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Finally,the 17th of February,2005

The much awaited date for PVRK Prasad’s proposed meeting,with the luminaries of Visakhapatnam port city’s financial world, has arrived..The meeting was scheduled to begin,in Vizag Port Trust guest house’s conference hall,at about 3 pm,that day..

A few days prior to the meeting,Prasad had personally called and invited every renowned personality in the city saying,”..This is an invitation to a special meeting am personally conducting on the 17th of this month to introduce a mystic personality to you and also to discuss about an important event to be held in Vizag shortly..Please make yourself available for the same..”

Since that was a personal call from someone like Prasad,no one could say ‘”no”..Honestly,even today no one would say no to Prasad although he had long ago retired from all the government services…That is the power he carries with him wherever he is and that is also why Goddess Gayathri had chosen him to stand in front and lead all the arrangements related to the sacred “Gayathri Maha Yagnam”..

On the day of meeting..

The port trust authorities have promised to handover the conference hall to PVRK Prasad by 11 am in the morning…Subbarao and his friends,Ivaturi Veerabhadra Rao,Bhaskara Murthy and a few others have,by about 10.30 am that day,reached an area that’s close to the Vizag Port Trust guest house..

Quite Surprisingly,they were halted by the Police on duty there and were not allowed to move beyond a certain point..It was then that Subbarao looked all around…

He was shocked to find the entire area,in and around the port trust guest house,cordoned off by the state Police,military and navy security personnel..There were also many Black Cat commandos in command there in addition to many gun wielding Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) force..

To say the least,for a few minutes,Subbarao did not understand where exactly he had come that day..He once again looked all around,still in great confusion,and then slowly approached a police officer on duty there and said,

“Good morning sir..We have a meeting in the guest house at 3 pm today..The port trust officials asked us to come at 11 am and take possession of the conference hall..But your people are not allowing us to move forward..Can you please tell them to allow us inside the guest house..”

Laughing sarcastically,the police officer said,’Gentleman..Right now,the honorable President Of India is staying here in the guest house..So no one is allowed inside..All the port trust officials know about the President’s program much in advance..Then which official gave you permission for a meeting today..Am surprised..Postpone your meeting to some other day..There’s no other way..”

A shocked Subbarao,still composing himself,requested the police officer saying,”Am sorry sir..Am really not aware of the honorable President’s visit..But our meeting is more or less equally important..Lot of VIPs from Vizag are going to attend it today..Please help..”

Laughing boisterously this time..

The police officer said,”..Just because a few VIPs of Vizag are attending a meeting here today,you want me to go and ask the President of India to vacate the guest house for you,gentleman..??..Come on…Don’t talk funny..”..

Correcting the officer,Subbarao hurriedly said,”No sir..Why would I say that..What am trying to say is you also please allow us to go ahead with our meeting..All of us are well learned responsible people in the society of Vizag and we will not in any way disturb the honorable President’s program..”

Now in an irritated tone,the officer said..”..When you are all such learned people why don’t you then understand the situation here and allow us to do our duty,sir..??..This is a high security zone so please go away..Because you look a like a respectable person I have so far entertained you..Otherwise no civilian is allowed to come this far..Please go away..”..

Although the officer was trying to sound as diplomatic as possible in his selection of words,Subbarao had however,noticed a lot of rudeness in his voice..Left with nothing else to do there,a fully disappointed Subbarao turned back; reached his friends; and explained them in detail about the status there..

The friends together discussed various options,including finding a quick alternative venue..But none of them was convinced with that option..Finally Subbarao called the in charge of the Vizag Port Trust guest house and asked him “what the matter is”

The in charge in reply said,”Subbarao garu..According to the scheduled program given to us by his office, the President was supposed to vacate the guest house this morning,after his breakfast at about 10.30 am, which was why I have asked you all to come and take possession of the hall at 11 am..

However,for some strange reasons,the President stayed back in the guest house and at this point of time no one here is sure about what time he leaves..None of us have any information either..Except waiting there’s nothing much that either you or I can do now Subbarao garu..Hope you understand..”

Except understanding what is that any one caught in such a peculiar situation would do..Although that is not the question here,the poor Subbarao too did the same..Later,unable to know what to do,Subbarao, for a few minutes,stood quiet at that place,where he was thus far standing; slowly closed his eyes and did what he’s best at doing..Praying..

He silently offered his prayers to the holy Goddess Gayathri requesting Her to remove the hurdle from his way at the earliest..

And I believe the Goddess smiled at that moment..That’s also what Subbarao too must have felt although he did not hear Her smiling..But he was sure that if She interferes She can move any President in this world from any place to any place and of course any number of times..PEACE…

Later,leaving everything to the holy Goddess Gayathri,Subbarao and friends started waiting at a distance from the port trust guest house looking at it’s main gate…Seconds were moving..Minutes were moving.. Hours too were moving..But neither Subbarao moved nor the gates of the guest house moved..

But,finally and finally indeed..

At about 12.30 pm..Taking Subbarao by surprise,the main gates of the port trust guest house were slowly opened and were then kept wide open for a few minutes..After a few more minutes of waiting..

As all the policemen,army soldiers,navy officers,coast guards and ITBP personnel,on duty there,standing stiff and offering their salutations,the convoy carrying

Independent India’s most illustrious President,the most learned and the most honorable Sri Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Kalam,more popularly known as Dr.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam,majestically passed through the gates of the Vizag Port Trust guest house and raced towards the Visakhapatnam airport..

Subbarao just stood still in awe of Dr.Kalam,who before leaving that place had made it sure to wave his hand,as mark of acknowledgement,to the saluting top ranking Indian security personnel..

Later,things moved in quick succession for Subbarao and after about half an hour,the conference hall was promptly handed over to him by the port trust officials..

By about 2.45 pm…

Almost all the big names of Visakhapatnam have arrived at the meeting place along with PVRK Prasad and the scholar extraordinary Sri Yanamdra Venu Gopala Sastry..After everyone is seated in their chairs,Bhaskara Murthy slowly walked up the dais and firstly invited Prasad then Sri Venu Gopala Sastry and lastly his beloved friend,Subbarao on to the dais..

Everyone in the audience,with great curiosity in their eyes,have started looking at Subbarao and Sri Sastry..Commencing the proceedings of that spiritually historical meeting,Prasad was the first person to address the illustrious gathering..

In his welcome note this was what he said..

“A very good after noon ladies and gentlemen..At the outset,I wholeheartedly thank each one of you for accepting my invitation and taking time to attend this all important meeting..Without wasting much of your valuable time I shall come straight to the point..To be very honest with you,there are many intricate things in this vast and mysterious universe that defy human logic..

At the same time,there are also many spiritual occurrences in our beloved Mother Nature that question the competence of the human brain..Otherwise why are we still not able to crack the codes of Vedas and why are we still not able to explain how a sweet Mango is born out of a small seed and who is injecting that sweet juice into it..??…Right..??

Now,with all due respects to the great geniuses of our invincible human world,let me ask you all a very simple question here..Why is that all our Nobel laureates are still unable to find answers to such small questions like how a beautiful Mango is coming out of a small seed and who is injecting that sweet juice into it…??..

Are these great laureates incapable of finding answers to these questions or are the questions themselves are incapable of providing proper answers..Where lies the problem if at all there’s one..???..Can anyone here have the answer..I know no one can..

But if you ask me to try and answer these questions then I would,with the little experience I have in the field of spirituality,very vehemently say that “..there’s certainly a super cosmic force existing far away in the vast cosmos beyond the reach of our human eye with a brain much beyond our human imagination and with a hand much more creative than the combined intellectual power of our humanity..”

It is this cosmic force that is creating a Mango out of a small seed and it is again this invisible hand that is injecting sweet juice into it..While the protagonists of spiritual drama call this cosmic force “God”,the antagonists call it “a clueless phenomenon of nature”..

Whoever calls it in whatever way they want,there’s one such mysterious happening taking place right here in your beloved city of Visakhapatnam which would very emphatically consolidate the theory that there’s a cosmic force behind the cosmos that is controlling our lives..I think the honorable Brahmasree Yanamandra Venu Gopala Sastry is more competent here than me to explain you all about it..

Before I call upon Sri Satry,I also think I have a duty to give you all a proper introduction of this great vedic scholar extraordinary..In short,Sri Sastry is not only a maverick personality in the field of Hindu spirituality but is also an authority on all the aspects related to the holy Vedas..

He’s an adviser to many holy Hindu peetams and peethadhipathis..Sitting in the ‘Brahma Sthaanam’ Sri Sastry had conducted many maha yagas and yagnams performed at many places all over India..May I now request Brahmasree Yanamandra Venu Gopala Sastry to brief you all about the motive behind our meeting here today..Thanks again ladies and gentlemen for your precious time..”

Saying so,PVRK Prasad quietly moved away from the lectern and amidst thunderous applause from all those luminaries gathered there went and occupied his chair..Getting up slowly from his chair,Sri Venu Gopala Sastry walked towards the lectern,as the thunderous applause from the illustrious audiences continued..

And this was what the scholar extraordinary had said in that historical meeting..

“Sri gurubhyo namahaa..Hari om..As Sri Prasad had rightly said there’s certainly a powerful cosmic force behind the cosmos that is controlling this universe and also driving our lives..Everything in our Nature is a phenomenal proof that endorses the existence of this great invisible force..

While Sri Prasad quoted about a Mango,which is undoubtedly a beautiful creation of Mother Nature,let me also quote about something that is again a marvelous creation of our human genius..Am giving this example to let you all the learned people here understand how even a human creation has left many unanswered questions which again no Nobel laureate on this planet can ever answer..

You all know how beautiful the great epitome of love,Taj Mahal is..Millions of people from all over the world must have visited Agra ever since Taj Mahal was built there by Shajahan,four hundred years ago.. Am sure you all have seen it too..I for myself love it..Everyone who comes there appreciates it’s beauty and also appreciate Shah Jahan’s love for Mumtaz..

But how many among us have asked ourselves a few important questions that defy all the human logic..I don’t think even the great Mughal emperor Shajahan himself would be able to answer these questions..

Now here’s what I want to know..

Taj Mahal is a beautiful structure..Agree..But can anyone in this world tell me from where did the gallons of water that was used in it’s construction had come…You may say from River Yamuna..But who created Yamuna..???..Do you have any answer..I know not..Now please tell me..

From where did the tons of marble stone that was used in the construction of Taj Mahal had come..You all shall unconditionally agree that it is this Marble stone that is making Taj Mahal so beautiful..If so from where did it come..

From where did the tons of sand used in the construction of Taj Mahal had come..From where did the preservatives that are added to the marble stone have come..

From where did the precious color stones that are engraved in it’s design have come..From where did the red sand stone used in it’s surrounding structures has come..From where did all the precious gem stones and Gold used in it’s construction have come..???

At least please tell me from where did the human eye that appreciates this great symbol of love and Mughal architecture has come..???..

Does anyone among you or for that matter does any so called atheists or Nobel laureates belonging to any part of this vast world have answers to my questions..If so let him come forward then am ready to bow before him if he convinces me with his answers..

Honestly,let me tell you my dear friends..It’s not easy..No one has the knowledge to give answers to my questions..If you ask me then I shall,with whatever little knowledge I have today,say that they all have come from where we all had come from and from where this tiny looking Brahmin sitting beside me had come from..

Just like we all have originated from our Mother’s womb,they too have originated from Nature’s womb.. Then why is this so called brigade of mindless atheists still keep questioning about the existence of God in spite of having so much of substantial proof all around them..

Then why don’t they understand that it is in these elements of Nature that God exists and at least now they should stop talking nonsense about God..Friends..In spite of so much of lying proof in front of them if they are still not able to see God then I pity them for their spiritual blindness..May God bless them..

Now let me come straight to the point..

The name of this tiny looking Brahmin sitting beside me is Sri Nemani Subbarao,who is a Mathematics tuition master currently residing in the shipyard colony..But you will all be shocked if I tell you now that this great man had so far recited the Gayathri manthra for one crore times in his life..Shocked..??

It’s not over yet because what is more shocking here is that he had performed it on the instructions of Goddess Gayathri who speaks to him often..He recited the Gayathri manthra by performing penance at great sacred places like Basara and Naimisaranyam where the Goddess had personally instructed him to go and perform penance..

One fine morning he came to me and said,”I have performed Koti Gayathri..After my strict penance at Naimisaranyam,Goddess Gayathri,who speaks to me often,had asked me to perform a ‘Maha Yagnam’ in Visakhapatnam for the well being of humanity..She then told me your name and said that you would be sitting in the ‘Brahma Sthaanam’ and perform this Yagnam”

My dear learned friends..Please tell me..How to believe someone whom am seeing for the first time in my life comes to me and tells me such unbelievable things..So I have decided to test the credibility in his claims and placed a strict test before him..A real strict one indeed..But without any difficulty he cleared that test and in no time appeared spiritually gigantic to me..

Then I have decided to sit in the ‘Brahma Sthaanam’ and perform this ‘Gayathri Maha Yagnam’ which Goddess Mother Gatathri wanted us to perform for five days in the fifth month of the fifth year of this millennium that is in the month of May this year..

Later I did all the calculations and said that it would approximately cost about forty lakhs to perform this ‘Maha Yagnam’ if it has to be performed exactly the way it is meant to be performed..Thanks for all your time..I now request Sri Nemani Subbarao to come forward and share with you his divine experiences..

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