“A SUICIDE is equal to six virtual murders, because, by committing Suicide the victim is literally killing a Mother, a Father; a Spouse; and two children.. This sin would haunt the victim for many lives to come thereafter” – Bhagawan Sriram Sir

September 10th Is The World Suicide Prevention Day

With reference to that most important day of the human world, I want to share with you an inspiring true story of a young female Medico who, about two years ago, was on the verge of committing suicide and contacted me just before that.

On that day, I spoke to her for an hour and by speaking so had not only prevented her from committing suicide, but, had also motivated her to become an achiever in life wherein all the other problems appear petty.

It’s my strong belief that, “every human being, no matter where he is born on this Earth, shall at least once in his lifetime consider suicide as a strong solution to his ongoing problem”.. Agree..??

If you do..

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If you don’t..

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On the 21st of July, 2017,

I have posted the first part of my nerve wracking suspense filled story series, the “Heart Breaking Conversation Between Lord Venkateswara And A Devotee In Depression” which is about a Chennai Techie who goes up the Tirumala Hills to commit suicide.

What finally happens to this techie forms the crux of this sensational 7 – part story series.. This story was not only read by millions across the world but it had also prevented many people, more so women, from committing suicide.

This Story Of The Above Mentioned Female Medico Is One Such Example

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During those days of 2017, while I was writing this Chennai Techie suicide story, a young lady – a medical graduate, in her early 20’s, from Bangalore – had mailed me telling me how much my story had influenced her life and her thought process.

She further said, “am in lot of problems now and would like to talk to you”.. Wondering what is that a 20 plus year old lady will have to talk to me, except about a jilted love story, I just ignored her mail and moved on.

However, she didn’t leave me there.. Fondly calling me “Mama” (maternal uncle) she had started chasing me, with almost a mail everyday, with only one main point, “Mama, am in problems, I want to talk to you”.

Impressed with her daughter like affection, I have finally replied to her mail one day and asked her to call me on a particular day.. She promptly called on the dotted line, that day, and had started narrating to me her sad story.

In all, our conversation lasted for about an hour that day, however, she spoke non stop for the initial fifteen minutes without giving me space to even breathe easy.

And here’s the summary of all our conversation.

“Her name is Priya (name changed) and she’s from Bangalore.. She finished her graduation in medicine from a prestigious medical college in Karnataka and was awaiting admission into a Post Graduation course.

Her father had suffered huge losses in his business and had just then closed down his shop.. He has two daughters and Priya is the eldest among the two.

Priya, just to help her Father expand his business two years before that, had borrowed Five lakh rupees from her college friends, but, could not repay it on time due to heavy losses her Father had incurred in his business.

However, her friends have patiently waited for Priya for a longtime to pay back their money, but, after some point of time have realized that Priya was not able to pay, so, have started pressurizing her for the same

Priya was completely helpless those days, so, had requested her friends to give her some more time.. Reluctantly though, they agreed.. Unfortunately for Priya, nothing fruitful had happened to her Father’s business, during that time, nor to his plans to raise some money to clear Priya’s loans.

Slowly for Priya that time too had passed, months have passed and two years have passed without Priya being able to repay a single rupee to her friends.. UNFORTUNATE

What was more unfortunate for Priya here was, “she could not even ask her Father, because, he himself was going through hell, that time, just to keep the kitchen at home running”.

Torn between her love for her Father and for her commitment towards her friends, the young Medico, Priya, slowly went into a horrifying Devil and the Deep Sea situation that made her living, any further, miserable.

Worsening her life furthermore, Priya’s friends have started exerting more and more pressure on Priya as their parents too have started pressurizing them at home.

It was exactly at this most boiling point of time and at this most tragic turn of her life, the young and innocent medico Priya had taken that dangerous decision of putting an end to all her problems by committing suicide..

Miraculously so, it was also exactly at this same point,

Pushpa Yagam To Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy Varu On Tirumala Hills

One of Priya’s close friends – a senior in her medical college who was also, shockingly so, planning to commit suicide along with Priya, those days – had, as though ordained by Holy Lord Sri Venkateswara, forwarded my Chennai Techie Suicide Story link to Priya on WhatsApp..

This friend had quite coincidentally received that link in some of her WhatsApp groups.

At that time, I was slowly writing the story and was posting one part after the other with a certain promise, “I would post the conclusion next week”.. However, I could not fulfill that promise and, as is my habit, was extending the story for weeks and months, without posting the conclusion.

(My beloved reader, that’s how I write a story, even today, and would be writing so in future as well.. I just go about writing a story, any story, without looking at it’s length and without worrying about it’s end time or it’s conclusion..

For me, a high quality story, a convincing presentation, a clear description, a heart touching narration and an impeccable justification of my story are more important than the eagerness of the reader and the expectations of the world.

Unless I feel everything is in perfect order and everything is extraordinary, in my story, I won’t publish it.. Many hate this point in me, but, many more like it this way and made tirumalesa.com what it is today – a Temple).. PERIOD

Therefore, Priya and her senior, who were keenly following my story, have firmly decided to commit suicide only after reading the conclusion of my story.. They were dead curious to know what will happen to the Protagonist in the end.. Will he commit suicide or will he not..??

All this sounds unbelievable today, but, that’s the fact that made Priya and her friend postpone their suicide just to read the conclusion part of my story.. May be because my story was also about suicide and also related to their life.

But, I was delaying in posting the conclusion part and Priya, just for her survival and just to read that from me, had started giving false excuses and fake promises to her friends and was killing time.

Exactly, during that waiting period, I had given time to Priya to talk to me that day.. After listening to all that she had told me, sweetly calling me “Mama” all through the conversation, I told Priya,

“Priya, without keeping it’s solution ready, God will never give us a problem, so, you must realize here that there must be some solution to your problem as well.. All your wounds will heal and pains shall go, but, at a right and ripe time.

God’s watch is never slow, Priya, but ours is often fast.. So, wait for that day and not for the day I conclude my story.. Please trust me, Priya.. This dark phase too shall pass in your life and a much brighter Sunshine would certainly emerge.

Because, light follows darkness and darkness follows light; pain follows pleasure and pleasure follows pain; joy follows sorrow and sorrow follows joy, Priya.. That means nothing in our life is constant and nothing lasts forever..

This paradoxical phenomenon, I firmly believe, is the rhythm of Nature and also of our life.. This is also, I believe, is the secret behind all God’s creation.

If you now carefully observe, Priya, through these dualities of Nature, God is teaching us many lessons and is also giving us many examples to draw inspiration from them and lead a peaceful.. This is my first point.

Secondly, Priya, let me also tell you my heart breaking story and also about the attempts I have made in my own life to commit suicide.. As you may know, am a Father of two daughters.. They are my eyes, my light, my life and my everything..

Only I know how much I have struggled in my life to provide them good education.. Almost everyday, those days, was a struggle for me and everyday was a big battle.. But, I had gleefully fought each and every battle just to live for my daughters.

You may be wondering now, Priya, why was there so much struggle for me in my life when I look like a well educated man from a respectable family.. You are right, Priya.. Am a post graduate in English, with a lecturer job first and a banker job next, and I also come from a highly respectable family of scholars.

However, Priya, I always wanted to live life like a bird doing only what I wanted to do and never what is imposed upon me.. Therefore, I have quit both the jobs and started doing creative works, for my living, that many in those days have found crazy.

But I never cared, because, my ideas were perfect, thoughts were perfect, execution was perfect and timing too was perfect.. However, I would still see only failures and losses in all my efforts.. Nothing I did, those days, worked out for me.

Finally, a time had come in my life, Priya, when everyone, including my close friends and family members, except my beloved parents, had stamped me a “failure” and a “loser” and moved on in their life leaving me all alone in the darkness of life with only my wife and daughters remaining on my side.

Still, I never gave up.. Still I never lost hope in life.. Still I never lost belief in God.. Only my wife and my parents had great belief in my capabilities, those days, and stood unconditionally behind me..

So, I went on fighting one battle after the other just to prove to my wife and my parents how capable am.. I Worked harder than ever, but, only to see more and more failures, more and more setbacks and more and more losses, Priya..

I always would think, those days, that “there’s constantly some conspiracy against me in Nature which is why Life is always so ruthless to me and God so merciless.. Else, why is that only the opposite happens to all that I plan in my life”.

With the passing of time, as an endorsement to all my thinking, my dreams were shattered, my heart was broken and my life was frozen..

In such a pathetic condition, I just stood haplessly at the crossroads of my life desperately waiting for a Divine intervention, but, nothing had happened, Priya, no God had come to my rescue.

Finally, a tragic time had come in my life when I had to struggle to pay even the school fees of my daughters.. But, I still I managed that, by going to their school and requesting the Principal for some more time.. Since he knows me well, he had quietly obliged..

But, did you notice a point here Priya..

God had given me a problem in the form of my inability in paying my children’s school fees, but, at the same time had also kept the solution ready for me in the form of a Principal who knows me well..

Now, just imagine, Priya, what would have happened to me if an unknown Principal was there in that Principal’s place, that day, and had thrown out my daughters from that prestigious school for not paying fees on time.. Would that not be a colossal tragedy for my family.. ??

If that had happened, I would have committed suicide on that same day, Priya, for pushing my daughters into such a pathetic situation in front of their friends..

However, God didn’t allow that happen.. In fact, He came at a right time and rescued me and my family not from the problem, but, in the problem.. Are you getting my point, Priya.. ?? Here you must know “that is where is God is”.. Without keeping it’s solution ready, He will never give us a problem.

Still, my problems didn’t end there.. After that period, my financial position had started drastically deteriorating in 2004.. Still I tried to fight and resist life, but, at one point realized,

“It’s no use.. Am slowly being pushed to a point of no return, by God, and it’s time for me to quit”.. With that sad realization, I have taken that firm decision to quit this world one day and also had set a date for my departure.

Finally, On That Most Tragic Day Of My Life

I went out in the evening..

Slowly walked through the lanes of my colony in Tarnaka.. Looked at every building there that was so familiar to me.. Then, walked towards my favorite Osmania University campus..

Walked through the A, B, C Cricket grounds there where I hammered some of the best bowlers of Hyderabad.. Touched and patted almost every tree that I have grown up touching and patting..

Walked out of the ground with a heavy heart.. Walked back towards my colony.. Walked into a nearby medical shop.. Took out the last hundred rupee note from my pocket.. Purchased a strip of tablets that I know would help my cause..

Slowly reached my apartments.. Walked towards my Car parking area.. Opened the car door and placed the tablets strip in the dashboard.. Went up to my fifth floor in the lift.. Reached my flat.. Stood at the door and gently pressed the calling bell button..

My wife came and opened the door and immediately rushed back into the kitchen.. I slowly walked in.. Closed the door.. Walked towards an easy chair in the drawing hall.. Sat in it and kept looking at the TV in front of me..

After sometime, looked at the wall clock.. It was showing 8.45 p.m..

“Another one hour in this home, in this world and with this family.. After that, look not above, there is no answer there.. Pray not, for no one listens to your prayer.. Near is as near to God as any far.. And Here is just the same deceit as There”, I told myself.


Can’t help friends.. I just went about typing this heart touching episode, reporting the complete conversation between two of us, and didn’t notice the length.. Surprised that I have already typed 2530 words up to here..

So, will take a break here and come next week again not only with the end to this episode but also also with the third part of Pibare Rama Rasam for which many around the world are eagerly waiting.. Trust Me.

Tegadu paapamu teeradhu punyamu, Nagi nagi kaalamu naatakamu.. Yeguvale Sree Venkateswaru delithe, Gaganamu neekidi kaivalyamu.. Naanaati bratuku naatakamu, naatakamu, naatakamu”


Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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