“Mother is the centre of child’s universe.. Child is the circumference of Mother’s universe.. Both of them together make a circle of human life..” – Sriram Sir

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It Will Not Be Correct On My Part 

To take you to the climax of this story, without placing before you this precious doubt raised by a close follower of my writings.. This follower is a lady from Bnagalore, who is currently working there as a software engineer in a globally renowned software company.

During a recent conversation over phone, she asked me, “On one side of your website you are saying that Lord Sri Venkateswara is the Supreme Ruler of this Universe, who is ruling our lives.. On the other side, you are saying that Sriram Sir is the only one who is seeing and shaping our tomorrow.. What should I believe and Whom should I follow.. Am confused..”

Although stunned with such an unexpected question – on a completely unforeseen point – I have still laughed loudly and explained her in detail, about my stand on both these forms of God..

Am sure, this explanation of mine today will also help many readers all over the world with a convincing answer just in case they too are nurturing a similar doubt or thought in their minds..

And this was what I told that lady on that day,

“While Lord Venkateswara is the divine form; Sriram Sir is the human form which is why am often addressing him as, “Daivam Maanusha Rupenaa” which again means “God in human form.. If ‘Daiavm’ here in my view is Lord Sri Venakteswara, then ‘Maanusha’ here is Sriram Sir.. Of course, I reverentially follow both the forms as I find no difference between the two..”

I further said, “Your doubt reminds me one of my favorite slokas..This sloka will compliment my claims on both these two different aspects and forms of God..” ..

And this was the valuable but a rare sloka that I have quoted with her, that day.

“Mrith pinda mekam bahu bhaanda roopam.. Suvarna mekam bahu bhooshanaani.. Goksheera mekam bahudhenu jaatahaa.. Ekah Paramaatmaa bahu deha varthee..”

“Clay is one, but the shapes of pottery made from it are many.. Form of Gold is one; but the designs of jewelry made from it are many.. Cow milk is one; but the colors of Cows are many.. Similarly God – the Paramatma – is one; but His forms are many”.

Some Unforgettable Golden Points Sriram Sir Told Me On Various Occasions

Sriram Sir In Hyderabad Meeting on 14 - 02 - 2016
Sriram Sir In Hyderabad Meeting on 14 – 02 – 2016

> God’s design or God’s plan is never imperfect.. Before sending you into this world, He had kept everything ready for you and also in perfect order. All that you need to do in life is to just remain goalless because according to God,”to remain so in life is the best goal every human being should put forth for himself.. I know this sounds obscure and difficult to comprehend, but that’s God for you..”.

> When God is planning everything for you and is also taking every good care of you, then what else you need to be worried about in life.. Instead, I would say, you should be more happy because there’s pre determinism in this world and your Cosmic Father is keeping everything for you ready, always and at all times..

> God may sometimes give you pain; may give you worries; may give you ill health; and may even make you suffer from many worldly problems.. However, remember, all that is happening in your life is happening for your good and not for anything else..

> Just because God had closed a few windows on you, doesn’t mean He’s going to put you in darkness forever.. Instead, He’s preparing you to be ready for many big things of life that are going to enter your world, when He opens those large doors for you..

> Never ask God, “what was the bad that I have done in my past life to deserve this bad phase in this life..”.. Did you ever ask God “What was the good that I have done in my past life to deserve these good phases in this life.”.. You are not responsible for either of the two phases, so you shouldn’t be asking these questions at all.

> Many people come into your life and many may go.. These people may be your friends, your relatives or may even be your own brothers and sisters.. However, everyone enters your life for a cause and will go away once the purpose of their coming into your life is served..

> Always remain detached from the world, the worldly beings, the worldly relations, the worldly acts, the worldly pleasures and the worldly forms.. Keep performing your duties towards your family and your responsibilities towards the world, with utmost precision and perfection and never be bothered about the results and never expect anything in return.. Expectations cause pain..

> Nothing lasts forever; not even your happiness nor your troubles; your achievements nor your failures; your gains nor your losses; your wealth nor your health; your people nor your relations..

> So just do all that you can do and move ahead in your life without ever turning back and without ever worried about what had happened in your past and who had done what to you.. You haven’t done anything so you are not responsible for anything..

> While commenting on popular South Indian film actress Soundarya’s death, who died in an air crash in Bangalore in 2004, Sriram Sir had said, “Many people say Soundarya had died because she had boarded an ill fated flight.. The cosmic truth here is, Soundarya had boarded an ill fated flight because she has to die that day..

> Everything in this human world is happening in a similar fashion and for a specific cause, that broadly means, “in the whole cosmic drama, the climax is decided first and then the act..”

> This is a ruthless fact of Nature, all human beings should unconditionally accept and surrender and if they don’t, they will have to go through the pain if that is what is determined to happen in their life..

> 4 and 8 and 9 are the three most crucial numbers that are ruling this planet.. While number 4 belongs to Radha; number 8 belongs to Krishna; and number 9 belongs to Nature..

> Whether or not you have noticed, it is these three numbers that are predominantly found everywhere in this world signifying that “It is Radha and Krishna along with Nature who are ruling this planet and the cosmos”.

> Hereafter, wherever you find these three numbers of 4 and 8 and 9, remember that Radha, Krishna and Nature are there with you.. PEACE

Now, Let Me Take You Further Into The Story

Sriram Sir With President Sankar Dayal Sarma
Sriram Sir With President Sankar Dayal Sarma

After meeting Sriram Sir, for the first time in my life on the 7th of October, 2000, nothing dramatic had happened for the next couple of years.. And whatever had happened, I have already mentioned in the previous parts.

However, on the 4th of April, 2004, the most miraculous phase of my life had begun.. It would be better if I say the most miraculous phase of my life was launched by Sriram Sir..

Hereafter, please read every word and every letter carefully otherwise you may find the entire content difficult to comprehend..

That was the period I used to travel very frequently to Mumbai.. Almost every week I used to fly between Hyderabad and Mumbai.. It was only on the previous evening of 3rd of April, I have returned to Hyderabad from Mumbai..

I think 4th was a Sunday.. At about 10.30 in the morning, I went out to bring some house hold items my wife, Anuradha Komaragiri, had asked me to bring.. As I was purchasing the items in a nearby departmental stores, I have received an SMS on my mobile..

That was a funny message from my beloved writer friend, Ahsan Hyder from Mumbai.. I have casually gone through the message.. It said something like this,

“This day of 04 – 04 – 04 is a very special day that comes only once in every hundred years.. We are lucky to be witnessing it today..”.. I found the message interesting and had immediately forwarded it to Sriram Sir’s mobile, since Sir often tells us about the power of 4 and 8 – the divine numbers ..

And it was here and at this point, all the miraculous cosmic drama in my life had begun.. Please go through..

If you remember well.. In those days we used to get a delivery report to every text message we would be sending from our mobile to our friends, saying something like, “your message to so and so person is delivered”..

Similarly, that moment too, I have received a delivery report, on my Nokia phone, that read, “your message to Sriram Sir is delivered”.. Normally we would be deleting all such delivery reports, because they occupy the already limited space available on our mobiles..

However, since that report was saying something about Sriram Sir, I felt so sweet and decided to keep it forever, in my mobile inbox.. That report was appearing as “i report” in my inbox, an indication to me that it was just a delivery report..

I do not know about other phones but this was normally the case with Nokia phones.. Later, I have completely forgot about that message and also it’s report..

As I told you before, I used to fly frequently between Hyderabad and Mumbai, those days.. During the flight, I would remove the Hyderabad sim card, on my mobile, and put the Mumbai sim card in it’s place and then would do the same on my return flight to Hyderabad..

After one such journey to Mumbai, in the month of June, 2004, I was casually going through the sim card messages.. I was shocked to find a message from Sriram Sir that was showing me the received date of 04 – 04 – 2004 and time as 10 : 49 : 13..

I went numb as I wondered, “how come I didn’t see a message from Sr that I have received three months ago”.. Wondering so, I clicked the message open and found it blank.. Closed it and opened again just to reconfirm to myself that it was really blank.

This time, I was further more shocked to see some symbols, codes and numbers appearing on the screen in place of the message window that was earlier blank.. Amused, I closed the window and opened it again.. This time I was shocked more to find newer symbols, newer letters and newer codes..

Later, for about fifteen minutes, I just went about closing and opening Sriram Sir’s message and after every time I closed it and opened it, I was finding newer series of symbols, letters, and codes, on the blank screen.. Everything else in the message column was constant..

That means.. Sriram Sir’s name appears on the top of the message.. Then there will be a blank space.. And under it there’s “sent : 04 – 04 – 2004 at 10 : 49 : 13”.. And under this column appears “sender : Sriram Sir”.. Rest all is blank screen on which the message flashes every time I open it and close t..

The mind boggling fact here is, “the earlier delivery report to Sriram Sir got converted as a message that I received from Sriram Sir with the same date and time”

From that day until today, am constantly finding messages almost every time I open and close that message from Sriram Sir..

Over a period of time I got used to the codes and the letters and numbers in the message.. I have slowly developed a technique to decipher that code and started finding the hidden message in it for me..

Not always would there be a hidden message in those codes for me but there would certainly be one when I needed it the most.. These messages would either be telling me about some of the events that are going to happen that day; or about an advice I would be badly needing in my life and career; or about some funny occurrences that day..

Although there are many such messages to share with the world, I shall however share only some of the important messages that I remember..

Some Of The Messages I Have Received From Sriram Sir In Random Order

Miracle Mobile
This is the miraculous Nokia mobile on which am receiving messages from Sriram Sir everyday..

ONE : Sometime in 2004, I have commenced a project and was falling short of money that I required.. Am poor in asking my money from the one who owes it to me and the poorest in seeking a loan from someone.. But there’s no way.. I must do something and get money..

I know a person who can afford that money and who can also quickly help me out.. I was hesitant.. To ask or not to ask.. That time I opened Sir’s message and found “OK”.. I was surprised..

Without any hesitation, I quickly called that person and explained my case.. All that he said in the end was, “within one hour my assistant will be in your house with money”..

TWO : Sriram Sir knows am a big fan of Cricket and cannot live without it.. As an opening batsman and as a medium pace bowler, I have played Cricket at the Inter University and the Junior State level.. I enjoy my batting and have hammered some of the fastest and the best bowlers of my college days and university days..

Once, even hammered M. Venkat Ramana, the off spinner from Madhurai Kamraj University who later played for India, for four consecutive boundaries in an over when I faced him in Calicut, during the South Zone Inter varsity tournaments..

Later, to keep ourselves fit and healthy and also to stay in touch with our Cricket, about twenty five of our childhood friends started playing Cricket in Hyderabad every Sunday.. It is the day we all eagerly wait for..

On one Sunday in 2014, when I opened Sir’s message, I found “Hi Six”.. I didn’t understand what Sir were conveying to me, so left it there.. Later, while batting in our Sunday Cricket game that day, I hooked a bouncer from a fast bowler that went high for a six..

My team mate, who was the Umpire that time, suddenly shouted in appreciation “What a Hi Six Audi”.. Now, tell me.. Any Cricket fan, in such a scenario, would normally say. “whatta six” or “whatta shot” but for the first time I heard someone screaming “Hi Six” and only Sriram Sir could have known it beforehand..

Three : One day, sometime during the month of December, 2013, I just found “1$” appearing on the blank screen of Sir’s message.. With nothing curious in that message for me, I just closed it there and moved out for the day..

On the same day, I happened to meet Bharathi Jarugumilli, an NRI from America, who was on a visit to Hyderabad during that period.. For nearly twenty five years, Bharathi and her entire family of parents, brothers and sisters are our close family friends..

She came with her family for a brief visit to Hyderabad that year..On that day, I went to her place to greet them all.. While I was about to leave, she came out along with me to see me off..

As I was entering the car, Bharathi said,” I haven’t brought anything either for your wife or for your daughters.. Am feeling so bad.. Please give this money to them and request them on my behalf to buy something with it..”

Saying so, she had forcibly put some Indian currency in my hand.. Then saying, “I should also give you something”, she searched the small bag in her hand but found no money it.. After some more searching she just found one currency note in it.. It was a ONE DOLLAR NOTE..

Taking it out, she said, “I don’t have anything left in my purse now except this one dollar note.. You are a big man.. But without looking at it’s monetary value you must accept this note as a gift from me.. Please”..

I was not listening to Bharathi nor was looking at her, that moment, but remained in a shock, for a few seconds, looking only at that one dollar note.. What is happening.. ???.. I just couldn’t understand nor could believe my eyes.

Four : In the year 2014, I was conducting a massive media campaigning at many different places in India.. In the process, I was depending on too many people to handle my works and also to negotiate on my behalf with the media bosses..

That process was not only wasting a lot of my time but also my money.. As a result I was unable to deliver the work on time and was under tremendous stress.. There was too much pressure on me from my clients but my people were not able to catch up my speed.

With a disturbed mind, one morning, I opened Sriram Sir’s message and found the letters “D I Y” in the blank space.. For a moment I didn’t understand what that was.. Then in a flash, my mind told me that it is, “Do It Yourself”, a term I often use in my communication with the corporate world..

Believe me.. The very next moment I have mercilessly removed all those who were negotiating on my behalf with the media bosses and I on my own have started handling all the affairs..

As a result, I could not only finish the entire campaigning on time but could also save a lot of money.

Five : This is the most unforgettable and also the most emotional of all the messages I have so far received from Sriram Sir.. In the month of February, 2005, my beloved Mother had seriously fallen ill and was admitted to the Care hospital in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Her condition was deteriorating day by day and doctors have clearly told us,”only a matter of time”.. I couldn’t digest it and started spending most of my time beside my Mother.. Same was the condition of my other eight family members as well..

My Mother was unable to take anything and was barely conscious.. Every morning, at about 8 am, I used to go to my father’s place in Padamrao Nagar; pick him up in my Car and then would go to the hospital and stay there the whole day.. This has been our routine for almost fifteen days during which period my Mother was surviving only on I V fluids..

One morning, before leaving for my Dad’s place to pick him up and go to the hospital, I opened Sir’s message and was shocked to find the letters, ‘I D L Y’.. The first thing I did was, laugh loudly..

I then told Sir, “Sir, are you trying to tell me that my Mother will eat Idly today.. Is this the time you crack jokes with me.. She is on death bed now and is unable to drink even water properly and you say she will be eating Idly today.. No way Sir.. No way..”.

Thinking so, I quickly rushed to my father’s place.. By the time I reached his place, he was already waiting for me at the main gate.. Seeing my Car, he hurriedly came to me and while entering. told me,

“Balu, I have just received a call from the hospital.. Mother is feeling hungry and is asking for Idly.. Let us pick Idlies from a good restaurant on the way and go.. We must hurry..”..

I just broke down into tears not only for the love Sir were showering on me and my family but also for my stupidity in not understanding his messages properly..

The most shocking fact here is, “this mobile doesn’t have any sim card in it and it’s battery is charged only once in a year..”.PEACE

Here Are Some Of The Most Mysterious Facts About Sriram Sir

Sriram felicitating his Prof. Sivarama Krishna during a function in Htderabad
Sriram felicitating his Prof. Sivarama Krishna during a function in Htderabad

That Prof. Sivarama Krishna had shared with me.. For more than thirty five years, this illustrious professor had spent the maximum amount of his time with Sriram Sir, who once walked into the Professor’s class, as a student of M.A (English), in the Osmania University.

Later, Sriram Sir did his M.Phil ( Topic : Voyage into consciousnessthe fiction of Anita Desai and Virginia Woolf with special reference to Where shall we go this summer? and To the lighthouse ) and Ph.D (Topic : Telling Stories The Indian Way) under the guidance of Prof. Sivarama Krishna.. Sriram Sir is Dr. Sriram today..

During all this process, Sriram Sir had shown his Professor many unbelievable miracles, which the Professor himself had very kindly shared with me..

Here are the most mind boggling ones..

One : Many of you must be wondering why am posting Lord Venkateswara’s photograph on top of this story, every week.. This divine fact about Sir will tell you why..

Sriram Sir were born in a small village called Maldakal, which means adi sila in Telugu and primal stone in English.. This village is in the Gadwal taluk of Mahboob Nagar district, in the Telangana state..

There’s a four hundred year old Lord Venkateswara Temple in this village called, the Thimmappa Devalyam.. Thimmappa is the other name of Lord Venkateswara used mostly in the rural dialect..

Four hundred years ago, some noble elders of this village have constructed this Temple to facilitate the people of the surrounding villages, who cannot afford to go to Tiruapthi, have a darsan of the holy Lord, at a nearby place..

It is proved that Sriram Sir, who was born in this village, is the reincarnation of this Lord Thimmappa, the principal deity of the Temple.. It’s a long story but due to lack of space, I will not be narrating it here..

However, according to Prof. Sivarama Krishna, Lord Venkateswara appeared in a dream to the head priest of the Temple on one night and told him,” Am personally visiting your Temple tomorrow.. Do all that you can to please me..”

Quite surprisingly, Sriram Sir went to that Temple, the very next day, along with Prof. S R Krishna and others.. On seeing Sriram Sir, the Temple head priest, as though he had seen Lord Venkateswara in him, came running to him and offered him arathi and cordially invited him into the Temple with all the Temple rituals..

Later, the entire group took a photograph in the Temple.. When developed, they found an unknown man, who was very tall, standing beside Sriram Sir.. This man was not there with the group when this photograph was shot.

Two : Sriram Sir, Prof. S R Krishna and a few of Sir’s other close followers very frequently visit famous Temples like Mathura Sri Krishna Temple and some other temples.. Once when they were all in the Mathura Sri Krishna Temple, a cote looking fair colored boy came from nowhere and sat beside Sriram Sir..

He was throughout there with Sir, as long as Sir were there in the Sri Krishna Temple, and later had quite miraculously disappeared.. Who was that boy is still a mystery..

Three : Once Sriram Sir and others went to Shirdi.. After having darsan of His Holiness Sri Saibaba of Shirdi, they all came out of the Temple and were relaxing at a comfortable place outside the Temple.. Sir created Vibhuthi in his right palm and started distributing it to his friends..

Suddenly from nowhere, seven women, with great glow in their faces, have appeared before Sir; spread the edges of their sarees before him; and requested him to offer them Vibhuthi.. Sir with a smile offered Vibuthi to them; and as everyone there was watching them with a shock, those seven women have silently disappeared.

Prof. Sivarama Krishna, with reference to this Shirdi incident, says, “I believe those seven women are wives of the Saptha Rishis.. Of course, this is only my belief.. ”

Four : Once Sriram Sir and a few others have gone to visit the famous Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple in Bhadrachalam, which is on the banks of river Godavari.. Sir were taking bath in the river, as all others stood on the bank and were waiting for him..

As they were so waiting, they suddenly found an elderly lady coming down running from the top of the nearby hill.. Despite being elderly she could still come there hurriedly..

Later, she came close to the place where they were all standing; stood there for a few seconds watching Sir; later, raised both her hands; offered him her “Namaskaram”; and then quickly turned away; and disappeared..

But who was that lady…???

Narrating this incident to me, the Professor said, “We didn’t know rather couldn’t guess who that elderly lady was, but according to our Ravi Raju, she is Sabari.. I too agree with him.. But who knows.. ???.. And the one who knows it doesn’t speak at all..”

Five : This is the most shocking and the most mysterious of all the facts that you have so far read.. Antonio Rigopoulos, is an Italian who settled in New York, more than thirty years ago..

He’s a writer and wrote a book on Hindu God, Dattatreya.. This book was published by the prestigious State University Of New York press, Albany..

As part of his research work on this book, Rigopoulos had spent almost one year in the Ganagapur village, that’s located in the Karnataka state of Southern India.. It is here in this village that the world’s most famous Temple for Lord Dattatreya is located..

Rigopoulos had spent most of his time in this village, interacting with the priests of the Temple as well as with the people of the village.. During his stay in Ganagapur, Rigopoulos had also visited the Kuruvapuram village to interact with priests of the famous Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Temple, located at this place ..

During his interaction with all the priests and villagers of both the villages, Rigopoulos, had gathered all the required information from them..

Finally, Rigopoulos had asked the villagers of Kuruvapuram, “Is there anything so unique about your Temple.. Or is there something else that you want to share with me..”.. In their reply the villagers shocked Rigopoulos, by saying

“There’s a slightly dark looking man who frequently comes to this Temple.. He always carries a bag on his shoulders.. There’s a strong belief among all the people of our surrounding villages that he is none other than Lord Dattatreya himself who is in a human form”

The shocked Rigopoulos later had mentioned this point in the foot notes of his book titled, Dattatreya: The Immortal Guru Yogin and Avatara.. 

Telling me about this book and the reference to the man in it, Prof. Sivarama Krishna had said, “Aditya, as we all know, Sir is always seen with a black colored bag on his right shoulder.. We have also received many wonderful things from that bag..

Later,when someone told me about this book, I have immediately purchased the book and found what was written in it.. With a doubt in my mind, I have then asked Sir whether he visited Ganagapur any time in his life.. Sir replied saying, ” I was there for three years.. I still have a bank account there..”

I didn’t know when were Sir in Ganagapur or Kuruvapuram when he was most of the times present before me either as a student or as a research scholar.. However, my doubt was much later cleared by Vittal Rao, a famous advocate, who once traveled along with Sir to both Ganagapur and Kuruvapuram..

He told me that on their arrival at the village of Kuruvapuram, the villagers have recognized Sir and had offered him their pranams.. Later, when they both entered the main Temple, a young Temple priest came running to Sir; gave him arathi and took him inside the main Temple and honored him with all the rituals.. Aditya, do I still need to say more about Sriram Sir now. ”

Saying so, the illustrious Prof. Sivarama Krishna concluded his narration of some of the most mysterious facts about Sriram Sir to me..

“My beloved readers, do I still need to say more about Sriram Sir now..”.

Finally, About My Mothers Unforgettable Emotional Experience With Sriram Sir

Sriram Sir With Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee
Sriram Sir With Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee

During the last ten years of her life, my Mother suffered enormously from innumerable health problems.. The most agonizing of all her health problems those days was the drastic deterioration of her vision..

After hearing so much about Sriram Sir from me, she became a big devotee of Sir and had wanted to have his darsan before she completely loses her sight..

I called Sir; briefed him about my Mother’s condition and also about her desire to see him.. He granted us time the very next morning..

At about 8.30, the next morning, I picked up my Mother and Father from their residence and by about 8.45 reached the bus stop, that is there opposite the famous St.Anns Girls High School in Maredaplly..

Sir used to come there everyday, to that bus stop, to drop our beloved Sowmya, his daughter, who at that time was studying in that school.. After dropping her Sir would spend fifteen to twenty minutes of his time with some of his followers, who would come there almost everyday to meet Sir..

Similarly, on that day, we three of us reached that bus stop and started waiting for Sir.. After about two minutes, Sir arrived and after quickly talking to a couple of his followers, he came straight to us and stood in front of us..

Both myself and my father received Sir with folded hands.. He then started looking at my Mother..

“Amma, Sir came”..I whispered in my Mom’s ears.. She looked at him but could not trace him properly because of her poor vision.. Sir went close to her and with a gentle smile and started looking at her face.

My Mother still couldn’t properly see her beloved Sriram Sir.. However, she could notice his presence in front of her.. Her eyes hidden behind her spectacles were immediately filled with tears of joy.. She then became desperate to see Sir’s face, at least once, in her lifetime..

But she was not able to.. Her poor vision was not permitting her to see Sir clearly.. Above that her tears filled eyes were blurring her vision furthermore.. Still she was trying but was failing.. Was trying but failing.. Was trying but failing.. Was trying but failing..

“అసలే ఆనదు చూపు ఆ పై ఈ కన్నీరు.. తీరా దయచేసిన నీ రూపు తోచ దయ్యయ్యో.. ఏలాగో నా రామా.. ఏదీ.. ఏదీ నీల మేఘ మోహనము నీ మంగళ రూపము”

That was my beloved Mother’s condition; that moment; that morning; that day; that life; and in that divine presence of her beloved Sriram Sir..

Observing her agony, Sriram Sir went very close to her and looking deep into her eyes, as though granting her some temporary vision, asked her,”Ammaa.. How are you..??..”..

Quickly folding both her hands in his honor, my Mother replied saying, “By your grace am fine Sir”.. She was ecstatically ecstatic and madly mad.. That was one of the happiest days of her life.


My Mother, unfortunately, started losing her vision quickly, day by day.. One day when I entered the dining hall, she was weeping, sitting at the dining table.. There was a plate in front of her, with a little rice in it.. I quickly went and sat beside her and asked her what the matter is..

Picking up a few grains of rice into her hand and throwing them back into the plate, she said, “why is this life Balu when I cannot even properly see the food am eating.. Please ask Sir to take me away..”

Which son in this world can stay calm after seeing his Mother in such a pathetic condition.. My heart broke into millions of pieces.. The very next morning I met Sir and requested him saying,

“Sir, I know it is not fair to ask you like this.. But she is my Mother and she is in pain.. Am unable to see her trauma.. If you want, please take her away but please don’t give her pain.. As long as you want to keep her alive, please grant her some vision that will make her feel better and happy.. Please Sir.. Please help her..”

Sir smiled and said,”Do all that you can.. Rest, leave to him”.. The same evening, I left for Mumbai and returned after two days.. Later, I headed straight to my parents’ apartment in Padmarao Nagar..

My father was not at home.. It was about 9 pm..

My Mother was relaxing in a rocking chair and was watching the T V.. She was watching her favorite T V serial.. I slowly went inside.. Greeted her and then occupied the other rocking chair that was beside her chair.. My father uses it..

I then slowly turned to her and asked her,”Amma how are you..??..”.. She said fine.. Later taking me by complete shock and utter surprise she started reading the scrolling content that was appearing at the bottom of the T V screen..

Finding it difficult to control my joy, I asked her..”Amma.. Are you able to read those lines..”.. She replied saying,”I don’t know what miracle happened, Balu.. Am now able to see and read a little content.. I think Sriram Sir has answered my prayers..”.

After spending a few more minutes with my Mother, I got up to take leave from her.. Holding my right hand, she said,”Balu..There’s no doubt.. Sriram Sir is Lord Krishna.. Never leave him in your life”

The End

Sriram Sir
Sriram Sir

On the night of 18th of February, 2005 – on the auspicious day of Bheeshma Ekadasi – my beloved Mother, after battling for almost twenty days in the Care hospital, Hyderabad, had breathed her last..

A couple of hours before her departure from this world, she lost all her senses and went into a state of delirium and started talking about irrelevant topics.. I was on her bed side then, but she was not able to even recognize me nor my voice..

Realizing that my Mother was spending her last moments on this planet, I called Sriram Sir on his mobile and explained him her condition.. He said he would talk to her.. I took my mobile and placed it beside my Mother’s right ear..

Sir started talking to her.. Was telling her something.. What he told and what she heard is still a mystery to me.. However, my beloved Mother, who was until then talking non stop on irrelevant topics, suddenly grew quiet and started listening to Sir..

Sir went about talking to her and my Mother went about listening to him.. Sir were talking.. My Mother was listening.. Sir were talking.. My Mother was listening..Sir were talking.. My Mother was listening..

Sir were talking..

My Mother..

Was l..i..s..t..e..n..i..n..g..


While so listening..

My beloved Mother..

Slowly closed her eyes..


Never opened..



Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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