His Holiness Sri Adi Sankaracharya

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On an auspicious day

Sometime during 1977-78,in the august presence of His Holiness,the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kama Kothi Peetham,Sri Chandra Sekharendra Ssaraswathi,a large spiritual conference was being held at the holy Kanchi Mutt..

Attended by many amazing Hindu religious personalities who had come to Kanchi from many parts of the world,this spiritual congregation was a much talked about one those days..

On the final day of this one of it’s kind religious congregation,a “Veda Pravachanam” was conducted by a group of well learned Vedic scholars who were specially invited to this rare occasion from all over the country..

This particular scholarly group of Vedic geniuses was headed by two renowned Vedic scholars from the most accomplished Telugu land of Visakhapatnam..

While one of these two great Vediac scholars was the illustrious Brahmasri Sreepaada Krishnamurthy Ghanaapaati,the other one was his elder brother and the more illustrious,Brahmasri Sreepaada Sriram Ghanaapaati,who is also called “Apara Saraswathi” by hundreds of his ardent followers..

On that auspicious evening..

In the presence of His Holiness,the Paramacharya of Kanchi Peetam and other glorious spiritual personalities and holy Peetadhipathis,the final program of  the”Veda Pravachanam” began in the holy Kanchi Mutt..

What started as a small flow of Vedic stream went on to become a small pond later and then on to a lake and then on to a river and then on to a sea and finally on to an ocean of Vedic fire lit by the amazing and spell binding Vedic rendition of those two illustrious Sreepaada brothers..

Believe me,the impact of that amazing Vedic rendition by the two learned brothers was so much that many spiritually enlightened personalities,who were among the august audiences that day,have virtually seen Goddess Saraswathi Devi dancing in the midst of their presence,there..

Believe me again..

Impressed with the glorious recitation of the holy Vedas by the two brothers of Visakhapatnam,the five elements of Nature too have expressed their joy by showering their blessings on them..As a result there was a sudden heavy downpour in and around Kanchi Mutt,that evening..

Splendid..Spell binding..Fabulous..Incredible..And mesmerizing was the recitation of the sacred Vedic hymns by the two learned Sreepaada brothers and their scholarly group…

At the end of that glorious Vedic rendition by the two brothers and their able followers,all the scholarly audiences,all the holy personalities,all the saints and all the most revered Peethadhipathis,who have thankfully witnessed that scintillating “Veda Pravachanam” that evening,have stood up in their honor and blessed them chanting the ‘aasirvachana manthras’..

However,the most impressed among all those gathered there was His Holiness the Paramacharya of Kanchi Himself who was just unstoppable that moment..

After the “Aasirvachana Manthras” recitation by all those learned people there,the Paramacharya quickly got up from His chair,and completely keeping aside the protocol of the holy Kanchi Peetham and also His sanctimonious chair,walked all the way to the dais and blessed the two brothers and honored them with invaluable gifts…PERIOD

After that amazing evening..

The two illustrious Sreepaada brothers have jointly conducted the “Veda Pravachanam” in many parts of India and also around the world and have thrilled the audiences,wherever they have performed,with their spell binding rendition of the Vedas..

In a way the two Sreepaada brothers have become standing testimonies to the power of Vedas,those days..

However,as fate would have it,the two beloved brothers after some time had a rift among themselves,for some unknown reasons,and have thereafter have never performed together on the same platform,again..

Many famous personalities,learned scholars and renowned spiritual organizations have tried their best to strike a cordial chord between the two warring brothers and have also attempted to bring them closer again on to a single platform but have miserably failed…

Day by day,the void spaces between the two warring Sreepaada brothers have grown wider and deeper and after some point of time the two wise brothers have very unwisely cut off all their relations with each other’s families and have in fact stopped inviting each other for even important functions in their houses ..

This unholy war between the two great Vedic scholars went on for almost twenty five years until one day in October,2002 our mystic Brahmin,Nemani Subbarao along with his friend Veerabhadram visited the residence of Brahmasri Sreepada Krishna Murthy Ghanaapaati in Visakhapatnam to invite him to his house to perform “Veda Swasthi”..

Firstly,Subbarao handed over the packet of Apples,he brought along with him,to Sri Krishnamurthy and later after prostrating at his feet said,”Riktha hasthey namo peyaath rajaanaam daivatam guroom” (one should not go empty handed while going on a visit to his King,God and Teacher)…

Blessing Subbarao,Sri Krishnamurthy said,”Well said..Thank you very much..”..

Later introducing himself,Subbarao said,

“..Brahmasree..My name is Nemani Subbarao..Am also a resident of Visakhapatnam city..With the divine blessings of Mother Goddess Gayathri,I have recently completed one crore time recitation of the Gayathri Manthra..

On this occasion am conducting “Veda Swasthi” in my house..I request your noble self to please grace the occasion and participate in Vedic recitation that evening..”

With a broad smile Sri Krishnamurthy replied,”..Am extremely happy to meet someone from my home town who had completed one crore time recitation of the Gayathri Manthra..Unless blessed by Mother it will not be possible for anyone of us to accomplish this hazardous task..You are really blessed Subbarao garu.. I shall certainly come to your house and honor myself by reciting Vedic hymns that day..”

A joyous Subbarao quickly said,”Thank you very much Brahmasree..My entire house will be sanctified with your holy visit and rendition..Secondly I have one more request..”

Saying so,Subbarao paused for a few seconds and then looked at his friend,Veerabhadram and then at the face of Sri Krishnamurthy..

Observing Subbarao’s hesitation,Sri Krishnamurthy asked,”What’s that Subbarao garu..Why are you hesitating..??..Feel free to ask me anything you want..”

Then shocking his friend Veerabhadram and the great Vedic scholar Sri Krishna Murthy,Subbarao said, “Brahmasree..Please do not mistake me and also please forgive me if you find anything not to your liking in what am now going to say..”

A puzzled Sri Krishnamurthy kept staring at Subbarao waiting in all eagerness to hear what he was about to say..

Composing himself Subbarao said..

“Brahmasree..It’s almost twenty five years now that you and your learned brother Sri Sreeram garu have together performed on one platform..I know am crossing my limits but can you please call your brother over phone now and request him to grace the occasion in my house..I think this is also what Mother Goddess Gayathri too wants..”

Veerabhadram was shocked at the audacity of his friend..With his eyes popping out,he just kept staring at his beloved childhood friend..

On the other hand,a much embarrassed Vedic scholar Sri Krishnamurthy,who was not prepared to receive such an unusual request from somebody whom he was seeing for the first time in his life,kept silent for a few seconds..

Later,composing himself,the great scholar extraordinary smiled gently and as though instructed by Goddess Gayathri,said,

“..I don’t have any problem to share the dais with my illustrious brother Subbarao garu.. After all he is my brother..He’s also more learned and more scholarly than me but honestly I cannot guarantee the same response from him..

Since this is a program designed by Goddess Gayathri Herself,I shall certainly walk a few yards more and renew the broken relationship with my brother..May be this also what the Mother wants..Who knows..?? .. ”

Saying so Sri Krishnamurthy immediately picked up the phone and called his brother..

After a few rings of waiting the great “Apara Saraswathi” Brahmasree Sri Sreeram Ghanaapaati lifted the phone in his house and said,”Hello.. Yevarandee..(Hello..Who’s this)..” in chaste Telugu

Sri Krishnamurthy who was listening to his beloved brother’s voice after almost twenty five years greeted his brother saying..”..Annayyaa..Namaskaram..Nenu Krishnudini maatlaadu tunnaanu..Baavunnaavaa Annayyaa ” (Brother..Am Krishna calling..How are you brother..)..”

Surprised with the sudden unexpected call from his brother Krishnamurthy,whom he would very fondly call Krishnudu,Sri Sreeram remained silent for a few seconds unable to know how to respond to his call..

Later,he quickly replied saying,”Am fine brother..How are you all..”..

Saying “Fine” Sri Krishnamurthy briefed his brother about the reason behind his call..

Sri Sreeram replied saying,”It’s good to know someone from our very own Visakhapatnam had recited the Gayathri Manthra for one crore times..I will try to come but cannot guarantee..”

After disconnecting the call,a much disappointed Sri Krishnamurthy told the eagerly waiting Subbarao, “he’s happy to hear about you but says he cannot make any promise now to come..Am sorry Subbarao garu..I know my brother more than anyone else..He will not come but I shall certainly come..I request you not to waste your time on my brother and make alternative arrangements..”

Thanking Sri Krishnamurthy for his sincere efforts,Subbarao said,”..Thank you very much Brahmasree..  I now leave everything to Goddess Gayathri..Hereafter,it is for her to run the show.”

Saying so,both Subbarao and his friend Veerabhadram took leave from Sri Krishnamurthy and left for their respective houses..

Finally,after two days..

The most auspicious day of the Veda Swasthi,which the noble couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi were eagerly waiting,had arrived..

On that day,the couple woke up early in the morning and launched their daily routine..While Venkata Lakshmi began preparation of food items for the day,Subbarao sat for his daily meditation of the sacred Gayathri manthra..

By 7.15 a.m the couple finished their respective works and kept the entire house ready for the auspicious Veda Swasthi pravachanams..

At exactly 8 a m

A car carrying Sri Krishnamurthy Ghanaapaati arrived at the main entrance of Subbarao’s residence.. After a few more minutes the car belonging to Sri. Naga Yagna Ghanaapaati,the honorable ‘Aasthaana Veda Vidwan’ of the renowned Annavaram Satynarayana Swamy Devasthanam and his scholarly son too arrived at the place…

After about five minutes,Sri Mushty Venkateswara Ghanaapaati,the ‘Aasthaana Veda Vidwaan” of the famous Kanaka Maha Lakshmi temple in Visakhapatnam too arrived .

That means four of the five Ghanaapaatees,invited by Subbarao,have already arrived by 8.15 a.m..

And only Sri Sreeram Ghanaapaati had to come however no one,except Subbarao,was sure about his coming that day..Waiting in anticipation of the arrival of Sri Sreeram; Subbarao and Veerabhadram stood at the main entrance of Subbarao’s residence..

Still after waiting for fifteen minutes,the two friends didn’t find any trace of Sri Sreeram’s arrival there..

At about 8.35 a.m..

Sri Krishnamurthy came out and said,”Subbarao garu..You are wasting your precious time waiting for my brother..I know him well..Do you think a man who didn’t turn up for twenty five years will turn up today..Forget him..Let’s start the program..”

Requesting him,Subbarao said,”Please bear with me for a few more minutes Brahmasree..My conscience some how says he will come today..Give me ten more minutes and I will certainly join you..”

At exactly 8.40 a m

Subbarao’s friend Veerabhadram,who waited all that time along with Subbarao at the main gate,told Subbarao,”Subbarao…Looks like we are wasting our time..As his brother said do you really think a man who didn’t turn up for twenty five years will turn up today..I don’t think so..Am going inside..”

In spite of so many discouraging words from almost everyone around him,Subbarao still decided to wait at the main gate of his residence,for a few more minutes,to receive Sri Sreeram Ghanaapaati..

Subbarao was waiting..It was 8.41..Subbarao was waiting..It was 8.42..Subbarao was waiting..It was 8.43..Subbarao was waiting..It was 8.44..Subbarao was waiting..It was 8.45..In spite of so much of waiting by Subbarao,Sri Sreeram Ghanaapaati did not turn up..

Finally,at 8.45 a.m..

A much disappointed Subbarao turned back and decided to go into the house..

And exactly at that moment..

The man who did not turn up for twenty five years and the man who did not consider any request placed before him for twenty five years and the man who is considered “Apara Saraswathi” by his followers; that man; that great Vedic scholar,Sri Sreepaada Sreeram Ghanaapati has arrived in his car at the main gate of Subbarao’s residence..

Veerabhadram who was the first person to notice Sri Sreeram’s entry at the gate,came sprinting from inside the house and went straight to Sri Sreeram and prostrated before his noble feet..Later,he quickly got up and pulled his friend Subbarao towards Sri Sreeram and told Subbarao “He’s the great Sreeram Ghanaapaati garu”

Subbarao too quickly prostrated before his feet and took his blessings..

And then occurred the most emotional incident the entire city of those days Visakhapatnam was waiting eagerly to witness for twenty five long years..

Sri Krishnamurthy,who heard about his beloved brother Sri Sreeram’s arrival at the gate,quickly came out of the house and went straight to his brother and with tears rolling down his cheeks embraced him with all the warmth in the world..

The two brothers remained so for a few golden moments..They were conveying volumes to each other but silence was the only language the two illustrious Vedic scholarly brothers were using at that moment to communicate with each other..PERIOD

There was not an eye that didn’t go wet there and not a face that didn’t wear a smile that moment..

Later Sri Krishnamurthy personally called Subbarao and introduced him to his brother saying, “Brother..He’s Nemani Subbarao who completed one crore time recitation of the Gayathri manthra..”

After a few more introduction formalities were over,the much awaited “Veda Swasthi” pravachanam began in the house of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi much to the delight of the noble couple…

Reciting many Vedic verses including ‘Aswamedham’ and ‘Arunam’ from ‘Yajurveda’,the two scholarly Sreepada brothers,along with the three other renowned scholars,have enthralled a few invitees there in Subbarao’s house..

That scintillating Vedic saga went on for a pulsating two and half hours time mesmerizing each and every individual present there..

With that mesmerizing Vedic rendition of the two Sreepaada brothers and the other three Ghanaapaatis, everyone there could virtually see ‘Veda Maatha’,Goddess Gayathri dancing in the midst of them but it was only Subbarao who could literally feel Her presence there..

Subbarao,then.soulfully thanked Goddess Gayathri for keeping up HER promise of dancing during the ‘Veda Swasthi’..

Later,all the five Ghanaapatis blessed the noble couple of Subbarao and Venkata Lakshmi and also their beloved daughter Aparana,who was at that time a 7-month old pregnant..PERIOD

Unfortunately rather sadly..

That was the last time the two great illustrious Sreepaada brothers have recited Vedas together on a single platform..Not because they were not invited by any one else to recite the Vedas..Not because the two wise brothers once again had a rift between them..

But because the two glorious brothers,the two great Vedic scholars,the two  most illustrious personalities of the Telugu land,within a gap of few days,have left this human world and traveled to that undiscovered divine nation from whose bourn no traveler has ever returned..

Quite miraculously this happened just a few days after their scintillating Vedic rendition in the house of Subbarao..PERIOD

Lastly,a few questions that may never find answers..

Who created that rift between those two brothers..??..Who kept them separated for twenty five long years..??..Who brought them together again after twenty five years..And finally Who took them away after that scintillating performance in Subbarao’s house..??

Were they brought together to perform only at Subbarao’s residence in their last days..??..Did they literally see Goddess Gayathri on that day along with Subbarao..??..Or did Goddess Gayathri called her ardent devotees,who served Her all through their life with their Vedic renditions,there to Subbarao’s house to give them Her ‘Nija Roopa Darsanam’..

Who knows..??..And Who will answer these questions..??..


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