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There’s One Most Important point

I want all of you to please take note of, before proceeding further into the story.. Originally, my idea was to write this entire true story, that’s based on my real life experience in Bollywood, in a single part ..

However, as I went about narrating the story, in my own style, I have noticed that this would be exceeding a length much beyond my expectations.. Then, I thought I should at least conclude it in two parts ..

Surprisingly to my surprise, the first part of this story had not only reached more than one million people all over the world but had also garnered enough curiosity and support from many unexpected corners, including from Bollywood..

Most importantly, after a lot of audacious thinking and deliberations with my friends in Bollywood, I have now decided to reveal every big name and everyone responsible for this great tragedy in my life ..

Hence, I shall just go about writing every detail of my bad experience without worrying about the length and also the parts this story would stretch into.. Am sure you will all connect with everything I would be saying hereafter in this hard hitting true story more so with some of the popular names associated with it ..

I know many readers are eagerly waiting for this story and in fact many have even mailed me inquiring about the next part.. The mails were too many for me to handle so could not respond to all.. Sincere apologies for that .. The delay for posting this part was mainly due to my other prior commitments ..

Now, let us please go straight into the story to the point where I have ended it in the last part ..

After about fifteen minutes of time..

The king of Bollywood; the badshah of millions of Hindi film fans all over the world; and the heartthrob of hundreds of thousands of girls all over India and abroad, the great King Khan, Sharukh Khan walked in ..

At that moment, myself and my editor friend Mahesh Mistry were sitting near a well crafted rich Cuban Mahogany meeting table in Sharukh’s house.. We were sitting in chairs that were opposite to each other..

It was Mahesh who first saw Sharukh Khan coming towards us, from my behind.. He quickly alerted me saying, “woh aaraa hain”..

I got up almost jumping from my chair and swiftly turned back and was shocked to see a very lean and hungry looking man, with long olden days Dhoni like hair style, with his back slightly bent, approaching us slowly from about a fifteen feet distance..

I was shocked to see the great Sharukh Khan wearing such sickly look which must be due to his intensive back pain he was going through, that time.. The King Khan I was seeing that moment, in front of me, was completely different from the King Khan I had thus far seen on the Bollywood screen ..

However, just keeping all my thoughts about the King to myself and to just make him understand who among the two of us is Narrenaditya, I quickly moved forward and reached him by waving my hand at him..

Then shaking my hand with him, I greeted him saying, “..Hi Sharukh.. Narrenaditya here..”.. With a great warmth in his hands, Sharukh replied, saying,”…Hiiiiiii Narreeeeeeen.. How de doo…??..”..

“Am fine Sharukh..Aap kaise hain..??..”..I replied, with a slight shiver in my voice, which he may or may not have noticed but still replied, with his broad trademark smile millions of his fans all over the world would die to see, saying,”Me ekdum masth… As always”..


I introduced my friend, Mahesh Mistry to him.. Saying, “Hi Mahesh”, Sharukh guided both of us to an amazingly worked up seating arena, in the middle of that large hall in his house, and made both of us sit comfortably in a sparkling white colored sofa ..

After we sat, he sat in a single sofa that’s there to my immediate left; took out a cigarette pack from his pocket and forwarded it to us, after taking one from it.. I said, “thanks Sharukh I don’t smoke..” .. Mahesh too said the same ..

Then, while Sharukh was lighting his cigarette, I just turned my head and looked all around the well done up hall and ceiling, firstly to ward off my nervousness and secondly in appreciation of the great art work and other rich antique pieces tastefully decorated in that hall ..

Observing the sparkle of appreciation in my eyes and my nervousness as well, Sharukh with a smile of his own, said,” I have to give the entire credit to Gauri.. It’s all her idea..” .. I too have nodded my head in firm appreciation ..

Later, there was an embarrassing silence in that arena, for a few seconds, as Sharukh was enjoying the initial puffs of his cigarette.. Then turning to me he said, “..Tell me Narren” ..

To be honest, I have utilized that silence to offer a small prayer to Goddess Saraswathi, the mother of all the arts and creativity in this world ..

Then with a smile, I first briefed Sharukh about Chandramukhi film and then about Rajnikanth’s performance in that blockbuster and then about how it was smashing all the collection records at the box office, those days ..

Finally and finally indeed

Sharukh Khan

I have started narrating the complete story of Chandramukhi to Sharukh, slowly and steadily, with a great composure in my tone and total clarity in my voice and of course in my own inimitable style.. After about five minutes of narration, I have noticed that am narrating well and also as per my plan and preparation ..

Much to my pleasure and happiness, I have also noticed that Sharukh was paying his complete attention to me.. After I had begun my narration, he lighted one more cigarette, almost immediately, and another one, quickly thereafter..

Observing Sharukh’s amazing response to my narration, I grew in more confidence and then slowly went into a trance and started narrating the whole story with more clarity and with more precision.. (Many of my industry friends honestly say I narrate any story well..)

What I have learnt in my creative life is,” whenever we are narrating our story to someone or rather to anyone, irrespective of whatever genre it belongs to, the most vital rule we all must follow is at what point of the story we are taking off and where exactly we are landing and concluding the story ..”

Same rule I was following there with Sharukh as well.. Before meeting him, I did an extensive preparation with my narration and decided to begin the entire story midway and then go to the beginning and then to the climax.. It is how differently we tell the story to the hero is important here than what story we tell..

While narrating the story to Sharukh, I was exercising great caution in my style as well as in my narration, because he’s Sharukh the great and am sure I will not get another chance to meet him, at least in this life, if I fail to deliver to him when it matters the most.. PERIOD

After about forty minutes or one hour, I have concluded my narration and kept looking at Sharulkh’s face for some indication.. I could clearly notice a great satisfaction in his face about his decision to call me for the narration ..

Later, for about a few minutes he just remained silent, enjoying his cigarette.. In all, I believe, he must have consumed about four to five cigarettes during my one hour of narration..

Then, turning to me, he said, “..Very good Narren.. It’s really good.. Can you arrange for a DVD of the film in about a week or ten days time.. Am leaving for New York after two weeks for “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” shoot.. I shall watch it either on flight or in my room..”

Taking that as a very positive indication, I said. with great joy in my tone,”certainly Sharukh”, although I know well, that moment, that it would be next to impossible to get a DVD of a still running film that too of a film belonging to Rajanikanth..

However, I convinced myself saying. “that’s not the point here”..

(The most important point every aspiring director must know here is ” no hero, irrespective of language, will ever say on your face that he didn’t like your script just in case he didn’t like it.. Instead he would say “I will get back to you” which – take me for granted – will never happen ..

Whether the hero is from Hollywood or Bollywood, he judges the capabilities of the director – unless you are Steven Spielberg or James Cameron or Mani Ratnam – purely from the way you narrate your story ..

It is always the first and the most important hurdle for any big or small director to cross which I know I have successfully crossed that moment, because Sharukh talked about the next step involved in the film making process otherwise he would have just said, “thanks Narren.. My secretary Sushma will call you ”

That was a clear indication to me that he’s not only convinced with my powerful narration but also with my capabilities as a director.. Anyone associated with the film industry, unless he is weird in his behavior, perverted in his mind and whimsical in his thoughts, shall undoubtedly agree with what am now saying ..)

Then with a little hesitation in my voice, I said,”But Sharukh,. There’s great demand for the rights of this film.. However, on my request the producer of the original Malayalam version had kept the rights on hold without selling them to anyone.. There’s also a great pressure on me from him.. What do you want me to tell him.. ???..”

Lighting another cigarette, Sharukh said,”..Don’t worry Narren.. Once everything is finalized, Red Chillies shall produce the film.. But right now let us go step by step.. Be in touch with Sushma for updates.. We shall meet after I return from new York” ..

That assurance from the great Sharukh gave me an immense relief.. The icing on the cake was he clearly gave me a hint “Red Chillies, Sharukh’s own production house, shall produce the film”.. Whattaa an offer..

After a couple of minutes of general discussion, myself and Mahesh took leave from Sharukh, at about 9.15 pm, and started walking out.. Sharukh accompanied us almost up to the main gate and gave us a very warm send off ..

Both Mahesh and myself crossed the gate flying in the air.. While crossing the main gate, Mahesh gave me a high five and said..

“..Kya badhiya presentation diyaa baapoo.. Maar daala ek dum.. Main tho hil gaya.. Woh bhi kya hil gaya thaa.. Ek ke peeche ek cigaretete phhokthaa hi chala gaya.. Jab tum narrate kar rahe the main uska facial expressions observe kar raha thaa.. Bahuth hi excited lag raha thaa kahani sun ne ka samay.. Zaroor karega baapoo humare saath woh picture zaroor karega ..”

I just said a simple “thank you very much Mahesh bhai” because I was in an out of the world ecstatic mood that moment which all the words in English dictionary cannot at this moment describe.. I looked at the heavens and thanked God for helping me in giving a wonderful narration ..

“Great times have begun for me”

Sharukh Khan Latest Image

I told myself..I was by then almost certain that Sharukh would be doing the film with me..Then I looked all around and found the whole world so beautiful and so colorful..I also saw a cute young couple sitting in rain under an umbrella engaged in a deep kissing act..

(This is a common sight in Mumbai,and more particularly in the bandstands area,an area close to the sea and not very far from Sharukh’s house..)

I felt like singing “Ek chathree aur hum ne do ab kya ho kuch tho karo” loudly; run to them; hug them both; and bless them saying ,”maze karo re baabaa khoob maze karo.. Live long happily like this and forever”

May be I would have done that too but at the same time my mobile phone rang..The first congratulatory call..From none other than Daggubati Suresh Babu,renowned South Indian film producer and son of the legendary film producer, D.Ramanaiudu..

He knows – through his Suresh movies general manager Jagdish who is my friend and who was with me in Mumbai that time – that I was meeting Sharukh that evening…Jagdish knows I was meeting Sharukh so he kept his boss informed about it..

Since Suresh Babu knows my exact time of meeting,he correctly guessed that I would have come out of Sharukh’s home by that time so called me to know the outcome of our meeting..I explained him in detail about everything that Sharukh told me..

He immediately said,”Congratulations ammaa Aditya..Sharukh is doing the film..It’s clear..Please do not give commitment to any other producer..Suresh Movies shall produce this film in joint production with Sharukh’s Red Chillies Entertaiments..

I know Malayalam producer Appachchan and I shall tell him everything and buy Chandramukhi Hindi rights from him..Please come and meet me when you come to Hyderabad..We shall discuss in person.. You are going to direct a Sharukh Khan film..So,celebrate this occasion with friends to night in Mumbai ..”.

He disconnected the call..

Mahesh and myself were already in the car..I screamed,”Mahesh Bhai..Maayithe kai..Suresh Movies will be jointly producing our film with Red Chillies and Narrenaditya is going to direct this Sharukh Khan film..Whoaa..”..I hugged my beloved Mahesh Bhai in great joy and affectionately kissed him on his left cheek..

Laughing loudly,he said,”Bahuth badiyaa baapoo..Par dooor baitho..Ye saala Mumbai hain..Kisine hume is haal mein dekhliya tho bura maan jayega..”..I too laughed loudly,understanding what he was trying to say,and said,”Maaro goli baapoo vunn saalonko aur iss duniya ko..Chalo gaadi kahin rokh..Beer leke atta hoon..”

Mahesh bhai stopped at a point..I got down..Don’t remember how many Beers I picked up from a nearby shop but picked up as many as possible and sat in the car..While sitting in the car I thought,”Amchee Mumbai may fall short of water one day but will never fall shot of Beer on any day”…PERIOD

We then just madly drove through the Linking Road lanes and by lanes eating whatever stuff we found in the wayside restaurants..

During that euphoric drive,I haven’t however forgot to call my eagerly waiting wife in Hyderabad and inform her about the outcome of my meeting with Sharukh..Even my wife and my two young daughters celebrated in their own way,that night..

At about 1 am,

Myself and Mahesh bhai reached his home in Borivali..His wife was eagerly waiting for us almost at the entrance of the door..She immediately asked Mahesh Bhai in Gujarathi,”what happened”..He said,”tum aditya se poocho”..

She asked me and I replied in long sentences..She felt immensely happy and blessed me heart fully..I was on a high that time,understandably so,both due to the Beer effect and also due to the Sharukh Khan effect..I couldn’t sleep that night,at all..

But didn’t know that moment that many big names of Bollywood too were not sleeping that night along with me..Didn’t know calls were going to New York and London cities..

Didn’t know that the word Sharukh is showing interest in doing the Hindi version of Chandramukhi with an unknown director from Hyderabad has already started doing rounds in Mumbai film circles.. Didn’t know the groups were in a shock; didn’t know the camps too were in a shock…

Didn’t know the bloody dog eating dog Indian film industry had already begun it’s hunting..Also didn’t know that by talking to Suresh Babu,I have already taken the first step,in a wrong direction,that would ruin my chances of directing that Sharukh Khan’s film in future..

Without knowing all that is happening in the bloody dirty world around me,the innocent child in me was happily building castles in air – lying on the bed in Mahesh Bhai’s guest bedroom in Borivali, Mumbai – on that night of Friday the 22nd of July, 2005..

As though coming events were already casting their shadows, it started raining heavily and further more in the entire Mumbai, that night..

Cool Sharukh Khan


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