“Om asaadhyam saadhaka Swamin.. Asaadhyam tam kiva Prabho’.. Raama dootha mahaa praggnya mama kaaryam saadhayaa” – Most powerful manthra that immensely pleases Lord Hanuman

Holy Hindu Lord Sri Hanuman

Is revered by millions of His devotees all over the world as Lord Sri Anjaneya and Lord Maruthi and also as Lord Bajrang Bali. He is known not only for His devotion towards His master, Lord Sriram, but also for his valor and strength that He displayed during the great battle of Ramayan.

According to many Hindu puranas and sacred texts, “regular offering of prayers to Lord Hanuman offers immense strength to the mind, body and soul of a devotee. This in turn helps the devotee to courageously wage all the physiological and psychological battles of life”..

It is also further quoted in these texts that, “the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient Lord Hanuman always stays at the entrance of each one of His devotee’s house and forever protects that family from all the evil and the destructive forces of Nature”.

After I complete my daily pooja, I just close my eyes and quietly chant the sacred “Hanuman Chalisa”.. My Mom asked me to do so and am doing it everyday and ever since.. BLESSED

Now, let me come to the main point and tell you all about an amazingly

Miraculous And The Most Powerful Lord Hanuman Temple And The Interesting Story Behind That

Lord Hanuman

Some time during the period between 1140 and 1150 A D, a Kakatiya King by name, Pratapa Rudra II, went on a hunting spree for one full day in some dense forests that were quite far away from his kingdom. Later, a fully tired King decided to relax in the forests that night.

At the stroke of midnight, the King suddenly woke up from his sleep, as he heard someone chanting the holy names of Hindu Lord Sriram. Greatly amused by that chanting, the King got up from his place and went around to see from where and whom that chanting was emanating.

After a few yards, he found an amazing idol of Lord Hanuman sitting in a dhyana mudra. There was a tremendous glow in that idol. However, what surprised the King the most at that moment was that the chanting of the names of “Sriram” was actually emanating from that idol.. “How can an idol chant..? The King asked himself.

After a few more minutes, the King realized that Lord Hanuman Himself was sitting there in the form of an idol and was offering His prayers to His Master, Lord Sriram. After realized that, a fully shocked King Prataparudra prostrated before the holy deity of Lord Hanuman and offered Him his umble pranams

Later, after sitting in front of the idol for about an hour, the King quietly went back to the place where he had slept earlier and dropped back into deep sleep. While the King deep in his sleep, Lord Hanuman appeared in his dream and asked him to construct a Temple for Him.

Amazed by the dream more so by the instructions of Lord Hanuman, the King immediately returned to his kingdom and called for an emergency meeting of all his advisers and court scholars and told them about the dream experience the forests wherein he was instructed by Lord Hanuman to build a Temple for Him.

Surprised with what their King had told them, the courtiers said, “Hey Rajendra, this is certainly an auspicious sign in approval of your kingship. We should immediately commence the construction of the Temple, as instructed by Hanuman.”

Later, on one fine day and on an auspicious occasion, the King commenced the construction of the Temple at the same place where he had seen the idol of Hanuman chanting “Sriram”. In course of time, this Temple became immensely popular in it’s neighboring villages and people started frequenting it in large numbers.

Almost five hundred years,

After this Hanuman temple was built, Abul Muzaffar Muhi-ud-Din Muhammad Aurangzeb, more popularly known as Aurnagazeb became the King of the vast Mughal Empire in India. This greedy and over ambitious Aurangazeb, who also has the title of “Alamgir”, which literally means the “world conqueror”, had only two things on his agenda..

One, to conquer the whole of Indian sub continent and if possible the whole world; and two, to demolish all the Hindu Temples wherever they are in India; eradicate Hinduism from this planet; and spread the religion of Islam all over the sub-continent.

According to historian Katherine Brown, “The very name of Aurangzeb seems to act in the popular imagination as a signifier of politico-religious bigotry and repression, regardless of historical accuracy.”

The executions of the antinomian Sufi mystic, Sarmad Kashani and the ninth Sikh Guru, Tej Bahadur bear testimony to Aurangzeb’s religious intolerance. While the Sufi saint was beheaded on multiple accounts of heresy, the holy Sikh Guru was hanged to death because of his objections to Aurangzeb’s forced conversions.

According to many great historians, “Aurnagazeb in all had demolished about fifteen major Hindu Temples in India, including the famous Kashi Viswanath Temple, the Somnath Temple, and the Keshav Deo Temple”. Although there’s no accurate data available to prove their claims but according to some noted historians, “the Mughals during their reign in India have demolished about sixty thousand Hindu Temples in the Indian sub continent alone”.

As part his wicked agenda and after annexing the entire Northern India and ransacking many rich Hindu Temples there, the iconoclastic Aurangazeb turned towards the Deccan plateau and lay his concentration entirely on the much richer Golkonda kingdom, which was at that time under the rule of the Qutub Shahi dynasty of Hyderabad.

It was an easy task for Aurangazeb to conquer the Golkonda fort of Hyderabad which he conquered in 1687 without any stiff resistance from the meek Qutub Shahi rulers, who in those days were the richest in the world if not not the mightiest.

After completely taking control of the Diamond studded Golkonda fort, Aurnagazeb turned his attention towards the Hindu Temples in and around Hyderabad. During their search his army found the Lord Hanuman Temple built by the Kakatiya King, Pratapa Rudra II.

On one bad morning,

Lord Hanuman In Sitting Posture

The powerful Mughal army of Aurnagazeb reached the Lord Hanuman Temple. Firstly, the commander of the army ordered all the priests and officials associated with the Temple to immediately come out of the Temple and surrender unconditionally to the mighty army of “Alamgir” or else they would be mercilessly killed by him.

Fearing threat to their lives and silently offering their prayers to their beloved Lord Hanuman, all the devotees, all the priests and all the officials associated with the Temple have quietly come out of the Temple and stood shivering before the ruthless “Alamgir” army commander. Ordering all those victims to move aside, the army Commander then commanded his army to move forward and commence the demolition of the historical Hanuman Temple.

Unable to see the sinful act occurring in front of their eyes, all the Temple priests, officials and Hindu devotes closed their eyes, silently saying “Aparatham, aparatham”. However, the chief Temple priest, who always considered the principal deity, Hanuman, his own son , came forward and requested the army commander,

“Sir, I don’t mind dying in your hands but before that please listen to me for a few seconds. Please”.. Although irritated with the intrusion, the commander still said, “Go ahead Brahman”. The priest continued,

”Sir, Lord Hanuman, the principal deity of this Temple, is always in a dhyana mudra and is offering His prayers to His Lord Sriram. Hanuman is the strongest of all the Gods in this world. He alone had destroyed the entire King Ravan’s army with his Mace. Please do not disturb Him or cause any harm to His Temple. He will not keep quiet. Am requesting you in your own interest. Please listen to me and seek refuge in His mighty glory. He is a very kind God and will certainly forgive you.”

The arrogant Muslim commander could not take it any more. Saying, “Hey Brahman, just shut up and move aside else I will first kill you and then proceed towards the Temple. Let me see how your mighty Hanuman is going to rescue His temple from the demolition of my army that demolished many bigger Temples than this.” Saying so, he turned to army and commanded, “Marchhhhhhhh”..

Unmindful of what is going to happen to all of them in the next few minutes, the idiotic army personnel marched forward towards the sacred Hanuman Temple, with Crowbars and other powerful demolition tools in their hands, to demolish the Temple.

Then it happened..

The first soldier who reached the Temple main wall had raised the crowbar in his hands to knock the Temple down. Much to his shock, he just remained frozen and motionless. Unable to move his crowbar, even an inch forward, he kept looking at the wall with great fear in his eyes. Similar was the condition of all the other soldiers there who came close to the Temple main wall to demolish it.

To say the least, the commander of the mighty “Alamgir” army went into a deep shock looking at the miraculous occurrence before his eyes. He then quickly but involuntarily looked at the face of the chief Temple priest who warned him just a few minutes ago. The Temple priest, without any expression in his face was silently watching the army commander at that moment.

Quickly turning his face away from the priest, the army  commander then commanded his fear struck army to turn back and march towards the court of Aurnagazeb. He them told him in front of all his courtiersin the court,

“Jahanpanaa, as per your highness’s orders we have tried to demolish the Hanuman temple. But to our utter shock we could not move an inch forward. There’s a great divine power in the Temple. According to the Temple priest, Lord Hanuman is the most powerful of all the Hindu Gods. If your highness allow me to offer you my piece of advice, I would say we must never even turn towards that Temple again”.

Immensely angered with the report and the unsolicited advice of his army commander, Aurangazeb, almost screaming, said, “Shut up you idiot, what nonsense are you talking..?? Had it been someone else in your place, I would have cut him into pieces with my sword. But am merciful towards you because you have been so loyal to me for several years.

Now listen to me. I shall now command the army on my own. Let us march towards the Hanuman Temple, again tomorrow. I shall personally demolish the Temple with a Crowbar. I will also see how the so called powerful Hindu God Hanuman is going to protect His Temple from my strong hands. It’s my challenge to Him.”.

The Next Morning

Amazing Lord Hanuman Flying

Aurangazeb marched along with his army again towards the sacred Hanuman Temple. Although the soldiers were afraid to go to that Temple they were however could not disobey the orders of their cruel king who shall hang them to the main door post of the Golkonda fort if they do that.

Silently offering their prayers to Lord Hanuman, “to forgive us” for being part of that sinful act, the soldiers quietly marched towards the Hanuman Temple.. Aurangazeb ordered everyone in the Temple to come out of it within the next thirty seconds.

Saying, “Vinaasa kaale vipareetha buddih” silently to themselves all those inside the Temple have walked out. Looking at them, Aurangazeb arrogantly said,”even if one among you try to open your mouth, am going to cut your tongue into pieces. Just keep quiet and watch everything silently”.

Later, as everyone around him was fearfully watching him, Aurangazeb picked up a large Crowbar with his right hand and started walking recklessly towards the Hanuman Temple. Even the wind there stopped breezing watching that sinful act and started looking fearfully at the idiotic Aurnagazeb who was, in all stupidity, trying to conquer the all powerful Lord of Wind.

Unmindful of everything that was happening around him, Aurangazeb slowly reached the main wall of the Hanuman Temple and raised the Crowbar to deliver the first blow on the sacred wall.

He just raised the crowbar. That’s all he could. He didn’t know what happened after that. All that he heard, at that moment, was a huge roar and a deafening sound from inside the Temple. It was so frightening that even the brave Aurangazed could not withstand that sound and stood frozen there, closing both his ears.

“Sree Anjaneyam.. Prasannananjaneyam.. Prabhaa divya kaayam.. Prakeerthi pradaayam.. Bhaje vaayuputhram.. Bhaje vaala gaathram.. Bhajeham pavithram.. Bhaje surya mithram.. Bhaje rudra roopam .. Bhaje brahma tejam..”

Recognizing that huge roaring sound as the divine voice of their beloved holy Lord Hanuman, all the Temple priests, all the devotees and all those Hindus standing there in front of the Temple have quickly bowed down on their knees and started reciting the all powerful Telugu Anjaneya dandakam.

Aurangazeb was aghast.

Aurangazeb was speechless.

Aurangazeb was frozen.

Aurangazeb was going mad with that life threatening roaring sound all around him.

Then taking him into a further state of shock, a powerful voice – the most powerful ever heard on earth – followed that sound, saying..

“Agar mandir thodna hain Rajan, tho kar man ghat” (Hindi) which means, “Hey King, if you want to break the Temple, make your heart stronger”.

The deeply shocked Aurangazeb fainted with an unimaginable degree of fear hearing to that voice of Pavana Suta Hanuman. Quickly reacting, his soldiers rushed to him and took him away from that sacred place and moved him to his fort.


The Karmanghat Hanuman Temple In Hyderabad And It's Moola Virat
The Karmanghat Hanuman Temple In Hyderabad And It’s Moola Virat

This Hanuman Temple, which is currently located in the suburbs of Hyderabad city, in the Telangana state of India, became popular among the devotees, as the “Karman Ghat” Hanuman Temple based on the words uttered by the divine voice of Lord Hanuman on that eventful day.

Today, there are many miracles attributed to this Temple and according to the priests of the Temple, “Lord Hanuman is residing in this Temple in His real form, as Dhyananjaneya Swamy, and is fulfilling the wishes of all His ardent devotees. If childless Mothers come here and worship this Swamy for forty days they will be blessed with hale and healthy babies. And if those suffering from chronic illnesses do the same they will be completely relieved from all their diseases.”.

Here’s The Address Of The Temple

Sri Karmanghat Hanuman Temple,

Karmanghat Village, Saroornagar Mandal,

Opposite Chandra Garden, Hyderabad,

Pincode: 500069, Telangana.

“Yathra yathra raghunaatha kirtanam, tathra tathra kritha mastakaanjalim,
bhaashpa vaari paripurnnaa lochanam, maarutim namatha raakshasaanthakam..”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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