The Moola Virat Of Lord Sri Venkateswara And Goddess Padmavathi In TTD Temple, Chennai

Changes that come to material substances, specially the medicinal, through the trituration of non-medicinal powder, agitation of non-medicinal fluid, are so incredible that may be compared to miracles, and is a reason of joy that those changes belong to Homeopathy” – Samuel Hahnemann, Father Of Homeopathy

A Powerful Homeopathic Remedy

Did a miracle in the life of Sri AV Perumal Dikshitulu – son of Tirumala Temple’s Head Priest, Sri Ramana Dikshitulu – who is currently working as a Priest at the famous TTD Temple in T Nagar, Chennai.

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On the 2nd of June, 2020, the TTD Temple administration in Chennai, as a precautionary measure, had sent all the employees of it’s Temple, including the Priests, to get tested for Covid.. Their reports came on 6th June..

Except Perumal Dikshitulu all the others have tested negative to Covid while Perumal had tested positive.. Perumal resides with his family in the highly Covid contaminated area of Chennai called the, ‘Sowcarpet’ area which must be one of the strong reasons for Perumal testing positive to Covid.

Doctors advised a shocked Perumal to go for self quarantine at home since his symptoms were only mild.. However, Perumal decided to stay at his another home in T Nagar and quarantined himself there to stay away from his family.

The first thing that Perumal did after going there was to call his close friend, Sri Krishna Rao, a highly respected man in Chennai circles who is the current Adviser to the same TTD Temple in Chennai.


Why Did Perumal Call Only Krishna Rao And Not Any Other Doctor..??

Krishna Rao has been a regular follower of this website, since 2015, and in later days had become my close friend.. However, after our first Tirumalesa – Bhagawan Sriram Sir Global Meet held in Hyderabad, in December, 2016, Krishna Rao had become a member of my Bhagawan Sriram Sir Global WhatsApp group and from then on has been actively involved in most of my works.

After the threatening arrival of Covid in India and reading so much about it’s incurable nature, I have started searching all over the web if there’s or if there can be any cure to this deadly disease that literally stopped our lives.

In that process, I saw a video interview of Rajiv Bajaj, Chairman of Bajaj Auto, with Barkha Dutt in which he had spoken highly about a globally renowned Indian Homeopath, called Dr Rajan Sankaran and his treating of quarantined Covid patients in Iran, Romania and other countries in as early as February – March.

In that interesting interview, Rajiv Bajaj had quite emphatically stated that Dr Rajan had used the powerful Homeopathic remedy, Camphora 1M, in treating all those Covid patients who were cured in just about five days of time.

I felt much relieved after seeing that interview.. Thereafter – since Homeopathy is there in our family for generations and am qualified enough, though not certified, to understand how it works – I went through a lot of great books on Homeopathy that I have with me for ages.

In my study, I was surprised to note that many earlier Homeopathy Masters, including Hahnemann, have used Camphora in the last 200 years both as a preventive and curative in treating more deadly epidemics like Cholera and Spanish Flu.

After a deeper study and understanding of the wonder drug, Camphora, I could also learn about a few complicated cases of Covid cured by Dr Rajan and also about how to use Camphor both as a preventive and curative to Covid.

In that study, I could also find the dosage instructions of Camphora 1M, clearly given by Dr Rajan, to be used as a prophylaxis (preventive) against Covid.. Am a big beneficiary of Homeopathy and I cured my acute depression of two years in 2008 with a powerful anti psychotic homeopathic drug that I found in my extensive research and study of a few great books.

Today, me and my family of my wife and two daughters use only Homeo medicines for all our routine problems like Acidity (GERD), Cough, Cold, Fever, Indigestion and Sinusitis among others.

When my 88 – year old Dad was afflicted with Colon Cancer in 2012, it was Homeopathy that controlled his condition and prevented any further metastasis in his body. His Doctors were surprised to notice that.. However, my Dad passed away in November, 2016, at a ripe age of 92, not due to Cancer but due to his other age related problems.

Secondly, my wife has been a chronic case of Bronchial Asthma since her childhood and I have fully eliminated it with my Homeopathic treatment.. There’s no recurrence of asthma in her after she got rid of it in 2010.. Today, we don’t use any allopathic medicines in our family except Crocin which we occasionally use for any headache or other feverish conditions.

Since am so familiar with Homeopathic treatment, we, all the four members of our family, have immediately taken Camphora 1M as preventive to Covid as prescribed by Dr Rajan.

On that same day, I have posted in our WhatsApp group about the efficacy of Camphora in dealing with Covid and asked those interested to send me personal message to receive dosage instructions.. Many, including Krishna Rao, have messaged me, received the dosage instructions from me and also used Camphora as preventive to Covid.

In my instructions, I have clearly stated that am only giving the dosage instructions as prescribed by Dr Rajan Sankaran and they would use it solely at their own discretion.. Many have used it, as a preventive, and escaped from Covid.

Tell you why.. Many of these members’ neighbors and close contacts have been afflicted with Covid but none of them have so far tested positive to Covid despite moving closely with those patients.

After receiving dosage instructions from me, Krishna Rao had not only taken the dosage along with with his family but had also distributed about 2000 bottles of Camphora 1M to known people in Chennai.

Surprisingly, not even one among them had tested positive to Covid and more surprisingly Perumal was not among those 2000 recipients. And it was only after testing positive to Covid, that Perumal had contacted Krishna Rao to help him out.

Krishna Rao promptly responded to his friend’s call and sent him a bottle of Camphora 1M along with dosage instructions.. Those were only dosage instructions for preventing Covid and not for curing it, still Rao had forwarded them to Perumal to try for what it is worth.

(Curative instructions of potency, frequency and dosage of Camphora for Covid, prescribed by Dr Rajan, are completely different from those they are to prevent it.. Since am not authorized to prescribe a cure I have not shared them with anyone although I have the curative instructions too with me).

Lord Sri Venkateswara

However, leaving everything to Holy Lord Venkateswara, Perumal had taken Camphora 1M, following preventive instructions, and went for a test again after completion of the 14 days of home quarantine.. Miraculously, to his surprise, his test this time had come negative.

Immediately, Perumal called Krishna Rao and thanked him for saving him from the deadly Covid. Rao smiled and asked him to thank me and Dr Rajan for the same.

When Rao conveyed the same to me, I too smiled and asked them to thank Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara – the Creator of both Covid and it’s cure – Who saved Perumal through that powerful Homeopathic medicine, Camphora.. Hare Srinivasa.

Please Note

Just in case you want the dosage instructions of Camphora, please send a mail to my mail id with subject “Dosage Instructions”.. Good luck


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