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How will your heart or my heart or for that matter any human being’s heart would respond if someone sitting in front of us or close to us tells us that,

“On that ghastly night my Mother Goddess Gayathri took away my hundred days old son from me”..

Unless we are possessed by a beast or a deadly ghost,our heart for sure will stop functioning,for at least a couple of seconds,on hearing such heart breaking fact from a noble saint like Nemani Subbarao ..

And the scholarly Sadguru Sivananda Murthy and the learned Bhaskara Murthy,who were sitting in the Sadguru’s chamber that time,who heard this from Subbarao were no exception..They too have felt heart broken,for a few seconds,with what Subbarao,sitting like a weeping small kid in front of them,had said..

Unable to know how to react; unable to know how to respond; and unable to know how to console that noble Brahmin,they just kept looking at him in awe,in dismay and in great praise..

There was a dead silence in the room that time,including from the lifeless ceiling fan that had suddenly stopped it’s functioning as though that too was disturbed by Subbarao’s startling revelation..

Composing himself,the Sadguru asked Subbarao..

“..Subbarao garu..Am really sorry to hear this,of course,sorry is a small word but please tell me..How did you and your wife cope up with such a great tragedy in your lives..Am really eager to know why Gayathri Amma gave you an agonizingly unrelievable pain..”

Subbarao did not respond immediately..He just could not..His mind,body and soul were deeply struck in the thoughts of that night in 1985..The Sadguru and Bhaskara Muurthy kept looking at him in all silence without even battling their eyelids.loudly..

Later,slowly composing himself,by cleaning the misty lenses of his spectacles with his dhothi,Subbarao first folded both his hands and offered his namaskarams to the holy Sadguru and then slowly started narrating,bit by bit,what exactly had happened that night in 1985..

Please Go Through..

“..After Amma instructed me to constantly meditate upon the Gayathri manthra,I have commenced my recitation in the month of March,1981..I was going through a tough phase of life,those days,carrying many family and financial burdens on my shoulders..

My brothers and sisters were younger to me therefore it had become entirely my responsibility to take care of their needs along with my personal family needs..To make both the ends meet,I used to spend more than fourteen hours in a day tutoring students of my neighborhood,in Mathematics..

Unless I spend that time it wouldn’t have been possible for me to provide proper means to all my family members..After spending so many hours in the day,in teaching students,I used to feel terribly exhausted and would hardly find any time for my meditation..

However,still I used to squeeze in some time,from my daily activities,and spend that precious time in the meditation of the Gayathri manthra..Struggling so on and so forth for a few years I could complete the ten lakh (one million) time recitation of the manthra..

In the meantime,I could successfully perform the marriages of my sisters and upanayanams of my brothers as well..We were also blessed with our daughter Aparna in 1982 and a son in 1985..

Thanking the holy Goddess Gayathri for the two priceless gifts She had given us,we were living happily with whatever little I was earning those days..Our son was born normally and was just alright until he was three months old..

Just on the verge of completion of three months,he was attacked by Polio..There were many doctors and pediatricians among our relatives and friends but unfortunately none of them could come to his rescue..

More tragically,his condition was deteriorating day by day as he was unable to digest anything offered.. Finally on one bad morning,exactly on the ninety eighth day of his birth,a well known pediatrician,who is one of my students father,came to my house to see my child..

After examining the child thoroughly,he turned to me and said,”..Feeling terribly sad to see your son in such a pathetic condition maastaaru..Sorry to say…His complete body is paralyzed…He’s in a hopeless condition..Only a miracle can save him now..Please pray for it..”

The doctor left my home..

But while leaving,he took away all the hopes I had thus far had about the recovery of my son.. And exactly at that moment,Gayathri amma gave me a noble thought..Silently offering Her my prayers I told Her,

“..Ammaa..With Your blessings I could complete ten lakh time recitation of the Gayathri manthra..I shall now unconditionally transfer all the benefits that I may have earned from this recitation in the name of my son..

That means am hereafter relinquishing and sacrificing these ten lakh recitations for the survival of my son.. After this I know my account balance shall fall down to zero and I need to start my meditation all again from the beginning..

If my son now survives with my sacrifice then I would be happy that I could save his life with my ten lakh recitation..If not,I shall still be happy that some noble soul had taken birth in my house,for a brief period ,and is now emancipated from his past life deeds and had attained moksha (salvation) after receiving the sacrifice of my Gayathri manthra from me..”

After telling Mother so,I had without wasting any time,immediately called for my resident Purohith and following all the proper rituals,relinquished my ten lakhs recitation of the Gayathri manthra and transferred them in the name of my son..

Unfortunately after that hour,his condition turned furthermore critical and we had to shift him to King George Hospital..After battling with death for almost forty eight hours,my beloved son finally gave up his battle and surrendered to death exactly on the night of the hundredth day of his birth..

My tears have already dried down by then so I could not weep anymore but by my beloved wife,Venkata Lakshmi,could not control herself and had broken down in the hospital in front of my family members, friends and relatives..I didn’t try to control her nor did anyone there..

Finally,after completing all the hospital formalities,the doctors have handed over the body to us at about 1 am,that night..Just see Guruji..How cursing and unfortunate it is for any father in this human world to call his own beloved son a body..

But gulping down all the unsavory thoughts in me,I have first forcibly sent away my wife,along with all the relatives,to our house..

Later,with the support of about four of five cousins,I had started walking towards the graveyard that was about two and half kilometers from the KGH hospital..As I was walking all alone and in all silence,my mind was full of incoherent thoughts that time..

Then I asked Mother,”..Ammaa..Why did this all happen..Why did you allow this to happen at all..I have lost my son and at the same time lost the ten lakh time recitation of the Gayathri manthra that I have earned after so many months of great struggle and hardships..

I know You gave both my son and the recitations to me and I know You now snatched them away from me..But why did You do all this Ammaa..Do I really deserve so much pain in my life..If so why..???..But who am I and what am I to question You..

I know it is all part of Your divine drama to test me and my faith in You..I know Ammaa you have played a ruthless game with me to test my strength and my character..But Amma..Am sorry to say..You have lost this game and I have won it..

If you still want,just take away anything and everything,if any,left in my life..Take away all that I have earned..Throw me into the sea but remember Amma am not gong to give up..Am not going to leave Your feet at any cost or any loss..

I shall…I repeat I shall forever and ever and ever keep chanting the Gayatri manthra as long as am alive on this Earth..

So what if I have to start everything all again now and so what if I had to go through all the struggles and hardships in my life to rebuild myself,my strength and my character all again..I shall start my recitation at any cost and would certainly reach the one crore mark in this lifetime..

In that case why should I wait..I shall start my recitation now..Right at this moment..Why wait for any auspicious day or moments Ammaa..Are these not the auspicious ones..Am carrying the body of a great soul on my shoulders..This man must have been Your great devotee in his past life and must have served You a great deal with his devotion..

You have send him to me and now You are taking him away from me..But am blessed to be his father so what only for a hundred days..There can’t be more auspicious moments than this for any devotee to commence his recitation of the Gayathri manthra while in the presence of a great noble soul like the one resting on my shoulders who had just earned ten lakh recitations of Gayathri manthra fro me..”

Thinking so Guruji,I have commenced my Gayathri manthra recitation during those sad moments of that dark night..I remained chanting all through the way until we finally reached the graveyard at about 2.20 am that night..

A 40-year old man stopped us in the entrance and asked us..”You came so late in the night sir.?..There’s no one to perform the rites now..The one who had to perform them had just left for his home fully drunk and will only come after eight in the morning..Please wait until then..”

We were shocked with his response..After bribing him with some money he agreed to show our cousins the house of the man who would perform the rites..Then turning to me our relatives said,”Brother..Just stay here..We all go with this fellow to that man’s house; some how convince him or bribe him and bring him here..”

Without pausing my recitation of the Gayathri manthra I had silently nodded my head..Leaving me all alone in that darkness,my cousins went to the graveyard keeper’s house.. After about two minutes I have realized that I was left all alone there in the graveyard..I was terrified to say the least..

But even during that darkness and during those fear filled moments in the graveyard I didn’t stop the recitation of the Gayathri manthra and after that I never stopped so far in my life guruji..In all,I have so far spent twenty years in the meditation of the sacred manthra and had completed more than one crore time recitation..

Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without my Gayathri amma’s blessings guruji..She was always there with me observing every moment of my life..Now please tell me..

Just because our beloved mother,who had borne so many pains during her pregnancy to give us birth, had been harsh to us and beaten us on a few occasions,will any son leave her..If so how can we call him a son at all..

Similarly Gayathri amma is to me…For the world She may be a Goddess but for me She’s a Mother and an embodiment of true love..After that tragedy in my life,She had showered enormous love on me..I have then understood that if She’s the giver,She’s also the taker..

Later,I have also understood that She’s like our Mother and we are all Her children..She may not give us everything we want but would certainly give us everything we need..”

Saying so,Subbarao completed the narration of the great tragic episode in his life..

Sadguru Sivananda Murthy and Bhaskara Murthy could not say anything..Could not utter a word..They just could not come out of those great tragic moments a simple brahmin sitting in front of them had passed through in his life..

Later,getting up slowly from his chair,the Sadguru walked to Subbarao and placing his right hand on his shoulder,said,

“..Subbarao garu..Really sorry to know about the heavy price you have paid in your life to come this far in your spiritual journey..It wouldn’t have been possible for normal human beings to achieve so much..I really appreciate your perseverance and your faith in the Goddess mother..In fact I will not hesitate to say that She’s lucky to have a devotee like you..”

Offering his pranams to the Sadguru,Subbarao said,”Guruji..Amma had told me to conduct a Maha Yagam for the well being of humanity this year..We are going to perform this yagam from 11th May to 15th May..A committee with many noble personalizes is already formed..We request you to please grace the occasion and bless us all..”

With a gentle smile,the Sadguru said..

“..Thanks for your invitation to take part in the proposed Maha Yagam Subbarao garu.. It would be an honor for me to participate in such a sacred event being performed by a noble saint like you..Please let me know the details and I shall plan accordingly..Feel free to call me anytime..”

Saying so,the holy Sadguru gave his personal mobile number to Subbarao..Later,he felicitated him with silk robes and blessed him heart fully..After prostrating at the holy feet of the Sadguru,both Subbarao and Bhaska Murthy took leave from Him..

After that things followed in quick succession..Sadguru Sri Kandukuri Sivananda Murthy was made the Chief Patron of the Maha Yagam by the Executive Committee..

Finally on the 11th of May,2005..

During the most auspicious moments of the day,and amidst the chanting of the holy vedic hymns by Brahmasri Yanamandra Venu Gopala Sastry and his team of illustrious Vedic scholars,the much awaited and the most sacred “Sarvathomukha Gayathri Maha Yagam” commenced at the Bulliah college grounds of Visakhapatnam city..

With literally every amazing personality belonging not only to the city of Visakhapatnam but also to the entire Telugu state of Andhra Pradesh taking part in this once in a lifetime blessed sacred event,the Maha Yagam went on successfully for five full days..

According to Sri Subbarao,every major political personality,irrespective of their parties and their status have served in this Maha Yagam..Some have even cleaned the premises and some have served food and removed the plates..

All in all,this Maha Yagam,that was conducted on the instructions of Goddess Gayathri and preformed for the well being of a lifetime memory for all those who attended it and witnessed it..

Many who have taken part in this Maha Yagam have flourished a great deal in their later life..They are all now thankful to Sri Subbarao for giving them an opportunity to be part of such a great Maha Yagam.. PEACE

Finally,my beloved readers..A word from me..

I know it’s difficult and painful to accept but as I told you all earlier,any thing that begins has to end and every curtain that is raised has to come down..So is this exotic,divine and highly spiritual life changing story..

With this part,the great saga of telling the story of an ordinary man who has risen to an exalted state of divinity in his lifetime will be coming to an end….Prostrating at her holy Lotus feet I now sincerely offer my gratitude to Mother Goddess Gayathri for considering a spoiled Brahmin like me worthy enough to write this life changing story..

I also,with the same sincerity,thank each one of you my beloved readers for all the unconditional support and encouragement you have given me while writing this story..Otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible for me to come this far..

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 “Shocking True Story Of A Mystic Brahmin Who Converses With Goddess Gayathri-Epilogue”

“…Ramachandraya Janaka rajajaa manoharaya…Maamaka abheeshta dhaya mahitha mangalam.                 ..Kossalesaya Manda hasa dasa poshanaaya…Vasavadhi vinatha sadwaraya Mangalam. ..”    

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