“If the effulgence of a thousand Suns arose at once in the firmament; it would be somewhat like the brilliance of this great Atman”

It is due to a miracle of Lord Sri Venkateswara that I have commenced writing on spirituality; that I have created this website; that I had this thought about writing this book; and that am now receiving so much of astonishingly precious, priceless, invaluable, unheard, unread and unknown information about Lord Sri Venkateswara and His Tirumala temple..

It is this precious, never read and never heard before information coupled with a few incredible miracle stories of the Lord, that am going to present to you all in this world changing book called ‘God On Call’..

After announcing about this book, in one of my articles posted on this site, I have commenced research on various topics related to the subject matter of this book on the auspicious day of Vaikunta Ekadasi on the 21 st of December, 2015..

Firstly, in addition to many books that I have with me, on Lord Venkateswara, I went around the whole of book market both in Hyderabad and on the web and have literally gone through every book that is there on Lord Venkateswara..

To my utter shock,I have found that almost all the books are more or less giving the same information about the Lord and His Temple..

Although disappointed, I have, however, broadened my search and intensified my research.. In this whole process I don’t know how many people I have spoken with and how many people I have interacted.

And it was exactly at this point, the holy Lord Venkateswara Himself came to my rescue and went about giving me that precious and never read before information about everything related to Him and His temple.

I was stunned with that information and is now excited to go ahead with the next stages of this awesome book.

As I have claimed before, this God On Call is going to be a book series that will be released once annually.. Each edition shall have twelve amazing miracle stories of Lord Venkateswara meant for reading for all the twelve months of that particular year..

Every story in this book carries a miracle in it and reading it as many times as possible in a month sends many positive vibrations into the minds of it’s readers and benefits them immensely, not in just one way but in many ways ..These miracles,believe me,have miraculously changed the lives of those involved in it .

Some Of The Salient Features Of God On Call. 2016 edition

Lord Balaji Sri Venkateswara

Since this is the first book in the series that is also meant for the reading of all the people of the world, all the parts of the world, all the regions of the world, all the religions of the world, all the colors of the world. all the sects of the world,all the castes of the world and all the creeds of the world,

Am going to give a detailed description of Who actually this God On Call is; where does He reside; where is His temple located and at what longitude and what latitude is it located..

To substantiate my claims about His existence on the Tirumala hills, am also going to give many quotes and references from the holy Vedas and other sacred texts which I know the whole world, irrespective of caste, creed and religion, unconditionally revers..

Secondly, am also going to incorporate into the content of this edition of the book a few age old stone inscriptions that have a description of the holy Lord Venkateswara inscribed on them..

For several centuries, there are many arguments in many quarters of India about which Hindu God’s form Lord Venkateswara actually is.. Many people belonging to many sects have many claims and also have many proofs to present before the world.

However, to my surprise, I have read about an amazing miracle that occurred on a mid night in the holy Tirumala Temple, several centuries ago, and this miracle quite emphatically proves to the world whose actual form Lord Sri Venkateswara is..

In a way, I strongly believe, the Lord Himself had revealed His actual form, to the world, through this great miracle.. Quite surprisingly, I have received information on this miracle, only a couple of days ago, from a source I cannot disclose at this point of time..

Now, am surprised why is that no reference to this miracle is found in the number of books that I have so far gathered on the holy Lord and His temple.. Anywayz, a detailed story on this miracle is going to be the highlight of God On Call book..

In addition to these features, this first of it’s kind book on Lord Venkateswara and the Tirumala temple is going to present a few more life changing miracle stories and some never found anywhere monochrome tone photographs of the olden days temple..

Finally, am also going to present with this book, a never seen before detailed plan of the premises of the temple that will give anyone, who is not familiar with it, a complete idea of not only the entire temple but also it’s surroundings..

A world class designer will be working on the final design of the book that will also have stunning High Definition images of the Lord and also the Temple, designed again by a team of world class artistes and graphic designers from Mumbai.

All in all, this most influential book ever written about Lord Sri Venkateswara is going to strongly tell all the people of this planet, irrespective of their caste, creed and religion, as “Why Lord Sri Venkateswara is the richest and the most powerful God in this universe and why His Tirumala temple, the most visited place of worship,today..”.


Lord Sri Venkateswara Of Tirumala Temple

A world class work needs a world class promotion which again needs a world class support and world class inputs.. I know I have taken up a huge task upon my shoulders, however, with immense faith and belief in His divine grace upon me. am just going ahead without worrying about anything whatsoever, at this point of time..

As stated by me earlier, a major amount of revenue generated from this book will be spent on charity and other noble causes.. Am planning to release this book, on the Tirumala hills, some time during the third quarter of 2016..

Thankfully, in response to my earlier call, many readers from many parts of the world have come forward to sponsor this book.. My sincere thanks to each one of them,once again..

Since this is a very expensive project, a huge quantum of money will be spent not only on it’s publishing but also on it’s extensive promotion, through various networks, all over the world.. “Unless we make a noise we will not be heard by everyone” is the buzzword here..

Just in case you are interested you may come forward to be one of the honorable sponsors to this divine book, that’s for sure, is going to change this world, because it’s an idea that He had given me and it is also He Who is now surprising me with mind blowing information about Himself and His temple..

You may send your mails with the subject “want to sponsor the God On Call book” to the mail id thegodoncall@gmail.com and I shall get back to you with all the details, at the earliest..

“He has merged in Himself Rudra,Brahma and Lakshmi after losing their separate entity.. He pierced by His growth the highest heavens to encompass the creation.. Is there a higher divinity than that of Vishnu” – Nammalvar 


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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