“I take your hand for well being so that together we may attain to old age in happiness.. The Sovereign Cosmic Principles; Enjoyment (Bhaga), Aspiration (Aryaman), Creativity (Savitar) and Completeness (Purandhri) have united us for the performance of our duties as householders.” A Bridegroom to Bride during the Panigrahanam ritual in a Hindu marriage (Rig Veda 10.85.36)

Marriage is a sacred process involving two different lives; a sacred commitment involving two unknown families; a sacred understanding involving two innocent souls; a sacred song sung by two tender hearts; and a sacred musical composition – composed by two amateur musicians – for building a new era and a new generation.. PERIOD

Now, My Question Is

When everything related to a marriage is so sacred, then why not the procedure leading to a marriage be equally sacred; why not the selection of a bridegroom for a bride and a bride for a bridegroom be equally sacred..??

Let me explain why.. Marriage is still a sacred process and shall remain so forever but only for the families performing it and for the extended families involved in it.. For rest all, it is just a money making deal.. Therefore, marriage is not any more a complete sacred process it once used to be..

However, there’s nothing wrong on part of the vendors and service providers in making money through a marriage as long it is ethically and meaningfully made.. But is everything happening that way.. No.. Certainly not..

Unfortunately, what is happening in the current Indian Marriage System is completely contrary to what I have stated above.. Everyone here, right from the Purohith to the Pandal decorator, is viewing this sacred marriage system as one absolute commercial venture.

it is not my intention here to talk about what everyone is doing in a marriage and how they are making money out of it, but, with my terrible experience with one of India’s leading matrimonial websites, I can emphatically say today that, “not everything related to a matrimonial website is sacred”.

Here’s My Experience With One Of India’s Leading Matrimonial Sites

I come from an illustrious orthodox upper middle class Telugu Brahmin family.. I have two daughters, Alekhya Komaragiri (26) and Amulya Komaragiri (22).

Both have done their engineering and are currently working for two of the world’s leading companies.. The elder one also did her MBA, from a prestigious institute, and both are earning equally well today.

We have decided to perform our elder daughter’s marriage and have registered with a top matrimonial site in the month of October, 2016.. At the time of registration, I have paid about six thousand rupees as registration fees for a period of six months.

In the format, that I have filled during registration, I have clearly stated that, “I only want a good looking boy from a Telugu Niyogi Upper Middle Class Brahmin family; between 27 and 29 years of age; with decent income; settled in India or US; and from other than our Gothra, Bharadwajasa”.

Did I ask for too much here for my good looking well educated daughter with a decent earning.. As an ever loving father, coming from an illustrious Brahmin family background and lineage, can’t I expect these requirements for my daughter after she had clearly told me,

“Dad, I shall marry the boy of your choice.. I know you would pick the best for me.. He may not be able to give me as much love as you give me but wish he gives me at least a good percentage of what you have given me, Dad.. He may not be you, Dad, but he shouldn’t be reminding you often”..

Which daughter in this world would speak that way or with more clarity than this.. By speaking so, my daughter had certainly enhanced my responsibility in selecting a suitable boy for her.

So, I exercised great caution in writing our family’s description in the matrimony profile and had also stated clearly my choices to them expecting I would be receiving proposals precisely from boys am looking for.

However, to my utter shock, I have right away started receiving countless proposals from every caste, creed, religion and literally all age groups.. You will be surprised to know that I have even received proposals from a 45 year old man and also from small timers, petty employees and also from all castes and religions.. SHOCKED

This site would first send me a mail saying, “Congratulations, your daughter’s profile is liked by so and so person” and then would bombard me with tens of mails reminding me about these unwanted proposals.

I would wonder “is there no system in this site to filter choices that suit my needs”.

Now tell me, what would you do if someone, whom you had assigned the job of finding a suitable match for your beloved daughter clearly telling him your preferences, brings to you proposals from all ages, incomes, castes and religions.

I know you will kick him to death not because he had brought you such worthless matches but for thinking that you and your highly qualified daughter are so worthless to consider such worthless matches.. PERIOD

What is more irritating here is, this site keeps harassing me to say either yes or no to all such worthless matches.. This for me was a much more irritating process.

However, it’s not my intention here to say I have not received good proposals from this site but some of them are not to our taste and some not to their taste.. That’s okay.. But this percentage is not even five percent of all the proposals that I have so far received from this site.

The harshest fact here is, “more than one year of our precious time is wasted this way and am still not able to find a suitable mach for my daughter”..

Here, I started feeling frustrated.


It Was Exactly At This Point

Padmavati Srinivasa Parinayam

While going through such frustrating thought process, the idea of,

“Why can’t I myself build India’s most sacred and also the most secure matrimonial website that would serve hundreds of thousands of innocent Indian parents, like me, with utmost devotion and dedication and help them get most suitable matches for their daughters in the quickest possible time”.

As you may know, my website tirumalesa.com – with hundreds of thousands of well learned followers all over the world – is not only a life changing website today but is also a trusted brand name.

This website, which many consider a sacred Temple, was created by me after am ordained to do so by Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara.. This website; it’s design; and it’s existence are all His divine blessings.

Every story, every article, every word and every letter in this site, although appearing in my name, are actually written by Him.. In a way, He dictates and I write; He thinks and I plan; He designs and I execute.

Nothing here is mine and nothing would ever belong to me.. In short, this website is a sacred divine order of the Supreme Commander Of The Cosmic Forces, Bhagawan Sri Sri Sri Venkateswara Swamy varu.. BLESSED

If all that I have stated above is true, then am sure, anything that is built under this sacred website’s auspices will have the same divine blessings of the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara.

With that firm belief, I have – as though again ordained by Him – decided to build “India’s largest, most sacred, most secure and also the most divine matrimonial website”.

Now, here are the

Important Features Of Our Matrimonial Website

None of the matrimonial websites you are seeing today carry any sanctity with them.. They are all out and out commercial websites with many loopholes in their functionalities.. Some of them are even operating under the guise of dating websites and have even become a hub to many anti social elements.

According to the Department of Telangana Police, “many anti social elements, outlaws, criminals and even anti nationals are creating fake profiles in these sites and are luring innocent parents and their beloved daughters into a dangerous vicious circle in the name of marriage”.

There’s no foolproof system in these sites, that would prevent such criminals from creating a profile here.. Of course, a system can be developed but these sites are not interested in developing so, because, what matters most to them is their money and not your daughter’s safety.

The most horrible point here in these sites is, “anyone can view your beloved daughter’s profile and her photos there”.. My question here is, “why should an ineligible fellow whom my daughter would never consider marrying should even see her profile or photos”.

When popular sites like Facebook was instructed by government security agencies to keep the info and photos of it’s users safe and secure, why can’t the matrimonial websites are asked to do the same.

It is exactly at this point, all the features of our matrimonial website would actually begin.. Your daughter is like my daughter too and her safety and security are of equal paramount importance to me as they are to you.. Because am also a father of two daughters.

To begin with, our matrimonial website is being formed with the divine blessings of Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara and shall have His divine protective hand behind your daughter’s profile.. He shall ensure that your dear daughter gets an ideal husband.. This is my first promise.

Secondly, am taking every technical care in keeping your daughter’s profile completely safe and secure by introducing many innovative safety features which I do not want to disclose at this point of time.. This is my second promise.

Am also working out such a system, according to which, except those boys who match your needs no one else shall have access to your daughter’s profile.

We are working out on a new safety algorithm that would automatically check and match all your details, with the groom’s details, before showing each other’s profiles to the seeker.. This is going to be the most unique security feature in our site.

More importantly, we are building an E2E (End to End) Integrated Services platform and process driven (R2M – Registration to Marriage) website which would be one single largest matrimonial platform in India for all your marriage needs.

Additionally, our website will also be India’s largest marketplace for all your marriage needs.. It shall have all vendors and service providers, from all parts of India, offering their products and services at one place

In one word, if you register your profile with us today, you don’t need to go anywhere else searching for any other marriage related service or services.. Please stay tuned for more updates.

Who Can Register With Our Matrimonial Website

All Indian men and women – no matter where you are all living today – of all ages, belonging to any caste may register with our matrimonial site, for prices much lesser when compared to other sites.

All marriage service providers like Purohiths, event managers, dress and jewelry designers, pandal decorators, floral designers, music bands, beauticians, wedding planners, wedding photographers, food suppliers and caterers, destination wedding planners and arrangers,  and everyone who offer services associated with marriages may register with us by paying a small registration fees.

Am planning to officially launch this matrimonial website in the grand Tirumalesa – Bhagawan Sriram Sir Global Meeting to be held in Bangalore on the 10th of March, 2018.. Many readers are coming from many parts of the world to attend this meeting.

However, we shall commence the registration process for the matrimonial website shortly.. Please stay tuned.

Now, Here’s The Golden Lifetime Opportunity To My Beloved Tirumalesa Readers

Building this matrimonial website the way I am planning to build it and then successfully take it forward to parents requires large scale investment and staff..

Of course, with the amount of goodwill Tirumalesa has today and the massive earning potential that this project displays, any big investor, groups, Venture Capitalists would jump and come forward to invest all the needed money.

But that’s not what am looking at, because, I know these investors come with a commercial motive and may pressurize me tomorrow to do many things for money that I don’t like to do.. This is a huge money making idea, I agree, but for me nobility and service come first and then money.

I sincerely believe,”if there’s honesty in our approach and nobility in our thoughts, He shall take care of all our needs and all our money”.. This website, tirumalesa.com is a big example to my strong belief..

Here’s The Golden Offer

Tirumalesa.com is what it is today because of the sustained support and encouragement from it’s honorable readers like you.. Therefore, I have decided to share some of my huge benefits, from this highly lucrative business model, with at least a few of my readers.

As part of this Golden offer, I would be giving an opportunity to readers to invest money in this massive project by selling them investment units called ‘Tirumalesa Matrimony Units’.

These Tirumalesa Matrimony Units are investment certificates issued – on behalf of my website tirumalesa.com – by my own company Prabhoota Technologies Pvt. Ltd to it’s select readers who wish to buy them from this site by paying a certain amount of money.

(My company Prabhoota Technologies is a pvt. ltd company incorporated with the ministry of corporate affairs, govt. of India with it’s registered office in Hyderabad)

In all, five hundred Tirumalesa Matrimony Units are offered to these selected readers, who, on owning them shall derive many amazing monetary benefits from our matrimonial site.

However, all these five hundred Tirumalesa Matrimony Units are offered through invitation only.. Only those who receive invitation from me shall become eligible to own these Units.. I wish to raise only that money as investment which will be sufficient for me to successfully implement my idea.

If you wish to receive an invitation from me for the same, please send me a mail to my mail id narrenaditya@tirumalesa.com with the subject “Invitation for Matrimony Units”.

In your mail, please explain in detail who you are; where you are from and for how long you are following Tirumalesa.com.. I shall get back to you at the earliest.. However, please note.. Accepting or rejecting your request for Tirumalesa Matrimony Units depends entirely on my discretion.

Key Points And Benefits For Tirumalesa Matrimony Units Holders

With the amount of goodwill Tirumalesa has today; with the amount of innovative features and services we are offering through our matrimonial site; and also with the size of the marketplace we are planning to build, you can imagine the amount of revenue this site would generate every year.

All the five hundred proud owners of Tirumalesa Matrimony Units, put together, are entitled to receive twenty five percent of all the benefits generated from this matrimonial site, year after year.

I have made a similar offer, a year and half ago, and had offered Units to select readers of Tirumalesa, on invitation, and they are all now enjoying the benefits of these units called, “Tirumalesa Growth Units”.. They are enjoying these benefits from the sale of my Divine Book, “God On Call” (English).. Hare Srinivasa

“Kalyanaadbhutha Gaatraya Kaamitaartha Pradhaaayine.. Sreemadh Venkata Naathaaya Sreenivasaya Tey Namaha”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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