“Pre determinism is not a stumbling block but a stepping stone to our joyous living.. Thank God, there is pre-determinism”Sriram Sir

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Before Proceeding Further Into The Story

It is important to know a few more vital points about Sriram Sir; his philosophy; and his views on various aspects of life and Nature.

On Maya and Manas : Maya and Manas are two perennial perplexities, endlessly baffling the best brains of humanity.. The main metaphysical fulcrum of all the world scriptures hinges on their attempt to understand and ultimately master these Two’.. These are the two cosmic blinkers that perpetually hang on our eyes, preventing us from looking at ‘reality’ as it really is..

These are the two hypnotizing agencies that make us believe that the ‘Cosmic Dream’ called Life is real, whereas the truth is otherwise.. These are the two ‘M’s which are at the root of all misery.. Ironically enough, these are the things that are also responsible for the joy, we derive from life.

On Nature : Nature is the tangible manifestation of God.. That is, perhaps, why we feel the touch of the moving hand of Cosmic wisdom when we get into the lap of Nature.. God, being a transcendental being, does not distinguish between the dualities like good and bad, great and small, important or unimportant.. Nature also does the same as it happens to be concretised divinity..

On Meditation : Meditation is the spiritual application of a concentrated mind to achieve certain results which enrich your psyche and thus make you more and more joyous.. This joy, remember, results not from concentration but from the work done by the concentrated mind.. And that work, thus done, deepens your understanding of your relation to the soul and melts the mist of confusion called Maya.

This awareness makes you feel happy.. This is unalloyed happiness.. This is different from ordinary happiness in that it does not have the shadow of sorrow.. This is what Gautama Buddha did through meditation..

Through this meditation, done with the help of a concentrated mind, Buddha found the four noble truths that are,”the truth of suffering; the truth of the cause of suffering; the truth of the end of suffering; and the truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering..”

On Gita : Calling it ‘Gita Syndrome’, Sriram Sir says,”Normally people entertain either a cynical outlook or have reservations in following the teachings of the Gita..”.. To dispel this feeling, he further says, “Arjuna, who renounced arms, with a mind full of despondency, reluctant to kill his kith and kin; picks up the arms at the end of the discourse and fights a victorious war.. Why..??..”.

On Death : All our tender, delightful dreams, lingerig on the dunes of time, across the banks of life, get wrecked on the adamantine rock, called death.. Rolling over thorny paths, with turbulent tears welling up in our eyes, we drag our already dead bodies on to the grave where our search for the non – existent aroma called happiness, comes to a happy end.

On Wisdom And Ignorance : While speaking to us, during a meeting held in Hyderabad on the 14th of February, 2016, Sriram Sir spoke at length on various topics, including on the two most vital topics of wisdom and ignorance; nnd the Mother and the child..

Am presenting here the views expressed by Sir, as I understood them and of course in my own words..

“..We need as much ignorance as much as we need wisdom.. While wisdom enables our human mind to comprehend the knowledge that we acquire through academics; ignorance disables the mind from acquiring the knowledge that is not in anyway useful to us..

Sometimes, by using our wisdom we unnecessarily try to judge and understand people, we love the most, and in turn make our life unhappy..

Instead, if we just remain ignorant to some of the character traits of the persons we love the most, not only will we be more happy in our life but will also be more loving towards the ones we love the most, whom we love not for their happiness but for our happiness.. It means being selfish and ignorant, sometimes, is good for our health, as well as our life..”

By saying so, Sriram Sir reminded me one of my favorite quotes, “where ignorance is a bliss it is foolish to be wise”

Had The Honor Of Sitting Bside Sriram Sir During A Meeting
Had The Honor Of Sitting Bside Sriram Sir During A Meeting

On Mother And Child : Just like it is the Mother who is always more concerned about the needs of the child, than the child; similarly it is God who is more concerned about the needs of His creation, than the creation.. Neither the Mother nor God here is performing their duties out of commitment but are performing them out of their sheer love for their creation..

Occasionally, a mother slaps her child and after about an hour spreads her arms towards the child only to embrace her with love.. The child too, without any inhibition, comes running to her Mother and hugs her tight..

Similarly God slaps us, sometimes, for our good, but how many of us are going back to Him when He extends His lovely arms towards us inviting us to embrace Him..??.. I know it’s very difficult to answer this question at any point of time in our life.

However,if everyone of us put this question to ourselves occasionally, we may, in course of time, at least find an answer that is more likely to come closer to a fraction of the cosmic reality..

Now, Let Me Quote A Small But A Life Changing Incident Here

This incident shall tell you in detail about Sriram Sir and his nature of operation of things in the cosmic drama..

This life changing incident – narrated to me by popular Telugu Tamil film producer, G V G Raju – very clearly and emphatically tells us that “Sriram Sir is not only reading our thoughts but are also influencing our minds”..

Please go through..

In those days, when Sriram Sir were working in Nizamabad and whenever he wished to come to Hyderabad, G V G Raju would go all the way, from Hyderabad to Nizamabad, in his Toyota Qualis, to bring Sir from Nizamabad to Hyderabad and later drop him back in Nizamabad.

On one such occasion, when Sriram Sir and G V G Raju were about to leave for Nizamabad, Sri Venkata Krishna, a popular and senior advocate of A P High Court and a close follower of Sriram Sir since 1987, called Sir and requested him, saying,

“Sir.. I came to know that you are leaving for Nizamanad in the afternoon, today.. You will any how be passing through my colony.. I request you to let me have the honor of hosting a lunch for both you and Raju, at my house, while you are on the way.. Please Sir”

Sir obliged.. Raju and Sir had lunch at Sri Venkata Krishna’s house..

While they were leaving his home, Sri Venkata Krishna very hesitantly asked, “Sir.. There’s a deep crisis in my family.. Am unable to take any decision and even unable to think properly.. Need your invaluable advice.. Please help..”

Sir, sounding slightly irritated, said,”Do whatever you want to do and do whatever your think is right to do.. There’s no need to ask me..”.. Saying so, Sir quickly boarded the Qualis and in a few minutes, both Raju and Sir were on the highway to Nizamabad..

While on the way, Sriram Sir observed that Raju is not only silent but was also upset with him.. With a smile, Sir asked Raju,”what’s the matter Ganapathi Raju, looking so upset..??..”

Without mincing words, Raju replied, “Yes Sir.. Am really upset.. That elderly man has a problem in his family therefore invited us for a lunch today to discuss about it with you.. That is clearly understood..

When he sought your advice, you just brushed it off saying do whatever you think is right.. He’s unable to know what is right for him, so, sought your advice.. And now if you say take any decision you want to, what will that old man do Sir..

If he knows what is right for him why in the first case would he be seeking your advice at all.. Please forgive me Sir.. If I have crossed my limits..”.

With a gentle smile, Sriram Sir shocked Raju, saying, “Ganapathi Raju, when it is me who is going to make him think the righteous way he should be thinking and again when it is me who is going to pull his family from all the crises of his life and save, then why should that man be worried about anything in his life, Raju.. Tell me..”..


A normally very emotional person, G V G Raju, literally had tears in his eyes, narrating this incident to me in 2004, which I believe had occurred sometime during the year 2002.. After hearing about this incident, which I don’t think is known to most of Sriram Sir’s followers, I have completely surrendered my life to the holy feet of my beloved Sriarm Sir..

Now utilizing this opportunity, let me once again affirm my faith in Sriram Sir, by solemnly saying, “why should anyone in this world be worrying about anything in their life, when not only our lives but also our thoughts are pre determined and controlled by this divine supreme cosmic force called Sriram Sir ..

“..Subandhuh kasyachithkaha syadhihaa no kaschidhapyarihi.. Sadaa sarve cha sarvasya.. Sarvam sarvesva rechchayaa..” – Vasishta Gita

“..In reality, no one in this universe is ever a relative to anyone nor an enemy.. Everything to everyone here is happening according to the will of ‘Sarvesvara’ – the Creator” – 

”Dear readers, the above small but vital incident is revealing to our human world, a powerful cosmic secret of the divine world.. However, only those who are destined to know it shall be knowing it and those who are not shall never be not..” PERIOD

Now, Please Watch This Photograph

Salagramam By Sriram Sir

This is a Salagrama stone gifted by Sriram Sir to an elderly man by name Sri Sreepathi, whom we all know as a man who had captured maximum number of movements of Sriram Sir, on his camera, since 1991..

One day, sometime during the mid – 90s, when Sriram Sir and Sri Sreepathi were sitting in Sri Venkata Krishna’s house, Sir suddenly spread his right hand forward and kept his palm wide open.. As everyone there was silently watching, this Salagrama stone appeared in Sir’s palm..

Later, giving it to Sri Sreepathi, Sir said,” Keep it in your pooja room.. During pooja put it in a glass and pour only that quantity of water required to sink it fully.. Then, after your pooja is complete, take that water as theertham.. That will give you good health forever..”

Ever since Sri Sreepathi was strictly following the instructions given by Sir and was drinking the water in the glass after his daily pooja which is why even at the age about 70 plus today, Sri Sreepathi is hale and healthy and credits his good health entirely to that Salagrama stone ..

Sriram Sir once gave a similar Salagrama stone to advocate, Sri Venkata Krishna too, when he was complaining of severe chest pain that was not abating still after taking many medicines for many days..

After creating the sacred stone, Sir also created Vibhuthi from nowhere, and while gifting them to the advocate said,

“Dip Salagrama in a glass of fresh water everyday and after your pooja add a pinch of this Vibhoothi to it and take it as a medicine.. You will be fine.. If you so wish, you may continue taking the regular medicines as well..”

However, Sri Venkata Krishna, took only the Salagrama Vibhuthi teertham and had stopped all other medicines.. Much to his surprise, his chest pain had not only subsided immediately but had also never troubled him again.. Sri Venakata Krishana is sadly not among us today..

Coming to the point, I have taken a snap of the above sacred Slagrama stone, on my mobile, when I visited Sri Sreepathi’s residence, a couple of weeks ago..

Now,My Two Most Unforgettable Experiences With Sriram Sir

Although I had many amazing experiences with Sriram Sir to share with the world, I shall, however, share these two experiences, which I believe will benefit the readers in a big way..

Experience One : On my birthday, on the 29th Of April, 2004, a friend, after greeting me on my mobile, asked me, “why don’t you go and seek the blessings of Sir”.. Considering it an invitation from Sir, I went straight to the Institute Of Electronics in Maredpally, Hyderabad, at 12.45 pm, that day..

That was the best time to meet Sir in the campus, those days.. Sir were sitting alone in the staff room, as though waiting for me.. After paying my regards to him, I told him, “Sir, today is my birthday.. Came to seek your blessings..”

Wishing me, “happy birthday”, Sir took me to a small bakery cum juice center that’s there opposite that institute.. We ordered for a couple of curry puffs and Mango juice and sat in a corner.. During the discussion, Sir suddenly asked me,

“Aditya, you must have many times thanked God for giving you many beautiful things in life and also for solving many of your problems.. But did you ever thank God for not giving you many problems many people not only in and around your world but also in many parts of the world are facing today..??

For example, many innocent men and women and also many children are dying in many countries like Israel, Palestine, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan in terrorist attacks and in insurgency.. You never faced this problem.. Did you thank God for that..??

Secondly, you are able to walk freely; you are able to play Cricket; and you are also able to go wherever you want to go, today.. But are you aware that there are millions in this world who are not able to do at least one of these things..

And let me tell you about a man whose biggest dream in life today is to go on his own to the wash room and retire to his bed.. But he’s not able to realize that dream and wouldn’t be able to realize it forever, because his whole body is paralyzed from his feet up to his neck.. He is now confined completely to the bed..

Did you ever thank God for not giving you any of these problems.. I know not.. In spite of getting so many boons from God, you still have many complaints to make against Him about many things that He had not granted to you..

At least from this birthday, Aditya, never ask God for any favor.. He will give you everything you need, unasked.. From today let smiles be your prayers and let these sentences be the first hymns you chant, every morning..”

Saying so, Sir taught me these three simple sentences, which I began chanting every morning without getting down from the bed, from the very next day, after that birthday..

Here are those three sentences which I also want everyone of you to tell God, once every morning, the moment you wake up..

Just do this way..After waking up in the morning and after opening your eyes; just remain on bed; open both your palms; and looking at them, say these sentences, just once and then go and begin your day.. According to Sir, this is the best prayer we would be offering to God..

1. God, I thank you very much for solving so many of my problems.

2. God, I also sincerely thank you very much for not giving me so many problems the world and the people are facing today.

3. And God, I also thank you very much for all that you have been doing to me.

Simple.. Is in’t it..??..  Sir asked me to say ‘God’ but I say ‘Sir’ in place of ‘God’ because Sir is my God.. You may choose to say either..

With Sriram Sir

My Second Experience : As I have often quoted at many places, I have gone through terribly unbearable and unlivable melancholic depression, in 2006, that almost consumed my life.. The most agonizing task for me, those days, was to run away from myself to save my innocent self from my destructive self..

With so much of unknown fear diabolically gripping my mind and with every minute rather every moment was pushing me closer to death, I have realized one day, which was quite coincidentally the Sravana Sukravaram Vratham day in my house, that to live life any more, in such a terrible state, would be just impossible for me..

Then communicating with Sir through my thoughts, that morning, I said, “Sir.. There’s no problem that you have not given me in my life.. And now you have given me this agonizing problem that’s making my life miserable.. What’s that you are conveying to me.. Are you asking me to die by killing myself..

If that is what you are willing, then I shall end my life by night if you don’t give me your darsan today.. You must do something and save me from this problem otherwise this is going to be the last day of my life..”

Thinking so, I went straight to the Institute Of Electronics, as usually at 12.45 pm, that day. Complimenting the gloom and darkness in my mind, there was a heavy rain and darkness that day..

I have quietly entered the main gate of the Institute but was shocked when I didn’t find Sir”s car in the parking area.. Still parked my Car in exactly Sir’s car parking area and headed straight to the staff room..

Sir’s chair was empty but found his colleague in the next chair. .Asked him about Sir.. He said,”Sir went home for lunch..May come by 2 pm..Please wait..”.. Saying, “thanks.. I will wait in my Car”, I left the room; walked slowly through the dark and lonely corridors of the institute; and went and sat in my Car..

After about two minutes, I saw in my rear view mirror, Sir’s car entering the gate.. I quickly got down from my Car and went and greeted him.. Then shaking my hand with him, I said, “Sir.. Your colleague told me you have gone home for lunch and will come back at 2 pm.. So waiting for you..”

With a smile,my God replied bringing tears to my already tear filled eyes, “Yes Aditya.. Went home for lunch but came back quickly because you had come and waiting for me..”.. What can I say.. Well.. Do I need to say anything at all..

That one statement of my beloved Sriram Sir gave me enormous strength to live forever and ever and ever and ever, thereafter.. It was confirmed to me, that moment, that Sir is closely watching me and my life..

Then placing his right hand around my right shoulder, just like an ever caring father places around his child. Sir walked along with me taking me through the same corridors of the institute, which I didn’t find dark and lonely that moment..

Then, I told him everything that was going through in my mind and concluded saying,”Sir I don’t want to live in this condition but at the same time I do not even have the courage to die because am more worried about my two daughters and their future.. What will happen to them.. How will they live without me..”

Looking deep into my eyes, as though passing some divine energy into my body, Sir said, “Are they your daughters Aditya..??.. So never be worried about them.. Secondly, every pain and ever agony is needed to every living being in this world because it is through these painful injections that God infuses the much needed new blood into the human body..

If a doctor hesitates to give an injection to his patient, fearing that it my cause pain to him, than how can he administer the medicine to that patient that is needed to cure his disease.. Similar is God’s style of operation.. So don’t worry, Aditya.. Be fearless.. Everything in your life is being taken care of well..” ..

Saying so, Sriram Sir took good care of me for the next few minutes, telling me about a few more vital aspects of life and God and then accompanied me to my Car and had seen me off .. The painful fact here is, Sir skipped his lunch for me that day..

Is there anything to say further about that experience.. Well.. I may have suffered for a few more months with depression, after that, but certainly not with the same degree of pain..

After making me suffer for a few more months, Sir had miraculously guided me one day to a Homeopathic Doctor who had completely cured my case..

After that,I had only come out of the most agonizing phase of my life but had also developed a great positive outlook towards God and life, which in turn is enabling me today to motivate hundreds of thousands of lives, all over the world, with my writings..

Now tell me.. Who designed all this cosmic drama..??.. Who is behind all this cosmic drama.. ??.. Who is still running this cosmic drama..??.. Who..??.. Whoo..??.. Whooooo..???..

My dear friend, are you still waiting for the answers..??


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“We are all apparently dissimilar, different snapshots of the same ultimate reality, taken from the Cosmic camera” Sriram Sir


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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