“This scientifically harmonious solar system, the astronomically astonishing stellar system, the biologically perfect creatures living in water and on the earth, this paragon of an animal called man could not have come out of an imperfect hand; God is perfection Incarnate and His Creation cannot be otherwise” – Bhagawan Sriram Sir

“ఎవ్వనిచే జనించు జగమెవ్వని లోపల నుండు లీనమై.. ఎవ్వని యందు డిందు పరమేశ్వరుడెవ్వడు మూల కారణం.. బెవ్వడానది మధ్య లయుడెవ్వడు.. సర్వము తానే ఐన వాడెవ్వడు.. వాని నాత్మ భవునీశ్వరునే శరణంబు వేడెదన్”

You May Be Wondering

Who is Bhagawan Sriram Sir, why is He called Bhagawan and how can you lead a blissful life by communicating with Him.

My dear friend, whether or not you believe in what am saying now; or whether or not you accept what am writing here; it’s my earnest duty to tell all my fellow human beings, spread across this vast human world, that

“God exists and exists right in the midst of us today, in a simple human form, far from all the madding crowds, far from all the worldly attention, far from all the media publicity, far from all the human power and far from all the inglorious money; in a world of His own; with a family of His Own; and with a name of His own – the gloriously glorious Sriram Sir – the Swayam Bhagawan”.. PERIOD


Who Is Bhagawan Sriram Sir..??

“Bhagawan Sriram Sir is the human form of Lord Sri Krishna – Who in turn is Residing on the sacred Tirumala Hills – in the form of Lord Sri Venakteswara”..

Difficult to believe..??

I know it is..

Read on..

In February, 2016, I have presented a 6 – part story series, on this site, on the Divine life of Bhagawan Sriram Sir with the title, “An Incredible True Story Of A Miracle Man Seeing Your Tomorrow”.. To believe what am saying now, first please read this story series fully and then come back here.

This story was read by more than six million people across the world who all went into a deep shock after reading the spellbinding content I have presented in it..

Thereafter, when a meeting of Sriram Sir was held at the prestigious Harvard University, Boston, USA in September, 2016 – by some of Sir’s ardent followers in America – many of our Tirumalesa readers, from many parts of America, have attended it..


Why Is Sriram Sir Called Bhagawan..??

Anyone Who is Omnipresent (the One Who is present everywhere), Omnipotent (the One Who possesses the unlimited power to create, recreate and grant) and Omniscient ( the One Who knows everything) is called God or Bhagawan..

Sriram Sir is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and is also Omniscient, so, by all means deserves to be called a Bhagawan..

Let me explain..

Dr Sriram Gajula, more popularly known as Sriram Sir to His select followers spread across the world, was born on 11th May, 1957 in a small village called ‘Maldakal’ in Telangana state.. Maldakal is a Kannada language word which in English language means ‘Primal Stone’.

In Maldakal, there’s a famous 400 – year old Swayambhu Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Temple, called the ‘Timmappa Temple’.. A reference to this holy Temple can be found in the ‘Skanda Purana’, one of the 18 glorious Ashtadasa Puranas reverentially read and followed in Hindu tradition.

It is believed and is also emphatically proved that Sriram Sir is the Divine Reincarnation of this Lord Timmappa – the other name of Lord Venkateswara – of this historic Maldakal Temple.. There are enough proofs to substantiate this claim.. Please Click Here and read this true story that will explain you more in detail.

The Omnipresent Bhagawan Sriram Sir : Sriram was present at a time in two marriages performed at the same time and on the same date, but, at two different places, sometime during 1994, in the Nizamabad town where He was working, in a polytechnic college, as an English Lecturer, those days.. There are several such instances that would make Sriram Sir eligible enough to be called OMNIPRESENT Bhagawan Sriram Sir.

The Omnipotent Bhagawan Sriram Sir : Sometime during 1995-96 Sriram Sir had granted vision to a man who completely lost it after a freak accident in Hyderabad.. Reputed doctors of Hyderabad have declared him blind and have ruled out any possibility of him regaining his lost vision.

Sriram Sir, with one look at him, granted him complete vision that made him lead a normal life, thereafter.. Please Click Here and read this heart touching true story that will explain you everything.

That’s not all, Sriram Sir had also granted vision to my Mother, in 2004, just an year before her departure from this world.. My Mother had lost 80% of her vision, a few years prior to that, due to Diabetic Retinopathy and Sir had granted her sustainable vision until the day she breathed her last in this world.

There are several such miraculous instances that would make Sriram Sir eligible enough to be called the ‘OMNIPOTENT Bhagawan Sriram Sir’.

The Omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir : There’s no University in this world that has in it’s curriculum the vast number of Subjects that Sriram Sir asserts command over today and the vast number of topics that He would authoritatively speak upon on any given day.

Right from Anthropology to Anatomy of the human body; Vedas to Aeronautical Engineering; and Spirituality to Space Technology, there’s no subject in this Universe that Sriram Sir cannot teach you nor He cannot make you understand which is what makes Him eligible enough to be called the ‘OMNISCIENT Bhagawan Sriram Sir’.

A Few More Vital Points About The Divine Life Of Bhagawan Sriram Sir

A Sacred Salagrama Stone Materialized And Gifted By Sriram Sir To One Of His Ardent Followers In Hyderabad
A Sacred Salagrama Stone Materialized And Gifted By Sriram Sir To One Of His Ardent Followers In Hyderabad

Sriram Sir, a Doctorate in English from the celebrated Osmania University in Hyderabad, had worked as an English Lecturer all through His career.. He refused to become an IAS officer although He had every opportunity to become one of independent India’s most illustrious IAS officers ever.. Instead He had chosen to lead a simple life as Lecturer..

His glorious book, ‘Viveka Sravanti’ (later changed to Journey Into Joy) – which is nothing but a compendium of a few Telugu and English letters that He had written in His university days to some of His friends in distress – was regarded as “a powerful book as powerful as the Bhagawad Gita” by none other than His Excellency, Dr Sankar Dayal Sarma, the honorable former President of India.

Sriram Sir had performed many spellbinding miracles and had also given many powerful Divine Experiences to many illustrious personalities, who are all His ardent followers, by materializing and gifting them the sacred Slagrama stone and other divine objects.

Sriram Sir had also performed many never before heard Divine Acts that shall not only endorse His Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Divine status but also would emphatically prove to us today that this entire universe and our lives are under His control.

However, Sriram Sir is a complete family man and chooses to live in total solitude and silence and in complete privacy.. His family consists of His wife, a married son – a Guinness Book Of World Records holder – and a married daughter, an M S in Computer Science from one of America’s most prestigious universities.

Sriram Sir always stays away from public attention and refuses all the worldly publicity.. Only a few of His old college mates, Osmania University friends – many of whom are currently IAS officers and illustrious professors and scientists – His college colleagues and some select followers are permitted to meet Him and spend time with Him today.

Here’s One Spellbinding Miracle Of Sriram Sir Even Nobel Laureates Cannot Explain

The letters CTD in this message here provided a great relief to me on a disturbed day

Although there are many miracles of Sriram Sir that deserve a mention here, there’s one particular spellbinding miracle that is occurring everyday in my life, consistently for the last fifteen years.

I have a old Nokia mobile phone with me that I purchased in the year 2003.. Since 4th April, 2004, I have been receiving SMSes from Sriram Sir, on that mobile everyday, but in a coded form.. Sometimes, I even get to know in clear English words, from those SMSes am calling Divine Messages today, what is going to happen in my life that day.

However, the miraculous fact here’s “there’s no SIM Card in this mobile for more than ten years now, but, am still receiving SMSes from Sriram Sir on it everyday, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after and decade after decade”..

Going to present a detailed article, on these Divine messages and their impact on my life, in the near future.

After Reading So Much About Bhagawan Sriram Sir

On this site, many readers around the world have become eager to meet Sriram Sir, talk to Him, tell Him about their problems and seek His blessings..

Since it is impossible for me to make them all personally meet Sriram Sir – which Sir Himself doesn’t like – I have been hosting global meets for the last three years just to help the readers have a glimpse of Sriram Sir and listen to His spellbinding speeches.

In fact, there’s no need to meet Sriram Sir and tell Him about your endless problems.. Because, He not only knows about them – as it was He Who had given them to you for a purpose – but also would solve them at a right n ripe time for you.

Always remember these two Golden points.. One : unless chosen by Him, you will not be able to know about Him nor read about Him.. If you are doing that, as you are doing now, then, be happy that “it’s the beginning of change in your life, mind, body and soul” for He had chosen you and had taken you into His Divine Fold from this moment.

Two : If you still believe or think “only on your informing Him, He would know about your problem and provide you solution”, then, you are not eligible to follow Sriram Sir – the Swayam Bhagawan. However, we are humans and always look for a way out from our problems..

It was this weakness of our readers that made me invent this method that will help you to remotely connect with Bhagawan Sriram Sir and communicate with Him the way you want to, from wherever you want to and in any which way you want to and seek His blessings and lead a blissful life.

I have casually written and posted this method on my Facebook Timeline on 1st of October, 2017.. Ever since, quite a few of our readers from around the world have been successfully practicing this method and are also seeing many mind blowing miracles in their life more so many miraculous changes.

So, how to communicate with Bhagawan Sriram Sir and stay blissful for life.. No matter who you are, what you are, how big or small you are and in whatever condition you are living in today, you may follow the following simple method and feel His presence all around you in every moment of your life.

Here’s The Method

Firstly, look carefully, reverentially and devotionally at the above mystic image of Bhagawan Sriram Sir that was shot more than two and half decades ago.. In my years of observation, I have found that “there’s a tremendous divine energy in this particular photograph that’s giving me many positive vibrations whenever am looking at it during my distress times”.

Motivated by that change in me, I have started using this image as screensaver on my mobile.. Not only me but also my wife and my two daughters have been using this Divine image, as mobile screen savers, for years.

So, I first suggest you to download this image and start using it as a screen saver on your mobile..Then, starting on a Friday – the most auspicious day of the week – sit alone in a chair, at any time of the day or night and at any place of your convenience, and start looking quietly at this image for a few minutes.. For about two or three minutes

Then, after looking so, slowly close your eyes and stay calm for a few seconds focusing just on your breathing.. After a couple of minutes, start telling Sir everything that you want to tell Him.. It can be about anything.. About your job or a financial problem or a health problem or a relationship problem or a marital problem or whatever the problem that is bothering you today.

As we all know, there will always be some problems in our life that we want to keep to ourselves and not share with anyone not even with our spouse or family members not even with our closest friend.. So, keep sharing those personal problems too with Sriram Sir.

In fact, keep conveying Him as much as you want to or as long as you want to.. Keep doing this everyday, at anytime of the day and at any place you are staying whether in an office or on a journey or in a hotel or at home.

Gradually, over a period of time, may be after about a week or ten days or in some cases after about a month, the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir, to your utter shock, surprise and dismay, prove to you, “that He’s not only receiving your thoughts but is also reading them all the time”. He would also strongly assure you that He’s with you.

However, there’s no need to follow any rituals here.. Sir is against rituals.. Just relax and follow this simple method whenever possible, wherever possible and at whatever time of the day possible to you.. All I would suggest is “just wash your feet before you start doing this”.

Some Key Points

Most Vital Point.. Bhagawan Sriram Sir shall certainly provide you relief from whatever problems you are facing in your life today, but, at a right and ripe time for you.. Please don’t expect miracles to happen overnight.. God doesn’t work that way.. As Sir Himself keeps telling me often, “even God acts according to the Laws of Nature”.

Another most vital point I would like to tell you here.. Until He solves your problem Sriram Sir gives you strength to face the problem just in the same way He has been giving me for the last nineteen years.

He first strengthens your mind and then your will and then your thought.. In the last nineteen years, Sriram Sir had saved me not from problems but in problems; not from storms but in storms.. He always assured me a safe landing not a calm voyage.


Many of our Tirumalesa readers, more so hundreds of my Sriram Sir WhatsApp group members spread across the world, to whom I have suggested this method, long ago, are seeing many miraculous changes in their life today.. Why can’t you..??

However, patience and trust are the keywords here.. Just submit and surrender all your problems, in fact, your whole life to Bhagawan Sriram, as we are all doing in our life today, and see what He’s going to do to you and to your family.. I won’t be surprised if you too, one day, share your experiences with me just as many others have been sharing with me today.

Anyone in this world, even skeptics, scientists, atheists, Noble Laureates and even people belonging to other faith and religion may practice the above mentioned method and derive benefits and blessings from Bhagawan Sriram Sir.

Finally, A Caution

Sriram Sir speaking during the Tirumalesa - Bhagawan Sriram Global Meet Held In Bangalore In March, 2018
Sriram Sir speaking during the Tirumalesa – Bhagawan Sriram Global Meet Held In Bangalore In March, 2018

Never try to meet Sriram Sir or contact Him personally nor disturb His privacy.. As He always says, He’s more present in His absence and prefers to live in complete solitude and privacy.. Hence, trying to disturb His privacy, am warning you, disturbs your life. In fact, the farer you stay away from Him, the nearer He pulls you.

More importantly, if you don’t want to trust what am saying now, leave it here and move on.. Am not forcing you to follow this method.. But, please don’t utter a word against Sriram Sir – the Swayam Bhagawan – either in haste or in impulse or in distrust.. It’s dangerous.. PERIOD

On this day of new year 2020, I wish and pray, “may you all stay blessed, not just alone in 2020, but forever basking under His Divine glory”.

I now offer my my humble salutations and Paadaabhivandanalu to Bhagawan Sriram Sir for choosing me for this divine service.. BLESSED for a life beyond life.

Hare Srinivasa

Narrenaditya Komaragiri



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