“God entered my life long ago; only I didn’t notice”

While writing the incredible true story of the miracle man, Sriram Sir, I did a lot of soul searching and tried to recollect all the amazing, mysterious and miraculous incidents that have occurred in my life ever since Bhagawan Sriram Sir entered in the year, 2000.

During all that rewinding process, I could recollect one amazingly miraculous but an extremely unpleasant incident that occurred in my life, in the month of January, 1995..

While it is still a mysterious incident to me; another devastating incident had occurred in my life in the month of September, 1997.. Unfortunately, in both these cases, my beloved second daughter, Amulya Komaragiri, was involved.

For a few moments,

After remembering these two incidents on that day, while recollecting all the old incidents, my mind had remained locked between these two most unpleasant memories of my life.. As I was so locked in, suddenly a great dazzling flash pierced through my mind.

This flash had quite logically explained to me in detail the relationship between these two most unrelated incidents of my life.. And I now believe, this flash is a big enlightenment of light to me that had provided many bright answers to many dark questions that were tormenting my mind, for a longtime.

Then, I have decided to share these two incidents with the world after almost twenty years of silence.. But why now..?? Will tell that later.. Before that you must first know about these two most unpleasant incidents of my life.

Unpleasant But A Miraculous Incident Number One

My younger daughter, Amulya Komaragiri, was born on the 13th of January, 1995.. A few days after she was born, our family gynecologist advised us to take her to a Pediatrician, to get her immunized with some routine injections.. (Do not exactly remember what that injection was).

On the eighteenth day of her birth, I have decided to take her to the renowned Pediatrician, Dr.Karra Ramesh Reddy, for her first injection.. Dr.Reddy gave us an appointment at 7.30 a m, on that day, at his Tirumala Nursing Home, located in the Sitaphalmandi area of Secunderabad.

Since it was only the first month of her delivery, my wife, at that time, was staying with her Mother, at their residence.. This residence is at a five minutes distance from the Tirumala Nursing Home.

By about 7.15 a.m,

On the day of appointment, I have reached my in laws place, from my residence located in the Jamai Osmania area, a new colony those days which is just adjacent to the Osmania University campus in Hyderabad.

By the time I reached their place, my Mother-In-Law was ready, holding my eighteen days daughter in her hands.. As I didn’t have a Car those days, I went there on my bike, with the idea of hiring a three wheeler auto rickshaw, on my way.

But unfortunately, not a single auto was available for me, that day.. Since the time for the appointment was nearing, we have decided to go on my bike, to the nearby Nursing Home, with my Mother-In-Law sitting behind me, holding my infant baby carefully in her hands.

We know it was risky but we had no option.. I kick started my bike and stood ready in front of the gate of my in laws residence.. Later, my Mother-In-Law first came out and sat behind me on my bike.. Then my wife handed over our baby to her Mother..

Without any further support, my Mother-In-Law just sat on the bike, behind me, holding our baby carefully in between her hands.. You can imagine how difficult it would have been for me, that day, to drive the bike, even though for a short distance.

Offering a small prayer to my beloved holy Lord Sri Venkateswara, I slowly started moving my bike forward.. I was extremely cautious in my driving, that time.. Because I know, one slip or one fumble from me, while driving, was enough to throw both my baby and my Mother In Law on to the road..

So, continuing my prayers and leaving the safety of my tender baby completely to Lord Sri Venkateswara, I took a by lane, which I thought, would be traffic free and hassle free and also would take us quickly and safely to the nearby clinic.

Lord Sri Venkateswara During Brahmotsavams
Lord Sri Venkateswara During Tirumala Brahmotsavams

However, I didn’t know, that moment, that my fate and my daughter’s fate have something else for us, in store that day.. And I wasn’t also aware that, “in about a few moments of time, from then on, both of us are going to be part of the scariest incident of our life”

Unaware of all that is ahead of us in our life, that day, I entered the narrow by lane that would have easily led us to the Tirumala Nursing Home.. However, it was only after entering the lane, I noticed that it was full of sharp concrete stones that were in the size of a Cricket ball.

They were spread on the road there and kept ready to put a new black top road in that lane.

Looking at them,

I paused at the beginning of the lane, for a few seconds, thinking whether to go ahead or not.. However, the carefree risk taking attitude in me and my immense faith in my Lord Sri Venkateswara had told me,

“He’s always there all around you watching each and every moment of your life.. He will protect you and your family forever.. Good or bad, just blindly go ahead if you really have faith in Him.. Without any fear and without any doubt”

(This has been my attitude ever since I have started meditation in my life at a tender age of sixteen and am sure it’s going to be with me forever.. I really wish all you my beloved readers too develop such an attitude in life which shall undoubtedly protect you all, during all the good and bad phases of life.. Remember. a doubting mind full of fears may take you nowhere, however, a fearless mind full of hope and courage may even take you to Mars). PERIOD

Then taking a deep breath, I slowly moved my bike forward and finally entered the concrete road.. I know my Mother In Law, sitting behind me, was silently observing everything that was going on in my mind, that moment.

Like her daughter, she too has immense faith in me and my capabilities.. Therefore, she didn’t utter a word… Telling her, “careful aunty”, I started going slowly on that bumpy and dangerous concrete road, literally counting each and every revolution of my bike wheel.

The road was bumpy but I was careful..

The road was dangerous but I was cautious..

The road was threatening but I was praying..

The road was slippery but I was firm..

And the road was stopping but I was moving.

One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five.. Damned..

The road was more bumpy than I expected..

Holding my nerves, I was driving quite carefully, almost at the speed of a cycle participating in a slow cycling race.

And still it happened and happened before I could even prevent it..

Before I could even notice it..

And before I could even move an inch..

Shattering my prayers..

Shattering my belief in God..

And shattering my mind into billions and trillions and zillions of pieces and micro particles.

The bike suddenly went over a bump of solid mud, that was there in the middle of the road, which I didn’t notice until my bike went over it..

And by the time I noticed it; it was too late.

Firstly, I heard my Mother In Law’s screeching voice..

Then, I watched the frightening reaction in the face of a man coming in the opposite direction..

Watching him, I quickly stopped the bike, with a jerk, and hurriedly turned back.

I first saw my Mother In Law standing and screaming on the road and then saw my tender eighteen days baby going up in the air and crash landing straight on the hard concrete stones of the road, with her face forcefully hitting the sharp stones.

Shock.. Shocker.. And the shockest moment of my life..

I don’t remember now whether I had shouted or screamed or cried, at that moment, but I clearly remember that my heart had, for sure, stopped at least for a moment.

Literally, throwing the bike on to the road, I went rushing to the spot, to pick my baby who was lying on the road, with her face struck to the road and her back seeing the sky.. There was no sound nor any noise from her..

Is everything over..??

My mind started doubting.. With millions of such doubts and billions of prayers, I had slowly bent down to pick my baby, my sweet baby, literally closing my eyes to avoid seeing her bleeding face.

I cautiously picked her up, with both my hands, as my frozen Mother In Law was standing behind me and watching everything in deep shock.. After picking my baby up, I slowly turned her towards me.

And then remained shocked for a few moments looking at the face of my baby.. It was just a clean smiling face without a single scratch or a drop of blood.. More over, she was just sleeping as casually and as smile fully as she was sleeping at the time of boarding the bike.

Then I wept.. But how is it possible.. Am sure her face had hit the sharp concrete stones which I thought must have pierced through her face.. But they didn’t.. Then what happened.. Why my baby did not even open her eyes..??

How.. How.. How.. ??.. How is it possible.. ???

Did any Supreme Cosmic Force interfere in between and held my baby in the air and dropped her down safely.. Or did any divine angel of God possessed her at that moment; or did my Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself had placed His hand over those stones and provided a cushion bed to my beloved baby.

How to know and who will answer all these questions.. However, I quietly picked up my baby and held her close to my heart gently placing both my arms around her.. After that day, I have never loosened my arms, until today, and shall never loosen them as long as am in this world.. BLESSING.

For many years thereafter, I kept asking myself, “Who saved my daughter’s life that day” but didn’t find any answer..


The Unpleasant Incident Number Two

Lord Venkateswara With Sridevi And Bhudevi
Lord Venkateswara With Sridevi And Bhudevi

At about 10.30, on a Sunday morning, in the first week of September, 1997, I was lazily sitting in a sofa, at my residence, and was going through a newspaper.

Amulya, who’s two and half years old by then and the naughtiest to have ever born in our large and illustrious Komaragiri family, was playing along with my elder daughter, Alekhya, in a large sofa, that was there next to me.

They were screaming, laughing and were at their naughtiest best. I still don’t remember what exactly had happened but Amulya suddenly jumped from the sofa and before I could even remove my feet from her way; got obstructed in between; went in the air; and landed on the sharp edge of the wall corner of the flooring. THUDDDD

I did not even get up from my sofa and to my utter shock, I already saw a large pool of blood all around Amulya’s face.. She was weeping inconsolably.. She was not even able to get up.

I just jumped and picked her up, only to see her entire face bleeding, with unstoppable blood oozing out from a deep cut at the top right side corner of her forehead..

My wife came out screaming from the kitchen and had almost fainted seeing so much of blood all around her beloved daughter’s face.. I quickly pulled out my kerchief and tried to stop the blood.. Within no time, my white kerchief became Red but the bleeding didn’t stop..

Carrying her, on my right shoulder, I quickly rushed down the steps, from my first floor, and with the help of a friend downstairs, rushed to the nearby hospital.. Doctors attended to her quickly and in the next couple of minutes, she was on a table inside the operation theater.

Doctors didn’t allow me inside the theater, but Amulya’s loud crying of “Daddyyyyyyyyyy”, from inside, is still ringing in my ears, today.. Hearing about that ugly incident, my family members and friends have come running to the hospital.

After putting about six stitches on her forehead and after closing the wound, the Doctors have finally handed over my beloved Amulya safely to me, after about two hours, until which time I just stood unmoved at the entrance of the hospital.

The first thing Amulya did after seeing me was not to cry but to give a broad smile to me.. The moment she saw me, she felt so relieved and first gave me that warm smile and then a warmer hug.. Holding her close to my heart, I returned home..

Now, What Is The Relationship Between These Two Different Incidents.. ??

I didn’t know rather I didn’t try to know the relationship between these two incidents at all.. And when I sat down recently, while writing Sriram Sir’s story, recollecting all the incidents that have occurred in my life, I have suddenly remembered these two incidents..

Then a flash pierced through my mind and it explained me everything.. This was it had told me..

“Whatever the name. a Divine Cosmic Force had saved Amulya that day when she had fallen on those sharp concrete stones.. Otherwise, there’s no way she would have survived that crash.. No way..

Later, to justify that save, the same Divine Cosmic Force had deliberately caused that cut on her face when she had attained a slightly wound bearable age.. If that was not done that Sunday, by this Divine Force, then Amulya may have to pay a bigger compensation to God, at a later age, may be in the form of a bigger accident or a bigger wound..

So which is better.. The Divine Cosmic Force, who saved her life in the first accident, knows it better so gave her the second accident at a tender age instead of at a matured or at an unbearable age..

This is called poetic justice in Nature and this Divine Cosmic Force had executed the divine law to perfection..Then who is this Divine Cosmic Force..

It didn’t take much time for me to realize that it’s none other than the “Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir – the proved human form of Lord Sri Venkateswara”.

That means,

“Bhagawan Sriram Sir entered my life long ago; only I didn’t notice”

Finally, A Few Words From Me

Amulya Komaragiri, a true blessing of God to our family, celebrated her 25th birthday on the 13th of January, 2020.. She has been brilliant all through her academics, due to the divine grace of Goddess Gnana Saraswathi Devi of Basara, and was placed in Amazon through campus selections.

She was one among the 22 students selected for Amazon, from among the three thousand five hundred students in her CMR college, Hyderabad… There’s still a slightly visible scar on the top right side of her forehead today caused by that fall in September, 1997..


Sri Balaji Of Tirumala Temple
Sri Balaji Of Tirumala Temple

Now, if you go back and check all the good and bad things that have occurred in your life, you too shall find clear links to many missing links.. According to the laws of Nature, “every bad incident in your life is compensated with a good incident and every good one with a bad one.. This is a formidable cosmic law which even God do not alter.”

So if you are going through any sort of pain, whatsoever today, please note that it will fizzle out one day when it’s maturity time comes.. Until then, leave everything to Him and do all that you can.. Because if Winter comes can Spring be far behind..??”

“Aham Doora Tasthe Padaam Bhoja Yugmah.. Pranamechcha Ya Gachcha Sevaam Karomi.. Sakruth Sevayaa Nitya Sevaa Phalantvam.. Prayachcha Prayachcha Prabho Venkatesaa..”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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