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Founded by Dr.William Worall Mayo in 1864.Mayo Clinic today is the world’s largest non profit medical practice and medical research group located in Rochester,USA..With about 3,800 world class physicians and scientists and with over 50,900 allied health staff,Mayo Clinic is spending a whopping $500 million,every year,on research and advanced studies in the field of Medical sciences..

However,the main practice of Mayo Clinic is focused mainly on treating life threatening terminal cases through tertiary care..For over twenty years now,including for the year 2014-15,Mayo Clinic is in the number one position in the U.S. News & World Report List of Best Hospitals .

According to Fortune magazine,Mayo Clinic is also listed for the eighth consecutive year in America’s “Hundred Best Companies To Work For”..The distinguished Mayo Clinic scientists and doctors very strongly believe in the practice of adopting measures to prevent diseases than to adopt technology to cure them..

In a major breakthrough,Mayo Clinic,has identified many preventive measures to counter many of the world’s agonizing health problems and in that process has released a path breaking health guide..This well researched study,although released quite long ago,is still a timeless work..

This health guide titled “50 Head To Toe Health Tips” contains a well defined list of 50 invaluable tips that would help us stay fit and healthy for life..This outstanding research work has detailed answers to all the following health queries..

Brain and Heart

1. How to reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack..??

2. How to exercise for a healthy heart..??

3. How to choose a home blood pressure unit . .??

4. How to stay mentally sharp..??

Digestive and Urinary Tracts

5. How to avoid heartburn..??

6. How to prevent excess gas..??

7. How to prevent constipation..??

8. How to manage mild diarrhea..??

9. How to deal with stress incontinence …??

Bones and Joints

10. How to prevent osteoporosis..??

11. How to treat back pain at home . .??

12. How to live with arthritis and what are the assisting devices..??

Skin and Hair

13. How to spot skin cancer..??

14. How to guard against dry skin . .??

15. How to control dandruff..??

Eyes and Ears

16. How to ensure proper lighting..??

17. How to protect your eyes from the sun..??

18. How to prevent noise-inducing hearing loss.??

19. How to choose the right hearing aids..??

Nose, Throat and Mouth

20. How to get quick relief from seasonal allergies . .??

21. How to deal with minor sore throat pain ??

22. How to deal with and battle bad breath..??

23. How to choose a perfect toothpaste and mouthwash..??

Legs and Feet

24. How to control painful leg cramps..??

25. Self-care tips for varicose veins . .

26. Shopping tips for shoes..

27. How to stay ahead of athlete’s foot..??

28. How to prevent and how to treat corns and calluses . ??

29. How to warm up cold hands and feet . ??

Prevention of Common Illnesses

30. Do’s and don’ts for avoiding infections..

31. Fending off the flu..


32. How to avoid food and drug interactions..??

33. How to ask the right questions about your medications..??

Doctor-Patient Relationship

34. How to get the most from a visit to your doctor..??

35. Following your doctor’s advice..

Food and Nutrition

36. How to choose disease-fighting foods .

37. Using healthy cooking methods..

38. Important Do’s and don’ts for losing weight..

39. How to handle food safely . .??

40. How to keep foods safe at picnics..??

Dietary Supplements

41. Getting your vitamins . .

42. Making informed decisions about herbal supplements…

Safety and First Aid

43. How to prevent falls..??

44. How to avoid yardwork mishaps . .??

45. How to treat punctured wounds..??

46. Do’s and don’ts for minor burns . .

47. How to stay clear of lightning..??

48. How to handle a medical emergency..??

Stress Management

49. How to deal with stress and what are the healthy ways to deal with stress..??

50. How to get a good night’s sleep..??


Now,please click here to download your free copy of this amazing health guide that has detailed answers to all the above queries..



Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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