During those days of Divine glory,

When His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal – also known as the Apara Siva, the walking God, the Kanchi Paramacharya or the Maha Periyava – was at the helm of affairs, as Peetadhipathi, of the sacred Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, a ‘Sadas’ or Tharkam used to be held, every Friday, at the holy Kanchi Mutt.

Many learned scholars, from many nearby places in and around Kanchi, would take part in this Sadas (conference).. Normally, during this Sadas, these scholars would discuss about various topics and issues related to spirituality and religion.

There would also be many healthy arguments and counter arguments, over many interesting topics, among the scholars during this Sadas.. Finally, at the end of all the discussion, His Holiness the Parmacharya would give the verdict in favor of either of the groups, that had taken part in the Sadas.

Later, He would honor each one of those scholars with “Sanmanam’ offering them some honorarium for taking part in the Sadas.. And after all these scholars had left, the Paramacharya would then spend time talking to the other devotees waiting for His darsan.

This has been the practice in the Kanchi Mutt ever since the Maha Periyava had become the Peetadhipathi of the Mutt.

On One Such Friday Sometime During The 60s or 70s

A poor Iyer Brahmin had come from Chinna Kanchipuram, not only to take part in the Sadas but also in anticipation of receiving a decent amount from the Paramacharya as honorarium for his participation in the Sadas.

Amidst cheering from all the devotees, who had come to witness the Sadas that evening, the Sadas went on successfully in the Kanchi Mutt much to the happiness of all those associated with the Mutt including the Kanchi Paramacharya.

After the Sadas, this Iyer Brahmin also stood in line to meet the Paramacharya, who at that time was sitting on a small platform, inside the Mutt, offering blessings to the scholars who had participated in the Sadas, that day.

One after the other, each Brahmin was receiving the blessings and honorarium from the Paramacharya and was later taking leave from Him.. Finally, this Iyer Brahmin’s turn had come.

Firstly, the Iyer prostrated before the holy Lotus feet of the Paramacharya who blessed him with a sweet smile.. Then, he got up and collected the honorarium amount from the holy Paramacharya..

At that time, along with the Paramacharya, everyone around Him, was silently observing the Iyer Brahmin.

The poor Iyer Brahmin, who tactfully noticed the amount hidden in the Betel leaves, that were offered to him, felt terribly disappointed after seeing the actual amount hidden in those leaves.

It was much less than what he had anticipated..

He was very upset and just could not hide his disappointment..

Of course, he has many reasons to be so upset..

His poor financial condition and the burdens of his family forced him to go to the Kanchi Mutt that Friday to take part in the Sadas that evening.. He came there with a great hope that he would be receiving a large amount of money from the Kanchi Paramacharya for his participation in the Sadas.

However, when he found that the amount hidden in the Betel leaves was much lesser than what he had actually anticipated, the poor Iyer Brahmin was naturally disappointed and just couldn’t prevent that disappointment from reflecting on his face.

Observing the pain and agony on the sad face of the poor Iyer Brahmin, His Holiness the Maha Periyava, in a gentle tone, asked him, “Enna, Iyer Swamigale, santhosham dhane .. ?? ..” (What Iyer Swamy.. Are you happy..??)..

Unable to know how to respond to Maha Periyava’s embarrassing question, the poor Iyer just silently nodded his head and mumbled “Sari Periyava Sari” (Yes Swamy Yes) and then quickly turned away from His Holiness, to hide his tears, and walked out of the Mutt.


If only the poor Brahmin had waited for a couple of more seconds, in His Holy presence, and noticed, he would have found a gentle smile dancing on the lips of the Maha Periyava, who at that same time was smiling foreseeing the joy that is very shortly going to appear on the face of that Iyer Brahmin, after about fifteen minutes of time.

Unaware of all the divine drama that is going to take place in his life in about fifteen minutes of time – the fully disappointed poor Iyer Brahmin slowly walked out of the Kanchi Mutt, with a great heaviness in his heart that is caused by the remembrance of all the huge family burdens back at home – had reached the Gangai Kondan bus stand.


His Holiness Kanchi Paramacharya With Devotees
His Holiness Kanchi Paramacharya With Devotees

The Maha Periyava asked His disciples to send the other waiting devotees to meet Him.. On receiving instructions from the disciples, one after the other, all the devotees stood in a Q in front of the Maha Periyava.

The first devotee standing in that Q was a famous Advocate from Chennai.

On the disciple’s signal, this Advocate slowly reached the Maha Periyava; offered Him his pranams; placed a plate, that was full of fruits, flowers, Cashews and other dry fruits, at the Lotus feet of His Holiness; prostrated before Him; got up after the Maha Periyava  had blessed him; and later folded his hands and bending slightly forward, said in a praying tone, “Swamy.. I have a small request.. If you kindly permit me..”.

Interrupting the Advocate, the Maha Periyava said,”Wait.. Stand aside.. I will talk to you again”.. Nodding his head, the advocate said, “sure Swamy” and hurriedly moved away from the Q and stood in a corner, just beside the Q, and remained there quietly observing the Maha Periyava.

Then, His Holiness called one of His Mutt disciples and said,” A few minutes ago an Iyer Swamy had gone out from here.. You must have seen him.. Go and ask him to come back.. Tell him am calling him”

The disciple swiftly went out and returned after sometime saying,”Swamy.. I went to the bus stand.. But he’s not there.. I think he had already left Kanchipuram”..

Waving his right hand at his disciple, the Paramacharya said, “He’s sitting in a bus to Chinna Kanchipuram.. Go again and find out and bring him”..

The disciple quickly went out running again and reached the bus stand.. This time he found the Iyer Brahmin sitting in a bus to Chinna Kanchipuram.. The disciple slowly approached the Iyer and said, “Iyer Swamy.. Maha Periyava is calling you.. Please come..”.

Surprising the disciple and also surprising all the other passengers sitting in the bus, this was what the poor Brahmin had said,

“Sorry Swamy.. I can’t come.. I have already purchased a ticket to my place paying thirty paise.. If I now come with you I shall lose that money”

The bus conductor, who was listening to that conversation, had quickly approached the Iyer and said,

“Ayyo Iyere, people come from far off places, even from foreign countries, to just have a glimpse of the Maha Swamy.. And when He Himself is calling you, you are saying no..??.. Don’t worry about your thirty paise, Iyere.. I shall return that to you..

Give me your ticket and go to the Mutt immediately.. The great Maha Swamy is calling you.. Go go.. There must be something important for you waiting there in the Mutt”.. Saying so, the conductor returned the thirty paise to that Iyer Brahmin and took back the ticket from him.

Quickly grabbing his thirty paise from the bus conductor, the poor Iyer Brahmin rushed to the Kanchi Mutt along with the disciple.

Looking at the Iyer Brahmin,

The Maha Periyava asked him with a smile,”Enna Iyere.. So, you don’t want to come to me without collecting your thirty paise..???.. “..

The shocked Iyer, unable to understand how the Maha Periyava had known about his thirty paise, silently offered his pranams to Him.

Exactly at that moment, the Advocate, who was waiting in a corner for Maha Periyava’s call, came forward and reminded Him, “Swamy.. My request..”.. Again asking him to “wait”, the Maha Periyava then turned to the Iyer Brahmin and said, “Iyere.. Come forward and stand beside this Advocate..”

The Iyer came forward.. Then turning to the Advocate, the Maha Periyava asked him to take the residential address of that Iyer.. The Advocate promptly noted down the address of the Iyer, in his pocket book.

And Then This Most Amazing Miracle Had Occurred In The Kanchi Mutt

His Holiness The Maha Periyava Of Knachi Kamakoti Peetam
His Holiness The Maha Periyava Of Knachi Kamakoti Peetam

His Holiness the Kanchi Paramacharya, the Maha Periyava, the Maha Swamy, the Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal, a reincarnation of Lord Siva, taking not only the Iyer Brahmin and the Advocate but also everyone there in the Kanchi Mutt into a deep state of shock and speechlessness, had told the Advocate,

“Enna, you wish to donate some money to a poor learned Brahmin every month.. That’s what you wanted to request me.. You want me to show you a poor Brahmin whom you could donate that money.. Right..??.. ”

He’s the Brahmin you must help.. That’s why I asked you to take his address.. So starting from this month, keep sending two hundred and fifty rupees to him every month.

This Iyer is only poor in his living condition, otherwise, he is a rare Gem and a well learned scholarly Brahmin.. Such learned scholars should not suffer for lack of financial resources.. That will be against Nature and God.. And that’s also not good for the Nation.

If you go by history, any kingdom in which a Brahmin suffered did not flourish.. So we must help him.. By helping him from hereon, you and your family would be blessed by Kamakshi Amman for many generations to come.. She shall give you eternal wealth and happiness..

Never forget to send him money not even for a month.. Otherwise he will come running to me, all the way again.. I don’t want him to go through all those pains even once  in his life again.. Is that okay with you.. Enna..??..”

The Advocate, who was until then standing in an unbelievably frozen state and a speechless condition. had suddenly moved forward with a jerk in his body; swiftly went close to the Maha Periyava; prostrated before His holy Lotus feet; got up; and then with tears in his eyes said,

“Maha Aagna Swamy.. Maha Aagna.. By the grace of Goddess Kamakshi Amman, I have earned enough that would be comfortable for my next three generations.. I shall certainly keep sending money, to this learned Iyer Swamy, every month as long as am alive..

Even after my leaving this world, I shall make enough arrangements to enable the money is sent to him mn time and every month.. Hereafter, I shall also see that this Brahmin shall never have another need to search for money.. My family shall unconditionally stand by his family in all his future needs and forever”

Observing all that is going on in front of his eyes, the poor Iyer Brahmin was standing in an indescribable state.. Although the tears in his eyes were blurring his vision, he could, for a few moments, clearly see Lord Siva sitting in front of him in the form of His Holiness The Maha Periyava Kanchi Paramacharya.

Moving slowly to the Paramacharya, he went down on his knees and silently placed his head at the Lotus feet of His Holiness and remained there, weeping for a longtime.

Looking at that glorious scene, a sort of which they have never witnessed in their life before, all the priests of the Kanchi Mutt, all the disciples of the Kanchi Paramacharya and all the learned scholars gathered there, loudly chanted, in chorus and in one voice, the following sloka, blessing the Iyer Brahmin.

“Sankarascha charithaa kathaamritham.. Chandra sekhara gunaanu keerthanam.. Neelakanta tava paada sevanam.. Sambhavanthu mama janma janmanee..”


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