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Chandra Narayan was a software engineer working in a globally renowned software company in Chennai.. He was the only son to his parents who were by themselves reputed doctors in Chennai city, those days..

Life was always on a song for Chandra Narayan, right from his childhood to his adulthood..

He was a meritorious student, all through his schooling days, and had continued showing the same spirit in all the qualifying exams that have finally earned him a seat in the prestigious IIT Chennai..

Later, Chandra had passed out off IIT with flying colors..

The above mentioned global software company had picked up Chandra, directly from the IIT campus, with a fat salary and had straight away placed him in a top position in their company.

For the initial two years, Chandra too had enjoyed his job well.. However, after two years his fate had started playing a ruthless game with his life.. It was then,”Chandra had gradually started suspecting some silent drama behind the closed curtains of his office”..

While his subordinates, who were always sweet to Chandra when in front of him, have started talking nonsense behind his back; his boss, who always would be nice to him, had suddenly started turning harsh towards him.

At this point, Chandra had started feeling that uneasy suffocation deep inside his heart which any middle management employee in a corporate company would normally feel in such lousy circumstances.

Gradually, jealousy – the Green eyed monster – had opened up it’s ugly tentacles on Chandra’s face and had started spewing venom on his survival there in that office..

As a deadly result, while Chandra had started falling down, step after step; his detractors – who were much his juniors that time – have started going up the ladder, step by step, and went on to become his bosses.

Chandra just could not take it..

He could not understand what’s going wrong with him in his life and why such a talented guy like him, who had always been respected by everyone in the company, is so suddenly being disregarded and disowned by all.

However, Chandra’s sorrows – as said by Shakespeare,”when sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions” – did not stop there and have, one after the other, started pouring on Chandra, from all the corners of the world.

Unfortunately, the biggest sorrow for Chandra, at that time, had come from none other than a female colleague, whom he had always loved the most and wanted to marry..

One bad day, that unfair lady had ruthlessly walked out of Chandra’s life, saying, “I don’t want to marry you.. Because I don’t want to marry a loser”.. That broke Chandra’s fragile heart into innumerable pieces.

As a result, the poor Chandra, who hadn’t thus far touched a cigarette nor sipped a liquor drop in his life, had become a big time smoker and a regular boozer.

Pathetically so,

The wheel of fortune had turned a full circle for Chandra, within a short span of time, and later it didn’t take much time for Chandra to realize that,

“He had very quickly completed his journey of life from that joyful phase of ‘everything in life is going in my favor’ to that painful phase of ‘nothing in life is going in my favor”.. He, for sure, knows life is a roller coaster ride but didn’t know it would be so fast and would come so soon to closure.

After seeing the true colors of people all around him and after understanding the vagaries of life in this sin filled inhuman world, the poor innocent guy called Chandra Narayan, had gradually but surely, started withdrawing himself into a world of his own wherein he was held captive both by his own failures and by his own inside darkness.

As a sad result, he could not focus properly on his job and do justice to the tasks assigned to him.. And above all, he had suddenly started behaving weird with his boss and also with his other colleagues..

The unwanted stress on his mind was taking a big toll on Chandra’s otherwise normal emotionally balanced mind.

That further affected his professional life as well.. As a result whichever project Chandra had handled, started getting rejected by his company’s clients incurring huge losses for his company.

The company just could not take it easy and did not want to retain Chandra any more..

Finally, on one bad morning, Chandra’s boss called him into his cabin and had quietly handed him over a pink colored paper, which no employee in this world would love to see nor receive.

First, Chandra silently looked at that paper..

Later, for a moment, he just could not digest the content written inside it..

And after he understood..

He slowly lifted his head..

And looked at his boss..


For a few painful moments..

The sdaistic boss..

Except shrugging off his shoulders..

Didn’t utter a word to Chnadra..

However, his wicked silence had conveyed a million words to Chnadra.

Without waiting there for a second more..

Chandra quietly got up from his chair and walked out of the cabin..

He then headed straight to a nearby pub which he would often visit after his office hours.. Later, he couldn’t remember how much he drank that day and couldn’t even recollect anything that had happened in his life, that morning..

This continued for a few weeks.

Chandra’s parents, who were silently observing all that their beloved son was going through in his life, have on their own, one day, asked him, “what’s the matter and what’s wrong with you”..

Breaking down inconsolably in front of his beloved parents, Chandra had explained them everything that was going on in his life, for the last so many months.. The ever caring parents of Chandra, although initially were shocked, have clearly told him,

“Chandroo ne.. Just because you wanted to have a job of your own, we allowed you to do this otherwise where’s the need for you to slog so much in life or suffer so much.. You just don’t need to Chandroo ne.

We understand that you want to be on your own and earn a name for yourselves but at what cost Chandroo ne..

At least now you don’t need to pay such a heavy price for that.. We have earned enough for your lifetime and you are free to do whatever you want to, in your life, with this money.

Just be happy Chandroo ne.. You are the only source of light in the darkness of our old age.. We always have prayed for your happiness and would keep doing that forever, but just be happy our beloved Chandroo ne, otherwise our prayers have no meaning at all..

Our family deity Lord Venkateswara shall, one day, certainly come to your rescue.. There may be delay in His judgement but there won’t be any error in His judging us.. He knows the truth.. He knows everything..

Be brave Chandroo ne.. When the going is tough the tough should get going.. That’s all we have learnt in our life and that’s also life is all about”..

For the first time in his life, Chandra had seen his beloved father’s eyes shedding tears while speaking to him that moment.. He just could not control himself anymore so rushed to his father and wept inconsolably resting his head on his shoulders..

Later, with a ray of hope clearly visible in front of him, in the form of his beloved parents, Chandra had quite philosophically taken all his problems into his own stride and had also decided to move on in life..

One day,

After about three or four weeks, Chandra’s parents have shown him Chetana, their friend’s daughter.. Chandra didn’t find any reason to say no to that extremely gorgeous lady..

On an auspicious day, after about two months, Chandra and Chetana got married and after about two years have given birth to their twin daughters, Chaitra and Chitra.. During those two years, Chandra did make some attempts to get a new job but no job of his liking had come his way..

Since he was busy enjoying his marital life, Chandra didn’t bother much about his jobless status, however, a time had gradually come in his life wherein his wife, Chetana had started feeling uneasy with her husband’s jobless status.

Although, they both do not have any need to search for money, “but that’s not how a man’s life should be at least my man’s life should be” was always Chetana’s feeling..

She slowly had started inspiring her husband to do something bigger in life that would justify his IIT alumni status and add pride as well as name, fame and money to their family..

“Easier said.. Though it is not as easy as it is said’, both Chandra and Chetana still thought..

However, after a few days of further more thinking and after a few more days of extensive homework, they both have decided to take a chance.. Rather a big chance that would require bigger money..

With his IIT background, Chandra had done a perfect SWOT analysis (SWOT analysis is an acronym used in the corporate world to analyse Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that a company may face before starting any new business) to analyze his project and had finally arrived at a conclusion that he had designed a perfect plan that would earn him everything not only for this life but also for a life beyond his life.

Finally, Chandra had decided to start a new software company in Chennai with a large investment of almost about twenty five crore Indian rupees (approximately four million dollars in today’s market).

Tragically so,

That decision of Chandra had marked the beginning of his journey towards that most dreaded destination on the Earth called, ‘suicide’..

Since the money he had in hand was not sufficient for his business, Chandra had even pledged his Dad’s hard earned properties to obtain a bank loan..

Finally, on one fine day, Chandra had commenced his operations and almost within three years of time had seen unprecedented success all around..

And.. It is here.. At this point of time, jealousy – the Green eyed monster – had again entered Chandra’s life and had started playing a major role in his colossal fall..

Here’s what had happened..

A few of Chandra’s close friends and a few of his own relatives, who were in similar business, just could not digest the sudden success of Chandra..

His friends, in the name of friendship, and his relatives, in the name of relationship, went about giving Chandra all the wrong advises and have made him forcibly invest money in ventures that would not do any good to him..

Still Chandra obliged and invested money in completely untested waters.. Not small money but big money.. After some point of time, Chandra had realized that all his earnings were being diverted to dead investments just to keep them alive..

Still, to stay afloat the top of business and to maintain that false prestige among his relatives and the society, Chandra just went about taking many more unwanted loans from banks and other financial institutions.

As a result, he had started going deeper and deeper into the abyss of loans.. Chandra’s wife, Chetana who was silently observing everything that her husband was idiotically doing, had one fine day warned him.. But that was too late for both Chandra and his wife as they were already by then

“Neck deep in the sea of debts”.

Literally, everything was going against Chandra.. As a result, he had stopped paying loans.. A day had finally come wherein he could not even pay salaries to his employees.. Within four years of a short time, Chandra had seen both his meteoric rise and a colossal fall..

Everything had happened so quickly in life for Chandra.. One bad morning, he received legal notices from his banks and other financial institutions that said,

‘If you don’t regularize your loan by paying all the dues within 90 days from the date of receipt of this notice we will be forced to cease the securities you have pledged with our institution”..

Chandra felt heart broken.. He didn’t know what to do and from where to bring that huge money.. In all, he owes about eighty crores to those institutions which is by no means a smaller amount for a man who was struggling to pay salaries to his employees..

He knows “for any reason if he doesn’t pay that loan money on time to the banks, he may have to forego all his Dad’s properties including the house they were living in Chennai, that time”..

It was exactly, at this point, that Chandra had started noticing the threatening clouds of darkness hovering around the horizon of his life.

However, for about seventy five days, Chandra did all that he could do in life to raise at least one third of that money, the banks were demanding from him because, he knows “if he at least pays some money, the banks will give him some more breathing time”..

However, nothing happened..

No miracle occurred..

Chandra could not even procure a cent of eighty crore rupees..

His friends too have started avoiding him when he needed them the most..

And his relatives have stopped talking to him when he wanted them the most..

Finally, the poor Chandra was discarded by almost everyone in his life, except by his ever loving family..

This is what happens in life..

When we are in darkness, unfortunately, even our own shadows desert us and that is exactly what was happening in Chandra’s life too those days.. While he’s experiencing the darkness of life, everyone including his own shadow has stopped following him.

Finally, on one bad night, after receiving an all important phone call for which he was quite eagerly waiting – just a week before the deadline of ninety days set by the banks was about to arrive – Chandra, with great pain in his head and heaviness in his heart, had realized that,

“Now, after this phone call, all the doors of living in this world are forever closed on me and it’s time for me to accept failure; concede defeat to fate; and give up everything in life, including my own life.. What to do.. If I cannot live life according to my own terms then I shouldn’t be living it any more this way”.. PERIOD

What a painful phase for anyone to arrive at..

And it was exactly on that midnight..

Chandra had left his house..


Walked out..

Into those..

Darkness filled streets of Chennai..

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