During the most difficult times of our life,

Or during the most helpless times of ill health, we offer many prayers to our Lord Sri Venkateswara and even request Him to help us come out of those tough times at the earliest.

More importantly, we also promise that if He solves our problem or cures our disease we would drop some valuables like jewelry or cash or some other precious items belonging to us in the Hundi of the holy Tirumala Temple, the next time we visit the Temple.

There’s nothing wrong in doing so and I know you also shall agree with me.. But honestly how many of us are actually keeping up those promises and are offering the Lord what we have promised.. Honestly, I don’t think at least seventy percent among us are doing that.

However, the Lord knows well about our wandering mind and vacillating thoughts which is why He also knows well how to collect His dues from us..

This incident involving an innocent Tamil lady – about whom I have read a few days ago in a Telugu book – is a standing testimony to the Lord’s shrewdness ..

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A lady belonging to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu had landed in a great crisis.. Just about ten years after her marriage her husband had met with an accident and ended up in a serious condition on hospital bed .

After providing the initial treatment, the doctors have given up all the hopes saying,

“We have done our best and there’s nothing more that we can do now.. With multiple injuries to vital organs of his body, the chances of your husband’s survival are now almost zero.. We are sorry.. Only a miracle can save him now..”.

The heart broken lady had fallen down into an of ocean of endless tears but she could quickly recover and offer her soulful prayers to her Lord Sri Venkateswara.. In her prayers, she begged Him to save Her husband and save her life as well.. She said,

“Perumaley.. Right from my childhood you are my everything.. Please save my husband and cure all his problems.. Once he’s perfectly alright both of us will  come to Tirumala and shall walk all the sacred seven hills to have your darsan.

Both of us shall also get our heads tonsured and offer our hair.. Additionally, I shall also be dropping my golden ‘Mangal Sutra’ in the hundi of Your Temple.. Please Perumaley.. Please help us”.

Looking at her, Lord Sri Venkateswara smiled gently and quite miraculously the husband of that lady had survived from that fatal accident and from that near death situation.

As promised

Both the wife and husband went to Tirumala hills after a few days; walked up all the seven hills; got their heads tonsured; and finally had the darsan of the holy Lord.. At the time of darsan, the lady found a great smile on the Lord’s face..

However, she didn’t understand, at that moment, that the ever smiling holy Lord was actually smiling foreseeing something funny about her near future.

Without knowing what the Lord had kept in store for them, in the next fifteen minutes, the lady and her husband too were full of smiles with so much of new found happiness in their life and so much of happiness all around them.. PERIOD

After the darsan,

The happy couple slowly came out of the Sanctum Sanctorum and reached the sacred hundi chamber.. Firstly, the husband dropped some money in the hundi and walked out..

Later, the great lady, who brought her ‘Mangala Sutra’ – which she vowed to drop in the hundi – wrapped up in a hand kerchief had slowly reached the hundi..

On reaching, she firstly offered her prayers to her Perumal and then carefully took out the “Mangal Sutra’ from her bag and took her hand close to the Hundi’s top point to drop it in the hundi..

And there..

She paused..

She hesitated..

Standing still..

She closed her eyes for a few seconds..

Then thought for a few more seconds..

And finally..

Had withdrawn her hand from the hundi, without dropping the ‘Mangal Sutra’ in it..

And walked out..

And this was what the lady had thought while standing near the hundi,

“Why drop this ‘Mangala Sutra’ which my parents have given me.. My husband is now any how alright.. And my Perumal too had anyhow blessed us.. Then why lose this precious item which is so dear to me… My Perumal is a nice God and He shall certainly understand me and I know that”.

How funny..??

As the lady thought, Perumal – the sacred name the devotees of Tamil Nadu have given to Lord Venkateswara – is certainly a nice God which was why He had saved the lady’s husband from death.

However, what the innocent lady didn’t realize at that moment was, “Perumal is certainly a nice God but is also a shrewd God who would strictly collect His dues from His devotees”.

And sadly, in a few seconds, the lady had realized this truth the harshest way when she, after walking a few paces from the hundi chambers and just before crossing the Maha Dwaram of the Tirumala Temple, had, to her utter shock, found that,

“Her beloved new ‘Mangala Sutra’, which she was thus far wearing safely in her neck, is missing”.. PEACE

Now Here’s A Very Important Point

After reading about this incident someone among you may think “How can the Lord be so unkind and harsh..”.. Let me quote here a small incident from the ‘Maha Bhagavatha’..

Fed up with her naughty son Krishna’s pranks and His stealing habits, Mother Yashoda had one day asked Him in an angry tone..

“Dear Krishna.. We have everything in abundance in our house.. Then why do you steal butter and curd from the villagers’ houses and cause so much of pain to me.. Is it fair to do so..??..”

Krishna in His own way had smiled and said, “Ammaa.. I agree am stealing butter and curd from the houses of our villagers.. I also agree by doing so am giving you a lot of pain.. But do you know Amma what am in turn giving these villagers.. Come and I will show you”..

Saying so, Krishna held His beloved mother’s hand and took her all around the village and started showing her the rich Paddy fields and the fruit gardens that belong to His villagers..

Showing them to His Mother, Krishna said, “Ammaa.. Do you see how fertile and rich these paddy fields and fruit gardens are.. ?? Do you know to whom they belong.. ??.. Do you at least know who is giving them all these riches.. ??..

Amma, all these rich fields belong to our villagers from whose houses am stealing a little butter and a little more curd.. In fact, am not stealing butter and curd from them but collecting a little price for what am going to give them in return.

Without charging something from them, Ammaa, how can I give them so much in abundance and how can I do justice to Nature from where nothing comes free.. Ammaa, here you need to know a formula of Nature..

Everything in Nature comes with a specific price without paying which nothing can be extracted from it.. If I do not know how to maintain a balance in Nature who else would be knowing it Ammaa.. ??..

So never worry about anything I do, Amma.. I know what Am doing, why Am doing because behind every act of Mine there’s a purpose in the beginning and a poetic justice in the end..

I know the importance of poetic justice and I also know how and when to execute it to perfection.. Now tell me Ammaa, am I giving you pain or pleasure..??”.. PERIOD

I don’t know whether or not you all are aware my beloved readers, Lord Sri Venkateswara is the holy reincarnation of Lord Sri Krishna..

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