“Good health is a great crown worn by those healthy and visible only to those unhealthy.. If death conquers our life, ill health cripples our movements and makes our living extremely miserable.

However, it has been scientifically proved that all those who are constantly loved by someone recover from their ill health condition miraculously and all those who are constantly hated by someone go through prolonged suffering.. This is also an undeniable law of Cosmos that is unequivocally endorsed by Nature” – Yours Obediently

All religions and all religious texts have been for ages unconditionally propagating that, “however incurable they are, God cures all diseases “..

True, but why is it so..

It is so because the intensity of God’s love for the humans is much higher than the intensity of human’s love for God..

And it is this strong and unconditional love of God, for the humanity, that enables Him to karmically cure even the worst of our incurable diseases, most of the times in a miraculous way and on some occasions in a mysterious way..

But the inscrutable point of Maya here is, “He makes us believe Doctors cured our disease”.. PERIOD

This miraculous and mysterious incident

Am referring to – a sort of which you may have never heard before – had occurred in the city of Hyderabad, in India, a couple of decades ago.. This incident quite clearly proves to the world that,

“Complex words like impossible and incurable do not exist in the dictionary of God and His ineffable love for humanity can remove any problem we have in our life and can cure any disease we are suffering from”.

Secondly, this incident also quite authoritatively confirms to the world, once again though, that, “Sriram Sir is the human form of Lord Krishna”..

Most importantly, it may be interesting here to note that, “If Lord Sri Venkateswara is the Divine Incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna then Sriram Sir is the human form of Lord Sri Venakteswara”.. PEACE

Did you get my point.. ??.. You didn’t ..??.. You don’t need to.. Just keep reading this life changing article and that will help you clearly understand, in a few minutes, everything that am now trying to say..

Please go through..

This incident occurred sometime during the year 1995 or 96 in the life of Venkata Krishna, who was a staunch follower of Sriram Sir for more than three decades.. He was a renowned Advocate of Andhra Pradesh High Court, those days, and passed away a few years ago at a ripe age of 78.

In his long association with the Divine Sriram Sir, Venkata Krishna had many miraculous experiences one of in which Sriram Sir had suddenly produced a Salagrama stone from nowhere and gifted it to Venkata Krishna when he once complained severe pain and inconvenience in his heart.

A regular drinking of water, in which that Salagrama stone was immersed, had completely and miraculously cured Venkata Krishna’s heart problem for which he never had used any other cardiac drugs.

Venkata Krishna had many more such miraculous experiences with Sir, in his three decades of association, and that made him submit all his problems to his Sriram Sir and unconditionally surrender himself at His holy Lotus feet.

Now, here’s the actual miraculous incident

In those days of 1995- 96, Venkateswar Rao, a nephew of Venkata Krishna (his elder brother’s son), was working in the Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) the now defunct govt. of India enterprise.

As the name suggests, ECIL was an electronics goods manufacturing enterprise that would manufacture the famous EC Television sets of those days of eighties India..

On that eventful day in 1995,

While Venkateswara Rao was working in his office, one of his colleagues sought his help in fixing a problem in a manufacturing unit.. Rao went there immediately and without taking any precautions tried to mix the highly inflammable Zirconium with another dangerous chemical.

As per the instructions given in the texts of Chemistry,”when preparing a chemical mixture using Zirconium, extreme precaution should be taken failing which fire may erupt in seconds due to faulty chemical action”.

Although Venkateswar Rao was very much aware of this rule, he, however forgot it during those most ill fated moments of his life, and tried to mix Zirconium with another chemical in exactly the same way he shouldn’t have otherwise mixed it.

Fate doesn’t have mercy so does harsh chemical..

As a result, that unusual mixture of the two highly sensitive chemicals had caused an irrevocable chemical reaction and within one by millionth of a second, triggered big fire that appeared in the form of a ball, right in front of the face of Rao, and fully burnt his face, hands and eyes.. In a way, the deadly chemical fire had mercilessly pierced through the eyes of Rao..

Before, Rao could even realize what he did and what was happening to him, fire had completely burnt his face, neck, hands and eyes..


Trying to cover his burning face, with both his hands, Rao started running madly here and there and had also started moaning loudly with excruciatingly unbearable pain.. He just could not open his eyes nor could see anything in front of him.

All that he could see was complete darkness in the field of his vision.. Within seconds, the fire captured his face fully and within milliseconds many countless boils have erupted all over his face.

Rao’s shocked colleagues came running to him but could not offer any solace to him as the situation had by then completely gone out of their hands.. Screaming painfully so, for a few more heart breaking moments, the hapless Venakteswara Rao gradually and thankfully slipped into a state of unconsciousness.

The fully panicked administration officials of ECIL have immediately shifted Rao to Nizam’s Orthopedic Hospital in Hyderabad.

After observing the severity in the condition of Rao’s face and more so in his eyes, the duty Doctors there have pleaded total helplessness and quietly advised his colleagues to rush him to the famous Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital in the Mehdipatnam area of Hyderabad.

Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, known for it’s “State of the Art” equipment and technology to treat diseases in general ophthalmology and specialties, was named after the renowned Nightingale of India, Sarojini Devi Naidu who was born in Hyderabad.

The globally popular Indian Ophthalmologists and Surgeons, Dr.Siva Reddy and Dr.Ranga Reddy were from this famous hospital.. In fact, Dr.Ranga Reddy was the Superintendent of Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, those days, when this incident had occurred.. PERIOD

On hearing the news

Daivam Maanusha Rupena Sriram Sir During The Nineties

About the untimely tragedy in the life of his beloved nephew, a fully shocked Venkata Krishna immediately rushed to Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital.. With bandages all over his face and eyes, Rao was lying on the bed, that time, in a hapless condition.

On looking Venkata Rishna entering the room, Rao’s wife got up; received him; and then walked slowly to her husband’s bedside and whispered in his ears, “your uncle Venakta Krishna garu had come to see you”.

Holding Venakta Krishna’s hands, Rao woefully broke into uncontrollable tears and asked him in a pathetic tone, “Uncle will I get back my eyesight.. Will I be able to see you all again.. Doctors say it is difficult.. What do you say uncle.. Will I get back my eyesight..??”

Pathetically so, Venkata Krishna could not provide give any answer immediately..

However, after a few seconds of silence, holding both his beloved nephew’s hands affectionately, Venakta Krishna, with immense faith and belief in the divine powers of his God Sriram Sir, had told him in a firm tone,” Don’t worry Venkateswara.. There won’t be blindness in your fate.. You shall surely get back your vision.. Trust me”..



But how..

First of all, what confidence made Venkata Krishna say that or for that matter which divine force had made him say that or Who made him say that at all..

But still he said..


After about a few days, that was exactly what had happened in the fate of Venkateswara Rao as he had not only regained his complete vision but had also attained absolute normalcy in the tone and texture of his facial skin which was fully burnt and turned completely black, just a day ago, like an over burnt kitchen utensil.

(These were exactly the words, in Telugu, used by Mr.Giri, son of Sri.Venkata Krishna, whom I called on the night of 4th of May, 2017 to know the complete details of that ill fated freak accident).

Please continue reading

The very next day, Venkata Krishna visited his cousin, Dr.Ramachandran, a reputed senior Ophthalmologist in Hyderabad, and had shown him all the reports of his nephew..

After carefully going through the reports, Ramachandran told Venkata Krishna what he was praying not to hear, “difficult”.

Venkata Krishna, who was still not prepared to give up, requested his cousin to once go along with him to the hospital and personally see the patient.. As he could not say no to his cousin, Ramachandran went to Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, along with Venkata Krishna, to personally see Venkateswara Rao .

Dr.Ranga Reddy also joined Ramachandran in that visit and they together have once again cautiously and carefully assessed everything related to Venkateswara Rao’s case and also discussed all the further ways and means to know if there’s at least a remote chance to save his vision.

Sadly, however, they could not find any way out and quite apologetically conveyed the same to a hapless looking Venkata Krishna..

A shocked Venkata Krishna then thought,

“Now, only my Cosmic Doctor, Sriram Sir, can save my nephew”.

After thinking so, Venkata Krishna immediately called Sriram Sir, who at that time was working as an English Lecturer in the Nizamabad Polytechnic College, and explained Him everything and also requested Him to come to Hyderabad to see his nephew.

Sir quietly listened to everything that Venkata Krishna had told Him and concluded the call, by just saying,” shall try to come in the next couple of days”.

However, much to the surprise of Venkata Krishna, Sir came to Hyderabad just the next day and headed straight to the Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital along with Venkata Krishna..

After entering the ward room..

Sriram Sir slowly walked in His own inimitable style, adjusting the strap of the mysterious black bag that He always carries on His shoulders, to the bedside of Venkateswara Rao;

Just bent over him;

And then remained so,

Looking at Rao’s face and body for a couple of silent minutes..

Rao quickly offered his Pranams to Sir.

Quietly acknowledging Rao’s pranams,

Sir slowly turned back and walked out of the ward room without uttering a word..

There was great seriousness in Sir’s face, that moment..

A slightly disappointed Venkata Krishna hurriedly went running behind Sir ..

After observing that great seriousness in Sir’s face he, however, could not dare to utter a word..

He just continued walking quietly beside Sir in the corridors of the Hospital.. Later, after boarding the Car, Venkata Krishna in a pleading tone had asked Sir, “what do you say”.. Without turning His head, Sir just smiled and said, “wait for a couple of days”..

And then it happened

Perhaps for the first time in the Anno Domini era.. Instances from the holy Bible say, “Jesus Christ had granted vision to a blind person”.. However, there are no such known instances in the modern era that would make such claims.

And if that is so,

Then what ‘Daivam Mannusha Rupena’ (God in human form) Sriram Sir had done in Venkateswara Rao’s case is no lesser a miraculously divine feat than the one Jesus Christ is said to have performed in the Christ era.. PERIOD

And here’s what had happened..

Hold your breath and read every word carefully from hereafter because you may see the divine presence of Sriram Sir any moment in any of those words in front of you or may be in every word.. Who knows..??.. DIVINE

A few hours after Sriram Sir had left the hospital,

Venkateswara Rao slowly got up from his bed and requested his wife to guide him to the washroom..

His wife cautiously lifted Rao from his bed and carefully took him to the washroom and after making sure that he went carefully inside, stood quietly outside, waiting for his return.

After about a minute, inside the washroom, Venkateswara Rao slowly approached the wash basin area to wash his hands and face..

While washing his hands,

Venkateswara Rao,

S..l..o..w..l..y lifted his head..


C..a..s..u..a..l..l..y looked into the mirror in front of him..



Received the biggest shock of his life..


There in the mirror..



Saw a blurred image of his own face..

And after looking continuously so,

For a few more breath stopping seconds,

Rao could clearly see his face in the mirror..

Just as clearly,

As he would see it before the freak accident..

For a moment,

Rao couldn’t believe his eyes..

Couldn’t believe his senses..

Could not believe in anything that was there around him in the bathroom..

And after he could finally believe..

He just broke down into endless tears of a joy filled ecstasy..

Shouting loudly, “am seeing.. Am seeing” Rao hurriedly walked out of the bathroom..

His shocked wife, standing outside the bathroom, could not for a second understand what her husband was saying..


After thoroughly examining Venkateswara Rao’s eyes and reports, the great Doctors, Ranga Reddy and others were shocked with his sudden regaining of lost vision.. They were sure there’s no way he could have regained it.. Then how..??

After a further intensive study, the renowned Ophthalmologists have come to a conclusion saying “Mr.Rao, there’s nothing that all the medical knowledge in the world could have done to save your eyes.. However, gladly so, you got them back saved.. It’s nothing but a miracle of God.. Yes, we do believe.. God exists”.

What is more miraculous here is,

“Venkateswara Rao’s facial skin too had become completely normal just as normal as it was before the accident.. This is something that would baffle any great Dermatologist or Cosmetic Surgeon”

Narrating me this whole episode in detail, Sri.Giri, son of Sri.Venakta Krishna, had concluded the conversation, that night, saying,

“Aditya garu, Venkateswara Rao is now retired from his service and leading a peaceful life.. He looks so absolutely normal today that you will not believe unless he tells you that he met with such a ghastly accident”.

Why would I not believe Giri garu, being a humble follower of Sriram Sir Who had mercifully, on my request, had also granted vision to my beloved Mother, who had lost it due to her bad health condition in 2004.


Love and hatred are the two most essential sub elements of Nature.. They are neither completely positive in their characteristic trait nor completely negative..

Anything in excess of these two in humanity causes a disturbance in the cycle of harmony which is why no human being on this planet is either loved constantly by someone or hated constantly by someone.

To love or to be loved and to hate and to be hated occur not by our choices but by our actions.. Remember.. You reap what you sow and you get back what you give.. So stop hating anyone and from hereon learn to love even the most undeserving to be loved..

Because love earns love and hatred earns hatred.. This is a simple Law Of Nature God wants us to know and practice not only for our good health but also for our overall well being.. Stay blessed forever, my friend, basking under the divine glory of my beloved Sriram Sir”..

My humble salutations to Sir..

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