“Krithethu Naarasimha Bhoo.. Trethaayaam Raghu Nandanaha.. Dwaapare Vaasu Devascha.. Kalau Venkata Nayakaha”

Firstly, let me humbly offer my sincere thanks to all my beloved readers, all over the world, for the amazing way you all have responded to my recently released book God On Call – A Powerful Book On Lord Venkateswara With Twelve Spellbinding True Stories – with your praises and compliments.

Many readers have sent me many mails praising me for presenting the most spellbinding true stories of Lord Venkateswara through an emotion packed devotion and a suspense filled narration..

I can fill this entire article with compliments and praises I have received from readers of God On Call Book but I don’t want to bore you will all that content.. Instead I shall just share a few reviews you shall find on Amazon India..

These Are A Few Amazing Five Star Reviews Posted On Amazon By Readers Of God On Call Book 

One : It’s an amazing book , different from the usual books which tell about story of Lord Venkateshwara , this book sings his glory, it shows how he is always with his devotees, just a call away, it’s a must read book for every devotee of lord Srinivasa.

Two : Miraculous book is God on Call.. Every story gives you a greatest hope to believe in Lord Venkateshwara.. The Kaliyuga Kalpavruksha.. Just can’t imagine such mind boggling miracles which changes lives..

It’s a book which should be read by every peace seeker.. The best part of the book is narration.. What a writer Narrenaditya Komaragiri is.. Spine chilling it is.. I am big fan of his writing.

Three : I have read 3 stories from this book and have to force myself to put the book down because one should read at least 1 story per month instead of finishing the book quickly. I love the way the author writes. He knows how to captivate the readers.

Reading these amazing true stories recharge my mind and give amazing solace. Best stress-buster I have ever read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to change their outlook to life or increase their devotion to Lord Venkateswara

Four : Superb book coupled with crisp and free style writing makes this book one of the very best spiritual collection.. I recommend each and everyone to buy this book and get mesmerized by the Love of Lord Balaji.. It will literally bring tears of joy while reading the 12 stories.

Five : The book’s first page says, those who are destined to read the book shall read the book and those who aren’t destined shall not, which is very true… Also the Author’s narration is very fantabulous that one can experience only after reading it.

You may Click Here to read more reviews on Amazon or to buy the God On Call book if you haven’t already purchased it..

Coming To The Point

One common point I found in all the mails I have thus far received is, “please release this great book in regional Indian languages as well so that more and more people who cannot easily understand English will be able to follow and enjoy the divine content in their native language”..

Majority of readers wanted God On Call to be presented in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada languages..

Most of the stories in God On Call English version are based on the divine experiences of Sri PVRK Prasad which he had in Tirumala Temple while he was the Executive Officer of the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) board.

He had presented all his experiences in a Telugu Book titled, ‘Sarva Sambhavaaam’.. Therefore, before writing the God On Call Book, I have obtained his permission to use his stories for my book..

He had very gladly obliged since he’s much familiar with my unique style of narration and writing which he follows regularly..

In fact, Sri Prasad was the Chief Guest of the grand God On Call book release function held in Hyderabad on the 24th of March, 2017.. More than two hundred Tirumalesa readers from different parts of the world have attended this function.. Daivam Maanusha Rupena Sriram Sir had released the book..

Although they are Sri Prasad’s stories, I have presented them in a completely new way in my own style and narration sustaining a gripping suspense throughout.. The reader would throughout, during the reading of the book, would feel, “Stories are told in a gripping way in a never before told fashion”..

That is the reason why this book is creating sensation all over the world.. Sri Prasad himself called me after reading the book and said,

“Am speechless Aditya.. Although they are my stories and I know what is going to happen next, your extraordinary style of narration building great suspense didn’t allow me to stop reading until the end of the book.

It was like reading a complete new book for me.. My compliments.. You have really executed the task assigned by Lord Srinivasa to you with utmost perfection.. Keep up the great work.. All the best”..

Many of those readers who have read Sri Prasad’s Telugu book have said, “That’s a great book.. No doubt but no comparison.. Reading your book is an altogether new thrilling and spine chilling experience.. We had goosebumps and tears in our eyes while reading your book..You took us into a different world and we found it difficult to come back from that ecstatic state”.

However, the highlight of God On Call Book that is making people around the world go mad is one of the twelve stories that I have fully dedicated to the New Powerful Sri Venkateswara Mahamantra Pooja To Lord Venkateswara that has the miraculous power to provide solution to many human problems..

Thousands of readers from all over the world, who have performed this pooja after reading about it on tirumalesa.com, have found amazing solutions to many of their long lasting problems..

They say there’s a divine power in this pooja – which I was ordained by Him to invent on one divine evening to save a Bengali lady- that can solve many complicated problems of human life..

Due to too many illegal forces, like the Times Of India’s Speaking Tree, shamelessly copying my content and posting it on their site I had no option but to remove this pooja article from the site and publish it in the book.. Now this pooja is available only in the book.

Even those readers who read about this new pooja in the book are mailing me telling how much they have benefited from performing it..

While God On Call Book emphatically proves to the reader that Lord Venakteswara exists right in the midst of us, this pooja proves that He shall come to the the rescue of any devotee who would fully surrender to Him.. Hare Srinivasa

Having Said All The Above

Let me tell you a vital point..

Although God On Call is entirely my own creation, I was, however, not keen on publishing it in other Indian languages without obtaining proper permission from Sri PVRK Prasad.. I didn’t feel it is morally or legally correct to take a decision on my own and move forward without informing him..

Therefore, I personally met him on Monday, the 19th of June, 2017, at his Banjara Hills residence in Hyderabad and told him what the readers of God On Call are thinking about the book and how they are asking me to publish it in other Indian languages..

He said, “although they are my stories you have told narrated in a completely different way.. In fact you have added many details to each and every story and made them standout..

Your book is a powerful book and it should reach all the people and be published in as many languages.. May be this is also His intention so you came to me.. Then who am I to permit you or not to permit you.. You don’t even need to ask me.. It is His design.. Just go ahead.. Good luck”.

Offering my humble Pranams to this glorious personality’s magnanimity, I took leave from him..

Key And Vital Points

Am in the process of identifying top quality writers in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil and shall commence the work on publishing God On Call Book in these Indian languages once I finalize the writers..

I can write equally well in Telugu but my time doesn’t permit me.. If I need one day to write an English article I would need two days to write the same in Telugu..

So if you can write or if you know someone who can extraordinarily write please send a quick mail to my mail id narrenaditya@tirumalesa.com with the subject “Writer In — Language”.. I shall respond quickly too because I want to release these books maximum before this year end..

The selected writers will not only be substantially compensated for their writing but will also be given exposure all over the world since we promote and sell the book across all countries through our eCommerce site www.prabhoota.com..

Now, If You Want

You can be one of the honorable sponsors to these Indian languages books.. Last time, when I announced the launch of God On Call Book in English, many readers from many parts of the world have come forward to sponsor that book..

I have accepted from a few and as promised to them had published their names in “the list of sponsors to this book” column in the book.. Many felt extremely happy seeing their name associated with one of the most powerful and influential books ever written in the history of the 5000 – year old Tirumala Temple.

However, I could not accept sponsorship from many, for various reasons, and from a few who came in the last minute..

Now, if you want to have the honor of getting associated with this Divine Book by becoming one of it’s sponsors in Indian languages, then please send me a mail to my mail id narrenaditya@tirumalesa.com with the subject, “Want To Sponsor God On Call — Language Book”.. Please fill in the blank space with the language of your choice to sponsor..

Now, please Click Here to buy God On Call Book on our eCommerce website if you haven’t already purchased it.. You can order for the book from anywhere in the world.. Books within India will be delivered in five working days and outside India in fourteen working day through our courier partners Fedex and DHL respectively.

However, if you are from USA, Canada and Mexico you may order for the book on Amazon North America, where it was recently listed, by clicking Here..


“Naaham Vasaami Vaikunte.. Na Yogi Hridayena Cha.. Madh Bhakthaa Yathra Gaayanthi.. Tathra Thishtaami Naaradaa”

This was what Lord Sri Venkateswara, through the above Sloka, had once told Celestial Sage, Narada, which means “Narada.. I shall not permanently reside in the Vaikunta nor shall I reside forever in the hearts of the holy sages.. However, I shall always remain seated in the heart of every devotee who is constantly chanting my name”..

Stay blessed forever


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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