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My family joins me in wishing you and your beloved family a very happy and prosperous new year, 2020.. May Bhagawan Sri Venkateswara fill your sweet home with abundant joy, never ending love, immense wealth, amazing health and everlasting peace.

Thank you for following which is what it is today because of your constant love and sustained support.. However, has been weathering some serious storms for the last three months due to repeated attacks from Cyber Criminals.

As a result, am not able to post any new content here on the site.. The site too, quite frequently so, is unusually up and down for most of the time during these three months.. I have received many messages from our beloved readers, from across the world, complaining about the inaccessibility of the site.

Thankfully, with His Divine Grace, I could wage a tremendous battle to counter this cyber attack, of course with the strong support from my web designing team, and revive this site to it’s current position..

But, there are still a few more issues which we are sorting out. The site would be fully ready and operational in about two weeks time.. Secondly, the secured SSL certificate could not be installed on the site as that is completely changing the URL settings of each post and is disabling Facebook comments that have so far been posted on the site..

Shortly, we are fixing this issue too.

In The Year 2020

Not only am going to complete the pending stories, mainly Pibare Rama Rasam, but also going to come up with a few more exciting updates and also some great Divine stories that you always waited to read from me.

To begin with, as a new year gift, am going to present a life changing article that would be explaining you in detail how to communicate with the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient Bhagawan Sriram Sir – the human form of Lord Sri Krishna Who in turn is Residing on Tirumala Hills in the form Of Lord Sri Venkateswara – and bring forth miraculous changes in your life.

Six million people across the world have read the six part true story series that I have written on this glorious Living God, in February, 2016, and have found great peace in their life by reverentially following the Bhagawan and His astounding philosophy, through my writings.

Just in case, you haven’t yet read this mind blowingly life changing true story series, please Click Here now and read the fully story before you become eager to contact Bhagawan and communicate with Him.. Please stay tuned

Recently, as you may be aware, had launched Tirumalesa Matrimony, a fully secured matrimony website exclusively for Hindus.. With many amazing never before seen security features, this matrimony site is receiving registrations from all corners of the world. Please Click Here to register with Tirumalesa Matrimony today.

Hare Srinivasa


Narrenaditya Komaragiri

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