Beloved reader, you are now going to read about a simple yet a powerful new pooja to our savior, Lord Sri Venkateswara, which is going to solve many of your long standing problems and also change your life in a pretty big way.

However, I first request you to carefully read the entire following content which will help you understand what are those actual circumstances that have compelled me to invent this new pooja which had brought many miraculous changes in the lives of thousands of readers all over the world who have successfully performed this pooja, as advised by me.

The Beginning

About a year ago, one problem had entered not into my life but into the life of a young 27 – year old Bengali lady from Kolkata who is a regular follower of my website,

During a telephonic conversation, on one divine evening, this Bengali lady and her problem had compelled me to invent this miraculous pooja that had later immensely pleased holy Lord Sri Venkateswara.. The then immensely pleased Lord Sri Venkateswara had quickly solved this lady’s almost unsolvable problem, after she had performed this new pooja as per the instructions given by me.

After that, I was surprised with what she had told me, about the miraculous changes that have taken place in her life ever since she performed this pooja.. Amused with what she had told me, I have then recommended this pooja to a few more readers, who have mailed me about some of their life’s most complicated issues.

To my utter surprise, these readers too, with immense faith in my words, have performed this pooja, strictly in accordance with all the instructions given by me.. Believe me.. They too have reported some unexpected dramatic changes in their life, which they have noticed almost immediately, after performing this pooja.. I was shocked rather surprised rather amused rather flabbergasted with their reports.

Finally and finally indeed, am convinced that there’s certainly a great deal of divine power in this new method of pooja, to Lord Sri Venkateswara, and then on fine morning had decided to share the complete details of this miraculous pooja with the world.. I now firmly believe that Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself had entered into my life, through this Bengali lady, and had inspired me to invent this new pooja, which am now calling, the “Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra Pooja”.

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Lord Venkateswara On Chandra Prabha Vahanam During Tirumala Brahmotsavams

I receive a number of mails, everyday, from many corners of the world.. Many readers, both male and female, share their most personal problems with me and seek my guidance.

One day, I have received a mail from this Bengali lady called, Prothima Chowdhary.. There was a lot of desperation in her mail.. Reading her mail, I sensed some immediate doom in her life and also noticed in the content of her mail, that more than her problem, it is her loneliness that is driving her desperate.

I understood, “although from a big family, there’s no one to lend her an ear and listen to her problems.. So she thought, am the only person who can save her from that agonizing phase”.. After going through her mail, I gave her my mobile number and asked her to call me at 7.30 pm, on one particular day.

She called me promptly at 7.30 pm, that day.. I was driving home that time.. The true caller application on my mobile was telling me her name, so picked her call; diverted my car to a no traffic point; paused it there; and asked her to go ahead.. All that she was saying was,”Aditya sir” and weep for some time; and then again say, “Aditya sir” and weep for some more time.

I didn’t understand what is that she was trying to convey to me and also didn’t understand what I must in turn say to her.. And even if I was trying to say something, she was not allowing me to say that and was constantly weeping and talking to herself.. She was just not in a position to understand anything that I was trying to say.

All that she was saying was, “Aditya sir.. Only you can save me from this problem.. Am so inspired by your writing.. Your articles keep me alive or else I would have done something to myself long ago.. You are blessed by Lord Venkateswara.. So, please ask Him to help me..”.

What to tell her.. She was not ready to listen to anything from me except a strong assurance that I will solve her problem.. All that she was expecting was, “Aditya sir can do a miracle by talking to Lord Venkateswara and solve her problem”.

She didn’t tell me but she was under an impression that Lord Venkateswara is actually residing in my house, in Hyderabad, and not in Tirupathi.. I have then realized that, to calm her down, I must first tell her something that she would want to hear from me and not what I want to tell her.

Then, abruptly breaking her conversation, I told her, “Listen Prothima.. I will certainly help you and solve your problem but before that I need to know what exactly your problem is..”.. She suddenly went into silence for a minute.. I thought she had disconnected the call.. Then after a little more silence she replied.. And this was what she had told me.

”Aditya Sir, am twenty seven.. I did my engineering in Computer Science and currently working here in Kolkata, as a software engineer.. I have fallen in love with a man, whom I met about four years ago.. He’s a wonderful guy and is in a good position as well.

Although a Bengali, he’s from a different caste.. However, both of our families have come to an understanding and have agreed to perform our marriage.. This was an year ago.. But after that, on one pretext or the other, his parents are deliberately delaying our marriage.

I still tried to understand their problem and waited with all the patience for one full year but I now have my doubts.. Not any doubt.. Am damn sure they are not interested in our marriage any more.. I guess they are actually searching for a suitable match for their son.

Fed up with their uncertain behavior, even my family had started searching for another suitable match for me.. Aditya sir.. We are a big joint family.. In all, we are about twenty four people living under one single roof in Kolkata.. Any decision in our family would be taken by all the brothers of my father and after due consultations with each other.. Now they all are fed up with the wayward responses of my boy friend’s family.

But Aditya Sir.. The most shocking point here is that even my friend is not responding to my calls or to my WhatsApp messages for the last three months.. Am sure he will not ditch me but am afraid he may be forced to do so by his parents.. I love him a lot and cannot imagine my life without him.

Sir, after suffering for one full year like this, am now losing hope.. And whenever I lose hope I find a new article from you that would bring back all my lost hopes.. Then I compose myself and relax my mind.. That effect will be there for a few days.. After that, all my problems again surround me.

Please tell me Aditya sir.. How long should I live like this with so much of uncertainty all around me in my life.. I used to keep asking myself this question, often.. Then one day, I read your article and realized that only you can solve my problem.. So I have sent you a mail.. Felt very happy seeing your reply.. Am now sure that the time has come for my problem to be solved..”.

She finally paused, after transferring her entire burden on to my shoulders.. For a few seconds, I didn’t understand why is that she is saying all that to me and what is that I can do to help her.. First of all, what is my role in this whole love story.. Secondly, who will entertain me even though I decide to negotiate between the two parties.

Okay.. She may have some respect for me because she’s influenced by my writing but why the hell should her elders respect me.. Who am I for them except a rank outsider.. I wanted to tell her all these practical problems.. But after understanding her mental condition, I couldn’t dare to do so.. So, composing myself, I said,

“Okay Prothima.. These are common problems in every love marriage.. Even mine is a love marriage.. Am a Brahmin but married a Kshatriya girl.. But not without facing most of the problems that you have now mentioned to me.. However, I still understand your problem.. Am with you in your crisis.. I shall on your behalf certainly pray to Lord Venkateswara.. Am sure He will solve your problem.. He had done many miracles in the lives of many people so why not in your life, Prothima.. Be brave..”.

Smiling for the first time during our conversation, Prothima had quickly replied saying, “Yes sir.. With the same hope that a miracle would certainly occur in my life as well, am reciting the powerful Sloka about which you have written in your site.. As you said, am reciting it nine times everyday, but still He is not responding to my prayers..”.

Then.. And there.. Then.. And there.. Then.. And there..

During those divine moments, Prothima inadvertently gave me the clue that helped me invent this powerful and life changing miraculous new pooja.. Quickly interrupting her, I asked her, “What did you say Prothima.. Please repeat..”

She said, “Am reciting the powerful Sloka, about which you have written in your site, for nine times everyday.. Still He’s not showering any mercy upon  me.”.. Then I told her my idea and explained her in detail what she should be doing from her side, thereafter.. Prothima noted down everything.

Finally, she disconnected the call.. Feeling terribly sad for that poor innocent girl, I closed my eyes and silently offered my prayers to my beloved Lord Sri Venkateswara, ” Swamy Srinivasa.. Am really worried about this poor girl.. You really have given her a very big problem.. Am not able to bear with her pain.. She’s just three years elder to my eldest daughter.

Please show some mercy on her and interfere in her life.. Otherwise, am afraid, what harm this girl would do to herself.. She has immense faith in me.. If not for her, please help her for the faith she has in me and through me in You.. And for whatever reason, if You don’t interfere and come to her rescue she may lose all her faith in me; in You and in everything in this world, which is detrimental both for You, and for me and also for this entire human world.. Please bless the couple Swamy.. Please..”.

I completed my brief prayer.. Were there tears in my eyes that moment.. ??.. May be there were.


Prothima called me a couple of times, for a few more clarifications regarding the pooja..  Finally, on one fine Friday morning, she commenced the pooja.. It was then that she had started noticing miraculous changes in her life, which she merrily would share with me.. However, she still would have some doubts and fears in her mind.

However, I went on pepping her moods and motivating her efforts.. Finally and finally indeed, she had sent me the most awaited WhatsApp message from her, on one fine evening, at about 11.30 pm.. It said,

“Aditya Sir.. A miracle happened in the evening today.. Due to the divine blessings of Lord Venkateswara, our marriage is fixed for the 17th of February.. You are the first person am sharing this good news with.. You and madam must, at any cost, attend.

I shall make all the travel and accommodation arrangements for both of you.. Both of us wish to take your blessings on our marriage day.. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support, Aditya sir.. Please do not disappoint us”.

I was not sure whether my eyes had shed tears or not, at the time of offering my prayers to Lord Venkateswara, on that evening when Prothima had spoken to me for the first time, however, they have certainly shed tears at the time of reading that priceless message from Prothima.

What to say about my happiness..??.. Later, Prothima’s marriage was over on the 17th of February, 2016.. I skipped the marriage offering some lame excuses.. I know my role in the drama is over and it’s time for me to take a bow from Prothima.. Because, hereafter, she should be on her own and I should be on mine.. Although sounds ruthless, this is how the cosmic drama works.

May God bless dear Prothima and her beloved husband with abundant happiness, eternal marital bliss and everlasting peace in their life.. PERIOD

Now, Here Are The Complete Details Of Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra Pooja

Long ago, I have written an article on my website,, about a powerful sloka that would immensely please Lord Venkateswara.. I said, “a regular recitation of this manthra, at least nine times a day, would solve many of our problems and would give us internal peace”.. Hundreds of thousands of readers, all over the world, have followed my advice and are deriving many great benefits from the recitation of this powerful sloka.. Here it is.

“Om Namo Venkatesaaya Kaamitaartha Pradhaayine, Pranatah Klesa Naasaaya, Govindaaya Namo Namaha”

“ఒమ్ నమో వేంకటేశాయ కామితార్థ ప్రదాయినే.. ప్రణతః క్లేశ నాశాయ గోవిందాయ నమో నమః..” (Telugu)

“ऊँ नमो वेङ्कटेशाय कामितार्थ प्रदायिने…प्रणतः क्लेशनाशाय गोविन्दाय नमो नमः” (Hindi)

“ஓம் நமோ வேங்கடேசாய காமிடார்த்த பிரதாயினே ப்ரனதாஹ் க்லேச நாசாய கோவிந்தாய நமோ நமஹா” ( Tamil)

“ಓಂ ನಮೋ ವೆಂಕಟೇಶಾಯ ಕಾಮಿತಾರ್ಥ ಪ್ರಧಾಯಿನೆ ಪ್ರಣತಃ ಕ್ಲೇಶ ನಾಶಾಯ ಗೋವಿಂದಾಯ ನಮೋ ನಮಃ”. (Kannada)

Meaning Of The Mantra : “I pay my obeisance to You, O’ Lord Venkateswara – the Bestower of success and prosperity; and offer my salutations to You, O’ Govinda – the Destroyer of evils and sufferings”

Many readers have followed my instructions and have derived many benefits by reciting this Sloka, for nine times in a day.. Before I explain you about the new pooja, I want you to first know

Some Vital Points About This All Powerful Sri Venkateswara Sloka (Manthra)

In my close study and observation and also after reading the many experiences of readers, I have realized that this is not a Sloka but a powerful Sri Venakteswara Maha Manthra that is more powerful than many of the most powerful Manthras, that are currently ruling millions of Hindu houses today.

In fact, I will not hesitate to say that, “this Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra is as powerful as the Gayathri Manthra, which is unfortunately confined only to the three upper castes of the Hindu society, i.e. the Brahmins, the Kshatriyas and the Vysyas:

For some strange reasons, men belonging to other castes are prohibited from reciting the Gayathri Manthra.. In olden days, if anyone, other than a Brahmin, was found reciting Gayathri Manthra, he would be punished in public, by a priest..

What is furthermore surprising here is that, women, irrespective of their caste, are prohibited from chanting the Gayathri Manthra.. God knows who invoked this prohibition, but it is still causing severe heart burn to many Hindu women, all over the world, who are fond of the Gayathri Manthra but are unable to recite it.

On the contrary, this Sri Venkateswara Manthra, which is as powerful as the Gayathri Manthra, may be recited by men and women of all ages, all castes, all creeds, all sects, all religions and all regions and at all times.. Secondly, there’s no need for any elaborate procedure like the “Upanayanam” and the “Sandhya Vandanam” to be followed here by the chanters of this Sri Venkateswara Manthra.

Who Should Perform This Pooja..??

Any one who is going through a great crisis in their life or suffering from whatsoever unsolvable problem, relating either to their job, career, health, relationships, marriage and marital life may perform this pooja, as per the instructions given below.. Others may just recite the Manthra nine times in a day for general peace.

How To Perform Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra Pooja.. ?? : Important Instructions

This pooja should be commenced only on Fridays and not on any other day.. Because, Friday is the most auspicious day on the Tirumala Hills and it is also the most favorite day of Lord Venkateswara.. After commencing on any Friday, that is convenient to you, this pooja must be performed everyday continuously for twenty one days.. There should not be a break in between for whatever reason.. My beloved female readers, hope you got my point.

During these twenty one days, you must wake up as early as possible in the day; take a bath; and on an empty stomach commence this pooja.. If you so wish, you may have a cup of Tea or Coffee or Milk but nothing solid should be taken before this pooja.

If you already have a portrait of Lord Venkateswara in your pooja room, fine; otherwise purchase a good looking portrait of Lord Venkateswara in a shop and keep it in your pooja room.. If you don’t have a pooja room, you may keep it at any place convenient to you but the portrait should either face the Westward or Southward direction.. Remember.. The portrait of the Lord should be placed exactly opposite to you and should be seeing you when you sit before Him to perform this pooja.

After everything is set, first, light two oil lamps in front of your Lord Venkateswara’s portrait.. Later, close your eyes and offer a small prayer to Lord Ganesa, reciting whatever Sloka you know about Him.

And then begin the actual “Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra Pooja”.. After completing your prayer to Lord Ganesa, close your eyes again; then focusing your inner sight on Lord Sri Venkateswara, start reciting the above mentioned “Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra”, continuously for 108 times.

You must recite the above mentioned Venkateswara Manthra, “Om Namo Venkatesaaya Kaamitaartha Pradhaayine Pranatah Klesa Naasaaya Govindaaya Namo Namaha” for 108 times.. This Manthra is written in other languages as well, in the above paragraphs.

Devotion is important here not the count.. So, your recitation of the Maha Manthra should be silent, clear and slow.. Do not rush to finish the count of 108 to run to your work.. Take time.. Relax.. Then recite the Manthra with complete reverence by surrendering yourself and all your problems to the holy Lotus feet of Lord Sri Venkateswara, the supreme ruler of this Universe and the savior of our lives.

After you finish your recitation of Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra, for 108 times, you may then do your “Nithya Pooja” or whatever pooja you do everyday.. Then light an incense stick (Agarbathi) and place it before the Lord.. After that, offer whatever little “Naivedyam” that would be possible to you.. But if you ask me, I would recommend at least two Bananas and a spoon full of Sugar.. Don’t worry.. If that’s a problem, you may just offer Sugar.

After you complete the sacred Sri Venkateswara Maha Manthra Pooja, then close your eyes and silently convey to Lord Venkateswara, whatever you want to convey.. And now your pooja is complete and you may proceed to your daily work.

Follow the same procedure continuously for twenty one days and see what amazing changes are going to take place in your life.. Trust me, the problem or crisis to solve which you are performing this pooja will find a miraculous solution in due time.

To whom so ever I have so far recommended this pooja, were vegetarians.. So there wasn’t any need for me to tell them.. Even now, I do not want to put any restrictions on your daily diet.. However, if you seek my advice, I would ask you to stay away from non vegetarian food and alcohol, for at least these twenty one days.

My dear male readers, please perform this pooja, only if it is convenient to you to perform it continuously for twenty one days.. Otherwise don’t.. You shouldn’t break this pooja in between.. Just in case you have to break, for any compelling reasons, you must start it all again, from the beginning.

Now, my dear female readers, please plan your pooja in such a way that you wouldn’t need to break it, in between, for whatever reason.. Pregnant ladies may also perform this pooja.. Everyone, who had performed this pooja, the same way as I have mentioned above, have found miraculous solutions to their problems.. If I have to write everyone’s experience I may have to write a twenty thousand word article here.

Some women readers brought to my notice that, “what should women suffering from irregular menstrual cycle do when they have periods in between these twenty one days”.. My advice to all such women is,

“Menstruation is a Natural occurrence and there’s nothing that one can do to trigger it’s onset or delay it’s arrival.. The best thing to do would be to take a break during that period and continue from where you have left it before.. You need not start everything fresh again.. Lord Venakateswara is like our beloved Dad, so don’t worry, He shall understand you and will always be with you, forever.. Stay blessed”.

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