in their field of art..Similarly,those who trust me fully and offer Me their prayers excel not only in the world of learning but also in the world of creativity.”

Subbarao was listening to the Goddess with rapt attention and exactly at that moment felt someone’s hand on his right shoulder..

He quickly turned back and was shocked to see a tall Vedic Brahmin man standing behind him..That man was in traditional silk robes,Vedic Brahmins normally wear during all Vedic rituals..

There was an amazing divine glow in that Vedic Brahmin’s face and a mesmerizing power in his eyes.. There was Vibhoothi tastefully applied on his forehead and there was also a gentle smile on his lips..All in all he was an extremely handsome,tall and well built middle aged man with a radiant skin that was glowing with Golden yellow color..

For a few moments,Subbarao was awestruck by the aura of that man..Observing that great admiration in Subbarao’s face,that Vedic Brahmin,with a gentle smile,said,

“Subbarao..You have already known more celestial secrets than you should be knowing..Goddess Mother is calling you..She’s there in the Temple..She wants to offer you Prasadam which you have missed out in the morning ..Go there quickly..”

Subbarao then turned around and was shocked to find the Palanquin disappearing..He then understood that the handsome looking Vedic brahmin is none other than Saraswathipathi Brahma,the creator of this universe..

Then Subbarao looked around for the Vedic Brahmin but was shocked furthermore to find Him too disappearing..He then quickly reached the Basara Gnana Saraswathi Devi Temple and sat on the steps of the doorway to the Temple..

Suddenly,a divine Hand that appeared from nowhere and dropped ‘Prasadam’ in his palms..He looked at it..That was hot pongal made with rice..Then he found ‘Panchamritha Teertha Prasadam’ beside him in a Banana leaf..

There was a small Banana in that leaf in addition to a small quantity of Honey,a little milk,a little quantity of curd and a small portion of Sugar..Those were exactly the ‘Prasadam’ and the ‘Panchamritha Teertham’ Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi missed out in the Temple that morning..

Subbarao reverentially placed them at his forehead and later tasted a little quantity from that..Exactly at that moment,Subbarao heard the divine musical voice of Goddess Saraswathi..And this was what the voice said,

“Subbarao..In about a couple of days your stipulated time of stay in Basara comes to an end..After that you have to perform ‘Santhi’ here and offer food to Vedic Brahmins..Then on the third day from this day you may go back to Visakhapatnam”

Saying so the divine voice disappeared..

Later things followed in quick succession for Subbarao..

Two days after that amazingly incredible divine experience that night,the noble couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi performed ‘Santhi’ in Basara by offering meals to a few Vedic Brahmins there..

And on the very next day they left for Visakhapatnam..


With this amazing divine incredible experience Sri Subbarao and Smt.Venkata Laksmi’s stay comes to an end in the holy Temple town of Basara..

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