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Sa chaturmukha shanmukha panchamukha pramukhaakhila daivatha moulimane…Saranaagatha vatsala saaranidhe paripaalayamaam vrishsaila pathe

“May my beloved Lord Sri Venkateswara give the much needed strength and courage to the flood victims of Chennai city to withstand this cruel test of Nature and lead the rest of their life peacefully..May all the unfortunate departed souls rest in peace..”

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Right from my five years of age,I used to accompany my mother whenever she would go to see a spiritual personality or a Swamiji..

In that process,I had the honor of taking the blessings of divine Mother,Jillellamudi Amma and also of Sri Vidya Prakasananda Giri Swamy when they graced Khammam town,my birthplace,some time during the mid seventies..

However,my meeting the spiritual personalities in life didn’t stop there,with my mother alone,and later too for some strange reasons,I used to bump into many spiritual personalities,often…After observing a few of them,I have started hating them looking at their weird behavior and also at their ravenous hunger for money and publicity..

Then the first round of questioning,about God related issues,had started both in my mind and also in my life.

“Why are these spiritual personalities dying so much for publicity and money and why don’t they just remain noble and quiet in their life if their sole intention is to serve God and humanity..Why is that so many people are just believing in everything these fakes are saying and doing in the name of God..??? ..”

It was that one question I would always ask myself,those days,however,I could never find a convincing answer..Then the rigorous thinking in me,about spirituality,started,followed by an extensive questioning of myself about the existence of God and also about the varied lifestyles of these Indian Swamijis who are doing just about everything in their life,in the name of God..

That rigorous thinking and questioning in me would make me upset many times and in fact there were times I used to tell myself that I will go mad if I don’t stop breaking my head about subjects that are in no way related to me or to my life..But it’s mind,dude..It does it’s job to perfection without caring a damn about you..

Finally,I realized,”may be this is what is called stream of consciousness about which I have read volumes during my post graduation days without even understanding a bit about it..”

Then I have also,to my good fortune,realized that the process of self realization and self exploration had begun in me..I know these are the two vigorous sessions of life that our mind makes our body to attend in a divine effort to enable us to identify and understand that God is staying in and around us…

Pathetically so,millions of people spend their life without even trying to know the meaning of these two most important words or these two important stages of life..Unfortunately,these same people always try to understand the whole world and search for God everywhere but hardly make an attempt to find the same God residing in their hearts..

And this is called the irony of fate and this is what am,through my writings,trying  to make you all realize that God is very much within you and not in the silly God men you trust or follow..

Please forgive me..It’s not my intention here to say all the spiritual personalities are silly and fake..There are certainly some rare spiritual gem stones silently working for the well being of humanity in their own way…Unfortunately many of us do not know about them..PEACE

I now believe that it is these honest views of mine about God,God men and about humanity that pleased holy Lord Sri Venkateswara and convinced Him to bless me with His Nija Sareera Roopa Darsanam that day..

That said,let me ask myself one honest question here..

“Are they really my thoughts and my views that earned me the darsan of the holy Lord or did someone deliberately made me think so with a view to use me as a tool in the future of cosmic drama..??..”..

The reason why I so strongly believe is,”because my entire life,my views and my outlook towards God,life and humanity have completely changed after meeting that man”

It was only after meeting Him,the so called stream of consciousness had begun in me which finally led to my viewing of Lord Venkateswara in His real form; my creation of Fcebook page and this Tirumalesa site both of which today,due to Lord Venkateswara’s divine grace,are changing many lives all over the world..

How and when did it all began in my life..??

Precisely on the 7th of October,1999…This is an important and an unforgettable date of my life on which day I met an extraordinary spiritual personality who just wears a simple shirt and trousers,like you and me,and goes around the world carrying the entire universe in a small black colored bag,He always hangs around His shoulders..

Until that day.I was a young happy go lucky guy always busy with my shooting,travelling and enjoying life with friends and Beers and what not..My modesty forbids me from revealing more about my private life,so I shall stop here..PERIOD

It was He,Who told me on that day the following Golden lines which everyone of us should remember for a life beyond life

“Everything in this world is predetermined and well determined right from the movement of the blade of grass to the movement of the monster..Even your meeting with me now is determined much before your birth and my birth..You may not accept this and also the world may not accept this but God never seeks either your endorsement or the world’s endorsement for His plans”..PEACE

“He bombarded my mind field” was what I thought about Him after hearing from Him the above law of God and Nature..But who is this spiritual personality ??..Well..Will come to that later but before that you need to know about how my life changed,

After that divine experience with the mystic Maha Yogi in the Tirumala temple.. 

Lord Sri Venkateswara During Brahmotsavams

> After that experience my mind started looking at the world and the people around me in a totally different way..Many people who appeared as rogues to me,earlier in my life,have started appearing as people who need to be forgiven and shown mercy..

> All the negative and depressing thoughts that were,for years,tormenting my poor mind were replaced by positive and energetic thoughts..Those thoughts of self annihilation too have vanished completely from my mind and were replaced by amazing thoughts about life and God that can motivate the whole planet today..

> The darkness that has occupied the spaces of my mind have been completely replaced by a bright divine light that has the power to drive away the darkness from the minds of millions of cursed people living in this world..

> My own money that was finding difficult to come back to me started coming back with a greater speed ..The same life that I found so difficult to live earlier had suddenly become so dear and lovable to me..

> However,that doesn’t mean am leading a totally detached and saintly life today..I very easily get irritated and angered over pretty small things and these are the two areas am working seriously on..A recitation of the sacred Gayathri manthra everyday,for 108 times,is helping me a great deal and am now gaining more control over these two areas,gradually..

Ever since that divine experience in the Tirumala temple,

I have noticed that the mystic Maha Yogi is constantly reading my thoughts..On a few occasions,He had even made me realize that He’s reading my thoughts..Although there are many big and small incidents to mention,I remember a couple of them which I shall mention here..

> One day while reading a newspaper I saw the photograph of a middle aged man..That photo reminded me a branch manager of a bank who helped me with a bank loan in 1998..I tried to recollect the name of that branch manager..I tried a lot but couldn’t recollect since it was about seventeen years ago..

I ignored it there..After about five minutes I heard a FB notification sound..It was a friend request from a person with the name of the bank manager whose name I was trying hard to recollect just a few minutes ago..

> While driving home one afternoon,I was thinking about an ad for which I had to write a caption ‘papi pet ka saval hain’..I take care of every detail in my work and shall never compromise..While thinking about the caption I had a doubt..

How to write the word ‘pet’ in English script..Should I write it as ‘pate’ or ‘pet’..After about ten minutes drive,I stopped at a signal and casually looked up at a hoarding on the road near Hindi Maha Vidyalaya in Hyderabad..

On that board,I found these letters written in English,’papi pet ka saval hain’..Exactly the same words which I wanted to use in my script but my only doubt was about the spelling of ‘pet’..

> Having realized that He is with me every moment,I thought of taking a few chances with Him and test His presence around me..Then I started parking my Car exactly under the ‘no parking’ board and would go away .When I returned I was many times surprised to see the wheels of the cars parked in front of me and behind me locked but not mine..

I have realized that He was making my car invisible..Taking Him for granted,I started getting naughtier and went about parking only in the no parking areas of Hyderabad..He saved me every time..Since am deliberately doing it every time,He punished me twice through fines of Rs.350 from the traffic cops..

I then understood that He had given me a message through those fines which meant,”do it only when there’s no other option but not as the only option”..PEACE

Now,coming to the world changing book on Lord Sri Venkateswara

Lord Malayappa Swamy With Sridevi And Bhudevi

At about 7.30 pm,on a Friday evening,four months ago,I was walking all alone in my premises thinking about many things in this world..During that very casual thought process,I started thinking about Lord Venkateswara may be because it was a Friday evening..

At that time,I thought,”In most of the Telugu books I have read and from most of the experiences I have heard from devotees,Lord Venkateswara is a God who attends to us immediately when we call Him ..So why don’t I write a book exclusively on Him which would help readers all over the world know more about Him..”

I was very excited with the thought..Then I asked myself,”If so what title should I give to the book”..I went about thinking for a couple of minutes..Pat came the answer in my mind.

“God On Call”..

I was shocked..Then thought..”O’ whattaa catchy title..But who gave this title thought to me that flashed so quickly in my mind..”…I asked myself..

Then another thought told me,” must certainly be the mystic Maha Yogi who’s constantly reading my thoughts..”..I then silently offered my pranams to Him for giving an eye capturing title to me that would attract the attention of anyone in this world..

Later,I did an intensive research and found many miracles of Sri Venkateswara that changed many lives ..I was thrilled and thought of presenting them all in chapters in one single book..

Then a new idea cropped up in my mind that clearly said,’instead of publishing all these miracle stories in one single large book and bore the readers it would be better if I publish them in one book every year as a series and release..”

Then I discussed with Sri PVRK Prasad who instantly liked my idea and also the title..He honestly told me,”He is really giving you some wonderful ideas..Don’t know what His plans for you are..Go ahead..God bless..”

Later,after some more thinking,I have decided that there would be one book published every year as long as He has kept time for me on this planet..Each volume of this book will have twelve stories to be read every month by the readers..

I first thought of going for publishing of this book in the month of September,2015 and release it on the Vaikunta Ekadasi day on 21 December.2015 on the Tirumala hills..Since I was diverted by the thought of publishing the mystic Brahmin book there was a delay..Anywayz,if everything happens for a cause and as per His will and design,then who am I..??..

Now planning to release the first book of “God On Call,2016” on the auspicious day of the Telugu New Year of Ugadi in 2016..With an out of the world global design and standards,this world changing book shall have amazing stories with spectacular photographs and images of the holy Lord and the Tirumala temple..

If you want to be one of the honorable sponsors to this first of it’s kind world book,please send in your mails to .. I shall get back to you with more details..

Finally,here’s the biggest shock of this whole story of my divine experience in the Tirumala temple

Lord Sri Venkateswara,about whom am dying to write so much,had actually entered my life through that amazing spiritual personality whom I met on the 7th of October,1999..You will be surprised to know that He doesn’t have a high profile ashram nor has a set of followers always around Him..

All that He has is a family like you and me have and a small house in Hyderabad..I don’t think He even owns this house..He wears simple trousers and a shirt and goes around the city like anyone of us do..

He is a simple English lecturer who very recently retired from govt.service and is leading a normal life in Hyderabad enjoying time with His family..Am greatly influenced by His speeches and writings and His philosophy of God and Nature which inadvertently are reflecting in my writings as well..

He has a few hundreds of followers all over the world..Almost everyone of them is a highly learned and illustrious personality..Again among them,although a nobody in front of them,am a specially chosen one by Him to show His powers to the world..How and why..Will come to that in the end..PERIOD

Although this life is not sufficient for me to write about His miraculous powers I shall,however,present two fabulous occurrences that would baffle the human world..

> After hearing about this miracle man.a holy saint came all the way from the Himalayas,almost fifteen years ago,and headed straight to the college where He was working,at about 10 am,to have His divya darsan..

He found an attender in the empty corridors of the college and asked him where can he find that ‘Man’.. To his utter shock,the attender replied,

“If you go straight and turn to your right,you will be going  to the staff room..You may find Him sitting there in the room reading a newspaper..Otherwise go straight and turn to your left..You will be going to a class room..You may find that Man in the classroom teaching to His students..In case you are blessed by Him,you may find Him in both these places at the same time..”

The shocked Himalayan saint first went to the staff room and found the Man reading a newspaper there.. Then with a little doubt in his mind,he went slowly to the classroom and to his utter shock found the same Man teaching to His students..

The saint,without disturbing the Man,silently prostrated on the floor there and offered his pranams to Him,saying, “daivam maanusha rupena”..Later.the saint left for the Himalayas,the same day,thanking God by saying,”I have seen You today..There’s no need to talk to You..”..

> Now,finally,my experience..I have an old Nokia mobile phone with me which I have purchased in the year 2004..Everyday,since that year,I have been receiving sms messages on this phone,from that Man,in a language of symbols and numbers..

Although they are coded messages,I have after some period of time,started understanding the hidden message to me in those messages..Sometimes there would also be a message to me about what is going to happen that day..

Although there are quite a few such messages which would tell me what is going to happen that day,I shall quote one from them for your understanding..These are flash messages that would appear and then disappear..

About seven or eight years ago,my beloved father one day called me at about 8 in the morning and said,

“Balu…(that’s how my parents,family members and childhood friends still address me)..Am suffering from severe diarrhea for the last two days and they are not subsiding..Am not able to eat anything and growing weaker every minute..If this continues for another day I may die..”

Which loving son in this world would remain unshocked after listening to such a grave statement from his beloved dad..I convinced him saying a few words of solace..However,I was very disturbed about my dad..

Later, after about an hour,when I checked the messages from that Man,I found a message that just said, “SAFE”.

Do I need to write about how my mind had reacted to that message..??..The most surprising thing here is am the only one among all His hundreds of followers who is receiving such messages everyday including today..

Many of His followers have specially come to me to see the messages that are involuntarily coming from that Man’s mobile phone..I have carefully placed that precious mobile in my office room and can show it to the world whenever it wants to see..

Very shortly am planning to write a series of stories titled,”An Incredible Story Of A Miracle Man Who Is Seeing Your Tomorrow”on this Man but I don’t have the guts to go and seek His permission..And when He permits,I will jump into writing His story..

It has been quite emphatically proved beyond doubt that this great Man is the holy reincarnation of Lord Sri Venkateswara and I will be more than blessed to write His divine story in which I shall reveal many incidents that would shock the world..

Some of you readers may be knowing about Him but please do not reveal His name in your comments..

Finally and finally indeed..Here is the biggest and the most shocking shock of all the shocks you have so far received from me..My old 2004 Nokia model phone – on which am involuntarily receiving messages from that Man’s phone everyday- doesn’t have any sim card in it..

Sri Lakshmi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamy

“..Aham doora thasthe padaam bhoja yugma pranamechcha ya gathya sevaam karomi…Sakruth sevayaa nithya sevaa phalam thvam prayachcha prayachcha prabho venkatesa..”

Samastham Govindaarpanam

Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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