Three and half years ago,

If someone had told me,

“Mantras do miracles”,

I wouldn’t have believed at all..


That doesn’t mean am an atheist..

All that am trying to say here is,

“Am certainly a devotee but more importantly a practical man with an iconoclastic attitude towards Nature and a pragmatic outlook towards everything that I see or perceive in my life.

In short, I seek proof for everything that am told to understand; asked to follow; taught to practice; and preached to believe, both in life and in God.. It has been my strong belief, for many years, that I must only trust what I see and not what is thrust upon”.

This was my nature until my beloved holy Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself had given me substantial proof – that’s enough for me to cherish for a life beyond life – in the form of a spellbinding divine experience in the sacred premises of His Tirumala Temple, on the night of Friday the 4th of April, 2014.

After that divine experience, my entire world; my attitude towards life; my outlook towards society and my approach towards people had completely changed and that change, over a period of time, had inspired me to create this life changing website called,

Rest is all history now which you all know well.. Thankfully, many among you are part of this historic journey right from my beginning days..  In this three years of time, I have also interacted with thousands of readers, from several parts of the world, and heard many agonizingly painful life experiences from them.

During these three years,

I have done extensive research on many aspects related to Lord Venkateswara and His Tirumala Temple and tried to understand what is that, within my limitations, I can do to alleviate the pain in the lives of all such people suffering from many unmentionable problems.

In this process, about two years ago, I have written an article on ‘Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra’ and posted it on this site.. At the time of writing this article, I sincerely thought, “this Mantra may not solve all the human problems but shall certainly give the chanter a much needed courage to withstand the problem”.

However, either at the time of writing this article or after posting it, I wasn’t aware that this Maha Mantra would transform so many lives in such a phenomenal way.

But, it transformed; it is transforming; and it would keep transforming as long as Kali Yuga exists on the Earth and as long as Sri Venkateswara exists on the seven hills of Tirumala.. Om Tath Sath.

Now, here’s the powerful Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra : “Om Namo Venkatesaaya Kaamitaartha Pradhaayine Pranatah Klesa Naasaaya Govindaaya Namo Namaha”.

In the last two years, after I published the article, this powerful Mantra had transformed not just one life or two lives but hundreds of thousands of lives all over the world.. I have many mails in front of me today to prove my claim right.

Toady, this powerful Maha Mantra is not just transforming lives but is also piecing together many broken hearts and offering solace to many wounded minds.. Now, am convinced that this Mantra really has the power to solve many a human problem and transform many a suffering life”.

Here’s one such incredible experience of a middle aged lady from Chennai who is a Cancer survivor.. And this is what the recitation of this Mantra had done to her.. Please read every word carefully.

One day,

About two weeks ago,

While I was talking to a reader from America, at about 9 in the morning, I was constantly getting an incoming call from an unknown number.. That number was constantly calling me without even understanding that am on another call and cannot take their call, that moment.

Immediately, after my call with the American reader (an Indian lady residing in America) was over, this call from that unknown number got connected..

A lady, with a meek voice, was on line..

In an irritated tone, I wanted to ask her why is that she was constantly calling me despite knowing well am on another call.. However, I just couldn’t utter a word after noticing the paleness in her voice.

In all, during that conversation, that lady spoke to me for about fifteen minutes explaining me her heart breaking life story.. Later, I spoke to her for about ten minutes..

There the call ended.

The modesty in the lady’s tone; the pain in her voice; and the ‘Uttama Samskara’ in the presentation of her sorrow filled story to me, left me in a tear filled state of numbness for a pretty longtime, thereafter.

And here’s what she told me

“Sir, my name is Supriya Srinivasan and am calling from Chennai.. Recently, I purchased your God On Call Book.. Such a divine book.. Am spellbound by your narration of stories and with some of the quotes you have written in the book.

Last night, I read the seventh chapter in the book which was about how you invented the Sri Venakteswara Maha Mantra Puja to save a Bengali lady and how the Puja had helped her overcome her problem.

Sir, am an Iyer Brahmin and a big devotee of Lord Venakteswara.. While reading that Puja chapter, I suddenly started feeling that my Perumal is answering all my prayers that I have been sincerely offering to Him for the past so many years.

Then, a thought slowly started sinking into my mind that if I perform this Puja my problem too would be solved and I too shall live in peace that I had never seen in my life, so far.. But Sir, I cannot perform this Puja right now because of my present health condition.

Therefore sir, until I fully get the complete energy to perform this Puja, as mentioned by you in the book, can I just recite this Maha Mantra for nine times a day to get some relief from my problem”.

She paused..

I asked her,”Supriya ji, you are most welcome to do what is convenient to you.. There’s no any compulsion.. The Lord too doesn’t like it that way.. He’s just like our Dad.. He always wants us to be comfortable first.. And by all means..

So don’t worry.. But first tell me what is your problem and why is that you cannot perform this simple Puja which is yielding so many great results to those who are performing it..??”.

Then, to my utter shock, here’s what Supriya ji had told me,

“Sir, am a 55 – year old home maker.. I have a 21 – year old daughter and an 18 – year old son.. My husband is from IIT, Mumbai and is currently working in U S.. His working there is necessary for the survival of our family.

My son was born with Down Syndrome and needs my constant attention.. You may not believe me, sir, if I say that since my son’s birth I have not attended a single function or marriage not even in our own family.. Am always dedicated to him and to his service.

(Down syndrome (DS or DNS), also known as trisomy 21, is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate intellectual disability.. Source : Wikipedia) PERIOD

Ever since he was born, my life took a different turn.. There’s no peace in my life or at my home.. My mind is constantly worried about his health more so about his uncertain future.

While this is so, our lives have become furthermore dark and miserable, about three years ago, when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.. My entire family went into a deep shock..

We just could not digest the harsh truth of life, standing poignantly in front of me in the form of medical reports.. However, sir, the symptoms in my body have been cruelly reminding me about it’s diabolic presence inside me.

My worried husband said he would return to India to stand by me but I said no.. Sir, I said so, because, for his age it would be impossible for him to earn a new job here in Chennai.. More importantly, that was the time our family was in need of more money than usual not only for my treatment but also for my surgery.

Hence, we didn’t want to take a chance.. Later, in a prolonged hospitalization and surgery thereafter, my ovaries and uterus have been removed.. Thankfully, there was no metastasis, sir.. Cancer was only confined to those removable parts.

However, the Chemotherapy treatment for me was like passing through a hell.. I almost died every time I had to go through Chemo treatment..

My body would shudder every time am taken for Chemo.. I would weep a lot.. Pray a lot for relief not from Cancer sir but from the cruel Chemotherapy treatment.. But none of my prayers were answered.

Later, it took a longtime for me to overcome that trauma of harsh Cancer treatment.. But all these days, I didn’t stop my prayers sir.. Didn’t lose my faith in my Perumal.. Didn’t lose my love for mankind.. Visited Tirumala with family after I have recovered..

In all, we have spent about twelve lakh rupees on the surgery and on post operative care.. With the passing of time, in these three years, I have started coming to terms with my situation; with the reality; with my overall condition; and slowly started to regain my lost normalcy and peace.

And exactly at this point of time, sir

The cruel fate had given me another big shock of life.. About two weeks ago, I have noticed a lump in my left breast.. Immediately, I rushed to my Doctor.. She expressed a doubt.. And I rolled back into trauma.

The Doctor kept me under observation.. Just to keep myself calm, during that observation period, I have started spending more time on my iPad.. While going through Facebook, one day, I have stumbled upon Chandra’s heart breaking conversation with Lord Venakteswara story written by you.

I was spellbound.. I thought it is entirely my story so close to my life.. In that story, I have also read about your God On Call Book and immediately ordered for it..

While reading a few stories in the book I started feeling good.. Then, I have developed a strong feeling that I would feel much better if I talk to you even for a few minutes.. So called you, sir, without taking your time.. Sorry about it”.

Saying so, she paused..

I noticed her gasping for breath..

And noticed a heaviness in my heart..

But, I didn’t know what to tell her and how to tell her..

How to express my reactions to her either..

I just couldn’t figure out what is that I actually can do to offer her peace..

I was in a deep shock with her story..

Normally, before the beginning of any conversation with a reader and also in my mails to them, I clearly tell, “am just a writer and do not have any divine powers.. So please do not expect any miracles from me”.

However, here in this case, I cannot tell her the same and disconnect the call..

All that the poor lady needs, at that moment, are a few good solacing words from me even though they are fake.. She’s under a  false impression that am a messenger of God just because I have written a book titled ‘God On Call’.

Thinking so on and so forth, I remained pretty silent for a few long seconds until she had suddenly said, “hello sir”.. Then, coming back to the conversation, I said, “really saddened by your condition Supriya ji.. Unable to know what to say.. Falling short of words.

However, you must be happy that Cancer had affected only your removable body parts and not your blood.. If that had happened to you, then your life would have been much more miserable than this.

Let me tell you about a pathetic case, here.. About five years ago, my close Cricket friend had died because of Cancer in his blood.. There’s nothing that the Doctors could do to keep him alive.. Because the Cancer was in the blood and not in a removable part.

So, be thankful to your Perumal, Supriya ji.. Although He had given you a life threatening problem, He had also kept a solution ready for you in that.. He may not have saved you from the problem but had certainly saved you in problem”

She quickly said,”yes sir.. My Perumal stood by me.. He saved me in problem.. But now am more worried about this new problem, sir.. What if it is Cancer again in my breast and in an advanced condition.. What if am asked to go though the entire Chemotherapy treatment again..

Sir, I cannot even stand the thought of Chemotherapy.. My whole body is shivering now, even my fingers are shaking.. Am unable to hold the phone properly sir.. Please pray for me..

Perumal may not listen to my prayers but He shall certainly listen to you.. You are His favorite child.. Please sir, please pray for me.. If not for me, for my family.. For my son who constantly needs my support.. Please pray sir”

Saying so, she suddenly broke down into unstoppable tears.. I didn’t know how to control her because am myself not in a position to control myself, that moment.. Still, I wanted to shout and tell her, “Supriya ji, as you are thinking am not any favorite child of the Lord.. We are all equal.. We are all His children”..

But, I know, that is not what she wanted to listen from me.. Although a lie she wants an assurance from me which would give her some relief at least momentarily.. Suddenly, in that dilemma, a Sanskrit quote – which my beloved father, Sri K Y L Narasimha Rao, who had left us a year ago, would often quote – struck my mind.

“Satyam brooyaath, priyam brooyaath.. Na brooyaath satya mapriyam” which means, “speak truth, speak pleasant.. Never speak truth if it is not pleasant”.

Thanking my beloved Lord Venakteswara for promptly reminding me that quote, I told the lady in tears,”I shall certainly pray for you Supriya ji.. Please control yourself.. I have four sisters.. You are one more sister to me now..

Hereafter, you will be constantly in my prayers and forever.. However, keep reciting the Venakteswara Maha Mantra whenever it is convenient to you and do not forget to perform the Maha Mantra Puja once you are fine.. That will give you more peace and forever”..

Supriya ji felt extremely happy with my reply.. Poor lady she has more belief in my prayers than in her prayers.. What to do..??..

Then, with great confidence in her tone, she said, “Sir, this coming Monday the Doctors are going to perform a small surgery and remove the lesion from my breast first.. Later, they would be a sending a piece of lump from it for Biopsy..

If it is malignant in nature, am afraid, they would be suggesting Chemo again which I don’t want.. Radiotherapy is fine with me.. It is less complicated and I can easily withstand it but not Chemo sir.. Please pray that my fragile body shouldn’t be exposed to Chemo again.. It cannot withstand”

At this point, I told her, “Supriya ji, be brave.. Don’t worry.. Submit your life and surrender all your problems to Him.. Allow Him to take charge of your situation.. Here, I must you tell you something that’s going to help you further in a big way.. Listen to me carefully.

Lord Venkateswara is in a human form today and living quietly in Hyderabad.. We call Him Sriram Sir.. When I wrote just a six part story series on His life, a year and half ago, nearly five million people all over the world have read it and went mad.

When there was a meeting of Sir held in Harvard University in U S. in 2016, many of our readers from many parts of America have attended the meeting just to see Him.. They all felt happy seeing Him.

Even today, many readers request me through mails to introduce Sriram Sir.. I just say no to all.. Because, Sir doesn’t meet anyone and doesn’t give appointment to anyone not even to Chief Ministers.. He loves privacy and lives in privacy.

However, He’s omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient.. He knows everything and sees everything, in fact, controls everything in this world including our lives..

But there’s pretty a simple method to communicate with Him and to stay connected with Him forever.. Without seeing Him and without meeting Him.. Recently, I have explained this method in detail and posted it on my personal profile on Facebook.

Anyone, no matter where they are living today, can connect with Sir using this simple method I suggested in my post.. Believe me.. Not only will Sir receive your thoughts but will also prove to you that He received them.. And He shall also prove to you that He’s with you in every minute of your life.

I shall send you my Facebook post link on WhatsAp.. Just follow the instructions I have given in that.. And see the miracle.. You will be astonished.. This is a challenge am posing to even Nobel Laureates.. Anyone can use this method of mine and stay connected with Sir.

Thousands of readers to whom I have personally suggested this method, in the last one and half year, are seeing many amazing results today.

More importantly the members of my WhatsApp Tiru Sriram Sir group – in which there are many readers from all over the world – are having mind blowing divine experiences with Sir, following my method.. Because He is Swayam Bhagawan.. Please follow this method and draw His blessings”.

With this assurance from me, Supriya ji felt furthermore happy and said, “Sir, please send me the method.. I shall certainly follow.. But please pray for me sir”.

I said, “certainly Supriya ji.. Be brave.. Have belief in His glory.. Please call me whenever you want to.. You don’t need to take my appointment.. Good luck”..

I disconnected the call..

From that day,

I sincerely have started praying for her.. Would specially remember her while chanting the all powerful Sri Venakteswara Maha Mantra.. Would honestly tell Lord,

“Swamy, you have given her enough pain and enough sorrow in this life.. Enough.. That’s enough.. Not any more.. At least now, give her some peace, Swamy.. Her family needs her.. Her son needs her.. Please Swamy.. Please”

To be honest with you all.. I never pray for myself.. Never ask for anything from Him.. Of course, I have my own problems.. But I would always strongly believe that,

“He who had given me the problem shall give me the solution too.. So where’s the need for me to remind Him His duties.. He shall certainly give solutions to all my problems one day but at a right and ripe time”.. PERIOD

Later, the next Tuesday

Supriya ji called me again and said, “sir, surgery was successfully performed yesterday.. Lesion was removed but a lump is still there.. A piece of it was sent for Biopsy.. Reports are expected in about ten days time.. To be honest with you, sir, am more worried now”

I said, “don’t worry, Supriya ji.. Let’s wait and see.. Leave everything to Him’..

She quickly said, “yes sir, throughout, while I was in the operation theater, I was reciting the Maha Mantra.. I have also saved Sriram Sir’s divine photo, as suggested by you in your post, as mobile screensaver and was looking at Him whenever possible.. That was giving me great assurance’

I said, “good.. Keep doing that.. God bless you” and disconnected the call..

Later, after about five days,

Supriya ji called me again one evening and in a dull tone had told me, “Sir, just now got a call from my Doctor.. My biopsy reports have come.. She says it is a five page report.. She asked me come to see her tomorrow for a personal discussion.

Why a five page report sir..??.. What must be there in that large report.. Am afraid sir.. However, sir am not worried about the nature of lump in my body but about the treatment, sir.. About Chemotherapy.. Ever since I got the call, am reciting the Maha Mantra.. Am feeling peaceful sir but am also losing hopes.. Peumaaley”.

I noticed a shrill in Supriyaji’s voice..

Calming her down, I said, “Supriya ji.. This is not the time to worry.. This is the time to relax philosophically submitting all yourself to His holy Lotus feet.. Rest all in His hands.. Be brave.. And be peaceful.. Good luck”.

The next morning

I could not peacefully offer my daily prayers to the holy Lord.. My mind was anxiously and constantly thinking about the results of Supriya ji’s biopsy test.. However, I silently prayed to the Lord, saying,

“Swamy, I know it is not correct to ask you.. But please bless the lady.. Give her peace.. She has immense faith in you.. Please”.

Later, I went outside on my work but my mind was constantly reminding me Supriya ji’s tearful voice.. “My only worry is about Chemotherapy sir”.. I started waiting for her call with bated breath.

However, I didn’t get any call or message up to 2.30 pm, that day..

“She said she would go to the hospital in the morning.. Even if they had taken two hours of time to explain her the report,s she should have come out by now.. Why is that she didn’t call me yet..

What is there in the reports.. Is she in a shock and forgot to call me.. Is she thinking that am just a nobody on whose advise she did everything to get peace.. Oh God.. What’s happening”.

I thought of calling her but was afraid to call.. Not sure what I may have to hear from her.. Honestly, I didn’t have the courage to face her if something as per her fear was advised by the Doctors.. A Chemo treatment.. Oh God.. Nooooo..

At about 3 pm,

I reached home and had a quiet lunch..

Tried my best to hide the anxiety in my face from my wife..

And lied down on my bed for a small afternoon nap..

(I work very late in the night hours, sometimes up to 2 or 3 am, so enjoy a one hour nap in the afternoon whenever at home..That one hour I switch off my mobile).

After lying on the bed,

And when I was about to switch off the mobile,

I heard a WhatsApp message notification sound..

I quickly checked..

It was a new message from Supriya ji Chennai..

Believe me..

I became very nervous and hesitated to open it..

However, with a small prayer to my Holy Lord, I opened it..

And here’s what it said,

“Aditya sir namaskaram. By the grace and blessings of Lord Balaj, Sri ram sir and  prayers  from YOU  I am  very very happy to inform u that dr said no need for chemotherapy..

Only radiation for 3 weeks. And dr said it is really Gods gift that tumor showed very very early stage.. I dont know how to explain my happiness.. Thanks for the powerful manthra.. 

I dont want disturb u. Can i  call in the evening sir. Please i want to talk to u. Just spare me five minutes.. Always i need your guidance and Moral support sir”.

I read that message twice, thrice and ten times and literally jumped out of the bed and danced.. It was then I told my wife everything.. Told her how anxiously I was waiting for that message since morning.. Slept happily for an hour, therefater.

Later, in the evening, I called Supriya ji and spoke to her not for five minutes but almost for half an hour..She said,

“Sir, am so happy.. Even the doctors were so surprised.. They said, it is really a God’s miracle that they could detect tumor in me at such an early stage.. Now, they say, there’s no need for any Chemotherapy just a Radiotherapy for two weeks will clear my problem

I was constantly reciting the Maha Mantra during that time.. Really sir.. It is a very powerful Mantra.. I shall immediately from this Friday start the Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra Puja as is detailed by you in the God On Call Book.. I want this peace forever and now am confident this Puja can offer me that.

This book entered my house at a right time and changed my life.. It’s a very divine book sir with many divine powers.. If I had not purchased this book, I wouldn’t have known about the Maha Mantra and wouldn’t have talked to you.

Wouldn’t have even known about Sriram Sir.. Thank you very much Sir for the sustained moral support and for all your prayers for me.. You are a God sent brother to me.. Keep me in your prayers forever and give us your blessings”..

I disconnected the call..

After disconnecting the call, I went into a deep thinking mode asking myself a few tricky questions..

“Is this Maha Mantra really so powerful.. Does it really have so many powers to baffle Oncologists.. Do my prayers for someone really yield such miraculous results”..

(Please remember.. Am a human being too so I will be having my own doubts)

I didn’t get any immediate answer but got one later in the evening.. After that conversation with Supriyaji, I have shared her WhatsApp message with the members of my Tiru Sriram Sir WhatsApp group..

There are about 170 well learned Tirumalesa readers, from different parts of the world, as members in that group enjoying many amazing divine experiences of Bhagawan Sriram Sir..

I told them all briefly about Supriya ji’s case.. Later, at about 8 pm one of the members of the group had sent me a personal WhatsApp message.. Here’s what she said,

“Hi sir.. this is ——– from Bangalore.. The same thing had happened in my father’s life on July 29th.. I made him to recite the same powerful mantra for 21 days without any delay before his normal regular check up.. After that a miracle had happened..

His reports said no tumour was found in the body.. Sir this is completely due to the maha mantra which you have shown us in god on Cal book.. I believe in this after reading story of Kolkata girl..

I don’t remember exactly.. It made his diabetic doctors surprise.. Every month he used to scold my father for not undergoing surgery.. But after showing this he was very happy.. Now my father condition is very good as before..

This is all due to the path shown by you only sir.. I don’t know how to tell this before joining in the group.. But now Iam happy to share my experience here.. Thank u so much sir”.. PERIOD

However, the most appropriate reply to the doubts in my mind had come directly from the Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself through a WhatsApp message sent by Supriya ji again.. This message gave an altogether

New twist to this whole story

Here’s the message from Supriyaji which I have surprisingly received at about 6 pm while I have commenced writing this story on Saturday, the 14th of October, 2017.. Here’s the message.. Please don’t be shocked..

“Namaskaram sir. yesterday i started the venkateshwara maha mantra puja.. One miracle thing happened. We have booked a 3 bedroom apartment in Chennai in 2014. Even though they completed they could not handover due to some certificate issue.

after doing the pooja i callled the builder and they said it is cleared And also they said they got news before half an hour. And that time i was doing this puja and i prayed for this problem also.. 

We  are so happy. Every step  Lord balaj  is taking care of iur family. This good news is not only for us remainig people who booked this apartments.. I dont know how to say thanks to u for this mahamanthra..

Please suggest 5 people sir. I want to donate GOD ON CALL book, sir. this is my humble request. I feel good work should not postponed.. moreover cannot think of whom to give this divine book.  Or if i transfer money to your account can u donate. Anything is ok for me. Take your time  sir. Once again thank u sir”..


Critical Analysis

If I have to analyze this whole episode in my own way today, then I would say, “in a world when everything is predetermined and well determined how can offering of prayers to God or recitation of Mantras would solve a human problem.

Let me explain you everything in a predeterminism point of view, here..

Now, read this whole episode in a reverse order and you will understand everything.. Supriya ji’s problem was not solved because of her recitation of the Maha Mantra or my prayers for her.. Then..??

Here’s what had happened..

Read carefully, if possible as many times as possible.

“According to the Theory Of Predeterminism, Supriya ji’s problem is destined to be solved, at this juncture of her life.. Therefore, she contacted me; therefore, she recited the Mantra; therefore, I prayed for her; and therefore her problem was solved..

And it’s not the other way round as Supriya ji is thinking or as you all are thinking.

This is how the theory of predeterminism or the laws of karma should be interpreted or understood in each and every situation, each and every problem and and each and every aspect of your life.. If you do so, then you shall lead a peaceful life.. Then, many of your doubts too will be cleared”..

Got my point..?? If you got that point then you must also get to know here that am only a tool in the Cosmic Designer’s hand and do not have any divine powers.. In short.. He designs, I draw.. He dictates, I write.. He thinks, I implement.. He plans, I execute.. Else who am I..??

It is for this reason alone, I, at the time of creating; at the time of posting an article on it; and even at the time of penning down God On Call Book, I tell myself, “only those who are destined to read this shall read this and those who are not shall not”.

Samastam Govindarpanam.

Final Points

On the request of the noble Chennai lady, I have not revealed her true name and instead used an an alternative name, Supriya Srinivasan..

If you are from Chennai and would like to meet her or talk to her, please send me a mail to my mail id I shall give you her phone number.. But be prepared.. She may bore you telling about me and the God On Call Book.

With requests from many corners of the world, am now coming up with an exhilarating You Tube video on Sri Venkateswara Maha Mantra in which priests associated with TTD would recite this mantra in different variations and notations.. It’s going to be an extraordinary video.. Stay tuned for a special article on this..

After reading the God On Call Book, many readers have mailed me telling me their amazing experiences while and after reading the book.. One lady told me, after reading the book, her husband had witnessed, in his early morning dream, the entire Abhishekam procedure taking place to Sri Varu in Tirumala Temple that time.

How is it possible..?? Am still unable to understand how is it possible because very few lucky people get a chance of their lifetime to witness this sacred procedure.. Honestly, even I haven’t yet witnessed the Abhishekam live.

Last point.. Those who wish to stay update with my frequent posts on Sriram Sir, on my Facebook wall, and to know how to connect and communicate with Bhagawan Sriram Sir may send me a friend request on Facebook.. Please note.. I shall not accept friend requests from users without a proper profile picture.


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